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  1. Hey guys Unfortunately we are forced to sell our Underwater Systems as as she has become pregnant no so diving for a while.The whole system was purchased in the summer with all the receipts to show this totallying over 5800 Euros. I have used it for 1 diving holiday in Bali 8 weeks ago for 8 Dives and the system worked perfectly. All you need to do is out the camera in the system is ready to dive with. I have a - Sea & Sea D500 uw housing Sea & Sea 240mm wide angle dome Sea & Sea YS D2 external stroboes x2 with neoprene coversSea & Sea double external strobe cable Ultralite Arms and connectors Tokina 10-17mm port extension and zoom adapter. Sentinal V5 leak valve and pump All manuals, spare parts (eg o-rings, etc.) New Pelicstorm Case with Cut foam For the system Price for the system is 3000 Euro shipped in the Peli Case. Any questions feel free to send a message. Also have Panasonic Lumix Lx10/15 Nauticam Pro Package with Wide angle wet Lens, Also purcahsed in summer (mrs camera) with camera included in the sale i will be posting! Thanks Guys Terry
  2. Hey I’m terry, from the uk and I’m an instructor and photographer, joining for general advice and the Facebook page is pretty sick so thought I’d sign up , ta
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