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  1. https://crittersresearch.com/2019/01/25/new-publication-flash-photography-impacts-on-fish-to-flash-or-not-to-flash/ This is about strobes, but since strobes are 40k lumens or more, I think it applies to lights as well.
  2. Could always go with a SeaFrogs Salted Line housing. It will save you big money compared to nauticam.
  3. https://uwtechnics.com/index.php/online-store/ttl-converters/for-sony/11073-ttl-converter-for-sony-for-nauticam-housings-na-a6000-6600-detail
  4. Personally, I don't put much weight behind articles written by a manufacturer. Independent reviews are what you should be looking for. Also you're comparing a DLSR to a high end point and shoot, which have entirely different price points, use cases, pro and cons, etc.
  5. With new units selling for $630 shipped with a warranty, your price of $566 plus shipping may be putting buyers off. Just an FYI.
  6. I've started using my work 3d printer to create custom mount parts for my rig. Now I'm looking at getting one for home to mess around with.
  7. Likely that's a Pin 1 and Pin 6 identifier, which is common. If the mating connector is just a strip of pins, you may be able to measure their pin size and pitch, and find a compatible connector/terminal setup.
  8. Look for any tiny markings or writing molded into the connector. I used to work for Molex, and all our connectors had the part number molded into them, but it can be REALLY tiny.
  9. DEMA is November 13-16, so I would imagine they would release any new product then.
  10. I'm VERY interested in just the housing, camera, and vacuum port. Already have a tray, strobes, and cables. Are you willing to separate the system?
  11. You're likely right, I would use it on a flip holder with a macro lens. Well, since the bayonet mount is out, I'm now looking at the divervision magnetic mounting system. http://www.divervision.com/howshot-m67-magnetic-lens-mount-MG-M67.html?search=magnetic This setup would be: M52 lens port -> M52 to M67 step up ring -> M67 magnetic lens mount -> lens (either M67 native close up, or UWL-04 on a M67 to M52 step down ring). Any issues with this and the UWL-04? Can't find a ton of reviews of this setup, but it looks like it would get me the quick connect capability of the bayonet mount without hampering image quality? My only concern is lens security (not sure how secure these magnets actually are).
  12. Any experience with the recsea 52mm flip lenses? Either the 2 or 3 lens? trying to figure out the best option for macro
  13. Next system will likely be mirror less without wet lenses so it’s a stopgap for now
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