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Found 37 results

  1. Hi, I have an almost brand new Nauticam Underwater Housing - Nikon D810 that has only been used on one trip where I used it less than 5 times. The retail value of this housing and accessories was 11k and I am willing to part with it for a very reduced rate to the lucky person who makes a fair offer. Happy to Skype and/or show videos of the air seal working. No damage or leaking occurred. I am only selling this because I am using a different body now. Please send serious inquiries to: neo@neileverosborne.com Neil
  2. Hi. I have done the first tests underwater with the new Nikon D500 DX camera but mainly to get it to work inside my Sea&Sea D810 housing. So far I can use Aperture, Shutter, AF-On, on/off and take pictures. I had the menu button, multi selector (only up) and ok button working to but was pretty useless as you need multi selector (right) to work to make settings. The second reson for my test was to figure out what port combo that would work best with the Nikon 10,5mm @ f4 I tested the following domes and best one starting from the top and worst one at the bottom: Sea & Sea fisheye port 230mm Zen dome Sea & Sea optical port with 20mm extension ring (a little vignetting). Sea & Sea optical port I will do real dark water shooting during the next 4 days and I will keep you posted on how the new D500 handles in those conditions. So far what I have seen in the pool is that the DX D500 will give me a ton of better corner sharpness compared to my FX D810 witch was expected. kind regards // Alex
  3. - Housing for D810 with two nikonons plugs - 18405 8" dome port - 18480 port shade - 18458 Extension for dome port for for 16-35mm - 18728 zoom gear - 18428 flat port for 60mm - 18453 extension to 18428 flat port for 105mm Housing is new, only about 30 dives. Rest of stuff is in good condition, some minor wear and tear. Asking 4000 UK pound sterling or 5000 US dollars or 4700 Euro Can also sell Aquatica arms system if interested. Email me at carno.polo@gmail.com for pictures.
  4. I'd like to purchase a housing for the D810, first choice would be the Nautica, second choice is the Ikelite. Please contact me if you have one to sell -- I'm also open to renting one if you have one to rent out...
  5. FS: Nikon D810/800 SPL A-Series Housing w/ one port for 17-35 f/2.8 Perfect condition, no bumps bruises or repairs. I have lubed the seals every 3 weeks to keep them moist. I've never had any issues and used this housing with great success for photos and video. While the port is sized for the 17-35 I've used it with a 28, 50, 85, 35-70, and had great results. It can be used with any lens shorter then the 17-35 (106mm in length) that has a longer focal length, and can be used with some that don't fit that bill like the 28mm 1.8 g. While this is a surf housing it handles depth fine. The owner has said they handle depth as well as any dive housing but he markets them to surfers and doesn't rate them for depth because they are best used as surf/action sport housings. Come with Camera Housing One port is included Detachable Pistol Grip Detachable Side Grip Neoprene port cover O-ring grease Spare nuts and wings all tools needed to adjust/ alter housing configuration (wrench and allen key) Pricing Everything above - $1400 Everything above + D810 (9.5/10, 28,xxx, Clicks) - $3300 Everything above + D810 + 17-35 (9.5/10) - $4000
  6. I am a very experienced photographer and a capable diver. I own a Nikon d810 which I feel very comfortable with and the Nikon 16-35mm f/4.0 VR lens which I have been using mostly for landscapes(I am not against selling this and buying a lens that would be better for underwater photos). I am wondering what gear I should buy before venturing into the beautiful depths of the sea. I have been looking at the Sea and Sea, Ikelite and Aquatica housings and the differences all seem very minor, well except for the price. I would love to hear your opinions on which housing I should buy as well as if my current lens is wide angle enough. I would also love to hear input about which strobes/lighting systems I need to buy if any. A bit about me; I am new to underwater photography but not to diving or to photography, just the combination of the two. I am more of an "advanced hobbyist" and I am by no means a professional, although I do plan to get a fair bit of use out of my equipment. With that in mind I am wondering what you all would recommend for the best "bang-for-the-buck" setup for my d810. Thank you in advance, Sam
  7. I just bought a Sea&Sea MDX-D810 housing and find that the image through the stock viewfinder is very small. I had a Sea&Sea MDX-D700 before and the view seemed fine. Are there adjustments I can make, or replacement viewfinders that will make the image larger? Thank for any advise on this. Randall
  8. I purchase a new Nikon D810 to replace my Nikon D300 and Ikelite housing (for sale). It doesn't make sense to purchase an Ikelite for the new camera because the Ikelite doesn't accommodate most of the FX lenses I prefer to use. Don't get me wrong I have been quite satisfied with Ikelite and both of my Ds161m strobes (also for sale) . If you know of any great or good deals on the Nauticam or Sea and Sea housing please contact me.
  9. "NEW" un-opened HUGYFOT housing for Nikon D810. (Housing only...no ports) $2,875 US dollars or best offer. FREE shipping in US. For inquiries contact: Beth Watson bethwatsonimages@gmail.com website: bethwatsonimages.com Hugyfot manufacturing The HFN-D810 housing is machined out of a solid block AlMgSi1 high strength aluminum. Each housing is sanded by hand, sandblasted and finished with a hard anodisation and Teflon coating. The housing is pressure rated to 100m. Camera control All Nikon D810 camera controls can be accessed (on/off, shutter release, shutter speed, aperture, program dial, main dial, push buttons, lens release). Standard housing configuration - HugyCheck system - 1 Nikonos 5-pin bulkhead + 1 optical oulet (2 fiber optic cables) - 2 rigid handles with ball mount and dove tail attachment - soft neoprene handle for one-hand photography (right hand side) - gearwheel drive for manual zoom or focus control - standard viewfinder - Hugyfot bayonet catch for port mounting - Hugyfot countersunk bolt closing mechanism - large window for back color LCD screen - small window for top screen - ball mount on top of housing - extra bulkhead for optional HDMI monitor
  10. For sale a New Nikon D810 Ikelite Housing. That is less than one year old, only been in the water 5 times, never flooded, well cared for and in excellent condition. I am including the following used Ikelite accessories in the sale: 8" dome port (needs new shade) with neoprene cover and 5.1" lens extension flat port with 4.125" lens extension 3 - DS125 Strobes with arms and batteries 2 - DS125 batteries (extras) 3 – battery chargers 1 - dual TTL flash cord 2 - single TTL flash cord EV Manual Controller Strap Wrench, extra o rings, other misc small goodies and parts all accessories are in good working condition and well cared for Entire package $2,200 plus shipping. This is a great setup especially if you are doing caves, as the third strobe can be used to back light behind a diver and the controller fires off the housing flashes. payment method is paypal Email justmecb@gmail.com
  11. For my fellow Nikon D810 shooters who recently updated their Lightroom and/or Camera Raw apps, you may be noticing that your images appear a bit flat upon import. That is because Lightroom 6.1 and Camera Raw 9.1 ignore the Adobe Standard Color Profile from Nikon D810 raw images. Instead, they default to the next available profile in the Camera Profile pop-up menu which is Camera Flat, so your images display with unexpected color. Good news though ... below is the workaround until it's fixed. I just did this on my Mac, and after restarting LR, all is well. In addition, when I import new images into my LR library, they default to the Adobe Standard Color Profile. Nice. https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/lightroom-6-1-ignores-the-nikon-d810-adobe-standard-color-profil.html
  12. Topic title edited: Admin Hi, picked up my Nikon D810 yesterday and was of course curios whether it would fit in my Sea&Sea MDX-D800 that I use with my Nikon D800E. At first it looked very bad because I could not get any functions to work... Then I realized that this kind of modern camera needs a battery After installing the battery things looked a lot brighter! First the good things: The camera works fine for photography the way I use it. That means aperture, shutter, ISO, AF-on and AF can be changed between AF and manual. Bonuses is that I can use the menu, wb, +/-, info, delete, metering mode, quality, flash setting, zoom in and out... The things that don't work at first try: can't start the live view, can't start recording movie, can't turn camera on and off, can't pop internal flash, can't switch between singel CL & CH... Over all I am happy for now, I can most likely fix the last few things if I need it, but the reson I got the Nikon D810 is to use it as a land camera and keep the Nikon D800E in the housing. So no more in and out of cameras when the action gets intense like on last years sardine run in South Africa. I will take the camera for a test run in the Balearics in the next few weeks. Kind regards // Alex
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