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  1. Hi! Im in the market for batteries for my video lights. Buying new ones are no small expense I have learned. Therefore I wonder who is cheap and where have you done your shopping on the internet? The type I need is called NP-H50 and they are Nickel Metal Hydride 13,2v 50w. Any suggestions will be most welcome... Cheers Roger
  2. Hi there! I now use a Sony VX 2000 in a Ampihibico housing and I am very happy with my gear. I have Amphibicos halogen light system and I usually use 2x 50w. Now I have been offered to buy a set of Halcyon Apollo Video 13.5ah dual 50watt HID lights with arms at a good price and I am tempted. I once owned a Halcyon light and it was a piece of s... but I hear that they are much better now. Do you have any ideas, comments or pointers I would be very greatful! Cheers Rodge
  3. Greetings fellow Aquanauts! I just started filming and I am thinking about getting a wide angle lens for my Sony VX 2000 in a Amphibico housing and now have a few questions. -what are the odds finding a second hand one? -what would you pay for it? -100 degrees or more? -do you think it is worth it? Will it make a big difference? Please share your own experience... Thank you for taking time with this Cheers Roger
  4. Hi! Still learning............... Thanks for comments... I am trying to figure things out......My red filter is screwed on to the camera....no flip up..... Is there a filter that can be removed under water for the Sony VX 2000/Amphibico? I use Sony Vegas for editing and the clip is not 13 min but ended up like that after rendering.....not sure why.. Cheers Roger
  5. Hi! I just filmed and edited my second video ever.... Dont be to hard on me... Just wanted to share it with you guys... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9...h&plindex=1 Cheers Roger
  6. Hi guys! Just started filming.,.. I have a Sony VX 2000 in a Amphibico housing.. Very happy with it but it does not have a pop up red filter. I have to screw on the red filter on the camera inside the housing and then its there for the rest of the dive.... Is there extern red filters for Amphibico housings? There is a slot on the very front of the housing where one might put a filter? Glad for any help or ideas Cheers Roger
  7. Great work, Peter! I live on Koh Samui and dive these dive site all the time....much better than its reputation.. I am a super newbie but would like to share my second video I ever made.. Dont be to hard on me Enjoy! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9...h&plindex=1 Roger
  8. Hi again! What functions can I reach with the manual controls on the standard Amphibico Navigator 900 (for the Sony TRV 900) house? Would it be hard to get a wideangle lens etc for the housing or are there lots of them around that will fit? How much would a 80 degree wideangle lens cost? Your best guess will do just fine! Cheers Roger
  9. Hi! Have tried to find something secondhand here in Thailand without success. The PD170 I have seen uses a Ikelite bucket of a housing and I would like something a bit more streamlined. Is the PD170 bigger then the old vx1000? My buddy have a vx 1000 with a Amphibico housing and its not that big. What is the name of the Gates housing you have for your PD170? Tried to e-mail Scuba Cam in Singapore and Aqua Imaging in Bangkok with little success. If I could find something like your housing I might have what I am looking for... Rodge
  10. My first plan was to get something like this http://www.gateshousings.com/HC7.html and then get a nice couple of lenses.... I have heard from quite a few that the single CMOS can not keep up with a 3CCD like the TRV 900 even though it is getting old.......have not seen this myself though. I work in diving and will take my equipment with me on every dive...I do somewhere around 250-400 dives a year. I will also travel (with a rebreather) so size matter Yes, when it comes to buying electronics I wish I lived in the States.... Singapore seems to be cheep I have heard....must check that out.... Rodge
  11. I was offered a almost new PD 170 for 4700 AUD or 4030 USD but with out housing, just the camera.(from the same guy).....he has a Gates housing with stuff (dont know what) and he wants 11900 AUD or 10 000 USD just for the housing that fit his PD170...about 17 000 AUD or 14 400 USD for all of it....Im sure its worth the money but its way over my budget. It would be nice to get hold of some gear from a videographer that is taking the step to HD. Damn this is hard Rodge
  12. Thanks guys! The first of you guys had me convinced and the last 3 got me thinking again..... The thing is that I dont want a single chip CMOS HD camera but would have to go for something like 3CMOS HD and then housings with lenses and stuff go skyhigh.....I might even have to get a new computer to handle all the info when recording in HD. I can spend about 8400 AUD or 7200 USD and that have to cover everything from camera,housing, wideangle, and filters. (maybe even videolights ;-) I could try to find something good second hand or new maybe. One important issue is that I live in Asia (but could get stuff shipped to Sweden) and its the matter with transport costs,tax and customs...quite a expensive affair in itself. Now you have all my parameters.... Please keep coming with advice...very valuable info for me. Cheers Rodge
  13. Hi! He has asked $4700 AUS for it... Would it be better to look for a 950? Or are they very simular? When did they stop making these? Any one know if there is a shop that handle second hand cameras/housings in Asia? Singapore perhaps? What came after this in the same category? What whould be the next logical step if I would like something newer? Thanks for your help! Roger
  14. Hi! I am close to buying this kit 1- Sony TRV 900E 2- Wide angle and Close up for shooting on land 3- Big battery 7-9 hrs 4- Extra charger 5- Extra mike 6- Sony original hardcase 1- Amphibico aluminium house (Navigator) 2- Wet Lens Wide angle objektiv med 80 degrees 3- Electronics Right hands grip (Electronic and Manual specially ordered) 4- Uro pro filter 5 -Gel Blue water filter 6- Close upp filter for extrema close ups 7- Extra set of O rings 8-Extra right hand grip 9-Pelikan hardcase What do you think about this piece of equipment? Any opinions most wellcome! Cheers Rodge
  15. Hi again! So there is no midrange 3CCD from Sony? So I would be stuck with something like the http://www.gateshousings.com/HC7.html . I really dont want to go down that track when the CMOS chip is suppose to be so much weaker then the 3CCDs There are no clear yes or no's I guess..... So which is the cheapest 3CCD from Sony then I wonder... Thanks for your input Rodge
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