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  1. Pretty good pic for a 10 year old camera. Just shows its the photographer not the latest and greatist camera which takes the pic. I use an aquatica housing with a nikon d60 and ikelite AI strobe and a nikonos sb 105 as a slave. The strobes are 30 years old. No ttl mannual setting only. Camera does not see strobe. I guess at settings but digital is very easy compared to film.I have seen on many liveaboards people with the latest and greatist housing don't know how to work it or the camera. Jim Church from the nikonos film camera days. One of his sayings KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid. reefscenics.smugmug.com
  2. I have an Ikelite AI strobe from film days but i still use with digital camera 100 watts of power, cover 96 degrees. I have an ikelite 100A strobe also which is the same specs as you want to shoot twins. $200usd plus shipping A dual sync cord is available from ikelite
  3. Interested in a nikon d60 a 10 megapixel camera in aquatica housing. Includes nikon d60 body, aquatica housing, extension for 16-85mm lens, zoom gear 16-85mm lens, 6 inch dome port, ikelite AI strobe and Ikelite 100a strobe. All equipenment in good shape and ikelite 100a strobe in very good shape. It was my backup. Not sure if its seen water. You would just need a 16-85mm lens or whatever lens you have now. $2000usd. To see samples reefscenics.smugmug.com

    You do have to shoot full manual as the strobes are from film days. Very powerful strobe as you only use full power for beyond 4 foot.

    1. CalebWilson


      Hey! Thanks for the offer, but I'm not looking for that much gear. Want a housing for my old D200 for surf photography, or playing in the springs here in Florida. Not doing any serious diving. I'm already invested in the Sea & Sea DX housings since I have some for my old F100 and N90 film cameras.


    2. trimix125


      have an old S&S D80 housing,
      or if you want something better,
      a Hugyfot D300 housing.
      And there should be an adapter for S&S ports  in the parts box...

  4. I have a just about brand new ikelite 100A subscribe. It was my backup. Not sure if its even seen water. $100 plus shipping
  5. I have a nikon d60 with a aquatica housing. I have the 6 inch dome and the extension for the 16-85mm lens. Includes an ikelite AI strobe and a ikelite 100a strobe. Sync cords also. The only thing you would have to buy is the 16-85mm lens or 18-55mm lens as i have the zoom gear for both. To see samples with this setup my website is reefscenics.smugmug.com
  6. I have used blurb.com. They do have a UK web site. I have done wedding books and underwater photo books and the site is pretty easy to use and good quality book in return.
  7. Hi. Aim your strobes outward so the light just is slightly in front of the subject. Backscater behind subject is less distacting. Twin stobes work slightly better than single strobe but all of my shots you see in the west coast gallery are single sttrobe. Close focus wide angle was my favourite type of photography on the west coast of canada. Get as close as possible so less water to shoot through. If it is really bad visibilty macro is your only choice. To see sample of my work which was shot on a nikonos film camera as i quite diving the west coast 15 years ago. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com
  8. New ikelite gamma flashlight won in photo contest. Includes ikelite gamma, lanyard and 2 cr123 batteries $75usd plus shipping
  9. I have a used Fantasea 500 lumen focus light. Good condition. it retails for $99usd. I would sell for $60usd. I have an ikelite Flex Mount to mount the focus light $15. I also have an Brand New Ikelite Gamma focus light won in a photo contest. I have to many lights already. $85usd Illuma 500 Dive LightA powerful, durable and stylish dive light, perfect as a night dive, modeling and focus light. The Illuma 500 Dive Light features a powerful, wide and even beam, which provides a great angle of coverage and a clear view during the dive. Color temperature is slightly warm and designed to reveal the true and vivid colors of fish and underwater scenery. 2-level adjustable power output enables controlling the intensity of the beam and extending burn time when full power of the light isn’t required. The light introduces a stylish, lightweight and ergonomic design. Depth rated to 100 meters/330 feet, the Illuma 500 Dive Light fulfills the needs of both recreational and technical divers. SpecificationsDepth ratio: 100 meters / 330 feet Maximum output: 500 lumens Beam angle: 75 degrees Material: Aluminum head, Polycarbonate body Battery: 6 x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) Burn time: o 60 minutes (100% power) o 250 minutes (40% power) LED Lifespan: 30,000 hours Color temperature – approx. 6000K Operation modes: o 100% power o 40% power Dimensions: 47 x 164mm (diameter x length) Weight: 145g (without battery)
  10. Sony hdr as 300 action camera is about the same size as a go pro but i prefer the colors of the sony. Reds and yellows are emphasized. Comes with housing already so no purchasing extra housing. I used the underwater mode all the time and it works very well but above 15 feet the reds are to intense. I have a Big Blue black moly 3 video light which has 2600 lumens. I will probably purchase a second big blue light for a little more even lighting. I used the yellow filter on the big blue light so the yellows look very nice. The light without the yellow filter is 6500k which is a little blue. The filter not sure the kelvin number but it works. The visibility on our dives in Hin Daeng and Hin Muang were about 60 feet https://youtu.be/4NfTvH_rmXk
  11. Epson make a pretty good desktop scanner. To see sample of scans i did on my epson. These shot were done on slide film and scanned to digital. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/West-Coast-Canada/
  12. Did the similan island route. 5 day 4 night trip
  13. Diverace liveaboard is a comfortable steel vessel. Very organized vessel. Staff are very good at there jobs and have fun doing them. Dive deck well laid out. Dining facilities are outside with varieties of asian and international cuise. Briefings done inside of main lounge area. Rooms quite large with a small balcony on the upper level rooms. Beds are asian style being on a low platform. Thailand reefs do show some damage from the coral bleaching of last year but still nice diving with lots of fish. http://reefscenics.smugmug.com
  14. I have an excellent condition ikelite 100a substrobe which works with digital cameras in manual modes. $200usd plus shipping. It was my backup strobe so it has seen very little use.
  15. I use my ikelite ai with my aquatica housing and nikon d60. Works very good.
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