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  1. I'm looking to switch up my strobe and lighting setup and would like to offload some of my current gear to offset the cost. 

    Items are located in Indianapolis, IN. Shipping will be calculated via USPS. Paypal only unless local cash pickup. I'm open to reasonable offers on all 3 items. 


    INON D-2000 Type 4

    About 40 dives on it. Never flooded.
    Comes with red filters, diffuser, sync cord, ultralight ball mount, 3 extra o rings, and documents. Also has upgrade kit with knob extensions, and secondary battery compartment oring.
    $400 OBO (plus shipping).


    Sea & Sea YS-25DX 

    ~150 dives on it. It's older and lacks TTL, but it still works great and has never been flooded. Makes an excellent secondary or background strobe. 3 orings, 2 diffusers, fixing knob, and manual included.
    $100 OBO (plus shipping)

    Focus Light:

    Big Blue FF-1x5w LED light with auto off function

    This turns off the light for ~2 seconds when it detects a pre-flash. About 30 dives on it
    Battery compartment was flooded once. Light was rinsed with alcohol and dried, and has never shown any signs of issues. O rings were replaced once. 
    Comes with handle and ultralight ball mount.

    $75 OBO (plus shipping)


    Pics of all 3 items here: https://imgur.com/a/tCP34GK

  2. Looking to replace my INON D-2000 and Sea & Sea Ys-25 combo I've been running for something with dual TTL strobes and a slightly smaller package. 

    Camera is a Canon S95, Fix/Fisheye housing, Fix 165 degree wet lens.

    Will be listing the strobes and some other lighting gear here soon, but wanted to see if anyone is running the YS-03?

    Debating between dual YS-03's or with a single YS-01 to preserve manual capability. 

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