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  1. After 4 dives around 15 m this week end, no problem at all, i am even surprised by the quality of the whole thing. I will still go for a nauticam when i find one for some bigger accessories that i would like to mount on it, but for now, it does the job perfectly.
  2. Please let me know how it goes. I will try mine for the first time this week end, will see if it doesnt make it empty than i might send it back and switch for a nauticam or so.
  3. Hello! Tchakatak from france, i travel a lot as an instructor and i want to share tips with other passionate people that take video and photography underwater
  4. Hello ! I am currently looking for a housing for my alpha 6300. I came across the Salted Line Seafrogs, but i cannot find proper review of it. Is this solid ? How is the build quality compared to a fantasea ? Is there more risk of leaking than a ikelite / fantasea setup ? What about the optical quality ? I was thinking about getting the 6' dome with a 10-18 and the 16-50 as lens inside. Its mainly for 80%Video underwater. I am doing around 60-100 dive a year with depth around 30m max and i would like to keep that system for few years at least and evolve around it. If you have any advice about housing let me know.
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