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  1. https://onereef.org - a focus on community based conservation of reefs primarily in Palau and Micronesia.
  2. Just wait. It’s like that here in San Francisco (estimates 600 people infected and a few deaths). Check back in 2-4 weeks and the hospitals may well be deciding who lives and gets the ventilator and who dies. Germany is going to get hot in 1-2 months too, although you don’t have the problem of gross incompetence at the highest levels of government. Anyone saying this is a hype or a hoax is watching too much US Pravda TV and Facebook groups.... I’d like to chuckle and say go for the Darwin Award ... but the reality is people who are young and become carriers will be killing 60+ year olds. Also Spanish Flu on 1918 had three mortality peaks - one small in June, the highest one in November, and another medium one the following Spring. So it may get better and then much worse. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1918_spanish_flu_waves.gif
  3. Beautiful. Never seen a Triton’s Trumpet in real life, just the shell in a dusty case. They are impressive. Of course, the barracudas and jacks were spectacular.
  4. Don’t know if you dive with a significant other, friend, or child but I recently came to the epiphany that we could carry different rigs setup for different subjects. I have a WA M43 for stills with strobes (and video in good available light in the shallows), my son carries a Olympus TG6 set up for macro with a video light which provides continuous lighting and makes the rig really simple and easy to use. I have to admit I partially chose to use the m43 system because I use it topside and already have some lenses and know how to use the camera. But I think it’s a good compromise UW just like it is topside. The only cameras that could tempt me are FF mirrorless like your Sony but physics being the way it is you have the huge lens issue (and very few choices of native lenses). No way would I buy a DSLR today.
  5. FYI Tapatalk interface hides polls. You need to be using the browser.
  6. Just bought the TG6 for my 13 year old son who also is a Junior Open Water diver. I set it up with a video light on a flex arm with a tray and handles. This apparently is a great set up for macro and portraits. Also the Olympus housing is not too bulky or expensive. Down the road you can add strobes and a wide angle wet lens. I’ve got a GH5 (similar to the other m43 camera you mentioned) with a zoom wide angle to medium lens in a dome with two strobes. So together we have every type of shot covered. I think this is a perfect setup because my son won’t have to worry about much but focus and pressing the shutter button, which is just as well as he is trying to maintain neutral buoyancy! Here is a video worth watching on a similar setup, select Part 2: https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Olympus-TG-5-Best-Underwater-Camera-Settings# I went with a single flex arm rather than a ball arm because again it’s easier to adjust. Backscatter also has a tether to attach the camera to a BCD, so it doesn’t drift away. The setup above has no floats and will sink. We will be trying out the TG6 in French Polynesia in a few months.
  7. Sounds like the 14-42 with WWL and CMC is the way to go for both WA and Macro on a m43 camera. For now I think I’m going to have my dive buddy carry and use a TG6 for Macro and use my GH5 for everything else. But at some point I’ll probably make the switch. By then we may have more options available.
  8. GH5 w/ Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 in a Nauticam housing and dome. Use my GH5 topside so now it’s going underwater! Learning a lot about uw lighting right now - strobes and LEDs. This forum is a great resource.
  9. This is the feedback I got from Backscatter on the MWL-1 with a 30 on m43: “If you wanted to use the 30mm macro with the MWL-1, I’d recommend using the CMC-2. Otherwise, the minimum focus distance is too close with the CMC-1. You’d basically have to be touching the subject to achieve focus. This is a pretty cool setup, but a little limited. The MWL-1 doesn’t provide the best image quality unless you shoot at really small apertures.” So not much of an endorsement for the combination. Seems like the Pana14-42 with WWL-1 and SCS make a better if larger and more expensive combo.
  10. I’m using the na-36133 Nauticam N85 6 inch' Wide Angle Dome Port. It’s the standard plastic dome without manual focus knob. Housing is the standard Nauticam NA-GH5SV.
  11. I’m a warm water tropical diver. So it sounds like the Pana12-35 with strobes is a good starting point. It vignettes pretty badly at 12mm and I imagine the dome will only make things worse but otherwise it should do the trick as an all rounder. My son, my diving buddy, can bring along a simple TG6 setup for fish portraits and macro using a Sola video light. That will keep it simple, he’s only 13 and maintaining neutral buoyancy is a skill he is still working on.
  12. Which 8mm lens are you using? I have the Oly 8mm 1.8 already for land photography, but I suspect you are talking about the f3.5 lens which is quite a bit smaller.
  13. Good idea. I have the Oly 8mm already but am starting with the Pana12-35 and plastic dome for now. Wonder what you would do if you had to choose between those two lenses? Having a TG6 in my BC sounds like a great option. Thanks for the idea.
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