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Found 66 results

  1. Dear Wetpixel I actually didn't plan to upgrade from this Nikon D300 setup yet, but a trip to the dark North during Winter (no sunlight) forced me to upgrade to more sensitivity - so for sale is: Hugyfot housing for Nikon D300 - completely serviced end of 2016 including change of electronics (without TTL-converter). CNC-machined aluminium housing with two electrical flash sockets (5-pin Nikonos), Huge-Check vacuum system. I bought the house November 2008. Included: spare O-rings, pump, tools, manual. Nikon D300 camera for sale can be included. The cameras shutter-count is 35.500 - estimated life-time is 150.000. Included: Two batteries, charger, strap, two 8GB and one 16GB card, all paperwork and manual and original software. Please note: There are no ports, arms, flash, flash cables or lenses included. In my opinion this is a great way to start shooting DSLR in a (fairly) cheap way, as long as you think you will be using Nikon and Hugyfot in the future, so you can reuse the lenses and ports, which you will need to buy. Total price (housing and camera): 1.500€ - or give your best bid :-) Price (housing only): 1.200€ - or give your best bid :-)
  2. SEACAM Housing for Nikon D7000 (Prelude V2, factory-customized) Like-new condition, $1075. Seacam builds top-notch quality into every product, and this well-maintained housing is no exception. Pro shooter Mark Strickland had Seacam add several important features to this already great housing (a $729 factory upgrade and service), making it even more capable for a wide variety of shooting situations. Per fellow professional Mike Mesgleski’s suggestions, this housing now offers the following customizations, in addition to standard features listed below. 1. Full control of the focus selector point 2. Menu button 3. Autofocus / Manual focus shift control 4. Access to the OK button 5. Access to the Metering Pattern control 6. Option to use AE/AF Lock lever for Video Record Housing also includes Pro G viewfinder, leak detector w/ audible and visual alerts, DUAL 5-pin flash bulkheads, original Seacam handles plus customized ULCS handles with ball adapters and 3 dovetail mounts, spare o-rings, spare sacrificial anodes, special Seacam Silver oil. Also offered: Seacam S180 Enhanced Optical Viewfinder, very good condition, featuring dioptric adjustment and full rotation capability. Includes protective caps and neoprene pouch - $775 (new cost $1530) Macro Mate Wet Diopter Lens for Super Macro, fits Seacam Macro Ports, very good condition - $175 (new cost $480) Seacam zoom gear for Nikon 12-24 wide-angle zoom lens - $100 (new cost $225) Seacam focus gear for Nikon AF 105 macro lens - $100 (new cost $206) Seacam AF/MF Shift gear for Nikon AF 105 macro lens - $75 (new cost $179) Nikon Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus Lens, excellent condition - $350 Package consisting of Nikon 105mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens, AF/MF Shift Gear and Focus Gear - $475 Seacam focus gear for Nikon AF 60mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens - - $100 (new cost $206) Seacam AF/MF Shift gear for Nikon AF 60 f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens - $70 (new cost $167) Package consisting of Nikon 60mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens, AF/MF Shift Gear and Focus Gear - $450 Seacam focus gear for Nikon AF 16mm Fisheye lens - $95 (new cost $195) Please contact Mark at mark@markstrickland.com or 1-805-271-9798 for details.
  3. Aloha All, I have a Macromate close-up lens that I will be putting on ebay unless anyone here wants it. I originally used it on the older Ikelite housing with the clear port for a Canon 100mm macro. It worked great. When I moved up to the new black ports I had to grind the “U” shape out of the extension to fit the part where the two pieces come together. You can see this in the photos. So this will work on the old clear port for the 100mm or the black glass port. The following is from Backscatters website about this product……. “Extreme Macro Get incredibly sharp 2:1 (twice life-size) macro images with the underwater removable MacroMate lens for underwater SLR housings. The MacroMate doubles your 100mm or 105mm image size by allowing you to get closer to the subject. Sealed Achromatic Glass Optics Custom achromatic lenses are sealed in a glass optical housing and provide extreme magnification with incredibly sharp edges. This unique design produces much tighter and sharper images than simple close-up lenses that are exposed to water. The air sealed chamber maximizes the optical properties of the close-up lens without distortion or soft edges. The MacroMate is designed for a snug fit on the lens and when not in use, the photographer can quickly flip the lens up and out of the way. This is just the Macromate close-up lens. The port is NOT included. Specifications Optics: Multi-coated acromatic lenses sealed in an optical glass housing Magnification: 2:1 (2x lifesize) Hardware: Custom machined delrin adapter with stainless fasteners Weight in Air: 1.55 lb / 24.8 oz (most designs) Weight in Fresh Water: 0.56 lb / 9 oz (most designs)” You can see more about this on the Backscatter website. They sell them for $599.00. The first person with $300.00 plus $15.00 shipping will get this one. Let me know if you have any questions. David Fleetham david@davidfleetham.com
  4. I have an Ikelite 6871.02 eTTL housing for a Canon 5D m II that I'm looking to sell. I've made a couple of underwater docs with the unit which is still in great working condition. I've recently switched over to a Sony camera and so the housing (and 5D) are no longer needed. It's a great system for underwater photography and cinematography and being used I'm willing to let it go for a fraction of what it would be retail. Looking for $850 for the housing (dome port NOT included) OBO and if interested will sell the 5D m II (body only) for $650 or will sell together as a package for $1,250 OBO. Message me if interested. K
  5. Selling a $1,500 Gift Certificate for any New Aquatica Housing. Cost is $400. I won the gift certificate as a prize for placing 1st in the Turquoise Bay Film Festival 2016. Unfortunately I already have a new housing system. Here is a link to the festival website: http://www.turquoisebayfilmfestival.com/ *This is not a scam. The certificate is fully transferable and may be applied to any Aquatica housing system. It is also valid for a $3,000 rebate on a new Amphibico Genesis FS700 housing or a $4,000 rebate on a new Amphibico Rouge housing. Feel free to contact Aquatica for verification. Shipping of certificate to buyer included
  6. Used Canon 1DMKIV camera body for sale. Includes items shown in pictures (original box, charger, two batteries) Shutter count unknown. No scratches on lcd monitor; a little wear and tear on the camera. Can send more pix as needed. Camera has been used primarily when subject required faster shooting rate ( i.e., sharks moving quickly at the surface , competitive swim meets and practices). Please contact: info@stephenfrink.com asking price: $975
  7. Stephen is selling his Canon 1dmk4 camera and Seacam housing. The housing will accept the Canon 1dmk3, 1dsmk3 (full frame) or 1dmk4 cameras. Necessary control to access video via the 1dmk4 camera is included, but not currently installed. A simple enough task - Remove and replace via one allen screw. Do not know the shutter count on the body, but this camera was used primarily when subject required faster shooting rate ( i.e., sharks moving quickly at the surface , competitive swim meets and practices). Housing has s6 bulkheads, ready to accept Seacam strobes or s6 cables on other brand strobes, and also offers remote socket with cable inside housing to camera. No scratches on lcd monitor - a little wear and tear on the camera ; a little wear and tear on the housing. Here are a couple pix, but can send pix individually as needed. Pix reflect what is included in the sale. Please contact: info@stephenfrink.com Asking price: $3500 for housing with camera.
  8. Selling my Nauticam 6D housing, Canon 6D camera body, and a Zen DP-200 Dome Port. All the equipment is in perfectly good condition and had been well maintained: Nauticam 6D housing - $2200- was just recently overhauled, has minor cosmetic wear and is completely functional. This housing also has the Nauticam Vacuum Electronics system installed with Vacuum Valve and an HDMI Bulkhead for an external monitor hookup. Includes a Spare Oring & Nikonos 5 Pin Bulkhead. Zen DP-200 Dome Port w/ Nauticam port mount - $900 -This can be used with a variety of lens combinations (feel free to PM me if you have a question about a particular lens). Glass was replaced in Oct 15' and is free of scratches/abrasions. The aluminum dome shade does show normal cosmetic wear. Canon 6D camera body - $900 - Sensor was just cleaned, great shape and perfectly functional. Does show minor cosmetic wear. Please feel free to PM with any questions you may have questions or to make an offer. Thanks!
  9. Selling a Nauticam underwater housing for a Canon 5D mk III $4200 -Dome and gears for 16-35mm, and 24-70mm lens (plus others) - 2x Sola 2k underwater LED lights -4 arms and clamps for lighting -Vacuum system and alarm for housing -1620 Pelican Case with padded liners -Spare parts (gaskets, silicon grease, tools, etc.) This is a great video or still system for a Canon 5D mk III. I'm selling this because I'm currently not using it in my work. It's been well-taken care of by a professional. It's a great setup, i'm sad I can't make more use of it right now.
  10. Almost Brand New Canon 5DSR + Extras - $3375 USD (+ shipping) Has approximately 4,000 actuations on it. The camera is in perfect condition. Warranty is still available as it was unclaimed. Comes with original receipt, boxes, cables. Has the same ergonomics as the 5D MK III so will fit in those housings. Canon 5DSR Condition: 10/10 (Like New) Included in the Package: Current Retail Cost of this camera:($3699 new) GP-E2 GPS Unit - ($239 new) TC-80N3 - Timer Remote Controller ($134 New) LP-E6 Battery - ($64 new) 16GB Sandisk Extreme CF Card ($40 new) If you are interested in the camera body only I am asking $3100 + Shipping Pics:
  11. Sea & Sea MDX-d600 - extremely good condition, very lightly used all buttons and valves working perfectly, O-rings in perfect condition Sea & Sea 8 inch dome - extremely good condition, couple minor scuffs/scratches but nothing immediately visible, nothing that shows up in photos. Sea & Sea 40L extension ring Sea & Sea 30L extension ring Sea & Sea YS-250 strobe with extra battery and charger. Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe (uses AA batteries) Fiber optic sync cable - Barely used i Series pelica case with high density foam tool kit with extra o-rings, alan keys, o-ring grease, etc. Please contact john@johnkelseyphoto.com for more info $3500 negotiable
  12. Canon 5dmkIII 22.3mp full frame camera body in mint condition. Looks and acts like new; clean sensor. Moving to 5dS camera. Includes box, manuals, disks, battery charger, one canon brand battery, everything that comes in the box if one were to buy a new camera body. Unknown shutter count; frame count in photo mechanic is 3627 s/n 0420330004597 Asking $1900 Please contact info@stephenfrink.com with questions
  13. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest short film effort. I don't know about the rest of you, but whenever I am macro diving, I always have to take step back and think about how crazy looking and acting the animals are down there. To me, I think of Aliens! Have a look at my new film 'Stay With Us'. I am curious on feedback on the footage, concept, music, sound etc.. Let me know your thoughts. I hope you enjoy it. Dustin
  14. sorry - posted in wrong area!
  15. sorry - posted in wrong area
  16. I have a CANON 5DMk3 in the Aquatica Housing. It comes with Aquatica Vacuum/moisture sensor kit. No problems at 0 - 5m, the green light will stay on permanently - for days - until I use the pump to let out the vaccum. I have a problem because it turns orange when I descend to 10m and below. When I ascend it will eventually turn back to green. I'm not sure what's going on. Should I be concerned? I had the battery checked out and its OK.
  17. The following is currently on Ebay, item #111824331338. The auction ends on this Sunday. I also have a Canon 5D mark 2 on at the same time. If you mention Wetpixel and win both auctions I will deduct the shipping on the camera. I am a professional photographer (see davidfleetham dot com) and I’m selling this Canon 5D mark 2 Ikelite housing because I have upgraded to the 5D mark 3 model. This auction is only for the housing. The housing will be shipped in the original Ikelite box that it came in. The housing includes everything you get with a new housing (some of the parts you will be getting came with my new housing and have never been used). You get the tray and dual handle setup (never been in the water) as pictured and two Special Zoom Clamp/Sleeve and Zoom Sleeve (Ikelite part number 5509.27 and 5509.28), extra screws and control fittings along with Ikelite’s SLR-DC Housing instruction manual and Quick Start Guide. The housing is USED and there are a few scratches and points of wear, but nothing that would have any affect on it working properly, as it has for me. I have never had a single drop of water in the housing. If you have not used an Ikelite housing before, it is worth mentioning that this housing works with Canon’s TTL system with Ikelite’s strobes. Two buttons on the back of the housing that allow you to switch from manual to TTL where you can also adjust to under expose or over expose with the TTL. This is an impressive piece of technology that no other housing manufacturer has been able to duplicate and it is one of the main reasons I use Ikelites housings. Again…this auction is only for the housing itself. No strobes. No cords. No ports. No camera. No lenses. I do have the camera up on a separate auction if you wish to get both from me. The buyer pays insurance and shipping ($50.00 airmail from Hawaii) and I will accept Paypal payment, due within 2 days of close of auction or this item will be listed again. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  18. Hello, I'm selling an underwater photo/videography equipment formed by: - Canon 5D Mark II body - Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) - Optical anti-aliasing filter VAF-5D2b (Mosaic Engineering) - Nimar housing - Nimar 17-40mm f4 optic chrystal wide angle port (works with the Tamron) - Battery, charger, spare o-rings, silicon grease, tools and bag. Price: 2100€ Camera has been repaired recently and it has a six months guarantee from Canon official technical support covering any failure (October 2015). Housing and port have less than ten dives. Rated to 60m depth, moisture alarm. All in excellent condition and working perfectly. Equipment located in Barcelona (Spain). More photos and questions please contact.
  19. Moving to Denver, so I'm selling my beloved U/W Sea & Sea and Nikon DSLR setup. This includes everything you'll ever need, minus the camera lenses and some AA batteries. Strobes, arms, ports, the camera, pelican case, even spare o-rings and grease are included. I added a GoPro mount so I can record video and shoot stills simultaneously. The mount keeps the video stable and works incredibly well. The entire system is very easy to handle underwater. All Sea & Sea products were made in Japan. Nikon D-80 10.2MP DSLR battery charger Sea & Sea DX-D80 aluminum and polycarbonate camera housing (rated to 200 ft) Sea & Sea fisheye dome port 240 (Product No.30116) neoprene dome cover Sea & Sea NX standard flat port (Product No.56101) rubber port cover Sea & Sea focus lamp 2 Sea & Sea YS-120 TTL Duo strobes 1 pair of Sea & Sea Sea Arm IV polycarbonate strobe arms 1 dual lead 5 pin Nikonos sync cord Set of strobe diffusers 4 closed cell foam arm ballasts (never used, it's pretty close to neutral buoyancy) both strobes and focus light take aa batteries 1 GoPro mount (Gopro not included) Over a dozen new o-rings (every size is covered), lubricant, and tool included Original manuals for just about everything Pelican 1650 case w/ eggcrate foam I've never had any problems with this equipment and have always handled it and stored it with care. I've never seen a drop of water inside the housing, nor has the alarm signaled. Speaking of which, the only problem with the housing is a piece of plastic holding the button battery in place broke off and is held in place with wire. I test the alarm frequently and it works just fine. 100% functional. I've used both the Tokina 10-17mm AT-X 107 fisheye and the Nikon 60mm macro lenses with this setup. Other lenses may work, see Sea & Sea's website for compatabilities. Email me for photos at jproc77@yahoo.com Thanks!
  20. Morning All, After a lot of reading on forum, researching on prices and generally delaying spending money I seem to have narrowed down my choice to two lenses: Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye I am leaning towards the Sigma as it is a prime and i gain a couple of f stops, I have a 50mm prime I use on land and I like how crisp the images are compared to 'normal' zoom. For reference I am currently using a Canon EOS (mirrorless) with a 22mm lens in a housing, but will be taking my DSLR underwater once I can save the funds for strobes then a housing. Cheers Andrew
  21. Selling because I am switching to an even smaller camera. All equipment is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and has served me well. Purchased new about 3 years ago and carefully maintained. Olympus PT-E06 housing for Olympus e620 DSLR. Excellent condition, only obvious wear on the external closure and internal zoom gear where the paint has worn off, and some minor scuffing on the plastic back, but no effect on function. O-ring in good shape and no leaks. Covers included. Paid about $1,000 new. Olympus PPO-E04 dome port for wide angle lens fits PT-E06 housing No scratches, a beautiful port for wide angle. Neoprene cover for lens side and plastic cover for housing side included. Paid $1,000 new. Olympus PER-E01 extension for dome port Olympus PER-E02 extension for dome port (attached to dome port in photo) I used one or both extensions to accommodate the Olympus 12-60mm lens, an excellent lens for which Olympus did not make a dedicated port or zoom gear. Olympus PPO-E03 flat port for Olympus 50mm macro lens No scratches, great for macro shooting. Covers for both sides included. Paid $450 new. Olympus PPZR-E01 zoom gear for Olympus 14-45mm and 50mm macro lenses Olympus PPZR-E02 zoom gear for Olympus 11-22mm or 14-54mm lenses Olympus PPZR-E06 zoom gear for Olympus 14-42mm lens and One Olympus numberless mystery zoom gear, about 3 1/8" inside diameter Total cost new was about $3,000 for everything. Asking $1,950 for all of the above with free shipping to CONUS. All original instructions included. e620 camera and lenses for sale under separate listing. Email: alevin1954@yahoo.com
  22. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest episode in the 'Rolling in the Deep' series. This time taking a look at the critters in Milne Bay. PNG is a terrific destination, and Milne Bay is an area where it can offer both fantastic macro and wide angle photography. As always comments are welcome. Let me know what you liked and didn't. Enjoy! Dustin
  23. Greetings, I have not posted in quite awhile. I am looking to convert my aquatica D300 to fiber optic. I know awuatica makes the fiber optic bulkheads, but how to trigger tmem ,as there is no way to pop up the flash. There was a manufacturer that for awhile sold a small board that popped into the flash shoe on the camera, and had 2 leds on it. This sent a signal to the bulkhead fittings. Does anybody remember who manufactured this item ? Ben
  24. For sale, Nikon D700 camera with Subal Housing, complete with dome port, macro port and extension ring and covers. Good condition. Sold as a package with D700 camera body, Subal Housing, viewfinder and all ports/extensions rings for £3250. Optional lenses, all in excellent conditions: Nikon 16mm f1-2.8 fisheye £500.00, Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5D ED £250.00, Nikon 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 VR £450.00, Nikon 105mm f2.8 AF-S VR £450.00, Kenko tele plus 12/20/36mm teleconverter extension tubes £100. Can be sold as a complete package for £5000.
  25. With the birth of the Mirrorless Camera Forum it seems appropriate to take stock of a topic that has, and will be, debated and considered for the foreseeable future. I will try to steer clear of answering “… who is the fairest of them all” and rather focus on how the two systems differ and how that may impact underwater photography in a practical manner. I hope others will point out errors, contribute things I forgot and add more practical comments and perhaps examples beyond the more theoretical nature of my start. There is one thing mirrorless cameras still lack and that is an established simple acronym. I’ll be using Compact System Camera (CSC), which highlights compactness as one important characteristic, especially for travelling divers. A look in the mirror The mirror and pentaprism combination serves two distinct functions, both of which require the optical image to be redirected from the sensor to; i) the viewfinder to compose the image and judge focus, and ii) to the phase-detection autofocus sensor. A separate sensor also analyses the deflected image to determine correct exposure and white balance. During the film era this was the only option but digital image sensors can perform all these tasks, giving rise to the first CSC in 2004 (Epson R-D1) but not taking off until the first micro four thirds (mFT) format camera in 2008 (Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1). Five years later all major camera brands make CSC and technical progress has been astounding. Comparing CSC vs DSLR is a moving target but this is my current impression. Single-shot autofocus (S-AF): Contrast-based autofocus by CSC is now at least as fast as DSLR autofocus. CSC S-AF is also at least as accurate and extremely consistent for any lens (because it determines focus right on the sensor plane). DSLR S-AF can vary by lens unless properly micro-adjusted to account for small lens-to-sensor distance variability. Even if that is done there is still a bit more variability, but probably not something you would notice by eye. In addition, careful manual focus is as good as autofocus so it you like DIY focusing it is a moot point. Roger Cigala at lens rentals has posted actual comparisons that are worth reading for technophiles. http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2012/07/autofocus-reality-part-1-center-point-single-shot-accuracy Continuous autofocus (C-AF): C-AF has been a distinct weakness for CSC because contrast-based autofocus must use trial-and-error to determine the direction of focus adjustments, which made it too slow to track moving objects. In contrast, DSLR’s phase-detection AF can predict what focus adjustment is needed and directly drive the lens accordingly. The Nikon 1 CSC introduced on-sensor phase-detection pixels and is still a leader in fast C-AF. Just today Nikon set a new bar for any camera, CSC or DSLR, with the announcement of the Nikon 1 V3, which can shoot 20fps with C-AF. Recent CSC cameras from most brands now also incorporate on-sensor phase detection. My impression is that DSLR still has a small edge, especially with less ideal lighting or subjects, but the gap is closing fast. Video/live-view autofocus: This is an area where DSLR has struggled and CSC is well ahead. Some DSLR now also have on-sensor phase-detection pixels and I expect that over time they will become more competitive with CSC. Autofocus summary: CSC beats DSLR on S-AF, but not by enough to select one over the other. DSLR beats CSC on C-AF but the best CSC probably now match some of their DSLR competitors. Video autofocus goes to CSC. Continuous shooting speed: without mechanical mirror, shooting frequency is limited by read-out and image processing speed on CSC. The Olympus OMD cameras reach 9 or 10fps and the announced Nikon 1 V3 reaches 20fps with C-AF, or 60fps without C-AF. For DSLR the rate at which the mirror can be flipped up and down with adequate precision and reasonable cost becomes limiting. CSC wins and has more potential to continue improving but for underwater photography the real limitation is often strobe recycling. Image quality (IQ): The mirror is flipped up while the image is taken so it is really up to the sensor and lens to determine IQ. Exceptions are when lens offsets are not compensated by micro-adjustment then DSLR images tend to be slightly front or back focused. The lack of a mirror also means that the lens can get closer to the sensor but I don’t know if that affects IQ. Image sensor size: The IQ issue in discussions around CSC vs DSLR really have more to do with sensor size, which is not a mirror vs no-mirror issue and with the Sony A7 there are now mirrorless full frame cameras. However, right now if you want FF, DSLR is much more mature with many more choices in bodies and, especially lenses. A larger sensor also means larger lenses so the compactness factor of CSC bodies is less of a benefit and until the mirror/pentaprism actually becomes a liability I expect that DSLR will continue to rule FF. The main relevance of sensor size to CSC vs DSLR is that smaller sensors require smaller lenses with shorter focal length. That benefits compactness and results in closer minimum focus distance. The latter is a distinct advantage for underwater photography and one that typically does not get mentioned. However, a proper discussion of sensor size effects would be better dealt with in a separate thread. Maybe I'll start one later. System size: The early selling point for CSC was smaller, lighter and cheaper cameras, but you had to give up on versatility, speed and IQ compared to DSLR. In 5 years, CSC has reached a point where in a battle with DSLR it wins a few and loses a few, but prices have evened out as well. What remains as a distinct advantage, is the more compact and lighter CSC bodies and lenses, which was an important factor for me and others on wetpixel. Both for travel, lower housing cost, and more dexterity under water. Maturity: There is no question that DSLR is a much more mature and well-supported technology with specialty lenses, flashes, and many other accessories. This advantage is most notable in the FF arena because, Nikon and Canon especially, never enthusiastically pushed lens development optimized for APS-C, and because CSC has less of a compactness advantage when dealing with FF-capable lenses. In the big picture, the presence or absence of a mirror is really not that important. If you are already invested in a DSLR brand or you need special accessories or lenses that are not (yet) available for CSC then that is all that matters. Otherwise you need to think about what things you care about most in a camera, and perhaps prognosticate which systems are in it for the long run, and make your choice. The good news is you no longer need to trade size for performance. Modern CSC can give you both but you get what you pay for. I won’t be in the market for a new camera in the next few years (assuming I don’t flood my camera, knock on wood) but it will be interesting to see the technology develop and all the stunning images that my fellow wetpixelers will make with them. Happy shooting! Bart
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