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  1. I will take one if you can ship to europe. Please let me know via PM.
  2. And also in my whole diving experience any time I bought something "almost perfect" I lasted with selling it and buying "the perfect piece" anyways in future:) So I am rather a fan of buying slowly and single pieces of equipment but the ones which wont ask for an upgrade. However with camera it might be slightly different - as before you complete your dream set - your camera becomes to be too old etc... so you need to sell second house you dont have:)
  3. Thanks a lot for your comments they are very accurate and helpful! Max I can afford now is only one z330 or one z240 with possibility to buy a second z240 in 2 years time. So would it be better to have one strong z330 or rather aim for two z240 as target setup? So far I have a feeling that one z330 will give me more option for creativity than having two z240 which will give me more angle but lighting wont be good enough. I am afraid very soon I will reach level with thinking (this slightly more power would give me much bigger boost for my photos.Thats mainly because I can fill corners with some video lights to avoid having completely dark edges. What would you choose?
  4. I use tokina 10-17 and shot usually on f10-11 (even if there are small edges as I remove them in post production if needed). The question is if buying smaller strobes i.e. one z240 or even s2000 would give me enough of light to start practicing with such one strobe or after first few dives I will say it was a bad idea and I need an upgrade. I can afford one z330 but it need to last for around 2 years of playing. Probably before I can afford one more, my camera will be outdated too much or I leak some equpment and story begins..:D
  5. Do you know any good ways to not mess up communication with video lights i.e. with smaller passages where divers swim one after another? or just it needs to be a very good team (which is always a challange)
  6. Hi Thank you for your reply. I agree but does it make sense to go into i.e. one z330 for begining or it does not make that much sense and is it good enough to go for something less powerful i.e. s 2000 or maybe two less powerfull than one strong ? Always budget is a limitation. I am attaching one pic with current video light - you can see that first scenery is lightened but all walls around (in very huge tunnel) does not have any lighting. Will strobe such as z330 or sea sea ds1 be able to penetrate water to lighten such a wall at least on one side ? I know about theoretical values above the water (i.e. 30 for z330) but I would like to hear from someone with experience what kind of results could be achieved. The places I go usualy we do 2 dives in a cave or quarry and even if I could afford 20 lights to spread across cave- usually it would be not enough of time to do proper logistics :)
  7. Hi, I currently have Canon 80d with one archon video light 10 000lm and started doing some shots in overhead environment. Some of the divers ina team carry video lights as well to mąkę scenę better lighted. But now its Time for more(strobe) because: - its difficult for communication with video lights - not enough of light Can anyone advise on good one strobe convinient for such conditions? I was thinking about Z330 or Sea Sea ds-1. Would it be good choice?
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