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  1. We have strongly chlorinated tap water water in the czech republic. The first step is to pour water into a PET bottle the night before the dive. 1) Put the sock on the EMWL: Rubber band on flat port. Rubber band on heel. Leave the EMWL vent holes open (bubble ring released). Put the sock on the EMWL. Rubber band on the objective lens. 2) Fill the sock with clean water: Fill the sock with clean water. Release all bubbles by moving the sock at places where are the EMWL connections (bubble rings are released all the time). Add more water to fill the sock up to the maximum (no air in the sock). 3) Close the cap. Now you can test that everything is OK. EMWL will focus above the surface with this "adjustment". If you have well-tightened rubber bands, it holds clean water very well. In my case, I have half an hour filled EMWL on shore. And then the water stays inside the whole three-hour freedive session. The first installation takes a little longer and I recommend trying it for the fisrt time in peace at home. If you know what and how, then the installation at the dive site will not take you more than 5 minutes.
  2. Best description of the issue (time 12:23): Just FYI ... it's look like that:
  3. Freediving sock ;-) It's not nice. But it is 100% functional even in the mud.
  4. I have one and I’m happy with it. I’m using TTL-Converter from UW Technics. There is some problem with TTL via fiber optic to Ikelite strobes (DS160 + ikelite RC1). TTL by wire works very well with UW Technics TTL-Converter. Fiber optic TTL works well with FL-LM3 in the housing and RC1 on Ikelite DC160. I’m very happy with results of EM1X and 7-14mm f/2.8 or 8mm f/1.8 for the super wide shoots. Just now I’m trying 60mm f/2.8 for the macro and 60mm +CMC1 for the super macro. But I’m not so happy with the video quality. I think that EM1X is worse than G9/GH5 or even in some aspects worse than old GH4 for the video. NA-EM1X housing is simply great and I love it. EM1X speed, customization and autofocus are superb. The quality and ergonomics of the NA-EM1X is outstanding.
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