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  1. Just made an attempt to read an Inon technical tutorial on their S-TTL(I own 4 z240's of varying generations) (www.inon.jp/technicalguide/sttl-auto.html). The tutorial was almost as confusing as the manual that comes with the strobes. One area that left me confused was strobe-optical cable compatibility.Their explanation of wireless type L-connector v/s non-wireless type connector along with their strobe compatibility chart would lead me to believe that the new z330 strobes along with the z240 type 4 strobes were only compatible with the wireless cable connectors. For the past several years I have been using the non-wirless connectors(older cables) with both type 4 and type 2 z240 strobes-I thought successfully. Since I am considering buying a pair of z330"s I am wondering if I can continue using the non-wireless cables with the z330"s (they worked with the z240 type 4"s) or will I have to change my connectors to the wireless configuration? Anybody out there using the z33o's with the non-wireless(old)typeL-connector? Anybody knowledgeable on this subject have any comments/recommendations?
  2. I moved from a Sony A7 to a D500-could only tolerate the A7 for 2 yrs(pathetic battery life and inferior macro lens +++)I am very glad to be back to Nikon dslr.
  3. One of the handles for my Nauticam D500 housing snapped mid-center after about a year and a half (replaced free under warranty)Same thing happened to a buddies D800 Nauticam housing(replaced for a fee-housing over 2 yrs. old)Both incidents occurred while on dive trips abroad). D.K.S.
  4. In the past I have enjoyed the coverage of Dema on a daily basis by both Wetpixel and D.P.G.This year so far only the" announcement" of coverage has appeared -no actual usefull or interesting information to date,unless Im missing something.Is there something planned for the future(post hangover recovery)or does your coverage simply consist of an announcement that an event has taken place-end of story? D.K.S
  5. Hi, I have owned 3 Aquatica housings in the past and now own a Nauticam housing for my D500.I have been happy with all the housings,and being a Canadian I have tried to stick with Canadian products when possible(even though I would have to pay for them in USD).There are 2 main reasons I switched to a Nauticam for my D500.If you are a proponent of 'back button' autofocus you will likely find that the shutter trigger and the autofocus on lever on the Aquatica are too far apart to activate simultaneously with index finger and thumb of your right hand(this needs to be done fairly frequently when using the back button technique).Also,the long and rather flimsy ISO lever on the Aquatica is very prone to breakage ,especially when the housing is not handled with care( TSA inspections).A friend has had this happen twice on dive trips with his Aquatica D500 housing. Ken.
  6. Sony RX 100 Kit for underwater photography Everything fully functional and was last used in June 2017 Kit includes: Sony RX 100 Camera (circa 2013) with Lowepro carrying pouch Nauticam Aluminum Housing with Hotshoe and extra mounting ball and alarm Nauticam tray with 2 handles LCD Magnifier Viewfinder Inon Macro Kit (+5 diopter) with Flip holder Battery Charger and 2 extra batteries Price $1000 USD or $1200 CDN shipping from Canada For more info, please email: ken.ann@telus.net
  7. I have a Nikon d500 in a Nauticam housing.Im presently using the Nauticam flash trigger that came with the housing,shooting manual-have always shot manual,principally because ttl was not an option on previous rigs.I am contemplating getting the Nauticam ttl converter/flash trigger-one less thing to think about/adjust while shooting.Has anybody out there used this converter?Is it accurate?Is it worthwhile trying it for wide angle as well as macro?I would appreciate any feedback,thanks. Ken
  8. Mark, I tried the af fine tune feature according to directions and got values ranging from -2 to -17 depending on which focal length I used(16-35),and how bright the ambient light was at the time.I took shots with af fine tune on at -8,and with the af fine tune turned off-when magnified on the computer,I really could not see a significant difference in sharpness.All this to say-Im really not sure the af fine tune feature is that accurate or usefull .
  9. I recently did multiple shark dives in Yap with my new d500 in a Nauticam housing.Being a previous full frame shooter I used my nikkor 16-35mm lens along with the Nauticam 8.5" dome and the 70mm ext. ring recommended in the Nauticam port chart.All of my images were soft-even some taken of a stationary moray eel on site.I tested the lens/port/ext. ring combo on land and the resulting images were sharp.I subsequently shot the sharks using a 20mm nikkor,and a 60mm nikkor ,and a 15mm sigma fisheye with good results.I discussed this phenomenon with a Nauticam rep.and his suggestion was to try adding another 20mm ext. ring to the combo.Anybody have any similar experiences/suggestions/solutions? D.K.S
  10. Sony A7 camera SOLD!! Only item remaining for sale is the Sony/ Zeiss 24-70 mm lens for $800 + shipping cost from Canada.
  11. 16-35 Lens SOLD! Still available: Sony A7 camera $600 Sony Lenses: 24-70 $800 Plus cost of shipping from Canada.
  12. Quite a few of these items were sold separately. However, I still have the following for sale: Sony A7 camera $600 Sony Lenses: 24-70 $800 16-35 $900 Plus cost of shipping from Canada.
  13. reefmaister, The 2 pieces to this kit that are not crucial for UW photography are: the 24-70 mm lens, the 30mm extension ring, the flip dioter holder. Excluding these items would lower the price by $1100. The bundle will then sell for $4400. Are you interested?
  14. I have a complete Sony A7/ Nauticam set-up for sale ready to shoot WA or macro, lenses and ports included.Kit was purchased a little over a year ago for about $11000 and I am selling for $5500.
  15. I have an Aquatica housing for the D3s for sale. I don't think that Nauticam made a housing for that camera. Are you interested?
  16. Your post dates a bit but are you still in the market for a mirrorless camera? I have a full Sony A7 kit including camera/ Nauticam Housing and lenses for $5500 for sale. You can check my ad under D.K.S. or email @ ken.ann@telus.net
  17. Complete set-up for Sony A7 ready to shoot WA or Macro All components are 12-18 months old and have had very little use. They are all in perfect working condition and were purchased new from Backscatter in the US. Included in the kit: Sony A7 camera with charger and 3 batteries Nauticam Housing Sony Lenses: 24-70 mm / 16-35 mm/ 90 mm Optical Glass Dome Port 180mm Macro Port 90mm Focus Gear 90 mm Extension Rings 30mm +50mm Flip Diopter Holder for 90mm N100-N120_40mm_Port Adapter with Zoom/focus knob $5500.00 plus cost of shipping from Canada and insurance
  18. Nikon D200 +Battery Charger+ 2 batteries 8 in Acrylic Dome Port Aquatica Housing Price: $500
  19. I am selling a Nikon D3s camera with an Aquatica housing purchased in 2010. The housing was serviced a few years ago and used very little after that because I purchased another set-up. The camera was used primarily on trips 3-4 times a year and it has a minimal number of actuations. All is in perfect working order and has never been flooded. I am selling this camera and housing as a bundle including: Nikon D3s camera charger 2 batteries Aquatica housing 8 in. acrylic dome port glass macro port instruction manuals for camera and housing Price: $3000 + shipping and insurance. I am in BC, Canada.
  20. Dear lambee01, According to my research both the A7 and the A711 have "fast hybrid autofocus" with 117 phase detection pts and 25 contrast detection pts.-the A7r11 specs state 399 phase detection,and 25 contrast detection pts.Mabey Sony have finally got their "3 yr. work in progress" partially sorted out at 3200.00 U.S. a pop.I will look forward to feedback from users in future.I still think battery life is pathetic,and may indeed be unacceptable in the A7r11,to a large percentage of underwater users-Sony needs to come up with a solution for this in the A7 line. Thank you Phil for your helpfull suggestions/strategies to help improve battery life and my autofocus attempts.On my recent trip to Yap I thought I tried every concievable focus menu option,but perhaps I have grown too accustomed to the fast,accurate low light autofocus of my D3S/60mm/105mm combo.You are of course correct in stating"everything in photography is a tradeoff",and the decreased size and weight of a mirrorless system are appealing-I would dearly love to love the A7-God knows Ive tried!(having spent approx. $10,000.00 on the system)CANADIAN$.At this point in time Im not sure what to hope for-That Sony will FINALLY get their COMPLETE act togeather,or,that Nikon will come up with a very small full featured DSLR -either way-buyer beware! Ken.
  21. I dont usually post on the forums ,however after reading Phil Rudins recent report on the Sony A711 in U.P.W 86 I couldnt help posting this.I have a Sony A7 (not theA711),but I find it difficult to believe there could be THAT much difference in the focusing ability of the two cameras.I was very disappointed in the low light focusing ability of the A7 with the Sony 90 mm macro lens-actually on a mandarin night dive using a red focus light,I could hardly achieve focus at all-albeit I did not use the range limiter(never do).I had no problems in similar scenarios in the past with my DSLR(D3S).In good light the 90 mm focused 'ok',but certainly not fast.Also Phil did not comment on the battery life of the A711(with its added battery drain of in camera stabilization and enhanced EVF)I have found the battery life of my A7 to be not poor but-pathetic-I was lucky to get 2 full dives out of a battery,and actually started changing the battery after every dive.I cant imagine how poor the battery life of the A7R11 must be-likely a 'game ender' for me! It is truly a shame, in my opinion ,that Sony just cant seem to get things right in a timely fashion. For those of you out there thinking that this mirrorless camera can replace their DSLR- forget it.
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