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  1. I'm working on a 3d printed seafrogs version for the 10-17 on a Sigma MC-11. I've printed a few revisions so far but still am not completely happy with it, but it's allowing me to make a gear that will never be made otherwise.
  2. He said they were spoken for before you posted. Not sure what you're even complaining about.
  3. Same for me. Won't ever dive without it. Hope I never need it.
  4. Yep, I get plastic tipped ones. The orings actually do most of the gripping, the set screws are just snugged. @tobyone I'm using Sunlu PLA+. I like that it prints very well for me, and is less brittle than regular PLA.
  5. I also am doing the same for my seafrogs housing. I'm on iteration 6 for my tokina, and adding some orings and set screws to secure it to the lens.
  6. According to this webpage, the Meikon EM5ii has 67mm threads on the front, so any flip holder and diopter should work. I shoot a Seafrogs housing with a flip holder and +7 diopter without issue, and they're the same company. That, combined with a used 12-50 would provide a low cost option.
  7. This is an interesting conversation. My wife and I are in the US, and have been blessed to be able to work through the pandemic, either from home or limited office presence, and our financial picture is better that past years due to not being able to go anywhere. We are planning on traveling and diving as soon as we can safely get to where we want without significant risk, and I've been putting together a new underwater photo setup. I understand this is atypical, so I am interested to hear other's take on it. I am worried about how long tourism will likely take to return to pre-pandemic levels, and how that will affect dive shop survival and pricing. But I also think those of that can dive, and haven't been able to lately, will be itching to get in the water and travel and potentially take more trips than we planned to previously. Unfortunately, in general diving is a dying industry as the climate continues to change and our favorite shallow reefs continue to die.
  8. The A6xxx series flash is slow to recharge and cannot be adjusted down so I would avoid using it to fire strobes.I personally also would avoid electronic sync cords, as they're expensive and an additional failure point, and TTL triggers have made them obsolete.While the fantasea LED trigger is manual only, there are plenty on the market that can do TTL.I use the TRT electronics trigger with my YS-110a's, and TTL works perfectly. (s-TURTLE SMART)
  9. I agree with both of you. I got my housing used with a v5 already installed. if I was buying new, I would have gone XB.
  10. Just confirming you also have the hot shoe connected inside the housing, and have double checked the nikonos pinout with your camera's hotshoe pinout? The nikonos bulkhead will be screwed into the housing via a threaded hole. Depending on what thread that hole is, you can remove the the nikonos bulkhead and replace it with an ikelite bulkhead, and use the kit I linked, which will give you full TTL for your strobes.
  11. For manual firing, you should be able to use: https://www.backscatter.com/Ikelite-Manual-Dual-Sync-Cord-Nikonos-to-Ikelite For TTL, I believe you need to get the ikelite bulkhead items, as their TTL communication is proprietary, like this: https://www.ikelite.com/products/dl5-ds-link-canon-ttl-converter-ikelite-ct1-hotshoe-and-b1a-bulkhead-kit Do you know what size the thread is on the nikonos bulkhead? That will be the only concern about it working.
  12. I added a leak sentinel v5 to my seafrogs housing, and I agree, it's excellent! Can you share the o-ring dimensions or specs? I want to order a couple spares for my save a dive kit.
  13. I didn't realize they sold it separately. I doubt anyone is going to be selling it piecemeal here though, so you may have to go new via a dealer. Good luck and happy photo taking!
  14. I agree with Kraken. I also don't think you can get all the internal electronics, as each housing has it's own custom electronics inside. The vacuum valve is just added to make it work, but I don't think you can get just the electronics
  15. Wet wide lens available:- UWL-04 Fisheye conversion lens with neoprene front cover and rubber back coverIncludes lens caddy for arm, and M67 to M52 step ring.This setup is used, but well cared for. I am a vacation diver, who takes care of my gear after trips and carefully stores it.Fisheye lens: Minimal scratching on the hood. No blemishes I can see on the dome or glass.$225 shipped in the US Pics of lens located here: https://imgur.com/a/94Jt5hK
  16. That would disqualify it for me immediately, and since the leak and vacuum system is integrated, I'm not sure how one would add a ttl trigger.
  17. I'm super interested to see reviews of this. Wish they would have released it before I got my a6100 and seafrogs setup. The all in one vacuum, leak, and flash trigger is interesting. I wonder if it does TTL, or if it's manual only.
  18. This was a really excellent discussion, especially about how most people try to start with too strong of a lens. I am setting up my new kit of an a6100 in a seafrogs housing. Plan is to use a tokina 10-17 on a sigma mc-11 in the 6in dome for WA. I would also use the 16-50 kit lens in the stock port for general use, and add a diopter to it. I am thinking the UCL165M67 as my choice, but wanted to get some feedback from the experts here on that plan.
  19. Camera, housing, tray and accessories sold. UWL-04 still available! $250
  20. I am willing to split this up:Cameras, Housing, batteries, accessories & Tray - $250UWL-04 Wet wide lens - $250I'll also throw in a lens caddy for ULCS or similar arms, with a custom made adapter for float arms.
  21. TRT has the YS-110a as an available option in their firmware.
  22. I've upgraded to a new rig, so it's time to put my S95 setup for sale for someone else to enjoy. This is an excellent compact setup, with full manual mode, great ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (fisheye wet lens) capability, and an aluminum Nauticam style housing. I believe this housing came out right as Nauticam bought Fix, because many of the features are identical to nauticam design. This has been an absolute joy system to shoot with, with a ton of capability in a small package. I dove it with single strobes and dual strobes, and it did great both ways.For Sale:- 2 Canon Powershot cameras - One was my primary, the other a land/backup camera. Both in excellent working condition.- 3 Batteries (2 Canon, 1 Wasabi Power)- 2 Chargers- 1 Case- Fix S95 dive housing (2 orings, lens cap, grease, extra screws included)- UWL-04 Fisheye conversion lens with neoprene front cover and rubber back cover- iDas double handle tray and associated hardwareThis setup is used, but well cared for. I am a vacation diver, who takes care of my gear after trips and carefully stores it.Cameras: Both in excellent condition, and batteries are strongHousing: Slight scratching, but overall in fantastic shape. All buttons and dials work without issue. Housing always soaked, and o-rings stored in a bag when not in use. Never flooded. I am the sole owner.Fisheye lens: Minimal scratching on the hood. No blemishes I can see on the dome or glass.Tray: signs of use, but no rust or problems$500 + shipping/paypal fees but open to offers Pics located here on Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/koKhgaa
  23. This is what I figured. I will go with the TRT electronics version.
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