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  1. Thank you all so very much for taking the time out to reply and for your patience! @ChrisRoss, it's an Olympus 8mm not Canon that I currently have, apologies for this. I have been reluctant to increase the ISO over 800 due to noise, but today I listened to you all and the results were much better (of course!!!). Thank you all so much. I was shooting around 3-5m depth at f6.3 ISO 1600 1/50 and the noise wasn't that much different to at ISO 800. That sharpening guide is excellent @ChrisRoss, thank you. As you mention @adamhanlon it's hard to stay still at depth for long when snorkeling so I found 1/50 about the slowest speed, but next time I'll hike up the ISO again and see how I get on. Still looking to be able to print big so will likely opt for the A7R iv, but now looking at the WWL-1 option with the 28-60mm Sony lens as I have seen talked about on here to give me a wider range of lens options and I'll keep the Olympus with the fisheye for now. Thank you for the for the Water Contacts review video!
  2. Hey guys, many thanks for the speedy replies. When I mention sharpness i do indeed mean noise was the issue (I have the Cannon 8mm). Most shooting whilst snorkeling is done in the top 5m, but in green water with a vis of 5-10m, on mainly cloudy days. Obviously I like to make the most of days when the sun shines! I shoot with RAW and adjust in Lightroom, but I'd like to be able to print comfortably above 30x40 inches. Yes I'm sure that my technique is awful Chris and I do truly welcome your advice! In natural light at 5m I am typically shooting at ISO 320 to 400, f3.2 and 1/100sec. I often have to shoot at ISO 800 at this depth too. The low natural light obviously has an impact on the usable depth of field so I was hoping to find something that would make the most of this, whilst still keeping the strobes for really low light days/depth. I dived the Med this year and was able to shoot at 25m, ISO 250 f5.6 1/200s without any issues, but I guess that is the difference that sunshine and 40m vis brings!
  3. Merry Christmas! I am looking for a bit of advice, and perhaps some reassurance on my imminent setup choices. I am an avid snorkeler in the North of Scotland, in the water probably 300 days of the year. I also scuba dive here weekly. As I snorkel and freedive I have been enjoying using a small camera set up without strobes, olympus OMD EM5MKII in nauticam housing with an 8mm fisheye and mini dome. I really enjoy shooting split shots and like the versatility of the fisheye. I've wanted to start using strobes for my scuba and now have two inon z330s, but I enjoy using the camera without strobes down to 10m whilst snorkeling as it is less bulky. This is my first underwater camera setup, and when I have come to print images larger, they just aren't as sharp as I'd like. So my research has lead me to look at something with a larger sensor that would be far more light sensitive, whilst not being too bulky. I've settled on a Sony A7Riv with a sigma 15mm fisheye and 14mm dome port. Does this sound like the correct setup for how I dive or is there something out there that I am overlooking? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you both. Yes I was looking at a bigger dome (bigger than my current 4.33") for splits indeed. I'd prefer an acrylic housing, but it seems my options are pretty limited on either of those lenses.
  5. I currently own an Olympus EMR5mkii and shoot with an 8mm fisheye in a nauticam housing. I'm looking to upgrade as the 4inch done is quite limiting and the sensor size too small for the size I'd like to be able to print. I like the compactness of the mirrorless and I like shooting with the fisheye, but I'd like a bigger dome. I'd settled on the Sony A7Riii, but the options for a dome on the nauticam housing is quite limited with a fisheye. I really like the quality of the nauticam housing. What options for lenses and dome ports do I have? Can I get custom domes built? I would love to hear from anyone that has used such a configuration. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey I'm a snorkler/freediver/scuba diver based in Orkney North Scotland. Shooting an Olympus OMD EMR5 MKII in a nauticam housing. Find me on instagram at @alisonsisland
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