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  1. Looking for used strobe Inon Z-240 type 4 in working condition from EU... And loking for carbon arm, clamp ... prefer Inon...BS-kinetics... Thanks Nikola
  2. I am selling 2 Inon Z240 Type II strobes. Both of these strobes work great. I live in MN and like to dive in warm oceans so I only used these strobes 2-3 times a year on my dive vacations. Both of these strobes function great - the only issue with the strobes is the focus button is a bit sticky and sometimes won't turn off with the focus light button - I just turn the strobe off/on and the focus light will turn off. I am currently using the strobes with my Nauticam housing and Olympus E-M1. I have used these strobes with an E-M5, E-PL3, and Cannon G9 & G12. I bought one strobe during a photography event in Cozumel from an Inon rep and the other strobe I bought used on WetPixel in 2012. Strobe 1 will come with a user's manual, red & blue plugs for diffusers, 2 diffusers and an extra set of O-rings. I did have about a tablespoon of water in the battery compartment 3 years ago - but dried it out and has functioned perfectly. Strobe 2 will come with 2 diffusers and an extra set of O-rings. The diffuser both have a crack but still function fine. I am asking $300 for each strobe or $550 for both. The buyer will pay shipping and insurance. I will accept Paypal. I am attaching pictures of the strobes. Thanks for looking, Audrey
  3. hi to all Inon Z240 Type IV users! I am one of them :-) Today after re-reading part of the cumbersome Z240 Type IV manual (basic operation), i saw on page 13 (o-ring maintenance method), that they recommended to re-grease the battery cap oring while he was seated in the groove (i.e. no need to take the o-ring out from the groove unless difficult to clear remaining dirt). However, over the last 5 years (!) i have been taking out the oring from its groove for lubrification, each and every time i changed the batteries! I am now wondering if i have wasted my time, though i am happy to think i could reduce significantly my photo gear maintenance time :-) But i must have been advised by someone to proceed the way i did with full oring removal each time cap is opened. So i'd like to hear how you do: 1/ do you remove the battery oring from its groove each time you want to grease it, or just grease it while it's seating in the groove (greasing the oring outside then)? 2/ do you do such oring maintenance each and every time you open the battery cap? thanks in advance for sharing your experience! Obviously, if your way of doing things resulted in strobe flood, please say so ;-) cheers Nicolas 2
  4. Hello everyone, I’m making a cleaning in my photo closet, and cause I don't use it for quite some time (I have got a SLR equipment), I'm selling the following: - INON UWL-100 Achromat Wide Conversion Lens M67 Type2 The lens is in impeccable condition. Not a scratch on the glass, thread in perfect condition. Just a light scratch on the body that is the only thing that distinguishes it from a new one. Almost always used with dome (which protects even more scratches). Always carefully treated, I am the first and only owner. More info and manufacturer specifications: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/uwl100 ... t/top.html Included everything that came in the original box: lens, the two covers (front with marks of use but good fitting), manuals, serial number card, ... Price: 220 euros + shipping costs Photos: - INON Dome Lens Unit for UWL-100 + INON original neoprene dome cover It is the version with all aluminum body. Purchased second hand a few years ago. Lens in very good condition. Adapter, screws and gaskets to attach it to UWL-100 lens in perfect condition. Body with slight marks of use. Glass in very good condition, with two or three small scratches (you can see them in the detail picture), which do not affect at all to its use. Underwater they are covered by water and do not appear in the photos. It is also included the original INON neoprene dome cover, in perfect condition. Included allen key. I don't have the original box nor printed manuals. More info and manufacturer specifications: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/domele ... 0/top.html Price: 200 euros + shipping costs Photos: Important note: I do not sell the lens until I sell the dome. I would make a discount for the dome + lens combo. - INON Lens Holder W - Double 67mm Mount 67mm thread double lens holder. It fits INON, UCLS and other manufacturers arms, INON grips and floating arms. See manufacturer specs for more info. It can be mounted either one or both holder. In excellent condition, with some surface wear signs. Perfect threads. Always carefully treated, I am the first and only owner. More info and manufacturer specifications: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/option.html Included everything that came in the original box: the two holders, single mounting accessory, screws, allen key, manuals, ... Price: 60 euros + shipping costs Photos: They can be seen and touched in ​Marina Alta area (Alicante, Spain). Will prefer to ship to EU only. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact. Please, record private messages in the thread. Thanks and best regards
  5. Hi everyone, I have put together a new Facebook page to display some of my images from the past year, above and below the waves, sometimes in between. I include topics on conservation and promoting awareness of issues affecting the future of our planet. Check it out below and your critique is more than welcome! www.facebook.com/GrantThomasPhotos Thanks, Grant
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick question regarding Inon 170mm Dome. I am using Olympus E-M1 in Oly housing (PT-EP11) Recently I bought the Inon 170mm Dome http://www.divervision.com/inon-dome-port-olympus-with-protector-ii-set-for-zuiko-digital-ed-8mm-f3.5-fisheye-456212143338.html?search=Inon%20Dome I have also the adapter (PAD-EP08) and the short olympus port extension (PER-01). I tried using this setup with my Olympus 7-14 F2.8 Pro, but it could not really fit in and Im afraid to break anything. I'm deciding whether to buy another olympus port extension (PER-01) to stack it with my current port setup or get a longer olympus port extension (PER-02). I attached the setup picture for reference. Just wondering if anyone been using the same setup and probably could help me out a bit thanks Wira
  7. I have two Inon z240 strobe, the strobes are good and I have been using the for about 50 dives this Apr. However, last week when I was preparing for my next diving trip, I found one of the z240 keep beeping after I turned on the switch. I compared the sound with another one and found that the other one also has this kind of beeping sound but the noise is much lower. Both strobes functions look normal. The noise annoys me so much underwater. Anyone has experience with this kind of issue? Can someone help to explain the problem for me?
  8. Hi, I`m from spain, and i want to buy a couple of inon z-240 or a couple of sea&sea ys-d1. Thanks!!
  9. I spent a week in Aniloa at Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort shooting with a Sony a6000 in Nauticam housing. Setup included: Zoom - Sony 18-55mm lens in N85 Flat Port 72 Macro - Inon UCL for macro in M67 Flip Diopter Holder Wide - Sony 16mm + Fisheye converter in N85 4.33 inch Fisheye Dome Port 2 Intovatec 2500 lights Nauticam Flextray with Ultralight ball arms Overall the rig is heavy and I ended up putting 12 StiX Buoyancy floats on the arms. Videos here: https://vimeo.com/124075881 https://vimeo.com/125426894 https://vimeo.com/129053842 Edits in Adobe After Affects and Premier Pro CC 2014. No post production stabilization. Most of this was shot in 1080/60p at 1/125 sec and Auto ISO. I varied the F-stop depended on the type of shot (zoom, macro, wide). Since I was shooting video I used the U/W White Balance setting. For the most part it was OK, but in almost all the clips still had to make color adjustments. Also, I noticed the wide shots (16mm + Fisheye converter in the Dome Port) were not sharp / out of focus on the edges. For some of those clips where it was really noticeable I had to crop about 5-10% I find the lights are pretty good, but I did notice a shutter effect at night when both lights were on high. If I backed one down it seemed to go away.
  10. Hi, Available for sale is a new, never been used, Nauticam NA-G16 housing for the Canon G16 Powershot. The kit also includes 1 x INON Z-240 Strobe, 2 x Optic cables, 2 x clamps, 2 x handles, 1 x deck, 1 x INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide Lens, 1 x INON UCL-165M67 Closeup lens. AUD$1700.00 All are still boxed. Will separate items. Regretful sale due to injury, unable to return to diving. After 20+years. Honni Victoria, Aust.
  11. Hi, I´m selling: 2*ULCS-DB BL12 with 3 clamps: 130 € 2* Inon Mega Float Arm S: 90 € YS-D1: 420 € Plus shipping and paypal fees. (Located in germany) More details/ pictures are here: http://www.ebay.de/sch/a.my/m.html?item=331922694759&hash=item4d48226267%3Ag%3AfQEAAOSwH3NXm11s&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Kind regards, Andreas
  12. Hi, looking for a Inon 45° Viewfinder. Needs to be shipped to Germany (US and UK postal Adress also available). Payment will be done by paypal. Any offers please PM me. Many Thanks, Andreas
  13. hi all, looking for a little advice from the experts.... i have always been a keen macro shooter but would like to try a bit of wide angle reefscape stuff without breaking the bank. as a dive instructor ive always had a pretty tight budget (!) but have managed results im very proud of with very simple canon g series set ups using a couple of DIY solutions for magnification and lighting. now i want to put together a new system and im very tempted to go for the g7x... the new sensor is bigger than some of the recent budget dslr's and reviews generally seem to be pretty good regarding image quality and focus speed etc. im confident that if i include a subsee or other type of magnification that the macro will be as good as, or better than, previous g series cameras but what im interested in is trying my hand at some wide angle stuff without having to spend dslr amounts of money... here is the kind of set up i was thinking of... canon G7 X recsea cwc-g7x housing (cheaper but still has the 67mm threaded port for external lenses) 1 or 2 x sea and sea ys-d1 strobes (might seem extravagant for the set up but seems sensible for future proofing) subsee +10 or similar inon uwl-100 or similar wide angle wet lens possible dome unit for wide angle lens (how necessary is this??) i would welcome any advice regarding this set up particularly where the wide angle capability is concerned. does anyone see any obvious problems with the set up before i financially cripple myself? all help would be greatly appreciated.... thanks, nick
  14. Hello Wetpixel! Initially I posted my question on this thread but it would probably deserve a dedicated discussion. My setup: Two Inon Z240 Type IV strobes, setup to be triggered via fiber optic cables (cables attached, working on previous Nauticam DSLR housing). Shooting fully in Manual mode, strobe outputs controlled manually via the strob knobs (not using TTL). Nikon D500 camera, in Nauticam housing. Because D500 doesn't have internal flash, Nauticam's new external flash triggering system is used, and connected to the D500 via a hot shoe. See here under section "External Flash Triggering" - i am NOT using the optional TTL circuitry, just the baseline one, which works in manual mode only. The problem: Inons don't fire My investigations so far: I am pretty sure the Inons are setup properly (i've switched from TTL shooting to Manual a while ago), and in fact i have been switching the fiber optics from the D500 housing to the D300s housing which i still have, and with the D300s Nauticam housing both strobes fire properly. So clearly the communication between NA-D500 housing and the Inons is not right. I made sure the NA-D500 emits a light signal: i unplugged the fiber optics and looked through the 2 "windows" and, surprise, they both emit a (strong) red light. So i confirmed the housing produces some light. Now i checked on the other end of the fiber optic cables (strobe side), and i do see the red light properly coming through the optical cable, so for me the fiber optic cables are fine - anyways they work perfectly with NA-D300s housing (triggered by the D300s' internal flash. My theories/open question so far: is it normal that the Nauticam LED flash triggering system emits red light? As far as i know LEDs consume fewer power when emitting white/blueish light. are Inon Z240 type 4 strobes supposed to work with a red light when using fiber optics as a trigger? I would be surprised that this very popular strobe model isn't compatible with the new Nauticam LED flash triggering system, but i just don't know. Can anybody help me figure out why it is not working, and how to fix this? I believe the NA-D5 housing uses the exact same strobe triggering system, so maybe some D5 shooters could advice? Some would say RTFM, but in fact the NA-D500 manual is still being written, that's one of the funny aspects of being a very early adopter cheers Nicolas
  15. The housing is about 4,5 years old and well used. But works fine and has never been flooded. All gear ship from Canada. Items for Sale: - Nauticam NA-7D Housing for EOS 7D w. standard viewfinder - Canon EOS 7D Body Would ask for 1500 US$ for housing and body - INON 45° Degree viewfinder adapted for Nauticam >> for 400 US$ - INON Port Adapter >> only selling with the ports - INON Dome Port II - INON MRS 100 Pors for the 100mm USM Macro 600$ for the three ports with adapter and Magnet rings. - Canon 100mm USM Macro Lens >> 300 US$ - Tokina 10-17 Fisheye >> 300 US$ 2800 US$ for the whole package.
  16. Hey, I am selling an INON UWL-100 28AD in very good condition (like new) for 180€ (+ shipping) or best offer! Couldn't really use it on my housing because of vignetting with my lens type. I will add a free converter from M67 to INON AD. With that adapter you can easily mount/unmount the lens during your dive. Item is located in Germany, but can be shipped worldwide (but please check shipping cost to your country on dhl.de before) regards Benedikt
  17. For sale NEW INON UWL-H100 M67 type 2 with Inon dome unit. Comes fully assembled in dry,air conditioned area to prevent fogging and ready for dive. Never used and new with all accessories, paperwork, original receipt, covers, boxes and warranty! Purchased from authorized dealer three weeks ago. Absolutely flawless!. Unfortunately must sell. When purchased separately the cost is $980.00 USD Comes with Neoprene cover ($42.00) Free Cont. US shipping! Will ship worldwide. Paypal only $800.00
  18. Hey Guys, Im looking for a new arm system to accommodate 2 inon z240's on ikelite housing. If any of you have arms, clamps, mounts you are selling i would be interested! Any brand, any size... If you have ikelite quick release mounts or inon ball mounts then i would definitely be interested in those! Thanks, Grant
  19. I am on the hunt for a 4k video solution and stranded at the RX100 mk IV. Decent IQ, modest pricing, cheap housings. First of: I am eying the Fantasea frx100 housing(s), does it have any significant drawback compared to Ikelite? Speaking of Fantasea, does the mk IV camera fit in the mk III housing? Fantasea offers a retrofitting service, can it be done at home? As for optics, I want the best. Does the WWL-1 have any serious (and somewhat lighter...) competitors in the wet wide lens department?
  20. I've got up for sale my Canon 7D/Aquatica rig. Comes with Inon Z240's, lenses, ports, etc etc. Australia only. 2 days left on the auction - head to http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/151983121877?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITto see what's included and place your bid.
  21. I have recently had to stop diving due to medical reasons and thus have my complete underwater photo set up for sale. I have had the set up for about 4 years and have had it on about 7 dive trips so it is in very good condition. I prefer to sell the complete set up however if individual items have a fair market value offered I will consider them. I am asking $3499.00 for the complete set up. These are the components of the set up Canon G12 shoots photo and HD video Recsea Housing accommodates Canon G11 and G12 camera Recsea ball adapter used for video lighting Dryon Fisheye FIX lens FIX easy close up lens, has macro and super macro lens Inon Z 240 (2strobes) type 4 Inon optical D cables (17") Inon optical D cables short, used when only using 2 arms for macro External diffusers for strobes Inon O ring replacement sets (2) Inon strobe adapter ball mount (2) Ultra lite clamps (6) Ultra lite tray Ultra lite grip handles with ball for arms Ultra lite buoyant arms 8" (4 arms)
  22. Used Inon D-2000W S-TTL Underwater Camera Strobe with Sync Port, Excellent condition with some minor cosmetic scratches. Works great! The Inon D-2000W has the same high performance of the D2000 model. In addition to the base specifications, The D2000W includes a 5 pin-type electrical connector port for compact digital and digital SLR cameras. Nikonos type 5 pin-connection - Manual + TTL mode - 24 step External Auto mode is compatible - 13 step Manual mode is compatible Fiber optic connector - S-TTL is compatible - 24 step External Auto mode is compatible - 13 step Manual mode is compatible - Able to switch between ALL useable flash modes underwater (with compatible cameras). High power with Guide Number 20, Wide 100° circular distribution even without a diffuser Patented T-shape Twin Flash structure produces guide number 20 with wide circular beam angle 100° even without a diffuser to deliver strobe light wide area. The beam coverage increases to 110° with a diffuser. This ideal circular strobe light distribution does not require locating the strobe parallel to camera to support sophisticated and flexible angled lighting with strobe arm. Precise S-TTL Auto mode works with any make The D-2000 offers highly accurate S-TTL Auto mode by transmitting built-in flash light to an external strobe regardless of make or model of camera. The S-TTL Auto does not require any complicated setting. You do not have to buy new strobe when you upgrade from point & shoot digital camera to digital SLR camera. Fine adjustment to match with your taste even in TTL shooting S-TTL Auto mode provides great usability beyond traditional TTL with its fine flash output adjustment simply by dialing the EV. Control Switch on the back control panel. Besides standard exposure setting, flash output can be adjusted at three steps to increase and five steps to decrease for more usability over conventional TTL. Built-in high-intensity Focus Light The Focus Light assists focusing in darker conditions without influence on an image by shutter-linked auto OFF feature Integral pre-flash mode detecting function The D-2000 automatically identifies the number of pre-flashes for proper functioning of External Auto, Manual as well as precise S-TTL Auto mode. Works with standard AA batteries, and standard rechargeable NiMH batteries. You will get the best performance using Eneloop Rechargeable Ni-MH, which also happen to be recommended by the manufacturer. I have both of the user manuals. The 5 pin-type electrical connector port on the back is the same as a Sea&Sea cable. As far as I know this has never been flooded and the battery contacts are very clean. I am looking for $350 for this flash and will accept paypal payment plus shipping charges. My eBay:Summary blibecap (585) Please see attached pictures. Bill
  23. Hi, can anybody advice me on where I would able to buy the following: Replacement globe/tube and the reflector behind it. (With globe/tube I referring to the part which generates the light.) Thanks Geo
  24. UNDERWATER AND LAND SET UP sadly for sale as we’ve stopped diving – equipment in good condition and fully working order Subal Housing, flash, Nikon camera bodies and 18-200mm lens all had a full service in 2014/2015 Items for sale: Subal ND20 housing with magnifier viewer Safety clip to attach housing to BCD Dome Port with crack on plastic but held firmly by glue for the last two years of use and fully functional - a couple of small shallow 0.5cm scratches on front of glass (does not affect photos) Extension ring Flat Macro Port 5 x ‘O’ rings for body of housing 3 x ‘O’ rings for ports Inon Z-240 flash 2 x ‘O’ rings for flash battery compartment Lubricant for all ‘O’ rings 2 x Inon double ball arms with foam buoyancy, plus 3 Inon ball arm clamps High powered self extinguishing focusing light Mount for additional gadget attachment to Subal housing Fibre optic spot light arms and housing to attach to Inon Flash Manual for Inon Flash and D200 camera bodies 2 x Nikon D200 camera bodies Shutter number just under 20,000 with one body and estimated under 5,000 with second body 3 x Batteries for camera 2 x 4Gb SanDisk Extreme CF cards 2 x Nikon battery chargers Camera mount plate for Subal housing AF Micro Nikkor 60mm Macro Lens AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm Wide Angle Zoom Lens with gear ring for Subal Housing Originally paid around £10,000 for all equipment. Would be happy to take £2,000 for everything or £1,500 for everything except lenses Carriage costs are £20 within the UK and £200 to USA - all equipment weighs around 24lbs
  25. 4) Sea Sea 5-Pin Sync Cord for Duo Strobes (2) brand new never used (2) YS-120 strobes with ball adapters Please make an offer I would like to sell everything together or 1 Strobe with 2 sync cords. These strobes have been used and are still in great shape. Please see pictures, I have tried to show the scratches due to normal ware and tare. These strobes sold for over $800. new and the cords still go for $100. new. I am not looking to receive ANYWHERE NEAR that amount, every reasonable offer will be considered. Thank you for looking. Items are located in San Diego zip 91941 PayPal, personal check, money order or cash will be accepted. The Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe is an advanced underwater flash system. The YS-120 is one of the fastest recycling strobes on the market providing the right light for the right moment. Its size is just perfect, not too small or too big. The YS-120 strobe provides an audible and visual TTL confirmation, and a heavy duty bumper on the front to prevent damage to the strobe head. The YS-120TTL duo high-performance strobe incorporates Duo circuitry, wide coverage angle (105° X 105°) and short recycle time (less than 2 seconds with 1700mA Ni-MH batteries). The YS-120 is ready to shoot when you are. Guide number is 22 (land). Coverage angle of 105° X 105°(105° X 105° with diffuser) is wide enough to cover a 15mm wide-angle lens on a film or housed film camera or the new Nikon 12mm to 24mm wide angle lenses for digital cameras. 2-step(full and 1/2) light levels are available for manual photography. 4-step control will also be available through the use of an accessory diffuser. Over 280 full power flashes with fresh alkaline batteries and Long-life lithium batteries will give as many as 600 full power flashes with a recycle time of only 3 seconds. Recycle time is almost zero during TTL mode. Ready and TTL lamps are provided on both sides for easy access while using dual strobes. The YS-120 also has an audible tone for "Flash Ready" and "TTL Confirmation". the flash also has a handy test flash setting. The YS-120 is offered in 3 color options (available in certain countries) to match the user's camera system. The YS-120's built-in Duo circuit works with N-type (used in MMIII) and S-type TTL circuits, both used in Sea & Sea housings. Its slave function allows the 120 to be used as a non-corded secondary flash. Specifications: Guide Number: 22 (land, at full power) Coverage angle: 105° X 105° Battery life: 600 flashes (lithium battery, at full power)/280 flashes (alkaline battery, at full power)/140 flashes (Ni-Cd battery, at full power)/320 flashes (1700mA Ni-MH battery, at full power) Light level control: Full and 1/2 (2 steps) Color temperature: 5,100° K (at full power)/4,800° K (with diffuser) Compatible with detachable sync cord Battery requirement: 8 X AA Alkaline (12V), Ni-Cd (9.6V) or Ni-MH (9.6V) batteries Depth rating: 60m/200 feet Dimensions (HxWxD): 102 X 102 X 185mm/4.0 X 4.0 X 7.3 inches Land weight: 1,300g/2.9 lbs Underwater weight: -150g/-5.3 oz Slave function Audible flash ready tone Test flash function Over-pressure relief valve
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