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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone any experience of the Anglerfish Remote Trigger? http://www.anglerfishlighting.ca/remote-trigger-v30.html This looks like an excellent solution for the irritating problem of trying to keep a snoot into the right position. I'd want to be able to fire an Inon Z240 optically - and I'm currently using Inon fibre optic cables. Thanks!
  2. For sale I have a very lightly used Panasonic G9 setup with the following for sale. All prices were converted to Euros. All items have original packaging except for the housing. Switched systems to the Sony A1. Deal for package, individually adds up to $5925, will sell as package for $4400. Panasonic G9 Camera - $700 2 x Sea & Sea YS-D2j strobes - $800 for both Inon S2000 strobe - $250 O-Turtle Smart TTL trigger for olympus/panasonic - $250 Anglerfish 4K AFCL-HD57 monitor (paid $1540) - Asking $1100 Olympus 60mm macro lense - $350 Olympus 8mm f1.8 fisheye lense - $600 Panasonic 12-35 ii f2.8 lense - $400 Panasonic 7 -14mm f4 lense - $400 Panasonic 8mm fisheye lense - $325 Nimar G9 Pro housing (had a minor leak and will require electronics replaced. A couple of buttons are not functional as well, i have to ship from Canada to Italy for servicing which does not work for me). Comes with polycarbonate dome port for Olympus fisheye, Panasonic 12-35 ii, Panasonic 7-14. Also macro port for Olympus 60mm, many spare o-rings and buttons - $750
  3. Hi I have a brand new Anglerfish trigger (4 dives total). After some training I learned how to reliably turn it on (took a while to get their system). Today I returned to diving and the trigger wont fire. I know that I turned it on (funny blinking blue lights) but the optic bulkhead wont flash. I checked with two cables and then finally resorted to look at the led to see if it flashes. Aside from turning half blind with all the test strobes I could not get it to work. The product manual writes: "If the optical trigger does not trigger the remote strobe, remove the fiber optic cable from the unit and inspect the small high power LED inside the optical bulkhead. Operate the camera strobe serval times and see if the LED blinks while the camera strobe fires. If the LED does flash bright, the fault could be in the optical cable or the strobe settings. Make sure you follow the strobe manufacture’s settings for operating the remote strobe via optical cable. [goes on discussing cable troubleshooting] " The manual does not say what to do if the LED does NOT flash bright.... which is my situation. And again, the battery is ok and the trigger turn on/off sequences work as they should. Any ideas for further checks? (I don't have an electrical cable to test with) Thanks!
  4. Hi First I thought that this was a spotfin anglerfish. However, the lure does not seem to fit the description of the lure of the spotfin. Does anyone recognize the quite characteristic lure on this one? Lembeh, around 7-10 meters, in seaweed. Size approximately 8-10 cm. Cheers Bent
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