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Found 49 results

  1. Here is a short clip taken with a Sony AX100/Gates Housing/Gates GT-14 Lights & Tiffen Filters, shot onboard Mike Ball's Spoilsport out at Osprey Reef, Great Barrier Reef Australia.
  2. I have a Gates Sony AX-100 housing for sale. It has a dome port, flat port and a flip mount for 10x diopter. It has water alarm and port installed for pressure seal. All are in great condition. Over $4000.00 invested. $2500 U.S. OBO email for pictures... thanks! lohatcher@gmail.com
  3. I would like to know if anybody tried the Sony FS7 underwater. The only footage I could find is a swimming pool clip done by Sealux. I have bought their housings before and I was happy with the build quality of German engineering. I wish they would try the camera in real environment like other manufacturers do . I am concerned of the following: > Does the camera perform good white balance underwater?, > Does it execute good color rendition unlike the FS100 & FS700 that exhibited color science issues as I recall? I think this camera is an XDCAM similar to the EX1& 3 family. > Low light performance. What attracts me to this camera is the following: + Metabones speed booster which produces almost FF equivalent enabling better wide angle usage, + Good dynamic range, + 10 bit 422 makes the footage tolerance for color correction. + Availability of both S-log, standard & hyper gammas as options, + Slo-motion I would like to hear from you guys on what you think of this camera even if you haven't tried it. Thank you in advance
  4. Upgraded to full frame setup and therefore selling only TWO TIMES used underwater Sony RX100IV with extra battery, charger, Sony travel case, new LCD screen protector (SONY), Nauticam Housing, Nauticam LCD magnifier with diopter, Vacuum valve with pump, Nauticam Flexitray W II, WWL-1 Wide angle lens + Bayonet mount, CMC-1 lens + Bayonet mount, 2x Nauticam 8"arms, 2x Nauticam 5" arms, Nauticam cold shoe YS mount, Nauticam cold shoe Ball mount, Nauticam Bayonet Lens holder, Fisheye Fix Neo DX2000 SWRM, 2x SEA & SEA YS-D2 with 2x Fiber optic cable All items were purchased in September from US authorized dealers. All items come with original boxes,manuals, accessories and are still under warranty! Absolutely flawless! I also have original receipts (upon request) For some reason I can't upload the picture of the camera and its accessories (file too big) but I can email the picture along with other pictures of the complete setup together upon request. I have a 100% feedback on eBay (kapikocustoms). Free cont.US shipping with insurance! I will ship worldwide! Paypal only Trying to sell as complete set. All together purchased for $7000.00! Yours for only $6000! That's a $1000 dollars savings! If you do not need the camera, the price for all (excluding RX100IV) would be minus $800.00 which totaling $5200.00 I can send more pictures upon request. BEST ULTIMATE COMPACT 4K-MACRO-WIDE ANGLE SETUP YOU WILL FIND!
  5. For a presentation I'm trying to assemble a more or less complete list of current 4K filming options for professionals or serious amateurs. Have a look at my list below, I'm sure there are more options I haven't thought about. If you have any add-on suggestions please let me know. Also let me know if you know or have heard rumours of upcoming 4K camera/housing setups. INTERCHANGABLE LENS SYSTEM RED EPIC / SCARLET / DRAGON - Gates Housing - Nauticam Rossa Housing - Achtel Housing - Amphibico Rouge Housing BLACK MAGIC POCKET CINEMA CAMERA - Nauticam Housing - Ikelite Housing BLACK MAGIC CINEMA / PRODUCTION CAMERA - Nauticam Housing - Equinox Housing SONY FS700 - Subal Housing - Amphibico Genesis Housing SONY CINEALTA F5 / F55 - Gates Housing PHANTOM FLEX - Gates Housing CANON EOS C300 / 500 - Gates Housing INTERCHANGABLE LENS SYSTEM (DSLR / MIRRORLESS) PANASONIC LUMIX GH4 - Subal Housing - Nauticam Housing - Ikelite Housing PANASONIC LUMIX GX7 - Nauticam Housing CANON EOS 1D - Subal Housing - Aquatica Housing - Sea & Sea Housing SAMSUNG NX1 - Ikelite Housing SONY A7 - Nauticam Housing - Ikelite Housing FIXED LENS SYSTEM SONY Z100 - Gates Housing - Nauticam Housing - Equinox Housing SONY AX-100 - Gates Housing - Equinox Housing GoPro - GoPro Housing
  6. I read Adam's preview on this camera today: http://wetpixel.com/...-compact-camera Like the idea of the super slo-mo for critter behavior documentation and I'm trying to decide between this and the Panasonic LX100 Does anyone know if the control set remains the same as the RX100-III? Hoping of course that it will fit into an existing RX100-3 housing. Thoughts? http://www.imaging-r.../sony/rx100-iv/
  7. Looking at the test results of the RX100 mk IV, (DXO, Dpreview) the tiny 1" sensor system seems really impressive, the iso-performance matches the m43 sensor while in video the sony is clearly superior. Is there any aspect where the GH4 worth ~2x the investment? Alright, I won't be able to shoot 10+min 4k with the RX, because it overheats. Also I won't be able to use a true fisheye, I have to live with the ~120° provided by the WWL-1. Anything apart from that?
  8. this video was shot at 4K resolution, by sony rx100 IV with Marco diopter Subsee+10, and 10,000 lumen lights X2, and did some post production color correction and so on. Location: Green Island , Taiwan
  9. iMovie has been upgraded to support 4K video resolution as well as 1080p60 previously only unofficially supported. It imports successfully from Sony XAVC and Panasonic 4K Mp4 The files are copied as is without conversion and can be converted in prores if you have the codec. The high quality output works at around 30 Mbps probably set for youtube optimised streaming. You can increase bitrate to 40 mbps Release notes What's New in Version 10.1 • Create and share movies at stunning 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) on compatible Mac computers (1) • Create and share movies with 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second for smoother, more true-to-life action • Import movies and trailers from iMovie for iOS (version 2.2 and later), so you can start editing on an iOS device and finish on your Mac • Redesigned Media view lets you see more of your library while browsing videos and photos • Projects view makes it easy to find and open your movies and trailers • Tabs in the Browser give you faster access to titles, backgrounds, transitions, and music while editing a movie • Option to hide Browser while editing a movie • 10 additional video filters from iMovie for iOS • View pixel-for-pixel 4K video while editing a movie on iMac with Retina 5K display (1) 4K export requires a Mac from 2011 or later with at least 4 GB RAM. Full-resolution 4K playback is supported on iMac with Retina display and Mac Pro (2013 or later) when connected to a 4K display.
  10. For Sale Nauticam GH4 underwater housing, camera lens, package. This package includes the Panasonic GH4 4K camera. Nauticam housing. Panasonic 7 to 14 lens, port and zoom gear. Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens, port and focus gear. The 5 inch Dive and See monitor and bulkhead for housing. The Nauticam vacuum system, and pump. Transcend R95 128GB SD card. Panasonic battery. Additional Newmowa battery and charger. As you probably know this system can shoot beautiful 4K footage. I am selling the system because I am using the RED DRAGON underwater now. New this package costs $9,335 (and then the extra tax of course). I want to get 70% of that, so asking $6,500. I would like to sell as a package rather than parts. The system is in great shape. The glass on the ports is good (but not perfect anymore). New ports are the least expensive part of the system, only about $500 each, so you could buy new ports if you are concerned about small imperfections in a port. There are no significant scratches just the normal ones that occur even when cleaning with lens cloth etc.. I do look very closely. The lenses are perfect. The 5” Dive and See monitor gives a very nice image, but note*** it only works in the standard 30 frames/ second mode. Which is what most people shoot, but it does not take inputs in PAL 25 frames/second. And, I don’t think it takes 24 FPS (though I have not tested). The camera is located in Monterey California. Sorry for the poor I-phone pictures. I can send better if you need. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for looking. Ernie
  11. Hi Friends I just returned from my dive trip on the Red Sea in Egypt. I have not yet edited all the photos, but I did pull together a short video of the diving. Feedback always appreciated, here is the YouTube link (can't figure out how to do an embed): https://youtu.be/VxVPQ9sQGVE Many thanks, Basil
  12. Hi, Here's a recent music promo I shot for Sam Romans, a London based producer signed to Roc Nation. The track is called "Uh Huh" and the promo largely takes place underwater featuring lots of upside down running shot on a Phantom Flex 4K in a Hydroflex Remote Aquacam. Apart from the location work, this was all shot at The Underwater Studio just outside of London. Thanks!
  13. A clip of my recent trip to Anilao in May. It was shot on my GH4 and I uploaded it in 4K but unfortunately YouTube has done a pretty poor processing job at lower resolutions especially on the Anthias at about 0:21 https://youtu.be/qQ6rM6QViVg I experimented with some small zooms and pans in post. The one of the pink frogfish might be a little overdone but the others seem to have worked out OK. What do you think? Cheers Steve
  14. For sale is a 1 year old Amphibico Rouge for the RED Epic Dragon, Epic MX, Scarlet Dragon, and Scarlet MX digital cinema cameras. The housing is well cared for, showing signs of normal wear and tear, and completely operational. In the interest of full disclosure the dome port has a small scratch approximately 3mm in length somewhat off center of frame (lower and camera left). Due to its small size it is difficult to find and get a descriptive photograph. Attached is a shot of the scratch with a lightened circle around so it is easier to see. Other than that the dome port is in perfect condition. The package includes: Amphibico Rouge underwater housing body 9.25" BK7 Glass Dome Port Marco/Flat Port 1.25" Port extension (Medium) 2.00" Port Extension (Large) 2 x Servo Motors Trim Weights Carry Handle Top Monitor Shade Rear Monitor Shade Prototype Manual Focus System 2 x Universal Zip Gears Top Monitor Bracket Spare Oring Kit V-Mount Battery Plate Serial Cable 2 x Neoprene port covers The starting asking price is $14500 and is negotiable.
  15. Wasn't expecting this feature set: Internal 4K 4:2:2 (Internal) 305Mbps Bitrate!!!! 5 axis stabilisation Gamma-Log 12 Stops of DR Biggest downside thou is the lens - 27.3mm eqv. http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/product/camcorders/xc10.do
  16. At Las Vegas's CES Panasonic displayed an upcoming GH-4K. (Actually it was just a GH3 with a 4K sticker). Nobody knows if the new model will have the same GH3 body or not... Rumors sites write that it will be launched officially on 7th February. So just this friday Anyway these are the rumored specs until now: High speed 16Mp sensor 2.36Mp OLED EVF peaking 4K 200Mbps mode 1080p120 422 recording Panasonic announced also a new SD card expressely made to cope with 4K: A second round of rumors add few more specs: There is an attachable XLR adapter H264 codec all intra that give 422 color all intra in 100 mbps. it will be switch-able from 4K and 1080P with various frame rates (can shoot 120fps at 1080P for example) Last but not the least: price less than 2000USD Someone suggested that the new camera will use the new LSI developed from Pana with its codec AVC-ULTRA: http://pro-av.panasonic.net/en/sales_o/p2/AVC-ULTRA_obverview_rev1.0.pdf Will see in few days what's true on this little monster. Via http://www.43rumors.com/?s=GH4k
  17. The heat is on... Here's an overview of the new Panasonic HC-X1000 Camcorder features with Nick Driftwood from personal-view.com & Driftwood Productions UK and Mark Baber from Panasonic UK. The HC-X1000 is Panasonic’s brand new prosumer camcorder offering some spectacular new features that compete with similar professional camcorder devices costing two or three times as much. Notably the key attraction is 4K and one that has an amazing 150Mbps 60 fps (NTSC) and 50 fps (PAL) modes at Ultra HD television (UHD) 3840x2160 pixels. Not only that, like the Panasonic GH4 m43 4k camera, the X1000 sports full cinema like 4K at 4096x2160 pixels at 24fps plus UHDTV 4K 25p and 30p modes at 3840x2160 pixels. Field tests coming very soon. Plus how to grade the X1000 with the GH4.
  18. The last of my systems, other three sold already. If buyer wants to buy outside of Ebay, then I can reduce $600 off the price as those fees go to Ebay anyway. If you have any questions or offers, contact me at: RudiHerbert@gmail.com but please, do not make me idiotically low offers, I don't care if the Hero 4 can shoot 4K, if you think a RED ONE MX inside a Gates housing and a GoPro, or any other DSLR, are the same thing, then you really have no business buying this camera. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RED-ONE-MX-with-Gates-Deep-Red-Underwater-Housing-/231354378484 Thanks for looking, Rudi Herbert www.UnderwaterCinema.com
  19. Hi everyone, here's a post about the video that was on the front page recently. Shot in Ha'apai, Tonga with and Epic, GH4 and a GoPro 3+ Black. It was so much fun and the edit was done whilst still on the trip, so before I put it out in 4k I will likely re-compose it. Thanks for viewing:
  20. Hi I have completed the BSAC Pro Video course and am looking at getting a video rig of my own. I was trained on Sony video cams in Aquatica housings so I have a level of comfort and familiarity with Sony. However, I have researched the prosumer HD video arena and have short listed to two cameras that fit my budget being the Sony AX100 and Panasonic GH4. Currently, I am caught and in two minds on, which way to go? Be a great help to get some thoughts from the forum regarding, which camera would be the better direction to go in... I am leaning towards the GH4, but I am concerned with its ability to focus under water, and manage contrast. I am also worried about how well it can manually white balance - although this is less of a concern than it's ability to smoothly and cleanly focus. Thanks
  21. https://vimeo.com/103312019 4K on youtube: http://youtu.be/8tc8XEAUiHc A very short video of Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti) from Anilao, Batangas, Philippines. Shot with a Panasonic GH4, Panasonic 7-14mm and Olympus 60mm lens in Nauticam housing, Aquako 4K lights and diopters. I was using Standard profile (-4,-3), crushed black a bit in post. Oly 60mm produce very sharp image but I'm not happy with working distance (too short) and "by wire" manual focus. P.S Try spot the seahorse on a seafan (WA shot).
  22. Hi, I have been working on a custom housing which was designed by me and executed by a workshop in Dubai which I will share the details later In a couple of dives I wanted to test the new housing and firmware 1.9. Let me know what you think. It was a drift dive that made it quite challenging so I used stabilization in resolve 11 for few shots. The clip is rendered at FHD. I will try to post a 4k version on you youtube, any advice on what's the best setting? I am using Resolve 11
  23. Hi, Finally got time to play with Davinci Resolve and produced some footage. This video is underwater test for Black Magic Production Camera BMPC 4k. It was shot by me in a custom housing. It is all shot with ambient light - no artificial lighting was used. Visibility was not good due to plankton and particles. Not really a favorable test conditions The video was captured in 4 dives into 2 different seas.One dive was done in the Arabian gulf (first clip) and the rest are done in the Gulf of Oman. It is hard to color match two characteristically different seas but I tried I ended loving this camera due to two factors: Crisp details at 4k & Global Shutter. There is something magical about the movement/motion the global shutter captures. Or at least that is what I imagine Despite the "noise" people are making around the Fixed Pattern Noise, the last clip of the clown fish is shot just at sunset and I did a simple noise reduction on it and I believe it is useful. This is before the 1.9 firmware release which makes the camera better at noise handling. When coupled with a fast lens, this camera in the right hands can make magic The video is broken into3 clips divided by surface shots of land/mountain scenes as follows: + All the clips are shot using Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 lens + All clips but second clip (barge wreck) are recorded in ProRes using firmware earlier than 1.8 + Second clip is recorded using firmware 1.8 and recorded in RAW Rendering was done at full HD using Davinci Resolve. Make sure you play the FULL HD version.
  24. Sony announced their first consumer 4k camera @ CES 2014, the FDR-AX100 Handycam, which shoots UHD @ 30p in XAVC-S codec. The 1" sensor (larger than the AX1's 1/ 2.3") is similar to the resolution and dimensions to the RX100 II cybershot camera. The XAVC-S codec should be 100mbps and records to SDXC cards. It does not have LANC but it seems to be controllable via wifi/NFC. This will of course mean new electronic controls for those universal housings. Specifications aren't laid down yet but the lens is a f2.8 with possibly 9.3-111.6mm focal length (approx 24mm-260mm) and will cost US$1999.99 when it ships in March 2014. Very interesting entry level into 4k. Product Specifications SoftwareOperating System Compatibility : Windows XP SP3 /Windows Vista SP2 /Windows7 64-bit editions and Starter (Edition) are not supported. The Windows Image Mastering API (IMAPI) Ver. 2.0 or later is required to use the function for creating discs. Starter (Edition) are not supported. Standard installation is required. Operation is not assured if the above OS has been upgraded or in a multi-boot environment. Advanced FeaturesImage Stabilization : Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization w/ Active mode (Wide to Tele) Wi-Fi : Built-In (Wi-Fi Compatible, IEEE 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz band) NightShot® Infrared System : Yes CinemaTone Gamma/Color : Yes Intelligent Auto : Portrait / Baby / Walk / Tripod / Backlight / Landscape / Spotlight / Twilight / Macro / Low light / Auto Wind Noise Reduction x.v.Color™ : Yes Audio Level Display : Yes Assignable Dial : Yes (Exposure /AE Shift / WB Temp. / WB B-A / WB G-M Set) Face Detection : Yes Priority Setting (for Face Detection) : Auto/OFF Smile Shutter™ technology : Dual Capture / Always On / Off AGC Limit : Yes Airplane Mode : Yes Wi-Fi Functionality : Remote control with mobile device, send to smartphone, send to PC (with optional wi-fi accessory) Tracking Focus : Yes Premium Closer Voice : Yes Golf Shot : Yes [AVCHD only] My Voice Canceling : Yes S-Master : Yes Smooth Slow Rec : Yes [AVCHD only] CameraCamera Type : Prosumer 4K Camcorder with 1" sensor Color : Black Convenience FeaturesManual / Auto Lens Cover : Lens Cap S/S & Zoom button on LCD : Yes (Touch Panel) Media/Battery Indicator : Yes(recordable time, free and used media space)/Yes(recordable time, remaining capacity) Still Image Playback Options : Slide Show Picture Effects : Yes Video Playback Options : Highlight Playback (AVDHD Movie Only); Highlight Scenario (Save/Playback/Erase); Hightlight BGM (Preinstalled 4 music files, Music transfer) Remote Control : Yes Self Timer : Yes Power Save Mode : Yes Red-Eye Reduction : Yes (On/Off) Date / Time Stamp : Yes (Rec Date and Time, Camera info) Erase/Protect : Yes / Yes Built-in USB Cable : Yes (USB Charge Available) Self Recording : Yes Multiple Language Display : English; Brazilian Portugese; Canadian French; Spanish Fader Effect(s) : White / Black Drive SystemDrive Mode : Photo Mode:Single-shot/Self-timer Exposure SystemExposure Compensation : AE Shift (Dial/Touch Panel) Exposure Settings : Auto; Flexible Spot (Touch Panel); Manual (Dial / Menu) Metering Modes : Multi-segment / Spot Noise Reduction : Yes White Balance Mode : Auto / Onepush / Outdoor / Indoor / WB Temp Manual Iris Control : F2.8-F11 Auto Iris Control : F2.8-F11 Gain Control : Auto/Manual LOW LUX Mode : Yes Backlight Compensation : Yes (Auto) WB Shift : Yes(G7-M7 15steps, A7-B7 15steps) Manual Exposure Assist : Zebra Pattern Display Focus ControlFocus Features : Tracking Focus Manual Focus Assist : Magnified display for precise manual focus; Peaking Display, Tracking Focus Focus Area : Full range Focus / Spot Focus AF Modes : Auto / Manual (Touch Panel / Dial) Focus System : Contrast AF Imaging SensorPixel Gross : Approx.20.9M pixels Color Filter System : RGB primary color filters Imaging Sensor : 1" (13.2mm x 8.8mm) back-illuminated Exmor R® CMOS Sensor Processor : BIONZ® X image processor InterfaceNFC : Yes HDMI Terminal : Yes (HDMI micro) DC IN : Yes Memory Card Slot : SDXC Memory Card(Class 10) [XAVC S]; Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2);Memory Stick XC-HG Duo; Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2); SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card(Class 4 or Higher) HD Output : HDMI Out (micro)(supplied) Wi-Fi : Yes Accessory Shoe : Yes (Multi Interface Shoe) SD Output : Composite Video Out (AV CABLE (sold separately)) PhotoTV HD : Yes Direct Copy : Yes [AVCHD only] USB Port(s) : TypeA (built-in) / USB2.0 Hi-speed (mass-storage/MTP) BRAVIA® Sync™ : Yes Headphone Jack : Stereo Minijack Microphone Input : Stereo Minijack LCD DisplayLCD Type : 3.5" Xtra Fine LCD™ display(921K) (16:9) touch screen Coverage : 100% Angle Adjustment : Opening Angle: max.90 deg., Turning Angle: max.270 deg. Brightness Control : Yes (Menu) Grid Display : Grid Line Optics/LensOptical Zoom : 12x Direct Manual Focus : Yes Lens Stabilization : Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization w/ Active mode (Wide to Tele) Minimum Focus Distance : Approx.1cm(Wide),Approx.100cm(Tele) Lens Type : Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* Aperture : F2.8-F4.5 Aperture Blade : 7 blades Digital Zoom : 160x Filter Diameter : 62mm ND Filter : OFF, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 Clear Image Zoom : 4K: 18x; HD: 24x PowerBattery Type : InfoLITHIUM with AccuPower Meter System (V Series) Power Requirements : 6.8V/7.2V (battery pack); 5.0V (AC Adapter) RecordingVideo Resolution : XAVC-S 4K : 3840×2160/30P, 24P; XAVC-S HD : 1920x1080/60P, 30P, 24P;AVCHD:1920x1080/60p(PS),24p(FX,FH),60i(FX,FH), 1440x1080/60i(HQ,LP); MP4: 1280x720 30p Audio Format : MPEG-4 Linear PCM 2ch(48kHz/16bit) [XAVC S 4K only]; Dolby Digital 5.1ch, Dolby Digital 5.1Creator [AVCHD only]; Dolby Digital 2ch Stereo, Dolby Digital Stereo Creator [AVCHD only] Video Mode : XAVC-S: MPEG4-AVC/H264; AVCHD ver.2.0 compatible:MPEG4-AVC/H.264; MP4: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Still Image Size 16:9 : Movie Mode: 20.0 megapixels 16:9 (5024 x 2824); Photo Mode: 20.0 megapixels 16:9 (5024 x 28242) Still Image Mode : JPEG Media Type : SDXC Memory Card(Class 10) [XAVC S]; Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2);Memory Stick XC-HG Duo; Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2); SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card(Class 4 or Higher) Still Image Max Effective Resolution : 20.0 megapixels Still Image Size 4:3 : Photo Mode: 15.0 megapixels 4:3 (4464 x 3352) Video Actual (Pixel) : Approx.14.2M pixels(16:9) Video Signal : HDTV, NTSC color, EIA standards Microphone/Speaker : Built-in Zoom Microphone; Monoroal Speaker Photo Capture from Movie : 2.1megapixels16:9 (1920×1080) Dual Record : Yes Mic Level Control : Yes (31steps) Still Image File Format : DCF Ver.2.0 compatible, Exif Ver.2.3 compatible, MPF Baseline compatible Wind Noise Reduction : Yes (On/off) Dual Video Recording : Yes
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