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  1. You could contact aquatica directly. They are very helpful. I have a nikon d60 and use a nikon 16-85mm lens which is not on the port or extension chart. Jean at aquatica told us the correct extension to use. My buddy uses a nikon d90 with the same extension and port. Your 24-105 and 17-40 should work. I use my 16-85mm lens to do 1:1 macro to mild wide angle. I have only one lens which offers easier travel and when you have one shot at each dive site you can shoot a variety of shots. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/Red-Sea/
  2. Aquatica Extension Part 18457 Good Condition $150usd plus shipping
  3. Aquatica 6 inch Dome Port And Shade Good Condition $250usd plus shipping
  4. I use the nikon 16-85mm lens and i am very impressed with it. When you have just one dive on each site which most liveaboards do the 16-85mm or the sigma 17-70 are great lens. The reviews of the sigma 17-70 are very good. You can do mild wide angle to 1:2 macro and by adding a diopter onto the lens you can do 1:1 macro. I add a +4 diopter to do 1:1 macro. All the shots here are what the 16-85mm lens does. The sigma 17-70 you could do the same types of pictures. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/Red-Sea/
  5. The choice of strobe depends on your shot preference. For large wide angle shots recycle times of 5 seconds is acceptable. For fish photography a strobe with instantanious recycle time allows multiple shots. My ikelite strobes from film days are 30 years old and still work with no problems. For wide angle photography i use full power and for shots closer than 3 feet i use 1/2 power and the recycle time is instant. Color temperature is also important. My ikelite strobe is 4800 kelvin which empansizes the yellows and reds. Some strobes are 5600 kelvin.
  6. Sony action camera. Same size as go pro but has underwater mode so no external filter to add red. Works very good. Wide angle. Can mount on housing hot shoe. Here is video from philippines. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/Visayas-Philippines/
  7. Aquatica housing package. Housing for nikon d40,d40x, d60. Package includes Aquatica housing, Extension 18457, 6 inch dome port, Nikon d60 body with charger and battery, Ikelite AI strobe, Ikelite 100A strobe was my backup. Its never seen water, sync cord, TLC arm, Zoom gear for nikon 18-55 lens and 16-85 lens All you need is a lens. $2000usd plus shipping To see samples of what this housing does https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/Red-Sea/
  8. Nikonos sync cord good condition $35usd plus shipping
  9. Novus port scratch remover ikelite part 6201.31 Purchased but never used $6usd plus shipping
  10. I use a nikon 16-85mm lens in my aquatica housing and nikon d60. Most of the time you have one shot at each site and the zoom allows alot of variety in your shots. My trips to the red sea the dive guides swim most of the time so macro is difficult to do. When i have pointed out subjects that are macro they are not interested. Sharks is all that interest them. Your 24-70mm is the go to lens i would use. For little brother on the east side your 14-30mm is what i would use as the soft corals are beautiful. To see samples of my shots. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/Red-Sea/
  11. Nicads 1.25volts Alcholine 1.5 volts. Maybe not enough voltage to wake up the capacitor. Strobe likes 1.5volts
  12. I have a Aquatica housing for nikon d60. Housing, extension, 6 inch dome port, ikelite AI strobe and ikelite 100 A strobe, TLC arms. All you would need is a lens. $2000usd. I use the nikon 16-85mm lens and to see the quality this housings pictures. My website is reefscenics.smugmug.com
  13. I have an Ikelite AI substrobe 100watts of power 1/2 power and full power covers a 15mm lens In good condition. This strobe is from film days so its quite powerful. I use full power beyond 3 foot and 1/2 power closer. I use this with my aquatica housing and my digital camera in full manual modes. $100usd plus shipping Color temperature of strobe is 4800 kelvin so it brings out the yellows and reds. To see samples of this strobe my website is reefscenics.smugmug.com Nikonos sb105 are also from film days and are good but a little temperamental. I have two of these and both are temperamental . The sea and sea product seem to flood quite a lot.
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