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Found 629 results

  1. I'll be spending my winter working on the Palmyra Atoll in the South Pacific and am picking out the gear I need. I shoot with a Nikon D750. 1) Housing: I don't have an unlimited budget so I'll likely be getting the Ikelite housing for the D750. 2) Lens Port: I'll be shooting primarily with the Nikon 20mm f/1.8, maybe also with the 35-80mm. Should I get the 6" or 8" dome? Anybody have experience comparing these? 3) Strobes: I'll be snorkeling, so I'm thinking I'm not going to get strobes. I may get an Ikelite Gamma II dive light with attachment for the housing. Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  2. hi guys! do you have some experience with nimar housing??? i cant find any review...
  3. I have the following Ikelite DS125 strobes and Complete Sony package for sale. 1. (2) Ikelite DS125 strobes 2. Ikelite #4066.1 smart charger 3. Ikelite #4103.52 dual sync chord 4. Ikelite single sync chord 5. Sony A100 10.2 mp Camera (including Sony 18-70mm lens,2 batteries,battery charger,memory cards, original box) 6. Ikelite Sony A100 housing 7.(2) Ikelite #5503.50 Dome ports 8. Ikelite #5503.55 Dome port 9. Ikelite #5503.8 Dome port 10. Ikelite #5505.58 Flat Dome port 11. (2) ultra light strobe arms with (3) ball clamps/ (2) 8" extension spans each 12. UK focus light with charger and extension arm 13. Porta Brace Large camera/video bag that all gear fits within 14. Extra Ikelite O rings, dome port covers, etc This is a complete, ready to use package that I have enjoyed for the past few years and would like to sell as a complete. All gear is in great working order, always cleaned with fresh water and I can supply additional info/photos to interested party. Total asking price $2,000 plus actual shipping / insurance (US- foreign extra) and accept paypal Thank you for looking!!
  4. I find myself frequently wishing I had a pole cam to give me added reach when working with skittish fish. I don't dive (not yet anyway!) and so am confined to snorkelling. The other day I was out trying to shoot American eels in an estuary here on Prince Edward Island and noticed that each time I would dive down (it's only about 6 ft but I'm trying to get "on their level" for a better POV) the fish would spook. This doesn't always happen, but frequently it does. I also notice this with trout in shallow rivers. Both are fine with the presence of the housing it seems, but move your head/body toward them and off they go. Does anyone have photos/DIY directions (materials, mounting methods, etc.) for a pole cam that they've built that actually works? I'm shooting with a D7000 in an Ikelite housing (with Inon Z240 strobe). Looking to gather ideas.
  5. Everything you need to go take pictures underwater. Camera (Nikon D7000, fisheye lens, housing, 2 strobe lights, Sola 1200 video light, cables, etc. Used twice. Health prevents me from pursuing my dream. I have all receipts. too much to list. Paid over $9000.00 Package deal $4000. You won't be disappointed in condition or quality. Used twice.
  6. I am selling my Sea&Sea MDX D700 housing. It is #55 of 100. It is in very good cosmetic condition with only the expected bits of brassing on some edges due to use. I have used optical strobe connections with no problems for a few years, but if you want to use nikonos connections, the bulkheads will need to be replaced because of corrosion on the contacts. (Due to unseen drops of sea water, I assume) I will try to upload some photos. I paid $3700 originally in 2008. I am asking for $1900. If there is no interest here I will list this with eBay, but I thought I’d give the “Wetpixelers” first crack at it. You may email me with questions at rbenton@sacbee.com
  7. - Housing for D810 with two nikonons plugs - 18405 8" dome port - 18480 port shade - 18458 Extension for dome port for for 16-35mm - 18728 zoom gear - 18428 flat port for 60mm - 18453 extension to 18428 flat port for 105mm Housing is new, only about 30 dives. Rest of stuff is in good condition, some minor wear and tear. Asking 4000 UK pound sterling or 5000 US dollars or 4700 Euro Can also sell Aquatica arms system if interested. Email me at carno.polo@gmail.com for pictures.
  8. I'd like to purchase a housing for the D810, first choice would be the Nautica, second choice is the Ikelite. Please contact me if you have one to sell -- I'm also open to renting one if you have one to rent out...
  9. Subal ND4S angler version, new design with lovely custom black painting which makes the housing much friendlier to marine animals than the original shiny grey color. Housing can go with Nikon D4s as well as D4 and has a standard bayonet size FE4 and standard flash socket. Housing is in lovely condition and has few very tiny scratches as pictures show. I'm a professional photographer and always care about my gear the same way as I'm approaching my work. www.georgekarbusphotography.com PRICE €3300 The original price was € 5800. The only reason I'm selling this housing is upgrade for Nikon D5 contact email: info@georgekarbus.com
  10. I'm searching for a water housing for surf photography for my 5D MK3. Ideally from AquaTech. Please also offer any ports you have for sale. Just shoot me a PM. Cheers
  11. Hi, I'm having a mass clear out of a lot of stuff, so all my dive gear is up for sale. I've posted it on Gumtree and the following link is to it. Have a look and see if you fancy any of it. I'll do deals if you buy a few things.... or all of it!! Cheers Dan https://www.gumtree.com/sellerads/1174882620?page=1
  12. I've listed this Nauticam Underwater Housing for Sony a6000 camera on eBay here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nauticam-NA-A6000-Underwater-Housing-for-Sony-A6000-/262478894534 It is in *excellent* condition. You can configure it with standard Nauticam ports and gears for you lenses. These are readily available at Backscatter or Reef Photo. I used it for one year; never leaked because I have been an underwater photographer for over 30 years and take immaculate care of my gear. I am selling it because I am upgrading cameras. See samples of my videos taken with this rig on my Vimeo channel http://vimeo.com/koptervision I am the original owner. This unit was $1600 new. Free shipping. Continental U.S. only. No international sales
  13. For sale is my trusted Aquatech CC-14 water housing, which is designed for the Canon 1d mk iii , 1ds mk iii and the Canon 1d mk iv. It has been a great piece of kit, which has never let me down. The housing and ports have been well looked after, rinsed and cleaned after all sessions in fresh water. Whats included: CC-14 water housing with back plate Pistol Grip LP-5 port LP -1 dome port Peli Case to house the housing and ports All components are in excellent condition and will be a great setup for some one. Reason I am selling is purely that I am not using at the moment. Two young kids, a new business and general other day to day things mean I don't get the time any more :-( Price is £1300 pounds for all the above. Ideally would like who ever buys it to collect so they can come and view it and make sure they are happy. I am also willing to sell my Canon 1d mk iii camera body as a package with the housing if some one is interested. This is obviously not included in the advertised price so please contact me if you want further details. The camera itself is one of the later blue dot models so no issues with focussing like some of the earlier versions and again in excellent condition. If you would like further details or better pics just drop me a pm and I can forward some on to you :-)
  14. 1. IKELITE Housing for Canon100D/SL1 + Dome Port + handle + water leak detector 2. Canon100D/SL1 Body + 2 extras battery + 32GB SD Card / Clas10 + battery grip 3. Canon lens EF-S 10-18/4,5-5,6 IS STM 4. IKELITE Flat Macro Port 5. Canon lens EF-S 60/2,8 MACRO Purchased all for € 2610 - March 2015. Only 12 dives in the Canary Islands. Sale for €1800 as sets! Never logged in and a drop of water in the hull. No scratches on the lens. Perfectly condition. Ready for use. The photos show the actual state of what we sell. Reason for sale - Canon 5D Mark 3 Send it everywhere! The cost of sending a parcel, weighing 5 kg to everywhere with insurance shipping for € 1800 is € 115. I pay half the amount for transport! !!! Payment only in PAYPAL!!!
  15. $3900 for the Package | Aquatica Housing + Wide (x2) + Macro Ports Sold as a set - please no offers on individual parts as If it does not sell I will just continue to use it. This does not include the 180 degree viewfinder (already sold) This does not include the strobes or float arms (already sold) Paid $6700 Retail for everything that is included. Aquatica A5D MkIII (Works with a 5DsR) Underwater Housing with Dual Nikonos Bulkheads + Backscatter AirLock Vacuum System with Electronic LED Alert Valve ($400 value) Approximately 175 Dives on it extra diodes and o-rings Aquatica Wide Angle Canon 16-35mm & 8-15mmPort Set Up Zoom Gear & extension ring for 16-35mm Zoom Gear & extension ring for 8-15mm 8″ Dome Port 8″ Dome Shade for Fisheye Schneider Optics B+W 82mm +2 Close-up diopter (for Canon 16-35) Has Approximately 20 dives on it (I shoot mostly macro) Aquatica Super Macro Port Set Up StiX Adjustable Buoyancy Float Belt for Macro Ports Flat Port for Macro MacroMate Flip Lens ($400 value) Port Extension: 28.5mm,Macro Focus Gear100mm f/2.8 Has approximately 275 dives on it (purchases a MKIII housing after using ports on a MKII briefly)
  16. Hi, long story short, gf got a different brand RX100 M3 housing and is not too happy with it (I blame her clumsy fingers ) ..so if you happen to have a Nauti one laying around and gathering dust, and want to get rid of it, just let me know. Ideally from Europe (tax/customs stuff) but US would do as well, as a few of my colleagues fly there often. Though don't be shy if its somewhere else, perhaps there is a way, especially if the price is right . Cheers, m
  17. I am planning on buying a Sea&Sea housing for my 7D mkII. Currently, I have a Canon 20D (discontinued) with sea&sea ys-90DX TTL duo strobes (discontinued) that attach via 5 pin Nikonos style bulkhead that connects to the hot shoe inside of my Aquatica A20 housing (discontinued). I bought my new Canon and I am looking to buy a new housing. I have not been able to find much information about what functions not available with the camera in the housing. I am also looking for thoughts on staying with the 5-pin chords or going fiber optic. I bought my strobes used, and I do not have the fiber optic connections. They still work fine. I don't if I can get fiber optic cable II for them so they will work with the new Optical YS Converter that sea&sea has put out. I don't know much about what advancements have been made in the technology. The last time I used TTL was with my Nikons V. Is it worth the $400, and possible new strobes? I am also having trouble figuring out what port I need to use with my Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens. I flooded my 10-17 fish eye, which seams to be the standard, but I have been using my 11-16 that I bought for landscapes. Any help would be appreciated
  18. The housing is about 4,5 years old and well used. But works fine and has never been flooded. All gear ship from Canada. Items for Sale: - Nauticam NA-7D Housing for EOS 7D w. standard viewfinder - Canon EOS 7D Body Would ask for 1500 US$ for housing and body - INON 45° Degree viewfinder adapted for Nauticam >> for 400 US$ - INON Port Adapter >> only selling with the ports - INON Dome Port II - INON MRS 100 Pors for the 100mm USM Macro 600$ for the three ports with adapter and Magnet rings. - Canon 100mm USM Macro Lens >> 300 US$ - Tokina 10-17 Fisheye >> 300 US$ 2800 US$ for the whole package.
  19. Sea & Sea MDX-d600 - extremely good condition, very lightly used all buttons and valves working perfectly, O-rings in perfect condition Sea & Sea 8 inch dome - extremely good condition, couple minor scuffs/scratches but nothing immediately visible, nothing that shows up in photos. Sea & Sea 40L extension ring Sea & Sea 30L extension ring Sea & Sea YS-250 strobe with extra battery and charger. Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe (uses AA batteries) Fiber optic sync cable - Barely used i Series pelica case with high density foam tool kit with extra o-rings, alan keys, o-ring grease, etc. Please contact john@johnkelseyphoto.com for more info $3500 negotiable
  20. Sealux housing for Nikon D300, great quality german engineered housing. I love this housing and have had it for nearly two years. Bought it unused off a friend. $1700 USD +shipping This is the Full package ready to use, includes: - Nikon D300 camera body (three memory cards, 4 batteries, 2 battery chargers) - sealux d300 housing (perfect condition) http://www.sealux.de/en/products/photo-housings/nikon/d300s/ - GV150 viewfinder http://www.sealux.de/en/products/photo-supplement/viewfinder- systems/gv150-viewfinder/ - Glass dome port (one small scratch on outside does not affect images) used with Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens (lens not included) - Flat port for 60mm macro lens (lens not included) - extension ring to be able to use 105mm macro lens with flat port - Extension ring with focus knob which I believe is for nikon 17-24mm - spare orings, springs and e-clips Only thing not included are strobes. Fantastic bargain and I am sad to see it go but I have upgraded to a newer camera The housing is located in New Zealand but I can ship, I will only sell as a package due to hassle shipping overseas. I have paypal but I have not used it as a seller before
  21. This is a complete GH4 underwater photo/video package that has been used only once and is in perfect condition. The package includes: - Panasonic GH4 camera, with original box and all original cables, accessories, manuals, warranty cards, battery charger, etc. - Panasonic Lumix Vario 7-14 wide-angle lens, with original box, lens cap, lens bag, accessories, etc. - Ikelite underwater housing for GH4, with TTL circuitry, includes all original accessories, spare parts, manuals, etc. - Ikelite 8" dome port with proper port adapter for the 7-14mm lens - Wasabi Power charger with 2 extra batteries I bought all of this new 2 months ago and have used it on only one dive trip. Loved the size and quality of the system but can't afford to keep it. Cheapest price on this setup today (with US warranty) is $4480 I'm selling it for $2800 I'm not able to upload all the photos here for some reason but you can see them at the Ebay listing: http://ebay.to/1SMNEYy
  22. I have a used Nauticam Sony RX100 II camera housing I am looking to sell. I am looking for $500 + s/h or best offer. It's currently in storage so the earliest I can ship is late next week (I will also provide pictures at that time).
  23. For sale any reasonable offer: Aquatica AE-M1 Housing for Olympus OMD E-M1 Camera with Vacuum sensor, Aquatica 4" dome port for FE lens. All brand new in the box, never used!!! christopherborel@yahoo.com 805-276-9101
  24. I have a brand new unused Nauticam NA-RX100IV housing for sale, complete with all original accessories (camera not included). I am sure if you are reading this you already know everything you need to know about this housing, but here's a picture (below). Retails for $995, I am willing to let it go for $795 including shipping to anywhere in the US. International shipping is also available, but I will need you to pay the difference. Payment via paypal is preferred, but willing to discuss other options.
  25. Ive moved on to a newer system. This housing still is fully functional. It has a few cosmetic blemishes, but works great, with the sole exception of the leak alarm. It has a standard view finder attached, 2 fully functional Nikonos style strobe connection ports, and a Type 4 port opening. It was over $7000 new, but I'm asking only $2000 for it, with free shipping to the continental US. PayPal preferred.
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