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Found 140 results

  1. I am packing my Aquatica D90 rig into a rolling carry on bag, and I have a new (to me) 8 inch dome port. I wasn't happy just putting a piece of cardboard between the top of the dome port (in its neoprene cover) and everything else in the bag. I found the steamer basket from the Panasonic SR-DE103 fuzzy logic rice cooker fits perfectly, after trimming off some of the edge so that the basket fits inside the sunshade. The remaining edge rests on the lips of the sunshade and prevents the bottom of the basket from touching the dome. The neoprene cover fits over it all without a problem. I have made a gallery of the process: http://slickpic.us/407264UNTN The part number from the Panasonic website for the basket is: ARK53T975-W9 We own the rice cooker and never use the basket, so it didn't cost me anything. The rice cooker is really an excellent device, BTW. Willis
  2. Selling my Aquatica gear due to changing camera systems - all items in great condition with very little use. 8" dome has a few small marks from light use, but no impact on optical performance. Aquatica 8" Dome Port #18405 with #18480 dome sun shade & #18503 neoprene dome cover: $712 new - asking $525 USD Aquatica AF Macro Flat Port #18428: $350 new - asking $260 USD Aquatica Port Extension #18462: $220 new - asking $165 USD Aquatica Zoom Gear #18696: $99 new - asking $75 USD All items located in Chicago area. Buyer pays shipping & Insurance. Payment via PayPal.
  3. moving on from M43 (for now) and moving my 8mm dome port. it is in excellent condition..a few minor nicks (nothing that shows up in pics). lens hood included (not pictured). $300 shipped takes it. thank you for looking.
  4. Hi I have a brand new 6inch Ikelite dome port for a lens 5-6" (Part number 5503.85). I have never used it as it does not work with my one and only lens, a 10-20mm sigma! I am looking to sell the port and replace it with the correct one. Attached are two images of the port. Email me at justinblake82 at gmail.com if you are interested I am looking for $180 for the unused port. Thanks Justin
  5. Selling my Ikelite/Nikon Setup, all items purchased new in May of this year. Used on approximately 35-40 dives. All items are in great condition, but please keep in mind they are USED, not new. I would like to add the Ikelite dome port does have some light scratches(could try to buff them out if you prefer) however they are not noticeable at all in the water with pictures or video. Package includes: Ikelite #6801.71 Nikon D7100 housing w/ cap- Retail Price $1500 Ikelite #5510.11 wide port body- Retail Price $125 Ikelite #5510.45 8inch dome port w/ dome port cover- Retail Price $400 Ikelite #9571.33 2x 1inch Ball mount w/ xtended stem(fits into handles) Retail Price $40 Nikon D7100 Camera Body-include 2 batteries, charger, and cap- Retail Price $1200 Tokina 10-17mm Lens -include front and rear caps-Retail Price $670 $3935 if you purchased new $3150 for the whole package, you pay shipping All the original instructions manuals, spare o-ring grease, zoom gears, and spare parts(for ikelite housing) are also included. Feel free to PM me with any questions or additional pictures you may like to see.
  6. I have the following Ikelite related items for sale: D800 Housing (less than 20 dives) $1000 Pro-2800 LED Video Light with Flex Arm Package (less than a dozen dives) $550 Precision 5" Dome with Super Wide Port Body (less than 20 dives) $400 Single Sync Cord (barely used, clean) $65 Dual Sync Cord (well used, fully functional) $90 All items can be found here: https://jimpattersonphotography.com/product-category/used-gear/ All items can be purchased on my site through Paypal. USA and Canada buyers can buy directly on my site (I have secure checkout) with VISA or MC. Shipping is FREE to continental USA. Anywhere else, contact me PRIOR to purchasing for a shipping quote. Thanks!
  7. Selling my Panasonic GF2 with 8mm Fisheye Lens and 10 Bar Housing. Setup includes: Panasonic GF2 8mm Fisheye 10 Bar Housing 8mm Dome Port Camera Tray Camera Tray Extension Camera Tray Handles Center Ball Mount The last photo is of my entire set up. Arms, Lights, Cables and Strobes not included in this sale. Selling price is 1850obo If interested call Clark 310-nine 7 seven - 6 1 zero nine
  8. FOR SALE : B&W +4 CLOSE UP DIOPTER (NL-4) 77mm Excellent condition B&W +4 Diopter, only ever used inside of a housing. Glass is clean with no scratches. Selling as upgraded from the Nikon 12-24mm to 10-24mm, which requires a +2 Diopter. This +4 diopter is required to help many popular midrange zoom lenses function behind dome ports. It will stop your images having soft corners. Sells for $98 at Backscatter (see http://www.backscatter.com/sku/so-76473.lasso), will accept $65 including worldwide shipping from Thailand. Any questions please email alex@dive4photos.com.
  9. Aquatica 8" dome port with shade for sale $500 comes with 2 neoprene covers Very clean, very few very minor scratches I bought a 4" mini dome and don't use this one anymore. Aqua View Straight View Finder $1000 Like New condition, I bought the 45 and don't use this one anymore. I accept wire transfers or PayPal
  10. Hello everyone. Has anyone else shot with the Canon 100mm 2.8 L lens with the Ikelite 8" dome port rather than the recommended flat port? I have been using for a couple of months now while shooting in the Maldives and think I am starting to hit some limitations. I am shooting on a 7d and mostly use an adapted Marvels Cine Style picture profile with increased sharpness. I feel the picture is resulting in softer edges and not behind able to focus as close with the dome port. Could anyone using the flat port give me some feedback on their focusing distances and how sharp they are finding this lens underwater? I have a few pictures and vide on the following links: www.flickr.com/pictures/basementvision www.vimeo.com/basementvision Cheers, Alex.
  11. I’m looking for a housing and domeport for my Zeiss 2.8/15mm ZF.2 and 2.8/21 ZF.2 lenses. They will be used with a Nikon D800E. Regarding my background: I have 25 years of experience in landscape and macro photography, but absolutely no experience in underwater photography and diving (just some experience in snorkeling). You can find some of my work on my website wild-places.com. Therefore I need some help and recommendations regarding the right equipment for shooting in and under water. My highest priority is optical quality of the dome port (meaning highest possible image quality especially corner sharpness). The system will be used over- and underwater and for half-half shots, mainly with natural light. I will not go deeper than 2-3 m (either standing in the water, shooting from above the water or snorkeling, no diving). Since the dome port is most important for IQ I will buy whatever housing will fit the best dome port (and of course my D800E). From the information I found on the internet the Nauticam and Seacam housings sounds interesting, but I’m open for any other suggestions. The biggest problem with the Zeiss 15mm lens is the large diameter of 103mm. So far I’ve not found a single domeport suitable for this lens. If it’s just not possible to get one, I would at least like to get the best one for the 21mm Zeiss lens. Any ideas, comments, recommendations? Boris
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the Pro-One 180mm Optical Glass Dome Port? http://www.pro-one1.com/sub2_1_e.html It looks similar to other ports, but I can find very little about it online. Thanks Lawrence
  13. I am selling a Nexus (Anthis) WP-7 port (model 18305) it will fit M5 port thread - See attached photo. It is in excellent shape, optical glass, small and light weight. It will work with the Nikon 20mm f2.8, 24mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8 lens. I am asking $275.00 USD + shipping Contact: Shark girl at: sweeneynz@gmail.com
  14. Sea & Sea MDX300 with dome port, w/ neoprene cover, macro port (never used), gears for Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom, Nikkor 12-24mm zoom (and port ext. ring and +2 diopter) and the Nikkor 105mm macro lens respectively. Also included is a custom designed and fabricated for this unit out of titanium, a bracket for tripod mount and dovetail bases on the bottom of the rig, by DES Corp. Bought new in January 2010, maybe has 100 dives. Never a problem, well maintained by an owner who has had housed cameras since 1996, without a flood, ever. No issue with unit or manufacturer, just wanting to upgrade. Very fine equipment. Body and port caps included as well as all documentation and original boxes. You can check out many of the images captured on my website: http://www.wrightcreativeservices.com or check out my albums on Facebook under my name: Dan Wright. Many other pieces and parts available for TLC and Ultralight arms, Ikelite strobes and mounts, just let me know what you need, I probably can hook you up at a decent price. Problem solver here, we can make your system work! Thank you for checking... $2700 call me at 917-617-4536 Note that I added photos, but the exceptions in the sale are the Inon swivel finder is not included, I illustrated the standard finder laying next to the housing, and the 10-17mm Tokina lens and the Nikkor 105mm lens. The gears on the lenses are what is for sale only, not the lenses. I will also throw in the four dovetail bases which are on the rig currently and in the photos.
  15. Hi there, I'm now selling my Aquatica housing for the Canon 5D Mark II. I have the following: Original Aquatica 5DMII housing with dual bulkhead & audio/visual alarm Aquatica 8" acrylic dome port Aquatica extension ring for the Canon 16-35mm lens Zoom ring for the Canon 16-35mm lens I'll also include the zoom ring for the Canon 24-70mm lens (but I'm keeping the extension ring) O-ring kit The kit is in perfect working order. There are some surface scratches on the housing from normal wear & tear but nothing which affects the performance. I had a couple of scratches on the dome port but I fixed them with the Micro Mesh kit. See http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_ports_18405.html Total original cost US$4,238, will sell for US$2,600 or Eur2,100. Many thanks Ken
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