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  1. PMs replied. Looking for a type2.
  2. I've been looking for a small camera with 720 or 1080 video mode to take on trips. After a bit of research, I decided on an economical canon 960is with housing. I was very disappointed to find that the focus is locked when you start video... meaning if you're focused on something near and pan to something a bit farther away, the image will turn be out of focus. Reviews often neglect this aspect of video that I personally find very important for those of us who wish to use the video function with any regularity. I know for a fact that my Sony w290 auto-focuses throughout the video; however the lense port is as big as the housing. Would prefer something smaller & more compact. Does anyone have suggestions on a compact camera that has good video mode as well? I'm not asking for a lot specs-wise... would just like 720 or 1080p & the ability to pan from near to far objects in focus.
  3. Get used to the sound of crickets when you post here - consumer camera section doesn't get much love. I've used pretty much the same cameras. Used the sony w290 instead of wx-1/b, but same housing. The housing lense port on the sony makes the overall package pretty darn bulky. All things considered, I'd go with the canon. Was gonna PM you on SB, but you changed your username?
  4. What kind of adhesive would work best with standard housing material? More specifically, the consumer Olympus or Canon housings. Thank you.
  5. Have 2 rotating buttons that are broken on consumer housings. I kayak dive a lot, so the housing takes a beating. Both buttons have basically fell out. One on an Olympus housing and one on an old Canon. I could do without those particular buttons, so in order to still use the housing, I would like to just plug up the holes that they occupy. Does anyone have a recommendation on the type of glue or process to make a completely waterproof seal? I know many glues have trouble adhering to this housing material. Thank you!
  6. Looking for something like a 20d setup. Open to all suggestions, but prefer Canon with Nikon being a close second.
  7. Have a 20d, but wanted to have a smaller UW setup. Looking at a rebel xti & ikelite housing... but kind of in the dark when it comes to dslr housings - do I need to buy a port with the housing or is there a default one? If I want a smaller flash(no scuba), what would be the best choice? $$, as always, is a concern; however, I rather get setup right rather than regret it later on. Thank you!
  8. Aside from the lighting, the focus is off - that's more important IMHO.
  9. MPEG4? Dammit, the guy I talked to said that the p100 & p150 have the same video mode... & the p100 is anything but efficient for video storage size. Are they different?
  10. Just bought a Sony P100 for underwater use. 640x480 at 30fps use & 5mp, so it seemed pretty good. Reviews have been pretty good. Received it yesterday & have been disappointed with every test I've put it through. Maybe I shouldn't be comparing it to a regular P&S since it's a compact, but it's really pretty crappy. Basically, the focus sucks - spot or multi. I looked at a couple shots & have no idea what the camera was thinking since NOTHING was in focus. When using video, the focusing moves in & out for no apparent reasoning. The detail of pictures is horrible. The color of the pictures is off - really blah. I almost dread testing more... Here's an example of color saturation issues - I have the Oly at standard mode & Sony at Fine mode. http://www.hapaboy.com/diff/ Not the worst example, but I've deleted most of my other test shots out of pure frustration. These flowers look just like the Oly pictures, not washed out like the Sony ones.
  11. So if I do a fair amount of surface shots or shots within the top 10 feet, should I bother with a filter?
  12. Thanks Eric. Another question - at the surface when the images are redish(with filter), can I photoshop that down to a normal level?
  13. Ambient light. Just wondering if there's any real difference in filters other than instant gratification on colors?
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