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  1. I used the older version of the TLC arm. Very good. The newer style is smaller arm and knobs from mine but a friend uses the new syle and likes them.
  2. I have a novus kit and i have the 3 the heavy scratch remover, 2 fine scratch remover and 1 plastic clean and shine. So three types of scratch remover in kit.
  3. As you are shooting with 100mm lens a +4 diopter filter would work. But as you increase magnification your depth of field goes down. I have used B&W filter on my 85mm lens and it works very well. Here is the B&W website to show the difference each magafication does. https://schneiderkreuznach.com/en/photo-optics/b-w-filters/filtertypes/nd-100-series-1/close-up
  4. Go Pro Mount New $15usd
  5. Ikelite 100a substrobe has never seen water. It was my backup. Works with digital cameras in manual mode NO TTL. I have used the ikelite AI which is the older model of this strobe with nikon d40x,d60,d90 and other nikon digital cameras $200usd
  6. Aquatica Oring Package New include port oring, extension oring and port oring and grease $20usd
  7. Aquatica TLC parts Arm 11inch $15 Strobe Clamp $15 Dovetail $10 Good condition but does have scratches and the dovetail has the setscrew marks
  8. Maybe check the classified section for underwater housing. The older models have simpler settings and modes. And the owner of the housing should give you a cheatsheet to get you started on the housing and have all the bugs worked out.
  9. Nikon in aquatica housing Admin Edit: Spam posting-please keep sales posts in the Classifieds
  10. I have a excellent condition ikelite 100a strobe. I use it with my aquatica housing and nikon d90 digital camera. As its a strobe from film days manual mode only on camera and strobe. $175usd plus shipping

  11. I use the nikon 16-85mm in my aquatica housing. Works with 6inch port and 8inch port. I do 1:2 macro to mild wide angle. The only time i do 1:1 macro or smaller is pygmy seahorse. For 1:1 macro or smaller i add a +4 diopter to the lens inside the housing. To see sample of what this lens does. I like the ability to use one lens and just change the zoom. Easier for travel as less gear and underwater your not locked into either small or large subjects . I use the 18457 extension. The 48457 is the same size as my 18457 but has the lock The sigma 17-70 would produce similar shots as my 16-85mm. I have seen this lens on a friends housing and he is very happy and the shots are excellent. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/Komodo-Indonesia/i-Swr6KZ6
  12. Aquatica part 18457 and Aquatica 48457 the same specification. Only difference is no lock on 18457 Material of Construction Anodized 6061 T6 aluminum alloy Depth Rating 295' (90 m) Length Ring Only: 2.1" / 54.5 mm Overall (including bayonet mount): 2.6" / 67 mm
  13. I agree with Chris Ross, the above posting. I like to photograph the fish in there habitat. It shows the area of the reef they live. And if the background is rather boring the suggestion of underexposing the background ephasizes the fish. Full power on the flash will bring out the foreground and the background goes darker with f13 and up to f22. Basisly close focus wide angle technique. I also like to have the fish swimming towards you and going left to right as it looks more natural. Also using the rule of thirds concept as a centrered photograph is a fish id shot.
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