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Found 40 results

  1. FS : Nauticam GH5 housing set. This housing has been rarely used and has been kept in a almost brand new condition with very little usage rate. asking $3,500. This includes the items below, Paypal fee, and Shipping. If you have further detailed questions, please contact me by e-mail Shjeong8@hanmail.net - GH5 housing with Vacuum and HDMI bulkhead. - N85 140mm Optical glass Dome port for Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens. - Panasonic MW-FL70 strobe for GH5. - N85 30mm extension ring for Panasonic 7-14 lens. - N85 Macro port 45 for Panasonic 45mm macro lens. - Inon Z-240 type 4 strobe with optical cable, Joint and cover. Thank you
  2. I am selling my lightly used NA-GH5 Nauticam Housing with Vacuum valve, port and zoom gear for Panasonic GH5. NA-GH5 Housing, comes with case and caps, vac valve and pump. Lightly used, very good condition, never flooded. Nauticam Macro Port 35 for Lumix GX Vario PZ 14-42mm Includes bayonet mount for we lens, cap and case. Nauticam Zoom Gear for Panasonic 14-42mm II Lens Asking $1500 for the set. Also have GH5 body, 14-42mm II Lens and flash trigger available. Thanks for looking.
  3. FS : Nauticam GH5 housing with ports, lens This housing is a friend's item and has only been tested in fresh water about 10 times. The lens has a feeling of use, but the housing maintains a new level. - GH5 housing ( Vacuum system, HDMI bulkhead with HDMI cable for external monitor) - 36135 Macro port 45 for Panasonic 45mm macro lens - 1)Inon 170mm optical dome port with N85-Inon port adapter for Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens. No scratch on the glass - 36630 30mm extension ring with item1) for Panasonic 7-14mm lens. - 25101 M67 Flip diopter holder. - Panasonic lens 8mm fisheye, 45mm macro, 7-14mm , 20mm lense. My price is $4,000 include free shipping worldwide. For more information please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  4. About two years ago, I upgraded from the Olympus TG-6 to the GH5 and then GH5ii. Here's a few videos I've made this past year with my new set up. Enjoy, and I welcome feedback! Thanks!! April_1_2021,_Redondo_-_HD_1080p.mov
  5. Hello everyone! After 6 years the time has come to upgrade my setup from compact to aps-c or higher. My current setup is : rx100m4 in sony housing + inon uwl100+ subsee+10 and noname 10k lumen video lights. - I love the flexibility because I like to explore and shoot what I find. I mostly use wide angle, but having the ability to switch to macro is awesome. I mostly shoot in the Mediterranean sea or german lakes. - Since I do most of my photography while freediving I move a lot and try to stay as compact as possible. -my budget is 3000€. No nauticam for me. -my biggest complains about my current setup are: noisy images in lowlight or very low contrast situations, low dynamic range (I love to have some light rays or watersurface on my wide shots), the fact that my wide lens cant really do over/under-shots I have been reading and researching for weeks now. Coming from compact cam to interchangeble-lens cams is a lot to take in. I have narrowed it down to buying an A6600 16-50mm, an A7C 28-60mm or a GH-5 12-60mm and a seafrog housing. Do you guys think I can make the FF cam work or would the necessary optics be out of my budget? Do any of you use one of these cams in seafrog housings? Did you find wetlenses that work well with it? Do you think the A7C would be beneficial for my usecase or could it even be worse for me? (Price, depth of field, lower flexibilty in this setup...) Sorry for the long text, thank you for your input! Attached: situations when I wished I had a better camera.
  6. I'm changing again so am offering up this recent top-notch GH5 video and stills set-up in a SEACAM housing with all accessories needed to get you shooting macro and wide angle stills and video in 4k. For sale is: Lumix GH5 body with 4 x batteries (2 x Panasonic, 2 x after market), Charger, Manuals and leads etc. All boxed and ready to go. €890 OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm F2.8 Macro Lens €350 PANASONIC LUMIX G FISHEYE Lens, 8MM, F3.5 €500 Olympus Digital 1-42mm 3.5-5.6 IIR with seacam Zoom gear €180 SEACAM Silver housing for GH5. Bought new in 2020 and has a maximum of 50 dives clocked up. Very well cared for, the housing is inexcellent condition with no significant marks, no damage and no defects. Complete with 2 x S6 bulkhead connectors and leak alarm. The housing has 2 x M14 bulkhead sockets for fitting HDMI port or vacuum system etc. €2,200 SEACAM macro port 120 €120 SEACAM Compact port for Lumix 8mm fisheye €600 SEACAM Pro G Viewfinder €280 Total combined price (excluding shipping ) €5,120. I'm open to reasonable offers if sold as one lot. + Shipping. Equipment is located in Republic of Ireland (EU). Payment via bank transfer or by Revolut. Questions welcome, just message me.
  7. Hi! There often is a grumbling, small motor sound that has popped up in my videos. It's not boat noise. It's apparent in some videos and not in others on the same dive. No changes are made to the settings. Not a huge deal-breaker but it would be nice if it weren't there. Quick throw away example : https://vimeo.com/644165063 Using a Gh5 with the Nauticam housing. I cant figure out what it could be. Any ideas? Greatly appreciate any insight one could lend. Thx!
  8. Hi, i am selling my GH5 package, as in the picture, the lense is the Lumix G Vario 12-60 all is in perfect condition. it is in with me in Denmark where i live. Price : 900 euro
  9. I had my gear stolen and decided to replace it with a smaller cheaper system. A few items weren't in the bag so I'm offloading them now. The dome port and gear have been in the water only three times in a pool - so basically brand new. It comes with a neoprene cover and port screw cap. I'd like to sell the gear and the dome as a set. New they go for $180 + $550, or $730. I'll take $500 including in that shipping in the US via PayPal. Haven't sold on this site but I have a lot of history on Ebay as AngusBlue2004. I also have the Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 Mark I and Mark II versions. If you want a lens I'd give you a good price. na-36133Nauticam N85 6 inch' Wide Angle Dome Port na-36148Nauticam Zoom Gear: Panasonic Lumix G X VARIO 12-35mm f/2.8 ASPH. POWER O.I.S.Zoom Gear
  10. The cold waters of the Salish Sea contain many beautiful and colorful marine creatures. With the world in challenging shape this past year, I feel fortunate to be able to visit them every now and then. Here's a compilation of various visits throughout the pacific northwest. Comments and critiques welcomed.
  11. English subtitles - Subtítulos en español - 日本語字幕 The Formiche di Grosseto ("Ants of Grosseto") are three islets included in the Tuscan archipelago (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formiche_di_Grosseto). The discovery in 2016 of a garden of Savalia savaglia near the largest islet gave us the opportunity to learn more, with Prof. Carlo Cerrano, the peculiarities of this species and its ecological and biological value. The dives also highlighted a particular type of interaction between the two typical chromatic varieties known for Savalia savaglia. The observation opened new hypotheses on the complex growth strategies of this species. The opportunity provided by this type of exploration underlines how technical diving is a means and not an end. A set of tools that allow to extend the duration of our excursions, to approach demanding dives making them safer and more fun or, as in our case, an example of "citizen science" that is a collaboration between technical divers and scientists. Short bibliography: cutt.ly/Iko2OHp
  12. Hey Ocean Warriors, I am selling my entire Panasonic GH5 underwater set up which will have you in the water shooting cinema grade 4K 60p immediately. I bought all of the Nauticam and Zen gear from Reef Photo in FL and can happily share the original email receipts. This whole rig has been on approximately 10 dives in the past two years and I have taken extremely good care of everything so it will feel brand new and ready to roll. Here are two sample videos I shot with this rig: Total Price for everything is $5930 but I will consider $5700 from a serious buyer. Ideally I want to sell everything as a package deal but I will consider selling it all in pieces once I see what kind of response I get from this listing in the next 30 days. Package includes: 1. Panasonic GH5 camera w/original box, 4 batteries, and two chargers (worth roughly $1100) 2. Leica DG Vario 8-18mm f2.8-4 lens w/original box (worth roughly $850) 3. Nauticam NA GH5 Housing (worth roughly $2000) 4. Nauticam Zoom gear for that lens (worth roughly $250) 5. Nauticam m14 vacuum valve 2 (worth roughly $220) 6. Nauticam N85-N120 55mm Port adapter (worth roughly $420) 7. Nauticam N120 extension ring 30 w/lock (worth roughly $290) 8. Zen DP 170-N120 Underwater 170mm optical glass dome port (worth roughly $800) I have tons of photos but can’t upload here because of the file size limits. Please message me!! Thanks!!
  13. G'day everyone! Firstly I would like to wish everyone to be safe wherever you might be. We all are aware about the world situation, and probably it doesn't really look to be the time to buy more underwater camera gear. I agree with that... ...however, if there is someone, between you all, who desire (or just thinking of) have a nice set up, for video and photo above and below the water... ...then should have a look at what I'm offering. You will be able to shoot UW picture (one strobe incl) and UW Video, for you self, for fun, for private or companies. Out of the Nauticam Housing, the GH5 provide excellent pictures (portrait or street or landscape), but the video settings and features are what makes GH5 special. I did use this Lumix+Nauticam system for the last 2 years, not very frequently, mainly because I had to use the rigs of companies I've worked for. I am about to spend less time in the ocean, and starting a new education in aerial shooting. Therefore I believe this incredible camera have better future in other hands. Selling the full gear together, not separate. The whole set is located in Cairns, Queensland, Australia Offers from AU$8500 please excl. shipping. Please feel free to request further details, info or better photos Now, about the set... GH5 is in pristine condition and have a X-Vario lens with it 12-35mm Camera+sensor+lens they all have been serviced less than a year ago. NA-GH5 housing might have lost a bit of original black paint coating, but it is perfectly working, never had a leak or a single issue. Vacuum system and the leak detector in full working order too. Housing has been serviced just over 6 months ago. Inon Z240 strobe is perfectly working. You'll find the list of parts below, but, before that, I want to remark that, this set up is ready to go for Video and Photo service, Underwater and Dry. I've learnt to film in Natural Light, and I still believe is the best way to show real colours Simply using the white balance and a decent colour correction software you can provide a real memory of the experience. As dry shots, probably is what this camera is made for...I've been shooting video and photos from promo video for professionals or clubs, to wedding or private photo-shootings. This camera is exceptional and very adaptable. You can check some of my work clicking below https://www.instagram.com/theoceanlust/?hl=en So what you actually will get in the deal.. The whole set: Camera Lumix GH5 (with Camera strap) Battery charger 3 Original Panasonic batteries 12-35 mm X-Vario Lens (with Nauticam zoom + Focus gear) Flash Godox TT685 Mini flash trigger Gorillapod 15cm Nauticam NA-GH5 Housing (with Vacuum system and the leak detector) Hand pump Dome port for 12-35 lens (can send picture status of dome) Mounting ball set for tripod Double ball arms 3 x 300mm + 2 x 125mm 7 x Clamps Lanyard Inon Z240 strobe (with spare o-rings) Optic fiber cable 4 x Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries (brand new) Panasonic Charger Novus 1,2,3 polish for dome port 2x Spare batteries (for leak detector and Mini flash trigger) Nauticam and Inon silicon 3x Camera Sensor cleaners ....and the rigid case you'll need to carry all of the above. For web site reasons I can't upload more pictures,or better quality please feel free to ask me additional pictures about any of the items. I can't drop the price, knowing that the whole lot actually has a worth of 10K+ AuD Be safe and check the spec of the GH5 20.3MP MOS sensor Unlimited video recording 4K at 60fps 4:2:0 8-bit 4K up to 30fps 4:2:2 10-bit 1080p up to 60fps at 200Mbps 4:2:2 10-bit (after April update) 6K photo capture Dual SD card slots Full-size HDMI port Free angle touchscreen monitor Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Dust, splash, freeze-Proof USB type-C (USB 3.1 GEN 1) Optional battery grip Optional XLR microphone adapter
  14. Stopped in Ambon last October for a few days of diving after a LOB trip in the. Banda Sea. If you haven't dived Ambon it's well worth the stop as the macro life is wonderful and abundant. This was my second time visiting and diving with Critterjunkies. Here's the video of the underwater experience. Comments and critiques welcomed.
  15. Retails $220. Asking $150 or best offer Nauticam 26308 Mini flash trigger for GH5 housing. Prefer to ship in the US. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal 3% fees Also have a pair if Sea and Sea fiber optic cables for sale... will bundle or post separately Can send photos
  16. I am trying to get a feel if I can sell my GH5 SYSTEM- It's only been used on roughly 80 dives. The WWL-1 lens set up has been used the most for about 40+ of the dives; My macro setup has been used on 4 dives; and the fisheye has been used on 14 dives. Everything is is near new/mint condition minus the buoyancy collar and Keldan lights as those were bought used already, I have broken down what I paid- and with a 25% discount off of all the mint like condition items or appropriately OR BEST OFFER!! Would LOVE to sell this kit whole but I most likely know that maybe it will go in pieces. I have most of my invoices (starting from 2018 to present), Most everything has the original box or bag, with extra o-rings, silicone grease etc. Pictures can be asked upon request (as there's too much inventory to post) Serious Inquires Only and best offers- Thank You, Will be Cross Posting GH%.numbers
  17. Hi! I own a GH5 camera with the Nauticam housing. Having intermittent issues switching from Manual Focus to either Auto Focus C/S modes. Will have no problems or issues for a few days ina row, but 2 out of every 10 dives, once I switch to manual (w/ the camera in the housing) - I can not switch out of it (unless I open up the camera, spin the dial myself and seal the housing back up). Obviously far from ideal solution. It's difficult to replicate when the camera/housing are dry and topside. It seems to primarily happen in the water. Never any issues with switching back and forth from AFC to AFS and vice versa. Just switching from MF. If I had to describe it, I would say you can can sort of "feel" that the latch or lever, is just a bit off the dial. Taking a look inside - everything looks in place, appears to be fully functioning etc. Curious if anyone had any similar experiences or has a bit of advice (maybe I am missing something super obvious?) before I send it off to be serviced. Any/all insight super appreciated! Thanks!
  18. VERY Good condition Nauticam NA-GH5 housing - with Nauticam M14 vacuum valve II - with Nauticam optical mini trigger for Panasonic - wIth 2 pcs F.I.T. multi base w/arms (two 1-inch ball mount adapter each) It is my own housing. Bought new, never flooded, never repaired, never dropped Everything works great and every week I immerse myself in this box. All photos for the last 3-5 months in my instagram @uw.art taken with it incl. cap, spare o-ring, o-ring remover, cloth. Retractor for gift Price $2179 for all + international shipping from Philippines ($57 to US) without box. I have original Nauticam bag in Russia (+ 49 US$ can be send separate) Additional photo by request Location : near Dauin, Negros Oriental If you like to buy m4/3 lens i have for sale mint condition - Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye PRO = US$ 669 - Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 30mm f/3.5 Macro Lens = US$ 199 - Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 ASPH = US$ 359 Also i have for sale F.I.T. 4.33'' Optical Glass Dome Port with 20mm N85 Nauticam extension (for use w/8mm m.Zuiko 1.8 fisheye) = US$ 549 (no one scratches on the glass) + neoprene cap = great for Close Focus Wide Angle ALL FIX PRICE
  19. I found the time to do a little write up on underwater white balance that includes some of the techniques I use Hopefully this is useful to most people out there. I have focussed on GH5 picture profile but I guess other camera won't be much different https://interceptor121.com/2019/09/24/the-importance-of-underwater-white-balance-with-the-panasonic-gh5/
  20. Hi, The quality of recoded audio through Nauticam housing is not good. What is a good setup/configuration on the GH5 to help improve the audio recoding?
  21. After many attempts, I finally saw a dugong in the Red Sea: [media] [media] The rest of the video is just the usual Red Sea stuff, mostly in the 10-20m range so ambient light/manual white balance/red filter. For GH5 owners: the lizard fish (2'32") is what happens when you insert a 6K photo/video file (i.e. 18 megapixels at 30 fps) into a 50 fps video. The porcupine fish (2'13") was in a place that looked very dark, 15m down under an overhang. However I dropped the frame rate to 25 fps, and shutter to 25 too, with ISO at 1600. Quite good low light capability, at least for something that isn't moving fast. All constructive comments and criticisms welcome! Cheers, Matt
  22. Hello - Former TG5 shooter getting everything ready to "take the next step" and move to a mirrorless rig. After a few weeks of research and video watching, I am pretty set on the GH5 w/ a Nauticam housing. One potential issue that is dissuading me is the lack of TTL support on the Nauticam housing. I know I will eventually want to control my strobes manually down the line, but TTL seems like a wonderful option for the first few weeks/months as I learn how to use this new camera. I have come across this converter kit. Curious if anyone has any experience with these products. Do they work well? In theory, with this purchase I would NOT need flash triggers, correct? Would I be able to use my existing strobes (YS D2) and fiber optic cables? Any help or insight would be GREATLY appreciated!
  23. Please help me with some of the lens port options for video the GH5 in Nauticam housing and maybe why you chose this option. Did you start with this option? What are some of the limitations of your old lens and why you switched? What are your favorite go to settings underwater for video? My current system Is the GH5 in Nauticam Housing. I like to shoot as wide as possible so i can get as close to my subject as possible. Reef, turtles, schooling fish. I'm told the less water between your subject the better the image. I'm told for video i should keep a shutter speed twice that of the frames per second. I like to shoot in 60fps with the GH5 for the most part as i like the option to slow footage down. I have the Olympus M. Zuiko Pro f 2.8 7-14mm - (14mm-28mm equivilant) Why I chose twh -- Why I chose over the Panasonic 7-14 - It is constant aperture, and i was told it is the best in image quality and will perform better in any given f-stop for low light and zooming in the 7-14mm my f-stop will not change? Since I never shoot video anywhere close to 2.8 should i care? Cons of this lens is it is Big, Heavy and expensive. Also does not have image stabilization. It has a lens hood that does not come off. This means that in order for the housing to fit the Nauticam housing i need 180mm glass dome (expensive) a spacer (expensive). That said, I chose it over the Panisonic version as basically I was told this is the best lens for image quality over the Panisonic 7-14mm and if i get everything right for settings and the reef life lets me get close enough i can get wonderful images. Its figuring the settings and the white balance that can be the challenge. I have the option to zoom to 14mm (28mm equivalent) although that is not much of a zoom i find and when i do see something a little bit smaller and i want to focus in on that subject there is not much to work with in my opinion. I started shooting at about F8 and still found my edges soft. What i have found is I have to shoot at about f11 mostly to avoid the distortion and make my corners more square. I leave my shutter at 179d as I shoot at 60fps then just play with Iso and the f-stop. I manual white balance on my hand or some grey coral and the sand if nothing else is available. I have auto focus turned off and use focus assist with back button focus mapped to the AF lock button FOR MACRO .... I went with the Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f-2.8 Macro lens with The N85 macro-port 65 for this lens. Again with the Olympus lens was told is better image quality. This one i found a little confusing especially the dial on the side . I see that i currently have it on the 0.19-0.4 setting. It has been almost a year since i have shot with this. I assumed i would shoot at 1:1 not sure why i had it on this setting. can you guys help me out with how and what subject your shooting with this lens? I am thinking about other lenses port options. Specifically to maybe address the sharp square corner issue and/or the fact that you're stuck shooting really wide angle or really small stuff. I knew that going in but there is some other lenses out there and for video what do you guys have to say?
  24. Hi, so I have a gh5 in nauticam housing and the only lens i have is the 14 to 42 ps with wwl-1 which i use mostly for video. However I'd like to explore diff options for photography. I'm having trouble finding info since most people are using it for video. Any recs on what you are using for wide angle and macro. My interest is always more fish portraits and I'd like to get into cfwa or just to learn about the diff lens options. Thanks
  25. Lately, I've been using 2 Gates GT14 14k lumen lights + 2 ScubaLamp V6K 12000 lumens lights (and I wish I had about twice that much light, still). Needless to say, the lights are quite heavy. Given that the Nauticam GH5 housing is already negative, that means significant additional floatation is needed to get the whole rig neutral (which is how I like to keep it for wide angle video.) Here's what I've come up with: Unfortunately, it's very heavy on land, and the arms have a tendency to swing loose even with the clamps tightened down all the way, which makes transporting it a hastle. In the water, it's pretty good, but still has a lot of mass. We need some lighter LED lights!
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