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  1. Dear all, Time to say goodbye to my beloved Canon 5D and the Ikelite housing - I'm simply not using it these days. Here's the whole lot: - Canon 5D 12.8 mp with all original equipment and box. I'll chuck in some memory cards, 4 and 8gb, Ikelite housing and tray with standard macro port, 8 inch dome port and Woody's dioptre A couple of comments: - The camera's fine, a couple of cosmetic scuffs, nothing more. Works like a dream. The housing is also fine - there's a tiny bit of corrosion on some of the springs for the buttons, but again, it still works fine. Dome housing has a small chip in the glass, but when underwater, this fills and is not visible in the shots. My asking price is $1,550 and I'll be shipping from Hong Kong. Here are some pics: - More pics: - And some more... Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks, Larry
  2. Dear all, After getting my camera wet once in two years, it's time to bite the bullet and sell my rig. I REALLY want to sell the underwater set-up as a single item - camera, housing, ports, strobes, charger, spare battery, arms and diopter. All were bought in mid-2008 and are in good to excellent condition. A couple of scuffs on ports are very minor and cannot be seen in photographs, the housing has never been flooded and everything is in full working order and has been stored well. Despite the best of my efforts, there is some minor corrosion around one or two of the buttons, and at the clips on the housing. These do not affect function or watertight-ness, but I'll pay for a service for the housing to make 100% certain if requested So without further ado, here's what I have: - 1 x Canon 5D Mk1 with all the stuff that it came with - even the box, if you want it 1 x Ikelite housing 1 x Ikelite 8 inch dome port 1 x Ikelite flat port (compatible with 100mm / 50mm macro lenses) and Woody Diopter 2 x DS125 strobes with spare battery 1 x charger with adaptors 1 x dual sync cord and 1 x single sync cord 2 x arms and some accessories Spares, literature and "save a dive" camera kit Photos can be seen here: - http://s335.photobucket.com/albums/m474/Mo...205D/?start=all I just spent a hour or so searching down prices for this as a package, and came up with about $3,200 all-in. If someone can come in for the whole lot, I'll accept $2,800. I realise that I'm new here, but I can give some decent references (from people on here, including mods) on request. To keep it easier for me to keep track, I'd appreciate it if you could email rather than PM me, my email address is lawrence.bird@gmail.com One other thing to consider is that I live in Hong Kong. While this is no problem for shipping, it does mean that I might not be able to reply immediately. Thanks, Larry
  3. I saw the same thing in Puerto Galera a few years back. I stopped the guy doing it again (which he was trying to do) and advised the DM back on the boat what had happened. The idiot in question refused to admit doing what I'd watched him do, let alone show remorse. The DM asked whether I was certain, which I confirmed. When we got back, the dive shop manager was called, and said idiot was told to pack his gear and piss off, no question of paying, just go. 10 minutes, and a few phone calls later, he was blacklisted from every reputable shop. Well done that dive op, say I.
  4. Aren't you heading to the Philippines in a couple of weeks?
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