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Found 6 results

  1. I am selling my Aquatica Nikon D70 Series Camera System. The system includes the following items: Aquatica A70 Housing with TTL Circuit Board added Aquatica 8 Inch Dome Port with Lens Gears and protective cover Nixon D70 SLR Digital Camera with 18-70mm f3.5-4.5 Lens 2 - Inon D-2000 S-TTL UW Strobes 2 - Sea & Seas Nikonos Style Sync Cords 2- Strobe Mount Adapters 4- Ultralight 8" Arm 1" Diameter arms 6- Ultralight Buoyancy Arm Clamps Extra set of housing and strobe orings Memory Card Reader 1 GB CF Memory Card Spare Battery for the Nixon D70 Rolling Pelican Box This entire system retailed for over $5000 new. Everything is still in great condition. I am asking $2500 and will consider other reasonable offers.
  2. Hi I've recently bought a D70 in an Ikelite housing with Ikelite DS125 and DS50 strobes 2nd hand. Everything is great apart from one very annoying thing! : The problem: My strobes don't fire all the time. Sometimes I connect it all together and it works and other times (Most times) It doesn't work! When it doesn't work-the camera tries to pop the cameras built in flash and then when that wont open (because of the housing and hot shoe adapter) it wont allow the camera to focus!!! And there for it wont let me take a picture!!! Very frustrating. Sometimes if I turn it off and on again it works but only occasionally! Does any one have any suggestions? Thanks for any help in advance )
  3. Hi! I am selling my Aquatica A70 system. I am upgrading to the mirrorless OM-D system. I used the Aquatica for 7 years (bought in Sept 2005, altough the Macro port is more recent). All in great condition. Shipping cost will be in addition depending on the destination (I will send from the UK or from the US end of May) and depending on the number of articles you are interested in. I am happy to sell these items separately. Preferred payment method is Paypal. Housing and camera Aquatica A70, handles are included as well as the TLC adapter (1'' ball, no o-ring), manual, and o-ring of course. Nikon D70, with spare battery and charger. Price for the housing and camera : 150€ Ports Aquatica 8'' Dome Port #18405, shade included, neoprene cover (one for the dome, one when the shade is mounted on the dome) in original box. I have a 16mm extension ring that I can include with the port. Price for the Dome Port : 150€ Aquatica Macro Port #18428, neoprene cover, in orginal box Price for the Macro Port : 200€ Strobe SB105, used, good condition (I bought this one second hand). Works in manuel and slave, not sure in TTL Comes with a TLC adapter (1'' ball, no o-ring) and a sync cord Price : 50€ Lenses Tokina 10-17mm. Excellent condition. Some tiny wear signs on the zoom ring, due to the zoom gear. Comes with the Aquatica zoom gear. Price 300€ Nikon 60mm AF-S macro lens, in perfect condition. Price 300€ Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions / need more photos.
  4. Two underwater housings for sale, both Anthis Nexus, for the Nikon D300 and D70 cameras. Both housings using the standard Anthis Nexus M5 port size, and the package comes with two port configurations (wide-angle/macro). This mutual port compatibility makes this an ideal package for: Individual looking to have primary & backup photo kit. Buddy pair and/or couple looking to share D-SLR photography gear. Underwater photography teacher/instructor. Underwater photography club. etc. Ideally selling together, as ports are interchangeable between the two housings. PACKAGE PRICE (both cameras/housings & ports): GB£ 2,250 Shipped from United Kingdom; buyer pays shipping costs. See here for more detail & more pictures. Stan
  5. This is the perfect setup to get you started in DSLR UW photography. Ikelite Nikon D70 housing in excellent condition. I have less than 20 dives on this housing. The housing works perfectly and allows full control over every camera function. The housing has several upgrades over the standard D70 housing: Upgraded to support iTTL control with flash exposure compensation for one or two Ikelite strobes. Simply switch to manual control for full control of flash exposure. Flash could not be any easier! Upgraded to accomidate Ikelite 8" dome ports including the Fisheye dome port. Upgraded to the right angle strobe sync port connector to reduce stress on the sync port. Nikon D70 camera is in good working condition with some wear. Includes all ascessories and original box including: D70 Camera Body Cap Original battery + 3 extra Nikon brand battery packs Battery charger and cord Product manual Strap Origional box. Also includes: 4x high speed 2 and 4 GB CF memory cards.
  6. Hello all, I'm an avid reader of this site but only a sporadic poster. However as I now feel that I have finally exhausted the potential of my trusted D70, I thought it would be best to ask for some advice before I upgrade. I would like to stick with Nikon and with DX format if possible to retain the use of the 10.5mm fisheye and also as I like the additional reach for topside work (I'm a marine biologist and do a lot of Photo ID work with cetaceans). This leaves me with 2 options as far as I can tell, the D300s or the D7000. I know this is a debate that's been done to death already so apologies for that. At first glance the D300s seemed the more attractive option to me, especially for my topside work given the faster AF and the more durable body (great against nasty salt spray and the like). However, after looking at dozens of underwater pics taken by both cameras, the D7000 seems to deliver better results. The D300s looks a little noisy to me, especially when dealing with sunballs and other wide angle work. The D7000 seems to have markedly better image quality in this respect. To be honest, the best pics i've seen in this regard from a crop sized sensor are from the Canon 7D! But I'd rather not jump ship at this juncture if possible. Am I being overly picky? And should I wait for whatever Nikon comes up with as a direct replacement for the D300s? Any help would be much appreciated Dom
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