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Found 232 results

  1. I have 2 inon z240's which i bought exactly 1 year ago, brand new. I have a canon 5d mkiii, ikelite housing and so always shoot in manual and with the pre-flash button pushed in on the strobe. Just the other day i was out shooting and noticed that one of my strobes seemed to be stuck on low power and no matter what i changed on the manual power setting it was giving the same low output. I exited the water and had a look at the sync cables and battery compartment for water ingress but nothing at all. I noticed when i switched the strobe setting to S-TTL i could get a full power flash output but when back on manual i could not adjust it again. This is showing the exact same symptoms as when the pre-flash button is not locked in. So onwards to that evening where i do some research online and notice a lot of people getting this same issue and the culprit seems to be the magnet in the pre-flash button corroding therefore not engaging the switch inside the inon strobe unit. I went ahead and removed the button only to notice the magnet is completely intact, not surprising considering it's less than a year old. So the problem must be inside... maybe a sticky or faulty switch... such as you get on a car relay sometimes in which the solution is often to tap it with something. As a last ditch attempt at getting my beloved strobe back to working order i pushed in the Pre-Flash button and tapped the side of the strobe with my multi tool and bingo it's working perfectly again. I presume as long as i don't let the switch out then it should keep the switch engaged and i can continue shooting for now. I am currently working in Tonga and getting things shipped to and from here is extremely impractical therefore i will probably continue using the strobe for now as long as it holds up. However has anyone else had this issue as i can't find anything else online about it.... Any input would be much appreciated!
  2. -- FOR SALE -- - PeliCase Storm Case iM2075 (only shipped to France) // 50€ - Nauticam NA-EM5 LCD Window for Nauticam Enhanced Viewfinder for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Cameras (Mark I & II) na-17851 // 100€ - Inon Z240 Type 2 strobe with Z mount // 380€ - Sea&Sea / Nikonos synchro cords x 2 // 30€/each - Light diffuser for Inon strobe x 2 // 10€/each - Inon arm M x 2 // 40€/each - Ikelite arm 7" x 2 // 30€/each - Ikelite clamp 4081.2 x 3 // 25€/each - Ikelite clamp 9577.2 x 2 // 30€/each - Inon clamp // 30€ - Ultralight Dovetail x 2 // 10€/each - Sea&Sea clamp x 2 // 20€/each - Sea&Sea arm 9" // 40€ - Sea&Sea arm 7" // 35€ - Sea&Sea arm with YS 7" // 35€ - Mangrove YS mount for Inon strobe // 15€ - LocLine mount for Light&Motion SOLA // 15€ - LocLine arm 6" // 20€ International delivery from France and French Polynesia PM for more details
  3. Pair of INON Z240 strobes Type 2 in excellent condition Always rinsed with clear water Sold with light diffuser and Z mount 400€ each Sea&Sea Sync cord available (40€ each)
  4. Help! I have a Sony A7RII setup with Nauticam macro and 16-35 mm setup. I am in need of lighting prior to an 11 day liveaboard Bali trip during the middle of August. 6 weeks...not very long! I bought the Nauticam flash trigger used and need strobes and video lights. I was heading towards INON Z240 but I dont like to buy the OLD model unless I know what the difference is in the NEW model. Can I rent lighting for this trip? Is that a viable option? What about traveling with cameras and lighting gear on Qatar airlines? Opinions welcome. Thanks, Robotten
  5. Complete Olympus underwater camera system including Inon Strobes for sale. Everything from soup to nuts in this system. In excellent condition. See my Craig's List Post for more information: https://treasure.craigslist.org/spo/6194857168.html
  6. Two Inon D-180 underwater strobes for sale! Both for £340 or each for £180. Both are in very good cosmetic condition and working order. The necessary o-rings, Inon lubricant and two 1.5 stop diffusers are included. Small piece is missing from one of the diffusers (can be seen on the picture), but I didn't have a trouble using it. The strobes have never been flooded and are corrosion free. Buyer pays P&P.
  7. I have an Inon Z240 strobe that is getting water in the battery compartment. I've checked all oring sealing surfaces and they look fine. The oring has been switched out for a brand new one and the water is still getting in. 2 floods, 2 different orings. Both orings look perfect and the installation was fine. Is there any other way for the water to get into this compartment? Ie. not through the cap/oring.
  8. Upgraded to a DSLR a few months ago and looking to sell old system, wet lenses, and assorted odds & ends. Everything you see here: Housing & Tray/Handles --------------------------- Nauticam NA-RX100 Underwater Housing for Sony RX100 - $850 Nauticam Flexitray II with Left Handle and Screws - $115 Nauticam Adjustable Right Handle for Easitray or Flexitray (screw holes stripped) - $0 Nauticam Long Hand Strap Compact and Mid-Range Housings - $25 Ball-head mount for RX100 Housing - $20 Nauticam LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment + Nauticam LCD Magnifier Attachment Rails for RX100 Housing - $170 Wet Lenses ------------- Nauticam 67mm to Inon LD Mount Adaptor - $145 Inon UWL-H100 28 LD Mount Wide Conversion Lens Type 2 - $470 Inon Dome Unit II for Inon UWL-H100 Lenses - $400 Inon UCL-165LD Close-up Lens - $180 Red Filter ---------- 67mm UR/Pro underwater color correction filter -$75 Camera --------- RX100, Japanese only menu (can be crossreference with English manual if you don't read Japanese). Flash is stuck in out position (not a problem for use in case) w/ external charger and extra battery -- $369 Package Deal (discounted) - $2600
  9. I can't believe I am doing this, but I came across a deal on a DSLR housing & body that I couldn't pass up This camera system has been used on 7 dive days, totaling 23 or 24 dives. No leaks, no issues of any kind. If I didn't tell you it's used, it would be extremely difficult for you to find evidence of any use. It has never been in a community rinse bucket as I brought my own - an AO cooler bag always. I can provide references if you need (ask the seller of the Nikon stuff I just bought here on wetpixel I guess too hah!) & eBay account if you'd like (100% feedback over a decade of buying and selling). Anything over $250 will ship insured. Some images at the bottom, use the following link to see all: Click here for a bunch of photos of the camera, housing, lenses, etc Click here for photos I took with this camera system in Bonaire a few months ago. 1) Sony RX100 camera. I bought a 2yr accidents and damage policy with it, which expires Nov 25, 2014. So if something bad happens, you contact me and I will get it taken care of for you. You may have to ship to me, but that's no big deal. I'll ship it back when they fix or replace. Includes: Camera in original box and manual, Sony charger with USB cable for in-camera charging, two Sony batteries, one 3rd party battery, 3rd party charger, and a really good book called Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100. I paid $859, asking $600 plus shipping USA only. 2) Nauticam NA-RX100 housing with LCD Magnifier. Housing comes with spare o-ring, hex keys (allen wrenches), o-ring grease, manual, and in original box it came in. LCD Magnifier mounts are installed on the housing and the magnifier comes in its original box as well. The magnifier makes it much easier to frame your shots and can be removed easily during a dive if required. Both are in fantastic condition. Links for more info on these (click): Housing LCD Magnifier I paid $1145, asking $975 plus shipping USA only for housing & lcd magnifier. 3) Inon UWL-H100 type 2 wide angle wet lens with Dome Unit II. Arguably the best wide angle lens for compact cameras. This is an amazing piece of glass that will wow you! It's assembled and ready to use. Includes caps and neoprene cover. No issues that I can find! Links for more info on these (click): UWL-H100 Type 2 Dome Unit II I paid $970 for both, asking $800 plus shipping USA only 4) Inon UCL-165 M67 wet macro lens. I belive this is a +7 diopter, which helps overcome the RX100's known macro issue. This lens is in great condition and was not used much at all. I used the WA lens on most of the dives. Links for more info on this (click): UCL-165m67 I paid $179, asking $135 plus shipping USA only 5) Nauticam Flexitray with both handles & two Nauticam ball mounts. This is a great tray & handle, and is easy to adjust -- this sets it apart from cheaper tray sets. The handles are comfortable and easy to grip Links for more info on these (click): Flexitray (left handle) Right Handle Ball Mounts I paid $202, asking $175 plus shipping USA only 6) Nauticam Compact Housing (Sea & Sea mount) to Inon fiber optic sync cables (two). These allow fiber optic connection between Nauticam compact housings with the Sea & Sea connection to Inon strobes (eg Z-240 etc). These will not work for DSLR housings. Asking $90 shipped USA for both! Want the whole set?? Asking price is $2775 for all individually, the whole system will be $2650 shipped w/insurance. I have about $3500 in this system, and with very little use, this is a great deal for someone. Photos (remember the link above for a lot more photos of the stuff):
  10. Hi, I am using a Sony A6000 in a Meikon Underwater Housing, with two Inon S-2000. Strangely enough, even though the Switches are at S-TTL setting, there is no pre-flash and the flashes seem to fire at the same power regardless of camera settings. This can result in under- or overexposed pictures. As far as I know, the magnets are only necessary for manual shooting. Anyone got any ideas? I am thankful for any and all help.
  11. Due to an upgrade, I am now selling my Nauticam D300s housing. This is in very good condition generally and has never been flooded. There are the usually marks from use, particularly on the ball joints on the handles. I will be more than happy to provide images. The housing comes with a flood alarm. Although I do still have the orginal eyepiece, I have been using this with an Inon 45 degree viewfinder that has an adapter/been adapted to fit Nauticam housings. I am looking for £1000 for the housing and vewfinder. I do have a D300s body that I can include. It functions perfectly well except for the On/off button which is very stiff. As I have gone full frame, I have a Nikon fit Tokina 10-17 lens with a zoom gear for a Nauticam housing. £250. Considering that the gear is £140 on its own, this is bargain. I am based in London, happy to ship worldwide if the buyer covers postage.
  12. Hi, I'm currently searching for a pair of strobes for my Nauticam housing and I'm wondering if I should go for Inon Z-240ies or Sea & Sea YS-D2 (or alternatively YS-D1, although they are more difficult to find these days in Europe). I'm slightly leaning towards the Inon Z-240 (Mark IV) as it can be used with fiber optic sync cords (whereas the YS-D2 would require 5-pin nikonos cords on Nauticam housing) and I read far more posts complaining about the quality of Sea & Sea flashes than Inon's flashes. The YS-D2 would be stronger than the Z-240 (32 vs. 24) but this advantage disappears when using the diffusor to achieve the same angle as the Z-240. So the advantage that remains are the more intuitive controls of the YS-D2. Price is basically the same. Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello everyone, I am keen to buy: two second hand strobes. Inon S100/ZM80 Wide angle Lens (or similar) and InonDOm port unit II 67mm adapeter I use a canon G16. Get please back to me at riccifrancesco1989@gmail.com
  14. I have an Inon Z240 strobe that has stopped firing. It seems to charge up okay, the focus light works, but I'm unable to get it to fire, either optically or electrically. I'm not sure what burnt out flash tubes look like, but visually they look fine to me. No obvious sign anywhere of water getting in. What do you reckon is wrong with it?
  15. I'm going to move from a D7000 to D500 in a Nauticam housing, keeping my Inon Z240's. Currently my first macro "grab shot" of an animal is optical TTL using internal flash and sTTL mode on the Z240's. It works well, I know I should do full manual (but lets not debate that here). From there if the animal sticks around or composition is interesting I use manual to get a "good" shot. So my questions are: 1. Will sTTL on the Inon's still work with the external flash trigger that comes with the NA-D500 housing? 2. What are the real benefits of adding a TTL converter (there not cheap are they) I'm guessing the default external trigger can't control the light pulse lengths and so mimic a TTL flash but would be nice to understand if this is true? Cheers Jon
  16. Hi All I'm selling complete set of CANON S100 camera + IKELITE housing + INON Close-up lens + associated peripherals. A great, ready-to-go starter kit: 1. CANON PowerShot S100 + Case + Charger + Software + 8GB SD card. Original case. Very good condition. https://www.amazon.com/Canon-PowerShot-S100-Wide-Angle-Stabilized/dp/B005MTMEKI?th=1 2. Dedicated IKELITE housing (6242.10) + S100 Gear Ring. Original box. Very good condition. http://www.ikelite.com/housings/canon/6242.10-canon-s100.html 3. Compatible INON Close-up diopter lens (UCL-165M67). Original box. Never used, immaculate condition. https://www.amazon.com/INON-UCL-165M67-Close-up-Lens/dp/B0015EJYOI Price: $449 o.n.o. + postage.
  17. I'm upgrading so this is up for sale: Inon UWL-H100 28LD + Inon Hood Fisheye FiX LDF-M67Pro (28LD to M67 adapter) Inon Neoprene bag Pristene condition. Used on 7 dives. No scratches, no signs of wear or tear, barely used! PM me if interested.
  18. Hey, I am selling an INON UWL-100 28AD in very good condition (like new) for 180€ (+ shipping) or best offer! Couldn't really use it on my housing because of vignetting with my lens type. I will add a free converter from M67 to INON AD. With that adapter you can easily mount/unmount the lens during your dive. Item is located in Germany, but can be shipped worldwide (but please check shipping cost to your country on dhl.de before) kind regards Benedikt
  19. Inon UCL-165 AD Close Up / Macro Lens (Including Both Lens Caps) - $100 + shipping & insurance *MINT / NEW IN BOX Here's the link to the Inon site with specs, compatibility, etc: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/ucl165ad/top.html FYI: I'm in Michigan, USA Mint / New in Box - take a look at the photos:
  20. Inon UWL-105 AD Wide Angle Lens (including both lens caps) - $200 + shipping & insurance *New In Box with instructions. Purchased with both lens caps. Here is a link to the specs, compatible cameras/housings, etc. http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/uwl105ad/top.html I'm in Michigan, USA Mint, New In Box Condition - take a look at the pics:
  21. NEW Condition Inon D-2000, Lenses, Optical Cable, Ikelite 6154.90 Housing, Fuji E900 Camera, Etc. Everything is like NEW, except the camera. The strobe, cable/cap, lenses, housing, etc. have never been in the water - just took out of the boxes to take these photos. Great setup for a newer photographer, someone who wants a small set-up, or someone who wants a great deal!!! Almost $3,000 worth of equipment for $800. NEVER USED / IN ORIGINAL BOXES: Inon D-2000 Strobe Inon Optical D Cable/Cap W5 Set Inon UWL-105 AD Lens [wide angle] Inon UCL-165 AD Lens [macro] Ikelite Housing 6154.90 Ultralight Arm/Tray Extra Diffuser / Deflector / Lube Packet Kit / I may have a magic filter also / etc. Fuji E900 camera (Box, Manual, USB cable, Battery Charger, DVD) Asking $800 + shipping (Prefer U.S. shipping). I have all the manuals/boxes for these items. I can provide additional or close-up pics if you are interested and want them.
  22. Hi all, I have a mint Inon Straight Viewfinder from DiverVision for the Ikelite D810 Housing. It might fit other Ikelite Housings, but I think it'd have to be Nikon Pro Bodies. I'm using a 45 now. It's a terrific viewfinder, I have a hard time imagining anyone not using a magnifying viewfinder on a housing to shoot with! It's as good as the Ikelite branded Magnifying viewfinder (not a surprise given that's an Inon finder). Mint condition, no scratches etc.. Comes with spare O-Ring. You'll need an Ikelite Viewfinder tool to remove your previous VF. $350 with free shipping, Priority Mail, US. http://www.divervision.com/inon-straight-viewfinder-for-ikelite-housings-SVF-IKE.html?search=ikelite%20viewfinder
  23. Hi All I am selling a full set of underwater equipment for my Olympus OM-D EM-5, this includes: 1. Nauticam Housing NA-EM5 2. Nauticam 36162 Macro port and zoom gear set 3. Nauticam M16 Vacum Valve II with push button release 4. INON Z-240 Strobe Type 4 5. Nauticam optical fiber cable 6. Ultralight, arms balls, and clamps I jumped in with both feet and now know that it is too much for me. While I am a very experienced diver, I have little or no experience with photography, and this is just too sophisticated for me. The equipment has literally been used on three dives, so the equipment is basically brand new, all with original boxes and packaging. I am willing to discount this equipment pretty aggressively. If you want the camera as well so it is a complete set, that can be accomplished as well. Thank you Roger begelr239@gmail.com
  24. The 45° Viewfinder Unit extends eye-point without changing viewfinder image size (x1.0) and provides no vignetting even through a mask. The eye piece is tilted at 45° which is remarkably useful for low angled subject like a goby on sand area, and 360° rotatable to suit to low angle shooting with vertical composition. Price with IKELITE adapter = 350 EUR nihrzenjak@gmail.com
  25. Hey Guys, So i have an canon 5d mkiii in Ikelite housing with 2x inon z240's and ikelite electrical sync cable. Up until recently everything was working fine but on the last couple of outings i have assembled the equipment done a couple test shots and everything works. I get in the water and then strobes stop firing. Now it's strange but if i shake the housing up and down or turn it upside down then the strobes will work again for one or two shots or until i turn it the right way up. Back on dry land sometimes it will continue to intermittently function so while this has been happening i have tested my standard speedlight unit directly on camera and it fires everytime. I have tried firing the strobes manually using a paper clip on the ikelite hot shoe connection and again they seem to fire everytime... I have cleaned the hotshoe on camera and ikelite housing connection. Strobes were bought brand new 3 months ago and they both stop firing at the same time so i doubt it's an issue with them. I would have said the sync cable or something in the housing electronics but to me there is no completely obvious conclusion? If any of you out there could shed any light on the issue it would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Grant
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