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  1. 3d printer would make the part if you can't find a replacement
  2. Ports are readily available to purchase
  3. Aquatica housing package. Housing for nikon d40,d40x, d60 Digital Camera. Package includes Aquatica housing, Extension 18457, Nikon d60 body with charger and battery, Ikelite AI strobe, , sync cord, TLC arm, Zoom gear for nikon 18-55 lens and 16-85 lens All you need is a lens and dome port. $1200usd plus shipping . To see samples of what this housing does reefscenics.smugmug.com
  4. From dpreview of this lens. Definitely not a new problem as this review is from 2012 lezt • New Member • Posts: 3 Tokina 10-17 May 1, 2012 • Review of Tokina AT-X 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 DX Fish-eye Very good build quality, excellent "feel" to it, the zoom ring is nicely dampened. My copy of the lense tends to over expose by around 0.7-1 stop; I am not sure if it is because my D80 is old (insufficient dynamic range as the wide angle can have +- 2 stops easily from one side to the other; or matrix metering on it cannot extend that wide) of if it is lenses itself. Flare is well controlled, and the lens is generally sharp through out. Focusing speed is extremely fast as expected from such a short focal length.
  5. I have a novus plastic polish kit. Brand new $10usd plus shipping. It would fit in a envelope so shipping not to bad for price
  6. Sample pics might help diagnose problem
  7. Aquatica nikon d60 system. I have a set of housing and extension orings to go with the sale. Very good housing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/255104596416
  8. Your looking for ikelite substrobe. Excellent condition ikelite 100a substrobe $150usd plus shipping I have an ikelite AI substrobe which is used but good condition. The 100a and AI are the same model just the 100a is a couple years newer 100 watts of power 96 degree coverage 4800 kelvin

    $275usd plus shipping for 2 substrobes and one sync cord



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    2. saga7


      sounds good

    3. saga7


      these use d size battery not a specific ikelite battery pack. i would supply the 8 rechargeable batteries

    4. PeteAtkinson


      Thanks, but this won't work for me as I want to continue using optical trigger cables, so I will need a D-type strobe. Unfortunately.


  9. You could contact aquatica directly. They are very helpful. I have a nikon d60 and use a nikon 16-85mm lens which is not on the port or extension chart. Jean at aquatica told us the correct extension to use. My buddy uses a nikon d90 with the same extension and port. Your 24-105 and 17-40 should work. I use my 16-85mm lens to do 1:1 macro to mild wide angle. I have only one lens which offers easier travel and when you have one shot at each dive site you can shoot a variety of shots. https://reefscenics.smugmug.com/Underwater/Red-Sea/
  10. Aquatica Extension Part 18457 Good Condition $150usd plus shipping
  11. Aquatica 6 inch Dome Port And Shade Good Condition $250usd plus shipping
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