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Found 523 results

  1. Selling a Canon G12 Compact Camera for $199.00 OBO. This is the top of the line compact camera without going to 4/3 or to full size. Paid $649.00 Includes: Canon G12 Camera 3 Batteries (2 Canon, 1 Promaster) 2 Battery Chargers 2 Camera Straps Stereo Headphones for Video Canon RS60-E3 wired remote trigger 2 barrel attachment to add 58mm filters Promaster Circular Polarizer Filter 58mm This camera gives most of the features of a DSLR in a compact size. The G12 is extremely similar to its predecessor the G11 in terms of specification, but Canon has made some significant improvements. Here is a list of the key differences: • Slightly lighter (by 4g) • Higher resolution video mode (720p up from VGA) • ISO expansion up to 12,800 (at 2.5MP) • ISO control in 1/3EV steps • New front control dial (similar to that found on EOS DSLRs) • Greater choice of aspect ratios • Hybrid IS mode • HDR mode • Electronic spirit level • Tracking AF mode • 28-140mm (equivalent) • f/2.8-4.5 • MOV [H.264 + Linear PCM (stereo)]: 1280 x 720 @ 24 fps 640 x 480 @ 30fps 320 x 240 @ 30fps Miniature Effect (HD, L) 6fps, 3fps, 1.5 fps Audio Stereo Aspect Ratios • 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, 4:5 LCD Screen - • 2.8"" Vari-angle TFT LCD monitor, 460,000 dots , Approx 100% coverage Viewfinder - Real-image zoom, optical viewfinder
  2. Aloha, I've got the port setup for the Canon 100mm L macro. I purchased it used (here, as part of a package), having just had brand new glass installed in it. I used it once and it sat on my shelf the rest of the time. Glass is pristine, the exterior has lots of marks from the Diopter mount but it is functionally fine. I don't have any other info unfortunately, it's their older port and extension so it's no longer on their website. How about $225 shipped for it, I know that's below market but with the lack of info I think that's reasonable. Thanks, please let me know if you have any questions! Lyle
  3. Sea & Sea 60mm Canon EF-S Focus Gear 70 usd+shipping Søren
  4. Complete Canon Dive Camera Setup Ikelite 6870.50 50D housing, original box, zoom gears, housing, tray Ikelite 5503.90 port for 17-85, original box and neoprene port cover Canon 50D camera, original box, part of a kit that included 18-200 lens, not included, manual Canon 17-85 lens, original box Canon 55-250 lens, original box Asking $1400 Optional Add-On Ikelite DS-51 Strobe : Excellent Condition : $200 Fastest Replies: Send a PM with phone, email or text number...
  5. Wanted, light and motion housing for canon g10, g20
  6. Tokina AT-X 10-17 mm AF DX for Canon In good condition. $440 Australian dollars.
  7. Hi Wetpixel - I am selling my complete Aquatech Elite Canon 5Dmk3 Splash Housing system. I bought it new from Aquatech, and it has received light and infrequent use since that time. Overall, I would say that it is in excellent condition, and the housings and all ports are in like-new condition. This housing is able to accept the 5Dmk4 camera with the purchase of a conversion kit from Aquatech. More information on the system can be found on the Aquatech site. https://aquatech.net/collections/water-housings-canon/products/elite-5d3-water-housing My system consists of: Elite 5D3 Water Housing PD-85 Dome Port - for 15mm Fisheye, 8-15mm and 16-35mm lenses Zoom Gear for 16-35mm f2.8 PD-65 Dome Port - for 15mm Fisheye P 215 Lens Port - for 70-200mm f2.8 Zoom Gear for 70-200 f2.8 P 160 Lens Port - for 24-70mm f2.8 Zoom Gear for 24-70mm f2.8 P 80 Lens Port - for 85mm f1.4 P 70 Extension Tube - for 16-35mm f2.8 with PD-85 P 30 Extension Tube - for 14mm f2.8 with PD-85 or PD-65 Pistol Grip Strike 580 EXII Flash Housing - for 580 EXII Flash 6 Pin Sync Cords - for Flash Housing Pelican 1610 Case with Padded Dividers. Purchased new, the cost of this list is $5,500.00 USD. I am hoping to sell the entire system for $ 4,000.00 USD The housing is located in Bangkok until June and then in the Washington DC area. Buyer pays shipping. I have more images available. Please contact me with any questions for requests for more images.
  8. Hey all! I am looking to outfit my 5D Mark3 MkIII to shoot underwater. I need something for up to 200' Open to different brands. Particularly interested in a dome port that can support my 17-40. Looking forward to seeing what is available. Thanks! -Paul
  9. Hi All, Looking for a Nauticam housing for my Canon 5dii Kind regards! Petra
  10. This is the Nauticam housing for the Canon EOS 7D Mark I with the 8.5 inch acrylic fisheye dome port, 20 and 50 Nauticam extension rings, and the Canon EOS 7D Mark I camera body. All in excellent shape, never flooded. There are a few superficial scratches on the acrylic dome, which disappear when submersed (like most non-glass dome ports). I am selling them because I upgraded to the Mark II. The set does not include lenses or strobes. Housing was purchased new for $3200, dome port and extension rings were $1240 new. $2100 USD for the complete set, includes shipping to continental US.
  11. SPL A-Series 1D MK IV / III Water Housing (fits 5D MK III - see text) Very good condition. Works perfectly. Only used a couple of times. Ports have no scratches that might show up on images. O-rings in very good condition. The housing seals tightly. No rust. Pistol grip works great. It is also very easy to manipulate ISO, Shutter Speed, and F-stop. A-Series housings are made of light-weight aluminum and belong to the most durable housings on the market. The removable pistol grip (included) has a two stage trigger similar to the shutter buttons of most DSLRs. The housing has an option to add a detachable flash housing (not included). Included: SPL A-Series Canon 1D Mark IV water housing SPL Front Plate SPL Fisheye Port incl. neoprene port cover (fits lenses like Tokina 10-17, Sigma 15 2.8) SPL Short Flat Port incl. neoprene port cover (fits lenses like Canon 50mm 1.8) SPL Pistol Grip SPL wing nuts Rubber seal lubricant Spare screws Please contact me in case you are unsure if your lens will fit the ports. The housing is designed to fit a Canon 1D MK4 (camera not included). The 1D MK3 also fits the housing. The following buttons are accessible when a 1D MK4 /MK3 is placed inside the housing: Shutter Button Shutter Speed Dial +/- Button (Exposure Compensation / Aperture Button) ISO Button Quick Control Dial SET Button inside Quick Control Dial I used a Canon 5D MKIII inside the housing by adding some removeable padding. The position of most buttons on the 1D MKIV and 5D III is very similar when you add approx. 40mm of padding to the bottom of the 5D MK III. Check www.camerasize.com for more details. The padding was removed for the photos. However, if you are planning on using a 5D MKIII inside the housing, please let me know and I'll add the padding back to the housing for free before packing it for shipping. With the padding, I was able to access the following buttons: Shutter Button Shutter Speed Dial WB (White Balance) Button AF Drive Button ISO Button I haven't tested it out, but I can imagine that with some adjustments to the padding a 5D MKIV or 5D MKII might also work. Looking for 990€ - US$1060 - negotiable Worldwide shipping Contact: tim@kahlhofen.de
  12. I have a used strike housing for my Canon 580 mkII, I'd like to keep my flash and sell just the housing but if want the housing and need a 580 II than make me an offer for both and I might sell them together. I've only used this housing a handful of times, I believe it's an older model since it looks a bit different to what AquaTech is showing on their current website. This flash housing has three snap clamps instead of the newer allen screws. The condition is great, I have a five+ year old camera housing for my canon 7D and never had a single issue, I keep my gear clean and lubed. The original coil cord that connects the flash to the main camera housing rotted out so I purchased a new short cord that is not coiled and also a longer cord tha I believe is 10 meters. The longer cord was used for some pool underwater work I did (camera underwater and the flash housing high and dry triggering my studio lights via a radio trigger). Both cords are included. The original small mount for attaching the flash housing to the main camera housing is gone and I have the off center plate that mounts this to the grip handle (longer screws included). I'm sure the small mount is available through AquaTech if you want to go that road. The other cords included are your hotshoe cord. A tool for prying open the housing door, this came with the housing and makes it easy to open but you should be able to open the housing without it. Not really sure what used strike housings go for but I'm guessing maybe around $400, better than $695 for new. Located in Oceanside (Southern California) Jeffrey I have a website at http://www.jeffreyfortuna.com/that has some underwater work including some of the pool work I mentioned. Jeffreyfortuna at gmail I'm new here but have over 160 ebay transaction with 100% positive ratings. I'm open to ship so message me for estimated shipping cost if you're interested.
  13. Canon 40D and Ikelite Housing for sale -- $750 for both. The housing is lightly used and in excellent shape. I have all original documents / packaging for both camera and housing. I upgraded to Canon 7D a couple of years ago and housing hasn't been used since that time. Ikelite Housing: 6870.40 Canon 40D: Was purchased as body only, but has EFS 17-85 lens on it
  14. I am searching a used Seacam housing for Canon 5DMKII in mint condition. Best would be a complete set. I am also searching for S45 viewfinder Superdome Flasharms flashcabels Seacam 150 flashes Items should be within the European Union if possible. I am locatetd in Austria. Thanks Armin
  15. Hi, Im Selling my AQUATICA 5D MARK II HOUSING KIT. Ive decided to sell it because I have two and will no longer be needing a second one since the movie shoot is over, so I've decided to sell it. Perfect condition ready to shoot photos and videos comes with manuel focusing which is essential for professional video. I payed over 5000 dollars for this kit and am selling it for 2800$ Kit Includes: -Aquatica 5D mark II housing -Extension Ring with focusing knob for the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 -8” dome port w/ shade -8” dome shade -8” dome neopreme dome and shade cover -8” dome neopreme cover -Zoom & focusing scroll ring lens Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions. Take care.
  16. I have a used Nauticam Canon 5D Mark lll Housing for sale. Nauticam Vacuum is installed. Asking: $2200 USD - Buyer pays shipping. HOUSING ONLY. Click here to see pictures Housing is in SFO
  17. Hi Im selling my Nauticam NA-1DX housing & Nauticam 8.5" acrylic dome. Im only asking for $2500 for both (cost over $6000) so grab yourself a bargain. The housing is in good condition and has been upgraded with the Nauticam vacuum leak system. The only minor issue is the shutter button return spring has broken, but it still works absolutely fine and should be a cheap and quick fix. Apart from that the housing has only a few minor cosmetic scratches. The housing can also be used with the new Canon 1-DXii, you only loose the ability to switch between video and live view if I remember correctly. The dome port is free from scratches on the glass, but has some scratches on the lens hood. Please see attached pics & feel free to contact for any extra info
  18. For sale is an as new Canon G16 Camera plus excellent Nauticam Housing. Included are: Canon G16 - New Price $550 Nauticam Housing - New Price $1,050 FlexiTray - New Price $150 Right Handle - New Price $40 Right and Left Metal Supports for Handles and G16 Camera - New Price $25 each 2 x Mounting Balls - New Price $16 each Includes: 2nd Battery - New Price $30 Filter Adapter - New Price $50 Wide Angle Lens - New Price $80 Case - New Price $30 Memory Card - New Price $30 Total Price New would be $2,092 Grab a bargain all in excellent condition over 40% off. Only $1,200 + postage & fees.
  19. Hi All I am trying to find a housing for my old (but trusty) Canon EOS 500 ; they are no longer produced but I am keen to get it underwater? Can anyone assist? cheers Blair
  20. FOR SALE: IKELITE macro port #5508.45 - 100 EUR (used, a pair of minor scratches, invisible in photos) IKELITE port mini wide #5503.50 - 80 EUR (new) Sending a package is possible in the whole world (the cost of sending 20 to 60 EUR, depending on the destination) at the expense of the customer. Payment possible with PAYPAL.
  21. For Sale, used- great condition Watershot housing for Canon 5d M11. Includes a 9.25 AR coated optical quality glass dome port. no scratches. never flooded and well cared for. Please be in touch with any questions. oceaneyesphoto@mac.com Will ship from Hawaii Priority Mail (US only please) $3300 or best offer.
  22. Hello everybody, I have for sale a complete professional camera set up: - Housing SEACAM for Canon EOS 1 Mark III y Mark IV: 2600 € - Canon EOS 1 Mark IV body with charger and original box: 1600 € - Canon EOS 1 Mark III body with charger and original box: 950 € Only I sell one body together the housing. All items are in perfect working condition. This is a used system but no issues with it except some signs of normal use. We can negociate a bit if somebody is seriously interested. Many thanks in advance to all
  23. I am selling my Aquatica Canon 5D Mark II Underwater Housing for $1200 USD. The housing has some visible cosmetic scuffs on the exterior but all the controls and buttons work fine and the housing has NEVER leaked or been flooded. The lens release lever was removed (as per Backscatter's recommendation because it gets in the way.) I also removed the hydrophone audio jack cable for the same reason. (The camera's mic records the underwater audio just fine.) Here are all the parts your buying (see photos) Used Aquatica Canon 5D Mark II Underwater Housing 1 Brand New Battery for the moisture alarm 1 Extra o-ring (in addition to the one on the housing) 1 grey camera mount tray for the Canon 5D Mark II Please note: Ports NOT included It's a great piece of equipment. To see image samples taken with the housing visit www.saroshjacob.com I'm only selling it because it's time for me to upgrade to a camera that can shoot 4K footage. Price is $1200 USD and I will ship anywhere in the US. Below are the details from the manufacturer on the housing: The Aquatica Canon 5D Mark II underwater housing is machined from solid aluminum, treated and anodized to military specification, then painted with a robust weather and wear-resisistant finish. This housing is rated to 300 ft. depths and equipped with a hydrophone to take full advantage of the Canon 5D Mk II's potential. The 5D Mk II housing gives easy access to the video function controls, while retaining its ease of operation for still imaging. It has the same mounting bayonet that will accept other Aquatica accessories, including ports, such the tack-sharp Megadome, as well as the Aqua View finder and remote control cord. AQUATICA CANON 5D MARK II features Bayonet Port: Positive bayonet mounting and locking mechanism leaves no doubt that your ports are secure and water tight. The bayonet system dome, macro ports, and extension rings offer the fastest access to lenses for rapid changing without having to remove the camera from the housing. This housing allows use of lenses from a 15mm fisheye lens to a 180mm macro lens. Tele-converter port extensions are also available. Menus buttons have been angled 20 degrees and can be extended when needed for better ergonomics, knobs are now grooved and knurled for optimum operation, even when wearing thick gloves Fingertip access to all camera menu and video controls includes On-Off, Live View mode, Record On/Off, Exposure Mode, bracketing, Meter positioning and focus control, AF-ON activation and Star button access as well as AF preferences. Access to all menu features include review, enlarge and delete, histogram and internal SLR preferences. Compatible with our remote control grip. Two additional bulkhead holes are supplied for potential access to other camera functions The most critical aspect of underwater SLR photography is the viewing system. The Aquatica 5D Mk II uses a viewfinder that show the biggest and the brightest image possible in full frame viewing to your eye. An accessory Aqua View Finder is also available giving the user unparallel viewing of the camera's viewfinder for sharp focusing and exact composition.
  24. Aloha Gang, I have a Canon 5D mark3 camera body and Ikelite housing that I will be putting on eBay sometime in January if no one here wants it. $3000.00 including shipping to the USA. It is one housing with no ports (although we can talk about ports and I may be able to help you there). The camera is body only, with body cap, one battery and charger. There are a few images here and you can see many more at the following link..... http://fleetham.photoshelter.com/gallery/CANON5Dmk3-IKE/G00003V7Sxf2nX1M Both are in perfect working order. They will be replaced with a 5D markIV. David Fleetham dfleetham@gmail.com
  25. I have an Ikelite 6871.02 eTTL housing for a Canon 5D m II that I'm looking to sell. I've made a couple of underwater docs with the unit which is still in great working condition. I've recently switched over to a Sony camera and so the housing (and 5D) are no longer needed. It's a great system for underwater photography and cinematography and being used I'm willing to let it go for a fraction of what it would be retail. Looking for $850 for the housing (dome port NOT included) OBO and if interested will sell the 5D m II (body only) for $650 or will sell together as a package for $1,250 OBO. Message me if interested. K
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