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  1. Interested, sent you a message!
  2. In my experience it is always best if you HAVE to dive in a group and a guide to make sure they are aware that you may want to spend some time with a subject. Then I find its 50/50 whether they are helpful or not, but that's always better than saying nothing!
  3. Currently using an rx100 ii and a nauticam housing. Going to buy my first strobe this year. Does anyone have any advice on the best strobe to buy as a beginner?
  4. Hi I'm Nick from Surrey in England. I am currently at Leicester University studying Medicine and spend almost all of my student loans on scuba diving. I started diving when I was 18 and have been obsessed since, I am a keen and very amateur underwater photographer! I intend to use this forum to pick up useful bits of advice on underwater photography and equipment use as well as using the excellent classifieds forum! Nick
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