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  1. I'm interested in the battery pack if you will split it.
  2. I'm so annoyed they discontinued this! I am looking for one as well!
  3. FYI, I would never make a friends and family purchase over the internet. Way too much risk for you to save $21 (3% of $700).
  4. Most of the hate on S&S seems to be WP group think based on the D2's bad reputation. They just did a firmware update to fix the D3 triggering issues. Never had a S&S strobe flood, but have had 2 different inons flood. their battery compartment o-ring design is garbage IMO.
  5. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/osmNM14 All optical surfaces are free from imperfections or scratches. Items located in Indianapolis, IN, USA. Included: - Seafrogs A6xxx Housing - Stock Port - 6” dome port with neoprene cover - Short Macro Port - Leak sentinel v5 + pump - 16-50 zoom ring - 10-18 zoom ring - Dual Handle Tray with shutter trigger extension and 3d printed handle risers (1 extra included) - 3d printed tokina 10-17 zoom ring prototype (not tested) - 2 housing o rings - 4 port orings - All seafrogs accessories (grease, straps, etc.) - Manuals, documents, original boxes $500 + shipping
  6. I am on the same page OP. I have a pair of YS-110a's, and decided to use my 2020/2021 scuba budget on a new housing, ports, new reg, new computer, and new bcd, and the rest for travel. That 2-3k strobe budget pays for 2 trips to cozumel and my 110a's still work great for now. Strobes are next year but I am still torn between retras or YS-D3's.
  7. Scott, I have an A6100 and Sturtle. i will see if I can recreate your scenario and how mine performs.
  8. Just as an aside, Might want to look into an A6100 in an A6400 nauticam housing. The A6100 has a lot of AF improvements and features from the A6600, and it looks to be identical in dimensions. I shoot an A6100, and will be ordering an a6400 nauticam housing soon to try it.
  9. I absolutely agree. The question is if the extra cost of going FF is really needed for most of us.
  10. Before jumping into FF, seriously consider the cost of the camera, lenses, housing, ports, etc. A7c is physically similar to A6xxx series in size, but the glass cost for FF is very expensive. Depending on your use case, APS-C may save you thousands on glass alone.
  11. No worries! I was wondering if you were the same person! I'll answer your zoom gear question from SB. There is no native zoom gear. I have been working on a design for a 3d printed zoom gear, and have gone through many revisions. I think I finally have one that will work, but I need to order some hardware and then test topside. Now that I plan to upgrade to Nauticam, I have kinda stopped development on the gear for now. Here is the last update: Sea Frogs Salted Line A6XXX - Zoom Gears | ScubaBoard
  12. There is no zoom gear for the tokina. I have designed and 3d printed my own zoom gear for the lens, but have been unable to test it so far.
  13. Currently in a Seafrogs housing with a 6" dome, Likely moving to Nauticam with their 4.33" dome. Haven't had the chance to dive it yet though (damn pandemic). So only pics I have are topside. I've owned this lens for a long time and it shoots on my A6100/MC11 as it does on a native Canon DSLR.
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