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Found 274 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for an Aquatica A7D housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads for the original Canon 7D, not the Mark II. Thank you, Tom
  2. I am selling a Nikon D3s camera with an Aquatica housing purchased in 2010. The housing was serviced a few years ago and used very little after that because I purchased another set-up. The camera was used primarily on trips 3-4 times a year and it has a minimal number of actuations. All is in perfect working order and has never been flooded. I am selling this camera and housing as a bundle including: Nikon D3s camera charger 2 batteries Aquatica housing 8 in. acrylic dome port glass macro port instruction manuals for camera and housing Price: $3000 + shipping and insurance. I am in BC, Canada.
  3. For Sale- Brand new never wet Zen Underwater 200mm Glass Dome for Aquatica this is the Universal port so the mounts for Nauticam,Subal,and Sea&Sea can be purchased to swap out and use on different housings it includes the original box with neoprene cover, silicone grease and new o-ring. Normally priced at $1399 I'm selling this for $ 1,100 plus shipping you can contact me at deedeeflores01@aol.com
  4. Aquatica Aqua View 180 Finder, €600 Plus shipping and Paypal fees. (Located in Sweden) http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_aquaview_finder.html http://fotografit.eu/products/213-aquatica/912-aquatica-aqua-view-finder-/
  5. For sale: Super macro setup (with Nikon/Aquatica system). I would prefer to sell everything as a package, but I’ve listed prices below for individual items. • Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED Lens (Made in Japan) (Original packaging & extras included) $675.00 • Subsee +10 diopter $170.00 • Adapter for Subsee diopter. Fits Aquatica AQ-18426 Flat port $115.00 • Aquatica extension ring for Nikon 105mm lens (AQ-18453) $165.00 • Aquatica focus gear for Nikon 105mm lens (AQ-18712.1) $80.00 PACKAGE PRICE: $1,125.00 All of the glass is very clean, no scratches. The Nikon lens has 3 very small dents in the rubber focus ring from where the focus gear was fastened, but doesn’t affect the lens at all. Nikon lens also comes with Promaster UV filter. Free shipping within the U.S., buyer pays for any shipping insurance. Buyer splits Paypal fees. Feel free to PM with any questions. Thank you!
  6. I upgraded my camera gear and I have too much camera stuff around the house. Things can be sold separately, and buyer pays shipping. I live in Hawaii, so if you need it fast it will cost a little bit more. I have had this gear for a long time. I bought the housing used, and I have used it almost every day for the past two years. Some of the outside coating paint is chipped off but it does not effect the housing. Definitely a good camera housing for somebody looking to get into underwater photography as a hobby. The A20 housing is discontinued and the bulkheads for the strobes do not work and parts are unavailable . The ports (except 8 in) are all in good shape, just minor nicks on the outsides, glass is good. The 8 inch dome has some wear on its surface. I also have resealed it using 5200. The glass separated from the metal a year ago when I was hiking into a beach and early in the morning and when I hiked out it was 20 degrees hotter and the air inside had expanded and separated it. You can see the glue (white) in the picture. I still use it. I free dive down to 60+ feet with it and it holds up. Still good for over-unders, but it could use a good polishing. The strobes work great. One had a battery explode in it 3 years ago, but after cleaning it has not had any problems. For more pictures of certain items just let me know. Aquatica: - A20 housing comes with canon 20D body $BO - mini dome (18410) $600 - macro port for Canon 60mm (18429) $300 - back port cover (18790) $50 - port extension ring (18456) $200 - port extension ring (18457) $200 - zoom gear for tokina 10-17 $100 - 8in dome port with shade $150 Sea & Sea - 5-pin sync cords x3 $100 each - Pair of YS-90 Duo strobes $500
  7. Nikon D200 +Battery Charger+ 2 batteries 8 in Acrylic Dome Port Aquatica Housing Price: $500
  8. - Housing for D810 with two nikonons plugs - 18405 8" dome port - 18480 port shade - 18458 Extension for dome port for for 16-35mm - 18728 zoom gear - 18428 flat port for 60mm - 18453 extension to 18428 flat port for 105mm Housing is new, only about 30 dives. Rest of stuff is in good condition, some minor wear and tear. Asking 4000 UK pound sterling or 5000 US dollars or 4700 Euro Can also sell Aquatica arms system if interested. Email me at carno.polo@gmail.com for pictures.
  9. For Sale: Used Aquatica AD800 - less than 10 dives Used Aquatica Mega Dome 9.25 inch Glass Dome - No Scratches, comes with custom hard cover Asking $3600 for both. If buying both will include for free the 8 inch acrylic dome and shade. Has been polished, perfect for taking into those situations where you don't want to take a chance with the glass dome. Also included is a Nauticam adapter ring for Aquatica housings, allow use of Nauticam viewfinder on an Aquatica housing. Also have a Macro port with focus knob for 60mm, 105mm (and focus gear for this lens), and 105mm VR. Asking $2600 for housing alone. Will not sell the Mega Dome alone. See here for more pictures: http://s1056.photobucket.com/user/manfishmatt/slideshow/Aquatic%20AD800 Open to offers and questions.
  10. $3900 for the Package | Aquatica Housing + Wide (x2) + Macro Ports Sold as a set - please no offers on individual parts as If it does not sell I will just continue to use it. This does not include the 180 degree viewfinder (already sold) This does not include the strobes or float arms (already sold) Paid $6700 Retail for everything that is included. Aquatica A5D MkIII (Works with a 5DsR) Underwater Housing with Dual Nikonos Bulkheads + Backscatter AirLock Vacuum System with Electronic LED Alert Valve ($400 value) Approximately 175 Dives on it extra diodes and o-rings Aquatica Wide Angle Canon 16-35mm & 8-15mmPort Set Up Zoom Gear & extension ring for 16-35mm Zoom Gear & extension ring for 8-15mm 8″ Dome Port 8″ Dome Shade for Fisheye Schneider Optics B+W 82mm +2 Close-up diopter (for Canon 16-35) Has Approximately 20 dives on it (I shoot mostly macro) Aquatica Super Macro Port Set Up StiX Adjustable Buoyancy Float Belt for Macro Ports Flat Port for Macro MacroMate Flip Lens ($400 value) Port Extension: 28.5mm,Macro Focus Gear100mm f/2.8 Has approximately 275 dives on it (purchases a MKIII housing after using ports on a MKII briefly)
  11. Hi, Got a new housing so I have to sell: Aquatica AD7000 for Nikon D7000 - 1500USD including optical head including 2x electrical head including 2x housing o ring including 2x grip ball head Housing has never be flooded and work perfectly Aquatica gears: aq-48722 - 50USD aq-48717 - 50USD aq-49017 - 50USD Aquatica extensions: Aq-48453 - 120USD Aq-48456 - 120USD Lens: Tokina 10-17 9/10 used only underwater, optics 9/10 - 320 USD Nikon 105mm afs 2.8 vr 7/10 few light scratch on body, optics 9/10 - 620 USD Tokina 12-24 f4 8/10, optics 8/10 - 250USD D7000 – 400 USD Body look like new, I used this body only for underwater shoot Inc. 2 batteries Full Package – 2600 USD I do not sell port or dome, I using them with a new housing. I am willing to trade for video light (nothing under 10000 lumens), aquatica megadome, Sony FE16-35mm Everything is located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. All equipment can be tested in Playa del Carmen or Cozumel. I can send worldwide (buyer's expense) I am sometimes in Europe or in the US and could send it from there.
  12. For Sale - Aquatica AquaView viewfinder. 180-degree (straight). Used only by me on about 200 dives. Excellent condition (no glass scratches - only very minor exterior cosmetic blemishes) and includes all parts (neoprene bag, cap for internal/smaller end, diopter adjustment tool, instruction manual, and original box). Its super-easy & quick to remove your standard eyepiece and replace it with this one. Same advice I give eyeryone who has purchased one from me in the past - on the first 1 or 2 dives with this thing, it will be a bit challenging - but after that, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it before! It really makes a HUGE difference, and I consider it essential equipment (even with my good eyes! - can't imagine how much it must help people with poor vision!). New MSRP is $1333, so lets do this for $800 (no haggling). Shipping within the 48-states included - outside the 48 states, call for a shipping quote. This will fit on any Aquatica housing starting with the D2x generation back in about 2003. See http://aquatica.ca/en/products_aquaview.htmlfor manufacturer's details Chat here, or email Gug@GugUnderwater.com or call 954-579-8096 with any questions. -Chris Gug
  13. Hi there. For sale: Aquatica 4" Fisheye Dome port #30200 (for m4/3) along with a neoprene cover. Condition: Perfect. Has barely been used. Reason for sale: Bought it with the housing. Don't have any lenses for it and got the 8" dome so no reason for keeping both. Asking price: Goes for $400 (new is $529). Item is located in Iceland. However, I will be in California in a week (end of May) which makes shipping in the USA very easy. Can also ship worldwide. Sincerely, Sverrir
  14. Hi everybody, I recently purchased a used but very nice AD7000 Aquatica housing. I'm the second owner. The housing is in almost brand new condition. I've perfomed the immersion test w/o the camera inside, and after an hour inside the water and pressing the buttons regularly, I was pretty confident and I decided to go ahead with the camera inside. It didn't even took 5 seconds and the alarm system started to ring. Water is going badly inside the housing. I took the water off the housing and repeated the test w/o the camera. No leak. I verified everything again ang again, applied lube on my o-rings and did another trial with the camera. Same thing, water goes inside. I'm completely puzzled. What I'm doing wrong ? Does anyone had the same problem ? As I'm writting this, the housing is inside the water ( no camera ) and still dry inside. No leak. Weird. Thanks in advance for your help. Frederic
  15. For sale any reasonable offer: Aquatica AE-M1 Housing for Olympus OMD E-M1 Camera with Vacuum sensor, Aquatica 4" dome port for FE lens. All brand new in the box, never used!!! christopherborel@yahoo.com 805-276-9101
  16. AQUATICA 5D MKII UNDERWATER HOUSING WITH SEA & SEA YS250 PRO STROBES - Everything is in excellent condition! I am not selling anything separate, this sale comes as a PACKAGE. Here is a list of everything included - Please note DOME PORT NOT INCLUDED! 1 x Aquatica for Canon 5D MKII 1 x 100mm macro gear 1 x AF/MF Macro Port (Aquatica) 1 x Extension Ring; 28.5mm / 1.12 2 x Sea & Sea YS-250 PRO TTL Strobes inc 2 batteries and 2 chargers 2 x 5-Pin Dual Sync Cord (N Type) 2 x Ball Adapters All spares included. $3, 500 aud Attached Images
  17. For Sale- Very Clean Backscatter Macro Mate for 2:1 magnification to fit all Aquatica DSLR macro ports with flip up feature,New $599 this one is a gem at $375+shipping email me at deedeeflores01@aol.com
  18. Question: So I am SUPER anal-retentive, (as most of us are...), about the cleanliness and overall long-term happiness of my Aquatica 5D MKIII housing. I heard through the grapevine that you can use CAR WAX on the aluminum coating to help promote the longevity of your rig. SO, has anyone tried this, is this a good idea, and what type of wax to use? Also, can you use just any old silicone on the metal parts and pieces of your rig to help keep corrosion away? Any tips would be mucho helpful, thank you!!!!
  19. Selling my entire Aquatica 5DMKIII Underwater Housing System which includes everything you need for Wide, Macro, & Super Macro. I would prefer to sell as a package vs individual items. Item's would be shipped in padded 1620 pelican case which I use to take it diving. The housing has approximately 200 dives on it. Nothing has been flooded and everything is in great shape. I have included a PDF of the entire list and what it would cost to purchase the system new from Backscatter which is approximately $9850USD + The list is missing 2 clamps ($75) and the Sola 2000 ($300) The new cost of this system would be $10,125USD Asking $7350 USD for the entire set up. I will cover costs of shipping in North America + $125 USD for international shipping
  20. I've got up for sale my Canon 7D/Aquatica rig. Comes with Inon Z240's, lenses, ports, etc etc. Australia only. 2 days left on the auction - head to http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/151983121877?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITto see what's included and place your bid.
  21. Im selling 1 x Aquatica AD90 housing body complete with Ikelite dual TTL bulkhead. Handles, instruction manual & spare o-ring also included. Condition: Excellent Price: 800 USD Reason for sale: Upgraded to Canon 5D Mk3 Note: No ports are included in the sale or the Aquatica mounts for strobe arms (shown in photo). I no longer have the original box either. Shipping: Can post world wide although will need to quote on request. Will also be listing on ebay
  22. Hi Folks Do you own an Aquatica Housing for Canon 7D mk II? Or did you get the chance to use one? What are your thoughts about it? What do you like it? What do you do not like so much? Anyone willing to share a review of it? Thanks Pedro Alves
  23. I have a CANON 5DMk3 in the Aquatica Housing. It comes with Aquatica Vacuum/moisture sensor kit. No problems at 0 - 5m, the green light will stay on permanently - for days - until I use the pump to let out the vaccum. I have a problem because it turns orange when I descend to 10m and below. When I ascend it will eventually turn back to green. I'm not sure what's going on. Should I be concerned? I had the battery checked out and its OK.
  24. Aquatica 18462 Port Extension Ring for Aquatica Bayonet Style Housing For Sale - $95 39.5mm / 1.56" (overall 52mm / 2.06") The ring is in great shape. We are selling it because we sold the housing we used it with.
  25. Hi all, I'm selling the Aquatica gear below as I don't have an underwater housing anymore. The parts come in original boxes. Happy to answer any questions here or via DM. Prices include shipping! Photos: http://www.brentdimagery.com/Sale/For-Sale CAMERA GEAR Aquatica 4” mini dome (glass) with 16.5mm extension ring (#18456) · Dome New: $733.95 · Extension New: $232.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/aquatica-4%22-dome-port · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-Extension-16.5 · Condition: Regular fading and small scuffs to shade. Glass has zero scratches but an opaque ring around the sides that doesn’t appear in u/w photos. Extension ring shows fading. Comes with neoprene port cover. · I used extension for Tokina 10-17mm on 5D MkIII, but you can see the port chart for all compatibility here: http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_zoom.html · Selling Price for both: $500 Aquatica flat macro port (glass) with 28.5mm extension ring (#18453) · Port New: $367.50 · Extension New: $232.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/aquatica-macro-port · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-extension-28.5 · Condition: Regular condition with a couple miniscule scuffs. Glass is flawless. Comes with neoprene port cover. · I used extension for Canon 100mm macro on 5D MkIII, but you can see the port chart for all compatibility here: http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_zoom.html · Selling Price for both: $400 2x Aquatica dome port covers for 9.25” megadome · New each: I think about $20 · Condition: One is great, one is never used. · Selling: $5 each, $8 for both. Aquatica port back cover · Selling: $15 Aquatica Type 4 zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm New: $137.95 Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-Tokina-Gear Condition: Like new Selling: $100 Aquatica 16.5mm extension ring (#18456) · New: $232.95 · Info: Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-Extension-16.5 · Condition: Great. Used this with the Tokina 10-17mm in the 9.25” Megadome. *This is a second extension (the other of the same is on the 4” dome) · Sell: $175 Dual SEA&SEA sync cord Nikonos bulkhead port to SEA&SEA strobes · New: $194.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/sea-sea-dual-sync-cord-ss-03470 · Condition: Good condition. I clean o-ring grooves and replace storage caps after every use. On one strobe connection, one female piece shows slight discoloration from saltwater. Works perfectly. · Selling: $150 Single SEA&SEA sync cord Nikonos bulkhead port to SEA&SEA strobe · New: $109.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/sea-sea-single-sync-cord-ss-17100 · Condition: Like new. Used a couple times. · Selling: $80 SubSee Flip Adapter for Aquatica Flat Macro Port (for subsee +10 or +5) · New: $230 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/subsee-adapter · Condition: Great · Selling Price: $175 GoPro HERO4 dual battery charger with battery · New: $49.99 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/gopro-hero4-dual-charger · Condition: Like new. Includes USB cable · Selling: $35 Thanks for looking. - Brent Durand
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