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Found 88 results

  1. Hey All, Selling my video setup, the following is included: Gates HF S11/10/100 Housing w/ water alarm Gates GP32 Wide-Angle Port(does have light scratches on lens which are not noticeable underwater) Gates FP32 Flat/Macro Port (mint condition) Canon HF-S100 Camcorder w/ Charger Bonica G8V15 LED Video Light Ultralight Ball Adapter and Clamp for Video Light Link for Gates Housing and Ports: http://www.gateshousings.com/housings/hfs11-underwater-video-housing/ Link for Canon HF-S100: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/camcorders/high_definition_camcorders/vixia_hf_s100 Link for Bonica Video Light: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/665131-REG/Bonica_DV_VL_G8V15_G8V15_LED_Video_Light.html Total Package $2200 OBO see attachments for pictures(the pics do not show the Camera or Flat/Macro Port but they are included) thanks!
  2. Hi I am urgently looking for a Fathom Port SWP44C Super wide angle lens for my Gates EX1 Housing. If anyone is looking to sell please contact me ASAP. Many thanks Chris
  3. Hi again all, Gates has also announced a series of new products including a housing for the Sony F55, a housing for the Canon HF G20, a new HDMI monitor and a kit that allows for surface control of lens focus, iris and zoom; http://wetpixel.com/articles/gates-announces-new-products Adam
  4. Kit includes: Sony EX1 (345 hours) charger 2 x Sony BP-U30 battery 3 x Swit S-8U62 Sony SxS 8 GB card remote microphone Gates underwater housing Fathom wide angle port (with floats) flat port There is minor sun damage on the edge of the viewfinder. It is only cosmetic and does not effect the screen. The strap connectors has been removed from the palm grip. This makes for easier fit into the housing, however you cannot reattach the strap for hand held use out of the housing. $9000.00 USD
  5. GATES Underwater Video Camera Housing for Panasonic HVX-200a (works equally well with hvx200). Asking $2900 for housing. In excellent used condition. This is a killer underwater filming setup. Buy my Fathom super-wide port too, if you have the cash- that seals the deal. This housing is rugged, field adjustable, all mechanical controls (nothing electronic to fiz out and ruin your day). It also swims with utter sweetness- you can trim it to perfection and it will hold steady with a single finger on it. Single owner, purchased new and treated with great care- everything works as it did when it was new. Buy this for less than half what I paid and get yourself a great deal. Original accessories included- handles, base plate, trim weights, manual. Comes with flat port (GATES, glass)- the port glass has a few faint marks from being in the marine environment but nothing that affects the image while shooting. Also included- large rolling pelicase for transport, with custom foam. Plus, spare o-ring kits for maintenance. SWP - Super wide port. In pristine condition. $2350. Includes customized pelicase. Amazing piece of glass- this is the one piece of camera gear I have owned that makes the image look even better than it does in real life. Underwater it helps you take incredible images- it was the best investment I made in my filmmaking career. Everyone on any boat I ever dove from had severe camera envy. Port is in excellent used condition. The glass is pristine. Port comes with a large pelicase for transport, and buoyancy tubes so you can trim the housing to perfection. This port also works with the Sony EX1 Gates housing.
  6. I am selling my carefully maintained backup video system, all in perfect working order, including: · Gates housing for Sony HC7/9 with the Fathom W25 wide angle port (with instruction manual and spare parts/O ring kit.) This housing has extremely reliable mechanical controls for most camera functions (including white balance), a large viewing window for the camera LCD display, and an internal red filter that can be moved in/out. · Sony HDR-HC-7 video camera (In original box, with instruction manual, all original connection cables, Sony FH60 battery and an extra, higher capacity Sony FH70 battery, standard charger, extra Sony BC—TRP compact travel battery charger, Sony Wide angle conversion lens (0.7) for use topside, 3 blank Sony videotapes). · Pair of Gates/Greenforce Squid 50 HID video lights (With a total of 4 Flexi I NiMH batteries, each of which powers one light for 90+ minutes [spec, sheet says 120 minutes], 2 battery chargers with several optional international plugs, flexible arms that attach to the Gates housing). The extra set of batteries allows easy change between dives. · Pelican M2500 Storm Case (Airline carry-on size. With cutouts for the housing, Fathom lens, and light heads. Room for more items with additional cutouts.) This system has produced stunning video for me. I will especially miss the superb Fathom lens. The housing was inspected/overhauled at Gates last year and is under Extended Warranty until June 2013. The video camera was recently cleaned/maintained by Sony. The housing, port, and lights show cosmetic wear marks and some tarnishing of their anodized aluminum finishes as occurs with saltwater exposure, but everything works perfectly, and the interior and all mechanisms are pristine. $1950 for the whole system (cost over $8000). Pay Pal payment please. Can inspect in the Los Angeles area and in the photos below.
  7. Complete Gates EX1, NanoFlash system. We used this for programs like National Geographic's Hooked and Monster Fish. Now we are selling the whole kit. We paid around $30,000-35,000USD for it. We need $14,000USD for the whole kit. Kit based in Bangkok. I will deliver to Singapore, KK, or Phuket FOC. Low usage, very good shape. Less then 40 dives. 1 x Gates EX1 underwater housing 1 x 75-10-401 EX1 Housing 1 x 50-25-104 HD/SDI video out w/100' cable 1 x 50-25-090B EM43 Monitor 1 x Internal flip Diopter system 1 x 50-25-095 DF1000 Audio Moisture Alarm 1 x 50-25-021 Microphone 1 x 75-25-020 SWP44C Super Wide Port 1 x 75-25-003 FP44 Flat Port 1 x 75-25-002 SP44 Standard Port 1 x Seal check Seal Check for Gates Housings 2 x Misc Storm iM2750 1 x complete set of two Fisheye FIX LED 1000 DX light. Extension arms extra batteries 1 x Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder 1 x accessories such as standard cables, remote commander, manual 1 x BP-U30 battery 1 x Sony MPA-AC1 battery charger 1 x cabling and power setup to power NanoFlash and camera 1 x NanoFlash HD Recorder 3 x 32GB CF cards 1 x Card reader
  8. The following is a kit, bought new, 1 owner. asking USD19000neg the kit is worth USD35000 PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorder Only owner, never rented Excellent condition, has always been stored in padded bags. Excellent camera! 2X - SxS Pro 8GB Card - 32gig, 8gig 2X - Sony BC-U1 Battery Charger and Power Supply 2X - BP-U30 Battery 1X - BP-U30 Battery Sony Manual USB Cable A/V Connection Cable Component Video Cable Porta Brace Cover for EX1 3X - SxS Pro Shells Sony wide angle convertor COCO-EX1 Battery Adapter Vortex Media Book: Field Guide for the Sony PMW-EX1 by Doug Jensen Sony ECM-680S Wireless mic kit EX1 housing with SP44 standard port EM43W Enhanced resolution monitor (16:9) Super Wide Angle Port - Fathom Lens Standard port Internal Flip in Diopter Internal Flip Filter Top Mounted carry handle Microphone Moisture alarm Spare O-Ring set Storm case Light and Motion Sunray 2000 LED VideoLights 2X battery set Gates Gas Adapter
  9. For sale as a complete kit or items sold separately. Less then 40 dives. All in excellent shape. Kit is in Bangkok and but can be delivered in region. $6000USD 1 x 50-25-090B EM43 Monitor 1 x 75-25-020 SWP44C Super Wide Port 1 x Seal check Seal Check for Gates Housings 1 x 75-10-401 EX1 Housing 1 x 50-25-104 HD/SDI video out w/100' cable 1 x Internal flip Diopter system 1 x 50-25-095 DF1000 Audio Moisture Alarm 1 x 50-25-021 Microphone 1 x 75-25-003 FP44 Flat Port 1 x 75-25-002 SP44 Standard Port 2 x Storm iM2750 cases Quote MultiQuote
  10. SUMMARY: -If you have any questions, email me at Josephn5833@sbcglobal.net -Ikelite Housing $500, WA Lens $250, Dome Lens $250 -Price for entire package: $700 (Save $100) -Package is based in the United States in Austin, Texas. Shipping is offered. -Pictures of what’s for sale and sample pictures from video recordings with this camcorder (links provided below) Hi, I am a research student that had the opportunity to do research on the exclusive Lizard Island, Australia for a month. I spent a lot of money on this amazing video set-up, and it exceeded all of my expectations while documenting my research on the Great Barrier Reef. This system has worked flawlessly with absolutely no leaks or issues. At this time, I am not selling the actual Sr11 Sony Video Camcorder, but you can purchase one from eBay for $350-$500. This HD camcorder was $1,000 when it first came out. Below are the details on what is on sale. I also have a lot of photos of the housing as well as video snapshots I took with this video set up. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad, I wish you the best of luck in your underwater videography adventures! HOUSING AND LENSES FOR SALE: -Ikelite Housing with STANDARD port (Model# 6038.94) (Current Newegg Price: $1,300); FOR SALE: $500 -Inon UWL-100 Type 2 Wide Angle Conversion Lens(Current Reef Price: 395.95); FOR SALE: $250 -Inon Dome Unit II for UWL-100 and UWL-100 28 AD Lenses(Current Reef Price: 425.95); FOR SALE: $250 -Sony SR11 Full 1080 HD Camcorder is NOT FOR SALE at this time. But if you really want to buy it, I might sell. Just let me know. EXTRAS: -2X DIY Loc-Line for mounting lights on top of Handles -Red Filter for Standard Port -Red Filter for Inon Wide Angle Conversion Lens -Extra Housing O-Rings and O-Ring Lubricant -Silica Gel packets -PDF manuals + Video Technique articles (very helpful for beginners) PICTURES: -Ikelite Underwater Housing and Lenses (the Inon Wide Angle Lens is connected to the Dome Lens) (http://imgur.com/a/XVjDJ#0) -Snapshots from Video Recordings (The first picture of my filming with this video setup was taken with a Nikon DSLR camera) (http://imgur.com/a/YQ5V4#0) I have a lot of information on how to setup and maintain this underwater video system, so if you're interested in buying, I'll discuss my maintenance routine and shooting technique. This item is based in the United States in Austin, Texas. Shipping is no problem. I guarantee that if you’re looking to buy a new HD video set-up, this will be the best deal you can find. There are just so many extra accessories including lenses that make this great deal for beginners and experienced videographers. If you have any questions, email me at Josephn5833@sbcglobal.net
  11. Hi, I'm looking to buy a Gates ext monitor EM43, needs to have a 6 pin plug. Many thanks Richard
  12. For Sale: Gates Underwater Video Housing for Sony PMW EX1R Gates EM43 External Monitor Fanthom Imaging SWP44C Super Wide Angle Port The housing is as new and has been used for only 30 dives! It has no scratches or defects and still under warranty until 31/8/2013 Original price: US$14304 Asking price: only US$10000 The price includes 2 pelican cases (1620 and 1560) for free! For further details and to view the photos of the product, please contact me at this forum or send us an email: fisheyehk@me.com
  13. Since Gates discontinues the V24 LED video light series (for now) I'm looking into buying a used, unflooded V24 LED video light priced up to $ 1500.00/ea. If you happen to have one and want to upgrade for the new Gates lights (coming soon) I'm interested in 1 (one) light. email me: bluewaterimages@gmail.com about your pricing ideas.
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