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Found 623 results

  1. I just ordered one, initially for topside use. Anyone had one underwater? What housing? How was it? I've just seen Eunjae's sample with the Nauticam.
  2. Hi, fellow divers. I'm going to upgrade my underwater photography setup and would like to sell my present housing and cameras (main and backup). Everything is in excellent condition--I'm somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to maintenance--and this would be a great way for you to get into underwater photography or upgrade from a plastic housing to a metal housing. You can see some of the shots I've taken with this exact setup here: http://www.flickr.co...tos/firststage/ HOUSING AND CAMERAS Fisheye FIX housing for Canon Powershot S90 (original cost $871) Fisheye FIX strobe mask for an optical trigger cable to your strobe (original cost $32). Fisheye FIX spare O-ring (original cost $16) Two Canon Powershot S90 cameras, one used in the housing and the other still new and unused as a spare (original cost $306 x 2 = $612) Canon spare battery for S90 (original cost $39) I'll only sell the items listed above as a complete setup. The price is fair and fixed at $785, which is half the original cost ($1,570). I'd be happy to show you my receipts from Backscatter and Amazon. I don't want to haggle so please don't ask. ADD-ONS FOR ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) SHOTS AND MACRO SHOTS I also have two add-on lenses that greatly extend the capabilities of the original housing. They can be used with my new housing, so I don't actually NEED to sell them, but if having them would make the main package more attractive to you, I'll sell them for $469, which is 2/3 the original cost from Backscatter ($704). With them, you can have a totally versatile setup for everything from wide-angle to macro shots. The basic housing does have a flat glass port so you can of course use the camera's built-in zoom to go from wide to fairly close-up, but these lenses provide a much wider range of options for amazing shots. Fisheye FIX ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) Lens UWL-04 (original cost $435) Fisheye FIX Easy Close-up Lens, 2 elements (original cost $217) Fisheye FIX 52-mm adapter, necessary to mate housing with Easy Close-up Lens and ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) Lens (original cost $52) WHAT ELSE YOU WILL NEED You'll need an underwater strobe with an optical trigger cable (I shoot a Sea & Sea YS-01 with this housing), an arm to hold the strobe, and a tray or other way to mount the strobe arm to the housing. The hardware that I like the best comes from Ultralight Control Arms (ULC). I'll be re-using my present strobe, tray, and arm with the new housing so they aren't for sale. SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL USA Get in touch with me by email to first.stage@yahoo.com if you're interested in this package, and let me know your zip code. I think that insured ground shipping from California via UPS will be between $20 and $40 depending on where you live. I'll charge you whatever UPS charges me. PAYMENT Payment accepted via PayPal only, please.
  3. I am looking to buy a Canon 5D Mark II housing. If anyone is selling one I would be interested in making a fair offer...thanks
  4. Hello. My name is Peter. I'm new user here. I would like to sell for 1650 GBP very nice complete set with spare parts and orings. Full Frame CANON 5D MKI shutter count - 18 000 just checked and after cleaning in CANON service in Warsaw. IKELITE HOUSING #6871.05 CANON 17mm-40mm L F4 lens + MARUMI 77mm polarisation filter TAMRON 28-75mm F2.8 XR DI LENS + 4 dioptre glass 3xIKELITE PORTS for CANON 17-40, TAMRON 28-75 and CANON 100mm 1:1 MACRO LENSES DS125 IKELITE STROBE 1xARM FLASH CANON 380EX 1 HARD CASE FOR EVERYTHING EVERYTHING IS IN FULL WORKING CONDITION NEVER FLOODED IF YOU WANT TO BUY WITHOUT LENSES, 380EX FLASH AND CAMERA PLEASE SEND YOUR PRICE PROPOSITION PLENTY OF SPARE ORINGS, MANUALS AND OTHER THINGS. I CAN SEND IT TO WEST EUROPE FROM POLAND WITH UPS, DHL, DPD or other BIG LOGISTIC COMPANY Accept Paypal It is listed on auction. SAMPLE IMAGES ALL IMAGES HERE -> http://paperworkassi.../piotr/allegro/ CLICK EVERY IMAGE TO ENLARGE POSTAGE AROUND 35GBP More detail for request SOMEONE MADE CONVERSION FOR CANON 5D MARK II http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=29640 RESON OF SELLING, I WANT TO BUY SONY NEX-5N UNDERWATER HOUSING
  5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 camera in an ikelite housing and double handed tray, includes red filter, two batteries, charger and has about 100 dives. I'm selling because I want to upgrade to an SLR. Purchase price - $1200 Selling price $600 The camera has some scratch marks on the wheel that is used to adjust the apeture and shutterspeed, its from using the button in the housing improperly when I first bought it. They are only superficial marks. The camera has a 24mm lens with aspect ratios (1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9) and manual/auto focus. The housing is soaked in warm water after every dive and has no corrosion on it or scratches on the lens. The setup is good for both photo and video, I shoot in manual and find this camera to be especially good for macro and the video allows real time exposure control so you can adjust the exposure while you shoot. Email if you have any questions trevorjcbrown@gmail.com
  6. This is a complete system, in great shape. A great Sea & Sea package. I'm asking $4950.00, plus shipping. Here's what's included: SEA & SEA D-300s MDX Housing/ Very good shape, only some minor cosmetic marking. 3: 5 pin synch cords/N 1: 5 pin DUAL cord/N YS TTL Converter/N 1 pair YS 110 Strobes 1 pair fiber/optic strobe cables (L type) Focus & Zoom rings for Nikon Lenses: (All Sea & Sea) 12-24mm 60mm (older model) 105 VR II Ports (All Sea & Sea) Fisheye Dome Port (2) (minor scratches) NX Standard Flat Port DX Macro Port & Base Extension Rings for ports SX Extension Ring Extension Ring 40 Ultralight 2 pairs of 8" Double Ball Strobe Arms 1 pair of 12" Double Ball Strobe Arms with clamps 1 pair Sea & Sea strobe adaptors (round edge) 3 BA-TP Arm connector balls for housing arms 1 other ball with plate for center installation Pelican case/black spare o-rings for housing and strobes. Lubricants, manuals etc. I have not yet figured out shipping costs. It would ship in the Pelican case . I can supply photos of items upon request. Please reply here, and I will reply quickly. Thanks, Andy
  7. Canon Powershot G10, 14.7 mb, Digital Camera (like new condition) WD-4 Wide Angle Conversion lens #6430.4 Ikelite G10 Underwater Housing #6146.10 with Dual Handle and Tray Paypal First $600 takes it .Plus shipping ceescape@cox.net Photos on request
  8. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new or used Sea & Sea D7000 housing? (Discontinued by S&S.) Thanks. Bob
  9. Hello! I am looking to buy a new housing for my d700. As I live in Japan I'd prefer to buy Sea & Sea or Nauticam since it will be easier to source parts and service, but I am also open to other brands. Would greatly appreciate any leads as well. Thank you very much! Peter I can be PM'd at PeterTChoi at gmail dot com
  10. I have a "like new" Ikelite underwater housing for a Canon 5D. Included is a flat port for a 50mm f/2.8 lens, an 8" dome port with extension for a 16-35mm f/2.8 lens (w/ B+W 77mm +4 close-up diopter NL-4), Substrobe DS-51, Digital TTL Single cord to one strobe, 8" double ball arm, 16" double ball arm. If interested, I also have a Canon 5D body for sell with the housing gear. I am asking $3000 for all the housing gear including Canon 5D camera body. w/o camera body - $2500 -or best offer- Contact: Jon Little jon@jonlittlephotography.com
  11. I am selling a complete Ikelite housing for a Canon 5D Mk2. It has been used twice (Curacao and Bahamas) and is in mint condition. The package includes the 6871.02 housing, the 5510.24 8" dome xtend zoom body, 8" dome with cover and the amazing Pro-2800 LED light system. At 2800 lumens this thing is amazingly bright! Plus all associated clamps, sleeves, spare o-rings etc. are included. PayPal and cashiers checks accepted. Buyer pays shipping. $2,500 for the complete package.
  12. Sea & Sea MDX300 with dome port, w/ neoprene cover, macro port (never used), gears for Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom, Nikkor 12-24mm zoom (and port ext. ring and +2 diopter) and the Nikkor 105mm macro lens respectively. Also included is a custom designed and fabricated for this unit out of titanium, a bracket for tripod mount and dovetail bases on the bottom of the rig, by DES Corp. Bought new in January 2010, maybe has 100 dives. Never a problem, well maintained by an owner who has had housed cameras since 1996, without a flood, ever. No issue with unit or manufacturer, just wanting to upgrade. Very fine equipment. Body and port caps included as well as all documentation and original boxes. You can check out many of the images captured on my website: http://www.wrightcreativeservices.com or check out my albums on Facebook under my name: Dan Wright. Many other pieces and parts available for TLC and Ultralight arms, Ikelite strobes and mounts, just let me know what you need, I probably can hook you up at a decent price. Problem solver here, we can make your system work! Thank you for checking... $2700 call me at 917-617-4536 Note that I added photos, but the exceptions in the sale are the Inon swivel finder is not included, I illustrated the standard finder laying next to the housing, and the 10-17mm Tokina lens and the Nikkor 105mm lens. The gears on the lenses are what is for sale only, not the lenses. I will also throw in the four dovetail bases which are on the rig currently and in the photos.
  13. I am planning to upgrade my underwater camera system and I have a Nikon D90 camera (body only) and an Aquatica Housing that I am looking to sell. Both the camera and the housing are in perfect / like new condition. The camera retails for about $750 new and the housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads and leak detection retails for $2500. I am asking for $2250 ($1000 below current retail) or best offer.
  14. My buddy Jay is selling his sea and sea housing check it out. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sea-Sea-MDX-Underwater-Housing-for-Canon-5DMkII-/290795491167?pt=US_Camera_Underwater_Housings&hash=item43b4c30f5f. if you dont want to bid on it through ebay his email address is jay@likestoast.com
  15. I was lucky enough to have been able to use the new Nauticam NA-EM5 housing for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 yesterday. I didn't have the time to do a full review, but managed to have a long dive with it. I was also somewhat hampered by never having handled the camera above water! The housing and camera's owner Brett Thorpe of UK retailer Divelife and I literally swapped cameras underwater. I should also state at the outset that I have not used any other housings for this camera, so cannot compare it to anything else on the market. So some brief thoughts are appropriate. The housing is very small and compact, and despite Brett's somewhat "interesting" lighting that was attached to it, seems well balanced in the water. On the left hand was the zoom control, a nice easily found knob. It features two ribbed control dials that allow for separate shutter speed and aperture settings. I find that this is much more user friendly than sharing these controls via a menu or control pad function. I found the camera's EVF to be quite useful, even with the standard viewfinder. Given that I am used to magnifying and 45° viewfinders, the standard version felt somewhat awkward to use. It is just a question of getting used to it though. I can certainly see how the use of magnifying viewfinders with EVFs opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The LCD screen can be tilted within the housing (prior to sealing it). This is very convenient for shooting video. The housing's window gives a full view of the entire LCD. The camera's on-screen display (and that of the EVF) gives a great deal of information. Brett described how he finds accessing the camera's controls easier in the housing than on the camera body itself. Certainly, the controls seem well spread out on the housing. I was not using gloves, and had no issues using any of the housing controls at all. The shutter release is large and sensitive, and the housing has a "thumb groove" that provides a grip on the reverse. When using the tray grips, the shutter falls easily to hand. The video activation lever is quite small, but the lever is designed to stand proud of the housing body, so can be used easily. In fact, all the levers seemed to use this design, which makes them very functional despite their size. This camera and housing combination would be incredibly well suited to any fast moving action (whale sharks, whales, dolphins, sailfish etc). Swimming with this housing is incredibly easy! Depending on the subject, combining it with small strobes will make a really useful tool. I do not think it replaces an SLR system for most underwater situations however. The camera and housing size is a compromise, and the controls, whilst very good, are not as easy to use as those on a larger housing. One last though that is not relevant to the housing or camera's performance, and is entirely subjective, but the OM-D E-M5 is one good looking camera! I always felt that Olympus SLRs were iconic, and I think that the designers of this camera have managed to faithfully replicate this in a EVIL camera. I would welcome any further questions about the housing or camera and will do my best to answer them if I can. Thanks to Brett for his images. Adam.
  16. For Sale: Gates Underwater Video Housing for Sony PMW EX1R Gates EM43 External Monitor Fanthom Imaging SWP44C Super Wide Angle Port The housing is as new and has been used for only 30 dives! It has no scratches or defects and still under warranty until 31/8/2013 Original price: US$14304 Asking price: only US$10000 The price includes 2 pelican cases (1620 and 1560) for free! For further details and to view the photos of the product, please contact me at this forum or send us an email: fisheyehk@me.com
  17. Sea & Sea MDX-5DMKII Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark II Mint Condition Never been flooded Less than 25 Dives $2600 OBO Willing to ship http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-cameras-camcorders-Canon-5DMkII-Sea-Sea-MDX-Underwater-Housing-MINT-W0QQAdIdZ416147759 My buddy Jay is selling his housing, but for some reason wetpixel wont let him post.
  18. Ikelite underwater Housing for Canon EOS 7D (body only) still in warranty only 8 months old , used only a handful of times, for surf photography. I have the spare parts it came with. I am based in the UK in windsor/LONDON (would prefer to meet in person, or will also post on ebay if shipping is required, which will be at extra cost) This unit sells in the uk for £1300 approx. im looking for £1050, its nearly new so price is fixed. THANKS below is the spec http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/can_7d.html Depth rating: 60m Controls for all camera functions exceept multi-controller and flash pop-up. Extension lever on back panel gives ergonomic movie start/stop control. Interchangeable port system. Port is supplied separately.(Port choice depends on lens to be used). Super-Eye long eye-relief viewfinder optic allows full frame viewing with diving mask. eTTL2 conversion circuitry provides full TTL operation with Ikelite DS-series substrobes. Two substrobes can be triggered using a dual sync cord. Exposure compensation buttons on rear of housing gives ±2 EV control range in TTL mode, or 8 manual settings in ½ EV steps. Non-Ikelite strobes can be used in manual mode only (with appropriate sync cord). Dimensions SLR-DC: With tray: 13.25"w, 8"h, 6.5"d. Without tray: 9.5"w, 6.75" h, including knobs. Weight: ~3.25Kg, 7.15lb without port. ~3.6Kg, 8lb with port. Buoyancy: slightly negative (depending on port).
  19. Hi I am selling at rock bottom price a perfectly working Seacam Canon 1DSMKii housing. I will include the camera body with all accessories and multiple batteries. The housing does not include a viewfinder or dome/port but these are easily purchasable new or second hand. This is a dirt cheap way of getting a pro DSLR underwater. I won the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Underwater photo with this beast in Antarctica, so rest assured it is as good as you could need! Serious offers only, but i am determined to sell it so make me an offer. best George
  20. For Sale: Gates Underwater Video Housing for Sony PMW EX1R Gates EM43 External Monitor Fanthom Imaging SWP44C Super Wide Angle Port The housing is as new and has been used for only 30 dives! It has no scratches or defects and still under warranty until 31/8/2013 Original price: US$14304 Asking price: only US$10000 The price includes 2 pelican cases (1620 and 1560) for free! For further details and to view the photos of the product, please contact me at this forum or send us an email: fisheyehk@me.com
  21. Selling my friends 10Bar Panasonic LX-3 set in great condition. The set includes: 10Bar Panasonic LX-3 Housing (2yrs old with 30dives). Housing has Nikonos bulkhead. 2 10Bar Panasonic LX-3 o-ring set Panasonic LX-3 camera (bought 6 months ago, as he dropped and broke the first one). 2 Panasonic LX-3 batteries 2 Panasonic LX-3 chargers All the necessary cables for Panasonic LX-3 10Bar Macro Lens 67mm 10Bar Wide Angle Lens 67mm 10Bar Dual Optical cable adaptor Tray for housing Selling the set as he stepped up to DSLR. The housing never flooded and everything is working perfectly. Any questions please let me know. Price is 660Euro without shipping obo Cheers
  22. Selling my Panasonic Micro 4/3rds GF2 body with 14-45mm lens and 10Bar Housing with 8mm Dome port. Im willing to sell just the body of the camera or in any combination you might be interested in. This is a great setup and shoots awesome video in 1080. Im selling because I need a camera that I can plug in an external microphone for shooting top water interviews for our website. Here are some examples of the video it shoots underwater. Call- 805-two 4 four -six six 57 Panasonic Lumix GF2 Body Panasonic Lumix 14-45mm Lens 10 Bar Housing 8mm Dome Port Hood
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