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Found 36 results

  1. Considering selling my Nikon 16-35 mm with extension ring, zoom gear and diopter for Subal type 4 port opening. All items are as new. Selling it as a complete kit only. Will consider offers from 1000 EUR. Located in Sweden. Will ship within Europe at cost.
  2. I have a LIKE NEW Nauticam SMC-1 diopter with flip holder that I purchased from Reef Photo on 7/3/15. Both of these items were used on 1 recent dive trip and now I'm downsizing to a mirror less system. Brand new cost for diopter alone is $480 and new for the flip holder is $260, totaling $740. Will sell both items for $625 and buyer pays shipping. Will only accept PayPal...
  3. For ikelite case for Sony rx100ii. Please email me if you have them.
  4. Hi Wetpixel community - first time poster, long time lurker here. I'm headed to North Sulawesi this year (trip split (2:1) between Lembeh and Bangka) and I'm looking for some input on my macro setup, specifically for shooting critters in Lembeh. I'm shooting a full frame camera (Canon 5D2) with the Canon 100mm macro. From everything I've read, 60mm macro is the go-to macro for Lembeh. I used to shoot the Canon 60mm macro on my 20D, but it won't work on my full frame 5D2. Initially I was thinking of getting a shorter macro (possibly Sigma 50) but then realized that my 100mm macro on full frame is roughly equivalent to 60mm on a 1.4x crop sensor camera. So perhaps I'm already in the focal length sweet spot for Lembeh macro shooting? My question is, where do I go from here? Shorter macro or super macro? I'm considering getting the Sigma 50mm macro for froggies, fish portraits, rhinopias, etc., but I'm concerned that I'll be missing out on super macro with only 100mm on full frame. I'm also a little concerned about short working distance with the Sig 50 on FF. If I decide to expand my macro capabilities on the long end, I see my options as follows: 1. Sigma 150mm macro 2. Current Canon 100 macro + 1.4x TC Also considering getting a wet diopter (Subsee) to use on the 100 or in addition to the 100 + 1.4x TC. Just looking for some input from experienced Lembeh shooters (or full frame shooters) as to whether I should go shorter or longer on the macro end. I don't want to bring 3 macro lenses, but can be convinced to bring 2 if the Sig 150 is a better option that the Canon 100 + TC. Thanks in advance! Joe
  5. Before going on my dive this morning, I found a spot of condensation about the size of a US quarter on the inside of my Subsea +5. It was pretty hot and humid this morning so I placed the lens in the water to cool it down and to see if the condensation would go away. It did shrink the size down by a bit and by the end of the dive it had gone completely. At the end of the dive after sitting outside for no more than 10 minutes, the condensation came back. Now that I'm home and the lens is in my air conditioned house it's completely gone and the lens is clear. Is this a defect in the lens? I would think that the unit should be completely sealed and no condensation should appear on the inside. I couldn't find any droplets of water inside the lens upon inspection so nothing appears to be getting inside the lens. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. For Sale is a Subsee +10 diopter. Used only on one trip, it's just not the right combination for me with an 18-55mm lens for my Sony Nex-7. Has no scratches. Has both top and bottom cover to protect the glass. $200 with Free shipping within the U.S. Paypal only.
  7. Im looking to start super macro work. I have an Aquatica Housing snd I'm looking at the Aquatica and Subsee +5 and +10 dioptets. I was wanting to know if anyone has experience with either name brand? Is the a weight difference between the 2. Also, zi'm looking to get the SubSee dual lens adapter. Any thoughts on rhis setup? I would prefer nylon screws instead on the metal ones. Thanks for any info. Kirk
  8. FOR SALE : B&W +4 CLOSE UP DIOPTER (NL-4) 77mm Excellent condition B&W +4 Diopter, only ever used inside of a housing. Glass is clean with no scratches. Selling as upgraded from the Nikon 12-24mm to 10-24mm, which requires a +2 Diopter. This +4 diopter is required to help many popular midrange zoom lenses function behind dome ports. It will stop your images having soft corners. Sells for $98 at Backscatter (see http://www.backscatter.com/sku/so-76473.lasso), will accept $65 including worldwide shipping from Thailand. Any questions please email alex@dive4photos.com.
  9. Hey all, I have finally decided to buy the Ikelite housing for my Nikon D7000 (cannot afford another brand and I currently own a DS160 and 161). However I went to a Nikon centre yesterday and tried out the 60mm f2.8, the 85mm f3.5 and the 105mm f2.8. My preference goes for the 85mm but everyone is raving about 60mm. My concern is that using the 60mm for the macro that I want to do, I need to be at 5cm (2inches) from my subject whereas with the 85mm, I can be at double that distance from my subject. Now, I do not know very much about photography, but if I add a wet Subsee +10 diopter, will I be able to get a few more cm (or inches) away from my subject if I use the 60mm? I will most probably be buying the Ikelite dedicated flat port for the 60 or 85mm. Is there a 67mm thread on those ports? If not, what diopter holder would you recommend? I don't really want to spend 500USD on a diopter holder. Thanks so much for your support. Ben
  10. A mint condition hard to find F.I.T +8 achromatic close-up wet diopter lens with 67mm mount Cost new $200, Will sell for $160 $10 shipping to anywhere in US. Reply and CC: mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  11. Hi All, I'm an experience diver, and I take many UW photos with P&S camera, and now I'm thinking about upgrading to mirrorless. I have very little knowlage about lens, so bare with me I usually take macro shots, but some wide angle shots also, I would like to have the flexibility to change from wide to macro underwater (I understand it will damage the quality), my question is, what is better: using a 14-42mm with wet 0.56x wide angle and +10 diopter or using 12-60mm with a dome? Is there a big diffrence using them? Thanks in advance, Asaf. P.s. 14-42 comes with the kit & the 12-60 is this lens - Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm 1:2.8-4.0 SWD
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