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  1. Hi everyone, does anyone know where to get a red filter for the Osmo Pocket by DJI? I am looking to buy it soon, but I am uncertain when it comes to its underwater capabilities. I have only been able to find ND Filters for them, which was quite annoying since GoPro has thousands of red filters in the market. Has anyone had experience with the Osmo Pocket, or experience in general with DIY red filters that I could replicate on this camera perhaps? I’m grateful for every hint. Cheers guys.
  2. Hi guys, just curious in what everyone uses or used as a beginner when it comes to taking pictures and videos underwater. I have been shooting with a GoPro Hero 5 Black, but out of 4 hours of footage, I was able to use about 5 minutes
  3. Well, that sure is fascinating..
  4. Hi everyone! I’m Jack, I enjoy making short videos of my experiences when I travel, for private purposes only. Looking to find some affordable gear for my dive trips. Cheers!
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