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  1. Most of my photo dives are solo. I prefer to take photo's in reasonably shallow water (less than 15m) and feel quite comfortable being able to deal with any emergency at that depth. I have worked as a guide, instructor and photographer underwater for many years and have dived solo throughout that time where the situation allowed. After all, any one teaching a group or guiding is practically solo anyway. It is quite aparent that many of the people that make such a fuss over solo diving wouldn't bat an eyelid over their guide solo diving to tie the boat onto the dive site that they wanted to visit. People who work in the diving game solo dive every day, it is part of their job. The secret is to dive within your limitations and comfort level. As always!
  2. As a guide and someone who teaches underwater photography within the tourist industry I have found the idea of a photoguide invaluable. If I am guiding a group with photographers included I have found that generally the photographers are happy to poodle along at their own pace. I would still feel it was appropriate that the guide checks out the divers on their first dive or so to ensure safety and respect to the environment. I have found that guides that insist that people in their group follow two by two in an orderly fashion are simply not confident in their own abilities to assess whether someone can dive independently of the group. The guides inability to do their job properly should not dictate whether someone has an enjoyable experience or not. As for the centre operators that have endorsed this follow my leader style of guiding, I say to you, employ good instructors and guides. Encourage adequate site briefings and responsible practices and offer photo guides at reasonable rates to those who need them. Remember that your customers will return if they are treated well and enjoy their underwater experience. I hate being herded around like cattle. My tip to photographers is simple. Show the guide and operator that you are a responsible diver, willing to take care of yourself, your buddy and the environment and they should be quite happy to let you do your own thing and move at your own pace. This is the secret of achieving the ideal shot and the perfect dive holiday. Or pay a little extra to an operation that uses photoguides and understands that we do not all need to be treated like cattle!
  3. How are you getting on with the D70. I have had my eye on one for a while but finances dont allow at the moment. I understand the immediacy problem as at the moment use a N70 in a Subal Housing. I am not sure I will completely change over to digital just yet but would like a D70 to do some normal photography with to get used to the kit. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, A quick note to introduce myself. My name is Peter Dalton, I have been taking photo's underwater for about sixteen years. I lived for most of that time next to the Red Sea in Israel and Egypt. I have recently moved to New Zealand and am hoping to get wet in the near future and continue my passion. I am looking forward to exchanging some ideas with some like minded people.
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