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  1. Thank you both. Yes I was looking at a bigger dome (bigger than my current 4.33") for splits indeed. I'd prefer an acrylic housing, but it seems my options are pretty limited on either of those lenses.
  2. I currently own an Olympus EMR5mkii and shoot with an 8mm fisheye in a nauticam housing. I'm looking to upgrade as the 4inch done is quite limiting and the sensor size too small for the size I'd like to be able to print. I like the compactness of the mirrorless and I like shooting with the fisheye, but I'd like a bigger dome. I'd settled on the Sony A7Riii, but the options for a dome on the nauticam housing is quite limited with a fisheye. I really like the quality of the nauticam housing. What options for lenses and dome ports do I have? Can I get custom domes built? I would love to hear from anyone that has used such a configuration. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey I'm a snorkler/freediver/scuba diver based in Orkney North Scotland. Shooting an Olympus OMD EMR5 MKII in a nauticam housing. Find me on instagram at @alisonsisland
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