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Found 530 results

  1. For Sale: Ikelite Housing #6871.50 suitable for Canon EOS450D/500D (Rebel XSi) including: Standard 6" Dome Port #5503 (with neoprene cover) Dual Tray Handle Standard Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #9059.8 Special Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #5509.28 Original Literature and Instruction Manuals Housing O-ring and 3x spares Port O-ring Maintenance Kit (as included with OEM package) Silicon Grease The housing is in excellent condition. I used a Canon EOS450D although this housing should be suitable for the EOS500D but check compatability on the Ikelite website - the housing part number is #6871.50 The housing has not dived since being serviced where the front polycarbonate case has been completely replaced along with the housing locks (now a four port lock system). This was my first UW setup and has been fantastic. Simple to use and reliable with plenty of features to snap some great shots. Asking AUD$800 ONO plus shipping+insurance. Post, PM or email my username at gmail dotcom. Camera NOT included.
  2. Hey everyone. I am looking to buy a decent strobe for my D3200 Ikelite housing. If anyone has anything good they are wanting to sell, let me know. Thanks in advance. Greg
  3. I have two Ikelite DS-160 Strobes for sale (strobe, battery pack, arm, charger, extra battery pack). They're in excellent condition. $700 for each set. Dual Sync Cord $90. Reach out if you have other questions or would like to see other photos. Thanks!
  4. I have been doing some research on previous posts and have seen that a lot of people suggested the Pelican 1510. I have heard that getting the ikelite into the case is a tight squeeze, does anyone currently use this setup to travel with their Ikelite SLR housing? I have a Lowpro backpack to transport my camera already but I was wondering if anyone has come up with any other carry-on options to fit an Ikelite rig. I really don't want to have to check the housing. If you have pics of your setup in a Pelican 1510 I would love to see it to get a better feel for the size of it/what I could fit in it. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm selling my whole underwater photography gear. Unfortunately I have to do so because I have no time anymore. I have an auction up on ebay (see here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171531108443?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649) Included is the Ikelite housing (all electronics have been changed for $350 by the manufacturing company about 10 months ago). 8-inch dome port, Ikelite DS125, Charger, ball arm, sync cable and additional parts. Please see ebay description for more details. If you want to make me an offer before auction end please email me at: lo_sp@gmx.net I do consider selling my Nikon D700 and the 20mm f2.8 lens as well since it's the only camera that fits in the housing. I do NOT sell single parts. It's a set. If you are interested in the D700 and the lens you need to buy the housing or win the auction. Otherwise I'm happy keeping the camera. Cheers everyone!
  6. Ikelite DSLR U/W Housing for Canon 40D, 50D (camera & lens not included) DS161 Strobe/Video Light w/charger, diffuser DS51 Strobe w/diffuser 1-Single Strobe TTL Connector 1-Double Strobe TTL Connector 8” Glass Dome Port 6” Acrylic Dome Port (great for travel-light weight) SLR Flat Port (used w/60MM) EXTRAS INCLUDE: Spare O-rings, 2 sets of zoom clamps/rings, Ikelite strobe arms, silicone. This rig is only one year old, and it has been “babied” along the way. There are no scratches on the domes. All parts are in pristine shape. It has been stored with the O-rings removed to preserve their shape. I am sacrificing because I have updated to newer camera gear, therefore, new housing as well. Asking $3000.00 for entire package - PACKAGE ONLY
  7. Two ikelite strobes, used less than a handful of times and only once in salt water. Had these with my Ikelite housing, which I also recently sold. These lights are amazing. I paid >$2500 new for these. Asking $1600 for the pair. They come with one dual cable, one single cable, both arms (as shown in the photos), and 2 battery chargers. Buyer will pay shipping and insurance (cost will depend on location).
  8. I dove my new rig in June, Sept and Oct in tropical waters for a total of @40 dives. I follow all instructions and maintenance to the letter. This is my 2nd Ikelite housing and the first one was used for 5 years / 200 dives with NO issues. I need to return the new housing to ikelite for the following reasons 1) rust on inside of housing around shutter release where it touches the acrylic and all over the movie record nut rust on the lid snap component on the rear of the housing on the outside against the acrylic 2) the command dial refused to rotate the camera dial after the first 25 dives 3) the gear sleeves (2 lenses) have never worked smoothly but I did manage to get them functional for the first 25 dives 4) after 25 dives the zoom control would not function at depth ( I love the challenge of only taking pics with f4.5 for the whole dive!) Any words of wisdom before I contact Ikelite??
  9. Hi, Selling my Ikelite Dual TTL Sync Cord for Two (2) Ikelite DS Series Strobes 4103.52. Has about 30 dives, has no problems. Price: 110 USD OBO (MSRP 159.95 USD) Payment: PayPal only Shipping: Registered mail with tracking number. P.M me if your interested. Ant.
  10. For Sale Ikelite DS 160 Strobe with battery, charger (with US and AUS plug adapters only), and diffuser MSRP - $950.00 Condition - Very good – minor body scuffs from normal use Will also include TTL Sync cable MSRP - $99.95 Sale Price- $650 + shipping item located in the US
  11. Hi I've broken one of the 4 port clips on my Ikelite housing. My old Ikelite housing only had 2 port clips, so my question is will my newer housing still work fine with 3 clips holding the port on? Cheers for any advice Alex
  12. Hi, Selling my Ikelite D7100 housing. It was purchased on April 2014 and was used on about 30 dives. It never had water inside and except minor scratches on the bottom (from laying on the sand or tables) it is in a mint condition. I will ship with either UPS/DHL/FedEx or registerd mail service (you decide) to anywhere in the world. I am willing to pay up to $60 for it, if shipping cost is higher, buyer pays the rest. Price: 1200 USD. (MSRP 1800 USD) I accept PayPal only. Included: Housing 1-inch Ball Mount for strobes (not originally supplied costs $35 each). Tray with dual quick release handles Port hole cover Waterproof bulkhead cap 5509.27 Universal zoom set up to 2.8-inch diameter 5509.28 Universal zoom set 2.8 to 3.3-inch diameter Silicone lubricant 1cc tube Micro-fiber lens cloth 1 year manufacturer warranty (until April 2015) spare parts 5512.69 Spare o-ring set with main o-ring, port o-ring and lubricant 0132.61 Main o-ring 0105 Port o-ring 9104.5 Waterproof bulkhead cap 0200.91 Housing body cap 0184.2 Silicone lubricant resealable 2cc tube Documentation Instructions Zoom set installation I can add images if requested. Gal
  13. Brand new Ikelite - Ikelite single 4103.51 sync cord in unopened package. $60 plus shipping ($100 list) 3 available
  14. For Sale, Complete kit. Haven't dove in a few years and am not going to be using all this equipment anymore. Aquatica 30D Housing 30D Camera Body 2 DS125 Strobes with sync cords Dome Port Flat Port Arms and Clamps and other small accessories Looking for 1500.00 or make and offer plus shipping to US. Chris
  15. Housing #6808.1 USD 700 Dome Port #5503.5 USD 75 Flat Port #5502.1 USD 50 Flat Port #5505.58 USD 50 Nikon D80 body USD 180 Nikon D70 body USD 75 Tamron SP AF Di 90mm macro lens (excellent condition and fast!) USD200 Reason for selling: now using a Nikon 7100 with Nauticam housing. This equipment is surplus but has faired me well and has provided excellent UW shots. All equipment has been very well taken care of and is in very good to excellent condition. I would like to sell the housing, ports and D80 camera together but will consider any and all offers. Buyer pays shipping. Goods will be located in Jakarta, Indonesia till 22 August and thereafter in the USA. Thanks, Gregg items for sale.pdf
  16. I am wanting to upgrade cameras and I have an Ikelite housing for my t2i that I want to sell. It is in great condition; I only used it a few times and it worked perfectly every time. I also have the dome/port for wide angle lenses. This comes with everything needed to get you into the water except for the camera. I'm asking 1,300 for everything. Will also sell separately: Housing only: $1,000 Dome/Port only: $400
  17. Hi I've recently bought a D70 in an Ikelite housing with Ikelite DS125 and DS50 strobes 2nd hand. Everything is great apart from one very annoying thing! : The problem: My strobes don't fire all the time. Sometimes I connect it all together and it works and other times (Most times) It doesn't work! When it doesn't work-the camera tries to pop the cameras built in flash and then when that wont open (because of the housing and hot shoe adapter) it wont allow the camera to focus!!! And there for it wont let me take a picture!!! Very frustrating. Sometimes if I turn it off and on again it works but only occasionally! Does any one have any suggestions? Thanks for any help in advance )
  18. Hy everybody, I'm trying to cope with a real problem concerning my two Ikelite strobes... I am currently using two Ikelite DS-160 Strobes on my Canon EOS 400D. I do not have an Ikelite housing, but I have a TTL Converter in my housing and I use my Ikelite Strobes with the Ikelite to Nikonos TTL Sync cord (red banded 4104.6). My TTL Converter can also be set on “manual”, meening that the strobe will be operated exclusively with manual settings on the strobe itself. My question is if I can continue to use the 4104.6 TTL cord even in the manual mode or if I need to switch to the non TTL version of the sync cord (blue banded 4104.31) ? Because I currently have the problem that with the 4104.6 sync cords used in manual mode, there are many dropouts of the strobes and sometimes they won’t fire at all… I hope that maybe someone already had this issue and I'll be grateful for every kind of help I could get ;-) Many thanks in advance, Steve
  19. Ikelite housing for SONY RX100 II - model: 6116.11 + handle + 2ps. holder 67mm + T-mount Price: $680/Shipping: $60 Accept payment only PAYPAL Kit was purchased in March 2014. He has 16 times underwater with him to Greece. Very good condition. No scratches on the optics. Never entered water inside. Reason for sale: for my fiftieth birthday gave me Ikelite housing for Canon 5DM3.
  20. For sale ..... MacroMate Flip Lens for Ikelite Modular Ports "Custom made for Ikelite Modular flat ports. Simply slip the MacroMate onto your macro port to explore the world of extreme macro. The MacroMate will give you a 2:1 ratio on an underwater SLR camera housing. Flip the lens up to return to normal shooting". Casing has some scuff marks on it but optics are in excellent condition List price from Backscatter - $599 - For Sale $449 + Shipping (USPS insured) via Paypal. US sale only please Thanks for looking!
  21. Ikelite Canon 7D Housing For sale: Ikelite 7D housing in great condition. Housing has only been on ~ 15 dives since Ikelite overhaul. Made the decision to move to Nauticam, so selling all my Ikelite equipment A couple of minor scuffs on housing. Some cuts in rubber on handles (see pictures) Includes housing, 2 zoom/focus gears, handle and extra O-ring Retail $1600 - For Sale $1,199 + shipping (USPS insured) via Paypal. US sale only please Thanks for looking!
  22. Ikelite Product Number 4403 - Optical Slave Converter for Fiber OpticNEW! NEVER USED+optical cable Price: 2 x $120/Shipping =$20 Accept payment only PAYPAL Trigger your Ikelite DS-series strobe off any camera or strobe flash. The Optical Slave Converter simply attaches to the strobe's electrical bulkhead in place of a sync cord connector. The enlarged slave window provides approximately 90 degrees field of view for remote triggering. Or thread on the included fiber optic port for the attachment of and triggering via a fiber optic cord.
  23. Ikelite Product Number 4403 - Optical Slave Converter for Fiber Optic NEW! NEVER USED+optical cable Price: 2 x $120/Shipping =$20 Accept payment only PAYPAL Trigger your Ikelite DS-series strobe off any camera or strobe flash. The Optical Slave Converter simply attaches to the strobe's electrical bulkhead in place of a sync cord connector. The enlarged slave window provides approximately 90 degrees field of view for remote triggering. Or thread on the included fiber optic port for the attachment of and triggering via a fiber optic cord.
  24. I have 3 Ikelite ports for sale. All are in great condition with minimal marks on the optical surface that do not impact the underwater image and can be buffed out if desired: 5503.50 6" dome port - $125.00 + shipping (list $199.95) 5505.45 Flat Port (fits Canon 100mm USM macro) - $100.00 + shipping (list $149.95) 5502 Flat Port (fits Canon 60mm USM macro) - $80.00 + shipping (list $124.95) I prefer PAYPAL as payment method. Please PM with questions. Thanks! 5503.50: 5505.45: 5502:
  25. Hello Everyone, I'm selling : -Ikelite 8in Dome for amazing wide angle shots ( reference 5510.45) -Ikelite extension ring ( reference 5510.22) Those are in good shape and has been tested to the limits. Works great. There are just a few little tiny scratches on the dome who does not affect image quality ( as water fills those scratches up) Please check my photo & video at www.maxengel.net for content created with this specific used dome ( hooked up with an Canon EOS 550D and Tokina 11-16 lens) I ship from Paris, France. If you happen to be around, great ! Just come and pick it up. Price is : €190 £150 $250 I only ship to : Europe North America Australia/New Zealand Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore China/South Korea/Japan Payment by Papal ONLY for obvious security reasons Shipping fee : To be discussed wether you want express or regular shipment. i.e. : USD40 for standard parcel service with tracking number (less than 2 weeks ) to the U.S. Please contact me If you have any questions. Regards Max
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