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Found 529 results

  1. For Sale: Ikelite Housing #6871.50 including: Standard 6" Dome Port #5503 (with neoprene cover) Dual Tray Handle Standard Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #9059.8 Special Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #5509.28 Original Literature and Instruction Manuals Housing O-ring and 3x spares Port O-ring Maintenance Kit (as included with OEM package) Silicon Grease Also included Canon EOS450D Camera with original packaging including: Digital Camera EOS450D Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Wide Strap EW-100DBIII Battery Charger LC-E5E Battery Pack LP-E5 Interface Cable IFC-200U Video Cable VC-100 (only if I can find it) Software (CD-ROM) Both the housing and camera are in excellent fully-working condition. The housing had a minor flood event (completely operator fault) a couple of years ago. The housing was serviced by Ikelite with strobe electronics replaced. The housing was also upgraded to a four port lock system at the same time. The housing has since been serviced (last month) where the front polycarbonate case has been completely replaced along with the housing locks. This was my first UW setup and has been fantastic. Simple to use and reliable with plenty of features to snap some great shots. Asking AUD$1300.00 plus shipping+insurance Post, PM or email my username at gmail dotcom.
  2. I will be posting this gear on eBay shortly, but would prefer to sell to another board member. I've bought and sold on WetPixel, ScubaBoard and POTN Canon forums as Iristyle -- ebay as Parity All gear includes original materials, manuals, and is in excellent shape unless otherwise noted. Prices are for PP cash, add 3% if using PP credit. Shipping is included - my choice of USPS priority, USPS first class or FedEx (based on weight). Ikelite 4066.1 100/240V smart charger with international plugs - paid $100, ask $85 http://www.adorama.com/IK40661.html Ikelite 4066.5 NiMh spare battery for DS-160, DS-125 - MSRP $175, ask $110 http://www.adorama.com/IK40665.html I got it used, but never had a problem. I have just the one battery left, not everything pictured. Ikelite 9571.3 - 1" ball for Ikelite release handle extender - paid $25, ask $20 http://www.adorama.com/IK95713.html Thanks for looking!
  3. Bought a compass some time ago on a retractor, when the wife and I gave up our console computers for wrist mount, and switched to just small SPG's on the braided HP hoses. (Yes, I know about the recall - they're swapped already). Compass on retractor was kind of bulky and frankly I never really liked it, it was obviously the same unit they also just put bungies on for wearing on a wrist, but I didn't want to do that either since I also wear a dive watch as a backup time/depth unit. Rarely do we get out of sight of the boat, even on trips to the Flower Gardens where navigation is 120% the responsibility of the 'buddy team', but I still didn't want to not carry one. So, this was the obvious first easy project for the new 3D printer. Aside from all the endless projects just making it functional in the first place...:grump: compmnt_assmbled_use2 by rtrski, on Flickr More pics with descriptions of the design approach are in a small set at Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rtrski/sets/72157632085470014/ Might also work on a 'clip' to wrap around the SPG boot to mount one on the back for the wife, although the SPG isn't on a swivel at the end of the hose, so that might not be the best treatment of it..... p.s. WHOA!!! The new Forum software auto-plays Flickr set links as a slideshow??? Too cool, and a bit showoffy. Sorry, just meant to provide a link for the curious, not force-feed you all. :/
  4. A couple of updates to my website. Nikon D7000 underwater settings This is a page detailing all my settings used for Macro, Wide, Splits, and Video. It may be of use for new users. Any corrections or comments are most welcome. DIY macro lens mount Here's my macro lens holder using plumbing bits.
  5. This gently used Ikelite package is comprised of the following: · 6870.40 - UW Housing for Canon 40D DSLR Camera · 5510.45 - Modular 8” Dome Port (with neoprene cover) · 5510.11 - Port Body (for Tokina 10-17 mm lens and others) · 5509.28 - Zoom Gear Set and spare O-rings The housing has been serviced by Ikelite with installation of new seals and upgrade to a more secure 4-lock system within the past 12 months. All items are in excellent (like-new) condition and have been used for less than 10 days since service. This housing package is looking for a good home with lots of adventure. Just add camera & lens and its ready to go. Asking for $1,100 USD + shipping Contact: Sweeneynz@gmail.com
  6. Hi all. If anyone has a wide-angle port available, please let me know! Preferably the Fathom / Ikelite 6480, but let me know if you have a 67mm wide-angle conversion lens. Cheers, Nick.
  7. Clearing some of my extra gears. Up for sale are the following TTL / digital TTL sync cords for Ikelite strobes. Item No. C001 Up for sale is a (1x) brand new (unused) spare digital single sync cord for Ikelite strobe. #4103.51 Purchased for SGD130/- Offer SGD100/- (Neg.) Cable will be sold as it is with 1x connector cap, silicone grease, box with instruction manuals. Item No. C004 Up for sale is a (1x) used digital dual sync cord for Ikelite strobes. #4103.2 Purchased for SGD210/- Offer SGD50/- (Neg.) Cable will be sold as it is with 1x connector cap. Please note that this cable cannot be used with Ikelite DS strobes on TTL. This sync cord is for film based camera housings or non-TTL housings. Item No. C005 Up for sale is a (1x) used digital dual sync cord for Ikelite strobes. #4103 Purchased for SGD130/- Offer SGD50/- (Neg.) Cable will be sold as it is with 1x connector cap. Please note that this cable cannot be used with Ikelite DS strobes on TTL. This sync cord is for film based camera housings or non-TTL housings. Recommended to change o-rings. I have personally checked these cables are in good working condition and able to trigger off Ikelite Strobe(s). Payment by Paypal, in Singapore dollars. Shipment will be from Singapore to worldwide. Items will be sold as it is.
  8. Questions on Ikelite D7000 housing, ports and lenses. Hi there, I have been reading and reading, and I think it's time for me to move away from my Canon G9 in Ikelite housing, with 2DS strobes to a DSLR. On land, we have a D7000 for family shots and I'm thinking of buying a second one for UW. Unfortunately, I'm on a tight budget, so it will have to be the Ikelite housing. Lens wise, from the research/reading I have done, I will start of with a Tokina 10-17 and a Nikon 60 AF-D for now (is that the correct one?) and hopefully a 105mm later Now, I was wondering what ports I should get. For the 60mm, should I get the Ikelite standard flat port (with plastic lens) or the modular port (with glass lens, so better quality?) That way I can use it later with the 105? Although the modular port also has more potential of water entry as you screw several parts together Ultimately, it would be great if there was a 67mm thread so I can add a Subsee 10+ diopter too (with the 105) For the Tokina, should I go with a dome? The Ikelite one (if so, which one)? or the one from UWcamerastuff? Another (silly) question, do the ports come with the zoom gear? Or do I have to order them separately? Thanks a lot for all your support, Cheers, bgfspeedy
  9. Hola all. I am selling my Ikelite SLR Housing for the Canon 5D (#6871.05). I purchased the housing in hopes to put together a great underwater rig but my family has been hit with some financial strain and I was told I had to release my hold on this. Anyways I have never even used this housing and it's never been in the water, it's brand new but I do not have original box. I have all the paperwork, gears, and goodies that comes with it though. I am selling the housing for $1,000. A new housing retails for about $1600. I'll cover the shipping anywhere in the U.S. If you have any questions please let me know. I am bummed about selling this but my better half wins again. Holler and I can send pictures of the housing. Thanks for taking a look! J.C.
  10. I was saving these sync cords for a rainy day after changing housings a while back. I now realize I won't be using them again so I thought it was time to find them a new home. The offering is for three (3) Ikelite sync cords - two of which are used and 1 is brand new and never been in the water. These were used to connect 2 Ikelite DS-160 strobes to a SeaCam housing but will work with just about any housing that uses a Nikonos 5 pin, non-TTL, manual connection. The new sync cord (#4104.31) comes with two tubes of Ike grease and a blank warranty card. These cords are in great shape, have no rust or corrosion, and come with a double-ended dust cap to protect both ends of the cord. These cords cost $100 each when purchased new. Will sell all three for $180. I'll ship to the US or Canada only. Buyers from other countries, please don't ask. Sorry.
  11. Hi Everyone, I would like to share my first attempt at underwater photography. I just got back from 11 Days on Cozumel where I stayed at the Iberostar Resort / Dressel Divers. I also shot video which I am still sorting through and will post the result when it is done. I learned a lot from this adventure including: - Starting out shooting in Manual / Manual Strobe equates to about 20% more air consumption (Thankfully not an issue for me as I usually finish a dive with 1500 PSI) - I want a second strobe - The need to really extend the arms out on the strobe for WA to avoid Backscatter - Diving in a recreational group can make it difficult to spend the time to get the results I wanted - Minor scratches on the outside of the dome are not an issue, however dust inside the dome is very bad at large apertures - What settings on the 5D make life easier and more difficult! I shot all images in full Manual both Camera & Strobe and RAW format Setup: - 5D Mark II - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8 - Ikelite Housing - 8" Ikelite Dome - 1 X Sea&Sea YS-D1 Strobe - Sola 800 Photo Below are a few photos, if you would like to see more in a slideshow fashion you can check them out @ frameamoment.com/underwater/ I would like to thank my Fiancé and Best Dive Buddy for her help and allowing me to spend a small fortune on Gear. Any comments / critique are welcome
  12. Here is my first attempt at an underwater video with an SLR I did not use a red filter as I was shooting both video and stills, I need to figure out how this would work for both. I do shoot in RAW so if there is a way to do this please share! Setup: - 5D Mark II - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8 - Ikelite Housing - 8" Ikelite Dome - 1 X Sea&Sea YS-D1 Strobe - Sola 800 Photo This is a link to some of the still photography I did http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=48308 Viewed best with a good sound system cranked and in HD! [vimeohd]52645702[/vimeohd] https://vimeo.com/52645702 This was my first attempt with a GoPRO and no LCD shot last year [vimeohd]26882598[/vimeohd] https://vimeo.com/26882598
  13. I bought these earlier this year for a trip, but I don't dive regularly so it's time for the guys to find a new home. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking. Ikelite 5510.35 flat assembly - condition 8.5/10 - $125 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Ikelite 5510.75 focus extension - condition 9/10- $125 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Ikelite 5510.16 port body - condition 9.5/10 - $100 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Ikelite 5503 6" dome - condition 9/10 - $100 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Arm setup - Includes 3 iDas CL-138 clamps, 2 iDas 7" aluminum arms - $130 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink
  14. I am selling a complete Ikelite housing for a Canon 5D Mk2. It has been used twice (Curacao and Bahamas) and is in mint condition. The package includes the 6871.02 housing, the 5510.24 8" dome xtend zoom body, 8" dome with cover and the amazing Pro-2800 LED light system. At 2800 lumens this thing is amazingly bright! Plus all associated clamps, sleeves, spare o-rings etc. are included. PayPal and cashiers checks accepted. Buyer pays shipping. $2,500 for the complete package.
  15. Looking for a housing for 7D Thanks!
  16. Hey Gang, The condition of this gear is "like new" and has only been used a couple times. The gear is clean and there are no dome or port scratches. Everything is in top condition. I'm selling the gear complete, and not in pieces. The setup includes both wide and macro ports for Canon 10-22mm, Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm and Canon 60mm macro lenses. Link to photos of items (http://www.pbase.com...t/gear_for_sale) Complete list of parts in this sale and prices I paid: -Ikelite Housing Canon 40D/50D $1499 -8" Dome Port (includes Type I/II Gears) $399 -Port Wide Zoom $150 -Port Wide Fisheye $125 -Macro Port $125 -Sync Cord (Dual TTL) $160 -Sync Cord (Dual TTL backup) $160 -Sync Cord (Single TTL)) $100 -Strobe Arm Ball Adapter x 2 $100 -Backup Ikelite Housing O-rings $12 -Total price $2730 -Total price with Tax $2976 -Selling for 30% off my price $2079 Closest to new you will find for a $900 discount! Shipping is additional.
  17. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help / suggestions on my new setup. I have previously done professional photography topside (Weddings, Calendars etc..) but am completely new to underwater. I do have a desire to do both video and stills but to start I think I will be focusing on stills. I also plan on mostly wide angle to start and eventually macro. Most of my diving is in tropical waters, I visit Cozumel a couple of time a year. Currently I Have: - Canon 5DMKII - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8 - Ikelite dSLR Housing #6871.02 - Ikelite 8" Dome #5510.45 - Ikelite Port Body #5510.11 - Ikelite Dual Tray Considering: - Dual S&S YS-D1 Strobes - Ikelite #4118.2 Two Strobe Sync Cable - Ikelite 1 Inch Ball Adapter for Quick Release Handle #9571.3 - Arms ??? 1. Will this setup be fully compatible (I understand TTL will not work) and functional? 2. I have no idea which arms to look at Please help 3. Have I missed any pieces / parts to make this setup function? Please make any suggestions / alternatives.
  18. This is the perfect setup to get you started in DSLR UW photography. Ikelite Nikon D70 housing in excellent condition. I have less than 20 dives on this housing. The housing works perfectly and allows full control over every camera function. The housing has several upgrades over the standard D70 housing: Upgraded to support iTTL control with flash exposure compensation for one or two Ikelite strobes. Simply switch to manual control for full control of flash exposure. Flash could not be any easier! Upgraded to accomidate Ikelite 8" dome ports including the Fisheye dome port. Upgraded to the right angle strobe sync port connector to reduce stress on the sync port. Nikon D70 camera is in good working condition with some wear. Includes all ascessories and original box including: D70 Camera Body Cap Original battery + 3 extra Nikon brand battery packs Battery charger and cord Product manual Strap Origional box. Also includes: 4x high speed 2 and 4 GB CF memory cards.
  19. No water for two years, time to let her go. Entire package deal, good starter outfit: Canon 5d body, Aquatica housing, macro & dome ports with port extenders for Canon 100mm macro, 16-35mm plus Aquatica #18456 16.5mm port extender; dome covers, gears for Canon 100mm, 16-35, 15mm fisheye, spare o-rings, Ikelite DS-125's charger, dual sync and single sync cord, plenty of ball joint strobe arms, 2-18" and 4-6" sections, aim light holder. Housing overhauled, brought to factory specs in 2010 after last dive. Pelican 1620 case with wheels, loaded just under 50 pound limit. You name it, it's probably in this kit. Ready to hit the water...all you need is a lens and I will consider letting go my 16-35mm. Interested, lets talk. Asking only $3200 including camera body plus shipping & insurance.
  20. I have a complete set of DS161 strobes plus extras up for sale. This is everything you need turn key to start shooting photos or video with your Ikelite housing. I used this with my Canon 7D and that housing has already sold. I have upgraded to a Nauticam Housing and got new strobes and movie lights as separates so I can travel more. Here is what you get for the package price of $1650.00 (This includes shipping, insurance and PayPal fees) I can ship internationally but need to add an additional $75 for insurance, higher fees and packaging. Indivdually this system is $2360.00 2) #4061 Ikelite DS161 movie strobes w/ battery packs and diffusers (15 dives maybe and never flooded) ($950/ea) 1) #4066.1 Ikelite Smart Charger ($100) 2) #4086.61 Ikelite SA100 14" total length articulating strobe arms ($160/set) 1) #4103.51 Ikelite Digital TTL Housing-to-One DS Substrobe / Coiled cord ($50) 1) #4103.52 Ikelite Digital TTL Housing-to-Two DS Substrobes ($50) 2) Ikelite 1" ball Arm system base adapter ($25/ea) 2) Ikelite 1" ball Arm system strobe head adapter ($25/ea) I will entertain the idea of separating this if it is a reasonable request.
  21. Ikelite underwater Housing for Canon EOS 7D (body only) still in warranty only 8 months old , used only a handful of times, for surf photography. I have the spare parts it came with. I am based in the UK in windsor/LONDON (would prefer to meet in person, or will also post on ebay if shipping is required, which will be at extra cost) This unit sells in the uk for £1300 approx. im looking for £1050, its nearly new so price is fixed. THANKS below is the spec http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/can_7d.html Depth rating: 60m Controls for all camera functions exceept multi-controller and flash pop-up. Extension lever on back panel gives ergonomic movie start/stop control. Interchangeable port system. Port is supplied separately.(Port choice depends on lens to be used). Super-Eye long eye-relief viewfinder optic allows full frame viewing with diving mask. eTTL2 conversion circuitry provides full TTL operation with Ikelite DS-series substrobes. Two substrobes can be triggered using a dual sync cord. Exposure compensation buttons on rear of housing gives ±2 EV control range in TTL mode, or 8 manual settings in ½ EV steps. Non-Ikelite strobes can be used in manual mode only (with appropriate sync cord). Dimensions SLR-DC: With tray: 13.25"w, 8"h, 6.5"d. Without tray: 9.5"w, 6.75" h, including knobs. Weight: ~3.25Kg, 7.15lb without port. ~3.6Kg, 8lb with port. Buoyancy: slightly negative (depending on port).
  22. I’m going through my equipment and am selling the following items. I am meticulous about how I care for my gear, these items have NEVER been flooded and always carefully rinsed and dried before storing. The housing was serviced and upgraded to a 4 lock port system in December. This is a fantastic way to upgrade from a point and shoot to a DSLR without breaking the bank. It creates top quality images, I had one image blown up and printed 5 feet x 3 feet for display at the local airport with stunning results. Housing 6812 for D200 (recently upgraded and serviced) 8” dome 5510.46 with 5510.22 extension and neo cover & zoom clamp Nikon D200 body Nikon 18-55mm VR Take it as a kit for $1400 plus shipping from Vancouver Island New this was over $3500!
  23. Has anyone used this setup? It looks like a very elegant way to connect a fibre optic cable to the Ike housing, but I'm concerned that it wouldn't block all of the light from the camera's flash... Any comments? Chris
  24. Hey there I'm looking to purchase my first underwater housing and I've got a couple questions. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Nimar housing and what they think of it? I know many people have used the ikelite and it's fairly good for the price point, just a bit heavy and bulky. The Nimar is a little bit lighter, and a little cheaper too so my interest has been sparked. Techinically I do have the money to buy a machined aluminum housing but I feel like for the price point a polycarbonate housing is the way to go; especially until I can make some money with it. One of my friends let me shoot his D7000 around Malapascua island a bit and got me hooked but his ikelite housing wouldn't actually communicate with his YS-110a's, is there any reason for that? Finally, would TTL metering work with the Nimar with YS-110a strobes or others? Thanks, Shane
  25. Ikelite 50s strobe, never flodded. No sync cord. Comes with diffuser and manual. 75.00 plus shipping. email Joe at jcdovala@verizon.net
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