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  1. Would you be interested in selling the Samyang separately (it is e-mount isn't it?)? If so, how much would you be looking for with postage? I'm in 3188, VIC if it helps calculate any postage Thanks!
  2. So they don't sell the back on its own, or aren't willing to due to me not buying it direct from them (which I expected really), and they also don't sell the housing with any other ports, you always have to get the standard one. They did say I can buy the dial that I suspect is the issue and some spare o rings so I'll try that out. If that doesn't work then I'll just have to buy a whole new one.
  3. Yeah, couldn't really see where it was from but the guy I bought it from did say it previously leaked from one of the dials on the top. I've emailed seafrogs to see if they sell the back half separately but I doubt they will! Next time I can test it in the pool, will see if I can get something that will show up where it leaks, maybe some cereal box cardboard around the edges or something - should go dark where it leaks then hopefully
  4. The weight in a pouch worked! The housing leaked though It was half expected, just need to decide whether to try and fix it or just get a whole new one now. Probably about 10-15ml after a 45 minutes dive at 4-5m, pushing all the buttons while down there
  5. Yeah I had wrapped in a couple of socks to avoid that but was dubious about it anyway. I have a neoprene pouch from my sealife, maybe I'll stick it in that and thread it on to the lanyard, see how that looks/feels. Shame I don't have any ankle weights to clip round the port
  6. Too large (would stop it closing) and it doesn't have any holes. Might be doing a pool session in a few weeks so that is probably a better place to test it.
  7. Annoyingly the weight I borrowed from the shop is a bit too big (they don't have soft weights as far as I know) so I might have to postpone the test. I'll take it along anyway and see if the DM reckons I'd get by with it floating around if I just wear the extra weight...... doubt it though. Probably a better idea to just do it next time and arrange some soft weights in advance
  8. Thanks Chris, good to know - the shallow test dive may be more useful than I gave it credit for. Hopefully it won't leak anyway........but if it does then I'll look at stripping the relevant controls out and reassembling it myself, then testing again. Worst case scenario is that I have to buy a new housing (which I was going to do before I got this one anyway) and I have this one for spare parts....maybe seafrogs could sell me one with the macro port or a dome and no standard flat port
  9. I'm thinking about a vacuum port for the future, thought I'd check it's somewhat waterproof before adding that on. The dive site is only about 8m/24ft so it won't be a great pressure check, but better than land... slightly. I'll stick it in the bath or something tonight to check for anything obvious. Cheers
  10. It's the standard flat port so I think I'll see if I can get a 2kg to put in, doesn't matter too much if it's a bit negative, I'll just clip it off to a d ring to make sure I don't drop it. It'll be a shallow shore dive anyway so no real danger of losing it! Cheers
  11. Hi all, I recently bought a used a6xxx salted line housing, the previous owner had a leak on one of the top dial controls but said it's been taken apart, cleaned and re assembled but not tested. It does feel like there is a bit of play on the shaft part but I don't know if that's normal or not - it needs to move so some play might be acceptable. I'm planning on taking it out empty to check it this weekend (saltwater) but wondered if anyone knew roughly how buoyant it would be so I can guess how much weight to put in/on it. Knowing that it had previously leaked is a risk, but at 1/3 of the new price I figured it was worth a shot...... should just be o-rings for the seal I guess and seafrogs said they might be able to sell me some spare o-rings if it leaks after testing. Cheers
  12. Hi everyone, I've just bought a mirrorless Sony to replace my GoPro/sealife microHD setup so doing a lot of reading up!
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