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  1. @dentrock Thanks for the feedback! 1,2 - I am going to search for a used one, but am not against new. I'm thinking the 50mm may be more useful and be a little more forgiving for a macro newbie vs the 90mm. Good to know about the firmware update needed. 3. Any issues with the kit lens in the 45mm port? If there's no vignetting and I can still use a diopter on that port, I could use it for both lenses. Then I'm just packing the dome setup and a single port, for 3 lenses. 4. This is an interesting idea I hadn't considered. I need to do more research into how the lens behaves behind a dome. 5. A6100 is basically an A6400 with a plastic body, and a few less custom buttons. There's 1-2 controls on the housing that don't do anything, but otherwise it fits perfectly and I get all the AF goodness from the 6400. 6. This was my concern about the 90mm. AF is just okay, and it's a lot of lens and port to pack. I am not planning on shooting super macro tiny subjects (grain of rice, etc) but more fingertip sized shrimp, blennies, etc.
  2. Looking for some help on adding a Macro lens to my current setup, but trying to minimize the amount of new ports/adapters I need to buy and carry with me. Currently shooting an A6100 in a Nauticam A6400 housing (Cameras are outwardly identical) with the following Lens/port combos: Tokina 10-17/Sigma MC-11 (Nauticam 36207 N85-N120 50mm port adapter, Zen mini dome) Sony 16-50mm (Nauticam 36228 40mm macro port with knob) I use a +7 diopter on a flip adapter with the Sony lens. I am considering the Zeiss Touit 50mm, Sony 90mm, or Canon EF-S 60mm. -Zeiss 50mm Per the port charts, The Zeiss lens requires a 30mm N85 extension ring, and the 45mm macro port. (overall length 75mm). I am wondering if I can sub 2x17mm extension rings stacked, with my current 40mm macro port, giving me 74mm. I'm not sure how tight the Zeiss lens is against the port glass, and if I would have 1mm of clearance. The other option is to get rid of the 40mm port for the 16-50, and use the 45mm port for both, but I'm not sure what that does for the 16-50 in terms of vignetting, use of a diopter, etc.) - Sony 90mm I also can go 90mm, but that requires a N120 extension ring and another N120 port which will be a packing challenge. - Canon 60mm This port is just very expensive, and from what I can see, the EF-S lens doesn't fit the MC-11 unless modified. Also another port to pack. Anyone shooting one of these lenses want to chime in?
  3. Are you using multi-core FO cables? More cores might activate the photocell more reliably.
  4. I started with a Sola photo 600, which was white only, and now use a Sola 1200 which has white and red. I'm a big fan of them personally, but they do not shut off when the strobes fire. I can't see a hotspot in my photos if I'm on white or red.
  5. FWIW, I use a A6100 in an A6400 housing. They are identical except for the AF/MF AEL toggle on the back of the a6400 that isn't on the A6100.
  6. If we can figure out the wiring, I am confident we can figure out a mounting method. The original pack's mounting arms are held on with a few screws that could be repurposed into a 3d printed mount to fit the slightly thicker batteries.
  7. The link doesn't work already. I was hoping to but the cable and use an aftermarket battery.
  8. Might consider a APS-C sony a6600 and use a converter to use some of your canon lenses? I shoot an a6400 in a nauticam housing, with my tokina 10-17 on an adapter and it works great. Would save you from repurchasing a bunch of lenses, although you may have to do some digging on ports and extensions.
  9. Classifieds - Wetpixel :: Underwater Photography Forums
  10. Since you have FF lenses, but travel a lot, I'd look at the Sony a7C. FF sensor in a APS-C size body.
  11. Any concern about the weight of the system on the Nauticam float arms when on the surface? With my NA-6400, I used a lanyard the same as you, and over the course of a week had a float arm come loose and the end pop off. But they were no name Chinese specials from amazon. I am debating getting more float arms and changing their position, ie. out by the strobes with solid arms with Stix next to the housing, or just going with standard arms and more stix.
  12. Would you sell the extended Nauticam battery separately?
  13. I'm interested in the battery pack if you will split it.
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