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  1. Couldn't choose but this is one of my favorites, taken on Richelieu rock in January, a pair of Harlequin shrimps
  2. Apeks XTX100 1st and 2nd stage with XTX40 octo, very reliable and hardly any breathing effort. Love them
  3. Great shots and lighting. Now i really can't wait to go to komodo, gonna take a while though. Next July we will be on the Mermaid to Komodo. Bas
  4. Cool shots, I'm off to Bali on Monday and i hope to be just as lucky, the Manta's and Molas are on the top of my dive wish list. Which sites did you go to, we plan on going to manta point and Crystal Bay for the Molas Bas
  5. Did my first dive yesterday with my new Zuiko 50mm at the Zeelandbrug in the Netherlands, visibility wasn't very good and no great photo ops. But had some satisfying practice and some nice hermit crabs close ups. Please feel free to post c&c This one didn't know what was coming from behind Visit My Website
  6. Hi as a newby here i wanted to introduce myself with some pictures from the cold waters of the netherlands. These are all taken with my new Oly E520 in Ikelite housing and one DS160 strobe, i used the kit lens 17,5-45mm as i was wating for my new lenses (50mm macro and 11-22 WA) and ports to arrive (they arrived and i'm planning to take the 50mm underwater next saturday) I'll have ample oppurtunity to try my new rig out on my upcoming trip to Bali, i can hardly wait. I Also have a link to my new shutterfly site, i just started this so it's still a bit empty, a small selection from the Netherlands and a larger collection from Sulawesi (all taken with a Fuji E900 with Epoque ES230 strobe) Check back regurarly for updates Visit My Website Gobius niger Another one And another one Urticina felina Close up More close up Elysia virides One more Like i said, i'm learning, rig is still new to me, so feel free to post comments and tips Bas The Netherlands
  7. Nice to see more "cold water" pictures. looks like there is more color in the UK waters than there is in my home waters in the Netherlands Bas
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