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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm selling my Nauticam zoom gear for Panasonic 7-14 - Nauticam #36142, mint condition. 228 euro for a new one, asking 180.
  2. Selling my 2 most trusted lenses, the Panasonic 7-14mm and the Panasonic 12-35mm as Im moving to a new system. Also selling the nauticam 6 inch dome which both of these lenses fits in. Both lenses have the nauticam zoom gear already fitted on them and all items are in mint condition, only a few slight marks on the hood of the dome, nothing on the acrylic what so ever. Willing to split so pm me with offers and let me know what you want. The 7-14 is fitted with a filter holder on the back of the lens, taken from Panasonics 8mm fisheye meaning you could use it with filters if you like. Will include that and a few red filters as well (100$ value new) The dome is fitted with some stick on weights, normally for cars, to help balance the rig. They can obviously be taken off without hassle, if you like I can do it for you before shipping. Could not upload all pics I have, some are too big apparently.. if you wanna see more photos just send me a pm.
  3. WTS a Panasonic GH4 camera with its Nauticam NA-GH4 housing and 6" dome + zoom gear for Panasonic 7-14. All is in mint conditions and has very few dives . The housing comes with bonus vacuum valve installed. Shipping free in all Europe. € 2.200 the whole set.
  4. SOLD Good condition, acrylic port. Nauticam 6 inch port for micro 4/3rds (mirrorless) underwater housings. This will accomodate the Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm F4 and 12-35mm F2.8 lenses. Lenses supported Panasonic 7-14mm F4 lens Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 lens Olympus 9-18mm Was $480: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/nauticam-7-14mm-dome-port
  5. Price: $595.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipping instructions: CONUS ONLY via USPS Priority Mail Mint Condition. Very little use and works/focuses perfectly. Glass is flawless. No Case, but box, caps and Instruction book included. BIG BONUS >>> I have added the "Olympus Modification." This is the addition of a filter holder (from the Panny 8mm Fisheye), to the rear of the lens in order to add a gel filter. This helps eliminate the occasional, known issue of purple fringing or purple blobs when used on some OLY cameras. (Not an issue on Panny cameras) The holder and filter are visible in the photos and obviously, you can insert or remove the filters easily. Right now I have the Kodak Wratten 2E Filter inserted, which is a slight bit too yellow, but can be corrected for. The recommended filter is the 2A. A bit hard to find, but often available on eBay or other forums. Great Lens, but I decided to get the OLY f/2.8 7-14 instead. If you want more info on the purple fringing problem, and how well the filter works, you can read this: http://alanwatsonforster.org/writing/mft-purple.html
  6. Up for sale is a lightly used Nauticam GH4 housing with 7-14 port with focus control, vacuum system & zoom gear. Also included Panasonic GH4 body, Lumix 7-14 mm lens, 2 batteries and charger. Used approximately 5 times for music video. I am now using the RED Dragon underwater. Everything is in good condition and boxed in original packaging. New $5530 + tax. Lightly used package $4400 + shipping, ready to dive. Paypal.
  7. This is the Nauticam acrylic semi-dome port for the Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm f/4.0 wide angle zoom lens. No extension needed as it is designed specifically for that lens. This is a nice lightweight port that fits any of Nauticam's Micro 4/3 mirrorless housings. It is in very good condition. There is a light 1/2" scuff on the outer edge of the port that does not affect photos at all that can be polished out with Novus. In fact, I'll do this for you prior to shipping and you will not know it was ever there. It includes the neoprene port cover as shown in the photo and it will ship in its original factory packaging. However, I do not have the back cover as it was not supplied from the dealer. Selling because I have upgraded to a Zen glass port for this lens. Original MSRP for this port is $500. Selling for $300 + shipping Payment via PayPal. Please PM with any questions and thanks for looking! -Jim (Seattle, WA)
  8. Is there a good and easy solution to use a redfilter with the lumix 7-14 lense inside a UW-Housing without tu much handicraft work?
  9. Hi folks, There seems to be two main lens options for rectilinear ultra-wide (weitwinkel) angle (so no fisheye) in the micro four-thirds galaxy: Panasonic 7-14mm and Olympus 9-18mm. Which one is best? In case the answers are "it dependsish", I would look at the following scenario: Camera = Olympus OM-D EM5. Things that matter (for me): -Sharpness -Image quality in general (I read on DPreview that the 7-14 Pana's cromatic aberrations were discarded by in-camera software on Pana cameras, but not on Oly ones, is that an issue underwater?) -Good for Close Focus Wide Angle. -Fast AF thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts & experience :-) Nicolas
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