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  1. Okay, can do. F4.5, exposure 1/60s, 16mm focal length, ISO 320, auto WB, and ambient lighting if that's relevant Thanks!
  2. It's a wet lens. Would a dry dome be a better option? Or even trying to get a better wet lens...
  3. Hey folks, I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea of what causes reddish rings when shooting with a wet dome. I've attached an image showing the ring - mostly prominent on the right side of the image. I'm shooting with a Sony A6000 with a Sea Frogs housing and wet dome. The dome does have some scratches that were buffed out - could the imperfect finish on the dome cause this?
  4. Thank you! Lovely images. I think that's sealed the A6000 for me. I'm a bit confused about what lens choices still, but at least I know which camera to choose!
  5. Hey, do you have any sample images? I'm starting to consider the A6000 for myself and would love to see what it puts out Thanks
  6. Hey, thanks for the advice. To be honest it's really tricky knowing exactly what I'll need for the whole system. I hadn't even factored in a wide lens! My biggest concern is certainly price - the 200d is quite affordable right now, so it was high on my list. A lot of people have talked about the Sony A6400, so maybe I need to spend a little more and go that way, it seems like it might be a little more simple. Thanks again!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting my first real underwater rig. I'm currently using a GoPro Hero 7 and a Lumix FT7 (which I really don't like!). The majority of what I'm shooting will be large marine animals (sharks and alike) and people. Generally I'll be shooting while freediving and using natural light. Although I might get inside the odd cave so I do need decent low light performance. What I've been considering is a Canon 200D with a Ikelite housing with a standard 6inch dome. I'm mostly looking at this because it fits my budget and it's a reasonably small set up that won't kill me on deeper dives. I'm trying to avoid buying second hand for a variety of reasons, even if there are much better rigs available at the same price. So if anyone has any thoughts on this set up, or has better recommendations I'm happy to hear them! Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey, I'm Dave. I'm a freediver and photographer from Perth, Australia. I'm studying marine biology and working in the dive industry. Nice to meet you all and I can't wait to learn everything from all you wonderful people!
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