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  1. Not confusing at all. Very well articulated and extremely helpful. I knew I was going to have to crop, and it was going to end up somewhere in 125 ppi range. Cropped it ended up being like 96, so I made the images a little smaller printed out for the client. (18"). I think they look pretty good, not as good as I hoped but acceptable. Thanks for your help.
  2. Can the d100 and its 6.1 mp have good quality prints at 20 by 24. the orginal files are in raw, so as much information as possible will be on them. Just want to make sure its not a lost cause before I start. Thanks
  3. Yes, I use a 1 gig with it all the time
  4. divephotoguide.com Has exhibition recap.
  5. Thanks Mike, So I should hold off buying the 105 for now you think? Would my ys-60 strobe be a good fit when using the 60 mm? Could you put up a link to the 2x teleconverter you mention? Many thanks!
  6. Thanks Deep6. Why are small strobes better with the 60 mm. I bought the 60 mm. Do you think it is worth also getting the 105 mm. Also, how about the sigma 105 mm lense?
  7. Thanks everyone. I am definitely going to get a woody's diopter. Does anyone else feel that the 105mm is necessary for small stuff like nudis, shrimp etc.? Any tips for lighting with the diopter and the 60 mm?
  8. Hello all, I just bought a d70 in a subal housing. I would like to take good macro shots with this setup. I was thinking the nikkor 60mm. What dome port should I get with this lens? Anyone have an idea where to get it? Also, what else would you add to this rig for some really nice close ups (diopters etc.) Thanks
  9. Still can't figure it out. Anyone?
  10. ERRR, now im really embarrassed. I didnt realize you had to pull. I should call my mother and ask if i was dropped on my head as a child. Again, I really appreciate your help in solving both my problems with common sense!
  11. Ahh brilliant idea! My only problem now is removing the cap! I cant seem to figure this out. I may just end up using my old set up because I am little nervous, but I really appreciate your speedy help.
  12. Hello, is it possible to use the ikelite housing without the waterproof connected to the camera and NO ttl cable installed to it. I bought the housing and ds50 substrobe for the 5050 but it didnt come with a waterproof cap. Am I forced to use the ds50 substrobe with it just so I can prevent flooding? I am pretty sure I know the answer (otherwise they wouldnt call it a waterproof cap) but hoping someone may have a solution since I leave for my trip tomorrow!
  13. I made a mistake on my first post, thinking they were closely related to soft corals. Anyway, is zoantharia the same thing as hexacorallia? If no, whats the difference?
  14. It seems there is some consensus Hall is one i expected. I personally, am a huge fan of Doug Allan. I think the stop he does in the arctic is really top notch. I wasn't expecting anyone to idolize, just wondering who is appreciated among the talented people we have here at wetpixel. On another note, still curious if there are other names and wondering how about individual pieces of work that have insipired you guys? Blue planet and Howard Hall imax seem like the obvious ones. Any less known ones.
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