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  1. See here for a few things I came across while digging into this yesterday: https://www.scubaboard.com/community/threads/attention-uw-photographers.586968/page-7#post-8810713 (Courtesy Nautilus Liveaboards)
  2. My view/experience is packing peanuts in general are only useful for protecting boxes from other boxes and should never be used directly on an item. That being said, I get all sorts of electronics factory packaged with nothing more than a box and a wrap or two of thin bubble wrap or foam and generally no issues. With the right balance of mass and density it is amazing what works for packaging. That box should have been (barely) enough with the right materials, though, perhaps on the small side of what would be a 'good idea'. I think it's safe to say that nothing is going to protect something from that level of abuse. Fork lift fork penetrations punching thorough multiple boxes, $100,000 pallets of electronics rolled off the back of a trailer - that is normal for the shipping industry. That's what the insurance is for (and why it is priced as ridiculously as it is). It does look like the core bits are in recoverable shape. Chase the full amount from the insurance claim, get it fully serviced by Nauticam and hopefully come out well ahead on costs for your troubles. You got screwed - but it was 90% by the shipping industry and the ridiculous liability limitations they are allowed to enjoy. Go after them aggressively and I hope you can come out ahead in the end. You might find shipper needs to do some of the legwork to get the claim processed.
  3. Some random background that might be helpful (since I deal with this for my business from time to time): - Avoid Purolator unless you're actively seeking an insurance claim. (Yes, I had stuff on that truck) - Purolator is often the cheapest quote in Canada and is somewhat infamous for terrible service and unreliable delivery. Drivers fraudulently signing for undelivered packages, deliveries to wrong addresses and delivery of only part of multi-box shipments are all par for the course. I know of a number of organizations that have dumped Purolator realizing the cost savings were not worth the risk. (Fedex, UPS, DHL aren't perfect - but their error rates are way lower in my experience. And that of every other business I talk to.) - Purolator to the US is also a particularly bad idea as they don't operate in the US. I believe it gets handed off to UPS for delivery. - Purolator is owned by Canada Post and and performance is about what one can expect from a government owned and heavily unionized organization. Employee accountability = 0. If you are selling or buying from Canada I strongly recommend specifying in the agreement: no Purolator. That being said, sounds like there was insurance so not sure what buyer is complaining about. Similarly, brokerage/duties/taxes are a matter of course for any cross border transaction and, unless agreed otherwise, are typically the responsibility of the importer. Seems like research was not done by the buyer. For small, high-value items it is sometimes cheaper to do expedited shipping with the prep fees included when operating as an individual (i.e. you don't have your own broker). This also can expedite the clearance process. However it is critical that the shipper makes sure all the paperwork is filled correctly (especially the commercial invoice) - for a $3000 housing with a declared value (for insurance) they are almost certainly going to be curious. I like Fedex's website as it guides you through all this fairly well and I seem to have minimal issues. (the fees going into the US are substantially less draconian than those for buying into Canada from the US as the exemption into Canada is much lower than the exemption into the US) Anyways, some random bits of info that might be helpful to someone in the future....
  4. Housing and housing accessories sold. Looking for $350USD for remaining: Camera, Batteries, Charger, Tray, Arms, etc.
  5. Updated price - $550USD plus shipping for the remaining package. Also open to selling of individual pieces - I believe the housing will work with the TG-6.
  6. Please tell me those measurements are in cm not inches? Or am I missing out on the joys of a 10' wingspan? :-) I'm curious if anyone has had much success with triple arms? I've bought enough pieces to do it (bulk buy from China) and I've seen it in some photos of photographers... but the first time I put it together it seemed very problematic and was rapidly reduced to 2 before I even got near the water. Wondering if it is something worth exploring again? Anyone in love with the setup? Similarly, how well do the extending arms hold up over time? And, answering the original question, I put mine together both ways and one was obviously much easier to work with given all the bits involved.
  7. The wet lens is now sold. The camera, housing and tray package remains available.
  8. Hi WittzEnd, If your contact with mbrock didn't work out I've just posted my TG-5 package:
  9. Hi Pyrolancer, My recent listing might be of interest:
  10. Due to upgrades (a recent housing purchase for my D750) I'm selling off my 'training wheels' underwater camera setup. The camera's reputation precedes itself as one of the top rated underwater compact solutions for the past couple years. Here's Backscatter's review: I've used this package on roughly 100 dives on 4 trips over the last 18 months. Accessories have been added to turn it into a compact, easy to travel and complete solution. The only thing not included are lights, however a 'universal' mount for a regular dive light is included. I'm holding on to the lights I've purchased. I'm looking to sell this as a 'turnkey' package, however, I've broken out the wet lens as that was a recent purchase and is in 'almost new' condition. That being said, i highly recommend buying it all together for the greatest flexibility. Photos of the gear condition at: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArvnUdWmJ1CKhrYrfr0yzP4c_j2irw?e=DDRfQ9 (This is the actual gear - photos taken yesterday) All of this was diving with me in Bahamas in June and is in good working condition. 1 x Olympus TG-5 Black Camera (used but excellent condition - it's always been used in a housing) 1 x Olympus PT-058 Underwater Housing for TG-5 (Good condition - some minor scuffs & wear. Nothing that impedes functionality or image quality. Lens is clear.) 1 x Olympus UC-90 Charger (Almost New) 2 x Olympus LI-92B Batteries (Good Condition) 4 x 3rd Party Batteries (New condition - will only charge in camera, not in Olympus charger; Use of 3rd party batteries is at your own risk... but they worked for me) 1 x Accessories (Spare O Ring; Olympus Grease; Removal tool; Wrist Strap; Lens Cap; Baggie 'o' desssicant; Optical strobe clip for Sea&Sea style cables) 1 x 52mm to 67mm step up thread converter (Good condition, modified with additional holes for easy removal) 2 x Mozaic Underwater Flex Arms (Plus an additional 'parts only' spare - these have minor damage to the mount base - see photos - does not affect use in any way) 1 x Mozaic Underwater Aluminum Tray (Good Condition) 1 x 'Universal' dive light mount (New Condition - allows for attaching a standard dive light to flex arms) Looking for $675USD for the package above. Separately priced is Backscatter M52 120deg Wide Angle Wet Lens. This was recently purchased and only used on one trip. It is in pristine condition. https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-M52-Underwater-0.50X-120-Wide-Angle-Wet-Lens Looking for $325USD for the lens. All gear is located in Canada and I'm willing to ship worldwide however terms are FCA Calgary. Buyer is responsible for shipping, insurance, duty, tax, etc. I can ship on my Fedex account and add it to the bill, however, responsibility for items while in transit would remain with buyer. Payment by wire transfer in CAD (preferred) or USD - alternate methods and currencies are negotiable. Item ships upon receipt of full payment. I am happy to answer any questions and provide a few tips on use/maintenance as well.
  11. There are also some self printing options out there: https://www.onlinelabels.com/materials/polyester-laser-labels I've been using these (the clear matte laser version) to ID all sorts of equipment for my business and I've been using them on some of my dive gear as well. Applied dry and clean they last a good long time even with water exposure. I wouldn't count on them to last forever underwater but I just stick a couple on any single item and replace as needed. I can also usually find a place to put them that is dry but easily found and sticking them in the battery compartments and on the batteries gives a 'last resort' guarantee that one of them will survive and be looked at by anyone that finds it. They are dirt cheap and I just print whatever info I need on them. Then, for Ptouch (Dymo/Brother/Rhino/etc.) type labels - there are various types including 'extra strength adhesive' versions. I haven't tried them underwater, but they do hold up against rain. Similarly, relatively cheap and replaceable. You can get Brother label printers for nearly free if you look around and one tape cartridge will last you a very long time if just tagging dive gear. With all of the above the trick is applying it clean (no finger oils) and dry as well as giving it a good rub into the surface if there is any texture present. Another thing I'm just in the process of trying is some custom 'ID' cards using Vistaprint's plastic business cards. They are an international supplier of web order printed material and I've used them for regular business cards in the past - the option I'm using will give me something essentially equivalent to a standard credit card/ID sized plastic card but printed with my own custom information including contact info, emergency contact info, insurance info (providers, accounts, phone numbers) and a QR code / URL that I can publish travel itineraries and anything else I might want to add in the future. I do most of my travelling alone and it seemed prudent to compile all the 'if you find my body' info in one place. However, these will also be good to attach or put inside various pieces of gear and should be quite durable. Will see how they turn out in a few days... (Note: if you use Vistaprint there is always a coupon code out there. Usually 30-40%.) Anyways... a few cheap/non-standard options I've been experimenting with. Certainly $25 for a sheet from that dive labels place is not a terrible deal if you only need one sheet.
  12. Thanks all - I've just pressed the 'buy' button. Will advise how it turns out.
  13. Thanks both for your responses. Definitely - the product looks good - but I'm hoping to establish if there's a balanced company behind it as well. Not just design/engineering but support, marketing, etc. Will it still be working in 3 years, 5 years.... if it isn't, can one get parts and service? It is good to hear that the company has been around for a while... is diving their main business? Ibedogini - i am looking at the current website. There is absolutely no images of the interior (how it works, what the button mechanisms, gearing and control manipulators look like, etc) and there is apparently no manual for any of their products. I can't believe something like that wouldn't ship without instructions but, having just been burned by a supplier for my business in a similar manner, I have to wonder: is there a manual, or do I just guess at 'best practices' for using it. For something where even a 'small' error is probably a $5000 mistake - I'm hoping for a bit of certainty :-) As such - i'm reaching out with a broader question for those who have bought them hoping to establish if the preponderance of experience with the company was good or bad. Any other owners out there? Thanks.
  14. I've been looking at a NiMAR housing for my D750. I quite like the design of the enclosure and the cost seems reasonable.... however, the company itself... is this a legit business/can they be trusted? Thus far: - Website contains no manuals or documentation whatsoever; specs are missing lots of important info - Website looks like web store from 2003 rather than that of a manufacturer - The only way to even get a good look inside the housing is to watch several youtube videos and even then there are gaps in what one can see... why are there not detailed photos of the product, inside and out? - Amongst the low-res images on the site showing the housing several appear to have been edited in 'Paint' to add notation. - The photos for the D750 housing show a camera in the housing that is definitely not a D750. - When I registered for their website to verify shipping costs they sent back the password I used to register as clear text in an email. - unprompted email 'eStalking' from sales rep since I added a couple items to the cart on their website So, in light of the complete 'amateur hour' presentation, I ask: is this a legit business with the capability for long term support? Will they still be around in a year? Are their products reliable? Has anyone been dealing with them for a while or had to work with them on warranty issues? Any insight from long term users greatly appreciated...
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