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Found 49 results

  1. Selling like new, used on one dive trip FIX NEO DX2000SWR video/focus light. Comes flawless, complete with original accessories,manuals and box. Purchased new in September for $900 Asking $750 with Free Cont.US shipping Will ship worldwide!
  2. Green Force, HID 150 Squid , with 2 HC batteries and 2 chargers, 2 adapters for housing. Various spare parts. If you want to see the result: http://www.vimeo.com/risck 690 Euros per couple, far less than half of its original list price.
  3. I'm looking into getting some high CRI lamps first and foremost for macro work. I'm tempted by the FIX NEO 2200 pro lights http://www.fixneo.com/fix-neo-premium-2200-dx . These are rated for 2200 lumens and a cri of 95 with a color temperature of 4000 kelvin. But I fear they might not give enough light for macro video work? What are the other high cri options? I know of the Keldan Video 8m CRI but it's out of my price range. The other option I know of are the I-Torch Venom c92 with CRI 92 and 4000 lumens. http://www.itorch.ca/venom-c92.html
  4. UNDERWATER AND LAND SET UP sadly for sale as we’ve stopped diving – equipment in good condition and fully working order Subal Housing, flash, Nikon camera bodies and 18-200mm lens all had a full service in 2014/2015 Items for sale: Subal ND20 housing with magnifier viewer Safety clip to attach housing to BCD Dome Port with crack on plastic but held firmly by glue for the last two years of use and fully functional - a couple of small shallow 0.5cm scratches on front of glass (does not affect photos) Extension ring Flat Macro Port 5 x ‘O’ rings for body of housing 3 x ‘O’ rings for ports Inon Z-240 flash 2 x ‘O’ rings for flash battery compartment Lubricant for all ‘O’ rings 2 x Inon double ball arms with foam buoyancy, plus 3 Inon ball arm clamps High powered self extinguishing focusing light Mount for additional gadget attachment to Subal housing Fibre optic spot light arms and housing to attach to Inon Flash Manual for Inon Flash and D200 camera bodies 2 x Nikon D200 camera bodies Shutter number just under 20,000 with one body and estimated under 5,000 with second body 3 x Batteries for camera 2 x 4Gb SanDisk Extreme CF cards 2 x Nikon battery chargers Camera mount plate for Subal housing AF Micro Nikkor 60mm Macro Lens AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm Wide Angle Zoom Lens with gear ring for Subal Housing Originally paid around £10,000 for all equipment. Would be happy to take £2,000 for everything or £1,500 for everything except lenses Carriage costs are £20 within the UK and £200 to USA - all equipment weighs around 24lbs
  5. Selling two like new Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes. Used only on 1 dive trip (2 dives). Both are flawless, like new and complete with boxes, manuals, accessories. I will also give you two fiber optic cables! Free cont. US shipping! Purchased new in September for $1500 asking $ 1150.00
  6. Selling like new, used on one dive trip FIX NEO DX2000SWR video/focus light. Comes flawless, complete with original accessories,manuals and box. Purchased new in September for $900 Asking $750 with Free Cont.US shipping Will ship worldwide!
  7. I am searching for a focusing light with a narrow beam and integrated flash sensor, I want to use the light for mounting on top of the camera, help the camera to focus in dark water with poor visability. For that it would be good if the light has as a spot spot 500-1500 lumen. Quick Change to wide and red would be perfect, but not the msot important. The Problem is, that when I use higher Iso and a wide open aperture, then the light of a normal torch is visible on the Photos. For that it would be great if the light automatically turns off when I take a picture. Does somebody know such a light or give me a tip? Thank Armin
  8. Despite being new to underwater photography / videography I rather ambitiously bought a duel set of Bersub video lights of fleabay that are powered by a hefty sized battery canister (dry weight 1.7kg, diameter 80mm, length 200mm). The umbilical cables are no the wet type so can not ('should not' is probably a better description) be removed underwater. I am using an S95 in an ikelite housing on a dual arm tray. As I see it have two options; Mount canister on the camera, under the tray Mount canister on myself, say on the waist strap Given the relative size of the the idea of mounting the canister under the camera is not very appealing to me. The canister will be negatively buoyant so I would have to think about buoyancy arms or floats to make it manageable. On the other hand if I hang the canister on me then ditching the thing in case of an emergency becomes harder, also I foresee kitting up and entries taking more thought. If I waist mount like a traditional battery canister I would need to undo the waist strap and loosen my whole diving harness to take the camera off. Even in non emergency situations it would be nice to detach the canister more easily if say I am handing the camera rig up someone in a rhib. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Up for sale is 2 Inon Z-240 strobes in excellent condition. They do not have a lot of dives on them, no scratches, dings, never flooded. Comes with original boxes and paperwork. I would like to sell them as a pair. The only reason I'm selling them is because I'm doing more video and they aren't being used. They work perfectly. $600 Each. Buyer pays all shipping and Paypal fees. Accept Paypal only. Features: High power with Guide Number 24, wide 100 degrees circular beam angle light distribution even without a diffuserINON unique T-shape Twin Flash construction and optimally designed reflecting mirror/prism enable effective light distribution and produce powerful guide number 24 (*1) at wide circular 100° beam coverage without a diffuser from compact body (outer diameter:99mm x depth: 100mm x height: 122mm) (*2) run by only 4 x AA batteries. Even for shooting wide subject, the Z-240 delivers strong strobe light to an entire area without using a diffuser which suppresses strobe power. Packaged -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual) increases bean angle to 110 degree (guide number 21). With the white diffuser, color temperature of the Z-240 decreases at 100K (Kelvin) only to depict underwater scenery in same color regardless of using the diffuser or not.(*1) Measurement in air/ ISO100m, Nominal value (*2) Excluding protruded parts. Minimum recycle time 1.6 secondsMinimum recycle time at full flash (how fast the strobe is ready to fire just after full flash) is approx. 1.6 sec.(*3). The Z-240 unique circuit components carries two sets of fundamental electrical parts (transformer and transistor) to achieve fast recycle time.(*3) With SANYO Twiicell 2700 Series, HR-3UTG, 1.2V, Min.2,500mAh. Recycle time/flash capacity based on INON test data. Actual values may vary depending on battery manufacturer, battery type etc. and age. Optical connection/electrical connection, digital/film fully compatibleThe Z-240 offers all advanced features including S-TTL Auto mode which supports TTL Auto exposure control by transmitting built-in flash light to an external strobe and compatibility with Clear Photo System. Optical connection system widely supports from transparent housing for compact digital cameras to a housing for digital SLRs with built-in flash regardless of make or model. Its sync connector accepts Nikonos 5 pin type cable to shoot in TTL Auto mode with a film camera or in Manual/External Auto mode with high end digital SLR not equipped with the built-in flash (*4).(*4) Usable function may vary depending on camera system and connection method EV. Controller to adjust exposure of S-TTL AutoIt is simple to fine-tune flash power in S-TTL Auto by dialing the EV Control Switch on the back control panel. Adjustable range is 3 steps to increase and 6 steps to decrease, to suit to personal preference or different exposure control characteristics among camera models. Next generation wireless TTLThe Z-240 Type 4 successfully amplifies receiving optical signal from the slave sensor 20 times more comparing to previous Z-240 Type 3 to provide wireless S-TTL Auto mode using a mirror instead of an optical cable. Attaching optional Wireless Connection Kit on the Z-240 Type 4 and combined with a housing via Shoe Base Set or Grip Base D4 Set creates a handy S-TTL Auto shooting set. 13 step Manual / 24 step External AutoThe Z-240 supports professional needs for sophisticated and precise lighting by its 13 step Manual mode with 1/2EV. increments and by semi-automatic 24 step External Auto mode with 1/4EV. increments which determines strobe output based on onboard sensor. INON unique Advanced Cancel Circuit benefits you with faster recycle time and more images per battery set to eliminate drawbacks when using with a pre-flash type digital camera where the built-in flash always burst full dump. High-intensity 180 lumen power LEDFocus Light with shutter linked auto OFF function Multifunctional Focus Light for supporting focusing as well as for using as an indicator of strobe charge status since it turns on in synch with strobe's ready LED lamp. The Z-240 Type 4 uses high-intensity 180 lumen power LED as Focus Light which is also usable as an independent diving light producing 180 lumen/20° coverage. The Focus Light automatically turns OFF in synch with shutter release where it quenches emitting light at the time of pre-flash under Optical D Cable Connection with a pre-flash type digital camera, so it is never recorded in an image (*5).(*5)Focus Light may be recorded on an image depending on camera system, connection method and shooting condition. Integral pre-flash mode detecting functionFully compatible with a camera like Nikon digital SLR cameras D700/D300/D200/D90/D80 which alter number of pre-flash between once or twice depending on shooting condition making total flashes twice to three times. The Z-240 automatically identifies number of pre-flash to activate adequate program to support proper functioning of External Auto, Manual as well as precise S-TTL Auto mode. Manual + TTL Auto mode for film camerasNewly introduced flash mode for hard wired film camera to pre-set maximum flash power in TTL Auto exposure to compensate the weakness of the TTL Auto mode. Conventional TTL Auto may not get along with a particular situation like shooting a swimming fish without colorful back ground where TTL Auto could deliver full damp resulting from TTL error. The Manual + TTL Auto mode can avoid this problem by manually setting necessary flash output for a subject to stop firing at pre-set flash amount in case of TTL error happens and benefit you to drastically reduce overexposed images.
  10. Selling 2x of my Keldan 4X Video Lights. Rated at 6000 Lumens, 5000K, with a 82 CRI. Both Lights are used( purchase Jan 15') and do show signs of minor cosmetic wear, but work flawlessly. Includes 2x Nauticam 2 inch single ball to Sea & Sea style arms, original box, manual, batteries( 1 battery for each light), and chargers. Price is $2300 for the pair(1150 each). More detailed specs here: http://keldanlights.com/english/products/compact-video-lights/video-4x.html?ridcat=50
  11. For Sale: A pair of FIX LED1000 DX lights. The lights are in like new condition and have only been used on about 10-20 dives. Included are spare batteries for both lights and all of the original accessories and chargers. I am selling these as a pair, not individually. Price $350 (US) for both light plus shipping from Phoenix, AZ If you are interested please email me at egebhard@cox.net Thank You Eric Gebhard
  12. I'm rationalising my Ultralight holdings and have the items below for sale. They are all in excellent condition. I'm including the small UKMiniQ40 torch with the torch holder. Price includes shipping in EU Ultralight 5" DB-05 £35/€43 Ultralight standard clamp AC-CSF £28/€35 Ultralight triple clamp AC-TCS £28/€35 Ultralight ball adaptor AD-SS £17/€21 Ultralight torch holder AC-USL £27/€34 Shipping from Paris Thanks!
  13. I would really like to get my hands on the discontinued itorch pro 4 light. I have a working one, and my other light - a Fisheye - has finally died. I'm tired of leapfrogging lights and would like a matching pair for a change. Please PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  14. Two led lights, 3500 lumen, one hour operating time at max power. 115° light beam. Stepless power control. Perfect condition. Few recharge cycles, battery still in full condition. 900€ both. Full album here: http://imgur.com/a/xfWT9
  15. I'm selling an Ikelite AF 35 strobe that is in excellent condition. It works great, no problems, and comes with the box, diffuser, manual, etc. I'm upgrading my equipment and no longer have a need for it. I paid $400 or so for it, and would like $290. Email me if you're interested or have any questions -> mtneerdiver@gmail.com. I can also email pics to you. Thanks!
  16. I'm new to photographing underwater. When I take portraits above water I like to use a reflector to bring in some extra light to my subject without using a flash. Does anybody use something like that underwater? Is it even effective? Thanks.
  17. UK Light Canon 100 HID Excellent condition, never been underwater.$200 bettewarn@gmail.com
  18. Light and Motion SunRay 2000 LED lights 2x light and motion LED lights 2x L&M battery pods 4x L&M batterys 2x L&M chargers This allows you to have a set on charge while you are diving the other set. They have 1" balls on them for attaching to an arm system All in good working order. Please respond to dtreid@gmail.com as I do not monitor the forums daily $995 plus shipping See review: http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/light_motion_sunray_douglas.html
  19. Light and Motion Sola Video 1200 light. Used very little. Comes with charger, ball and case. $485.00 plus shipping Lumens (Flood 60°/Spot 12°): High- 1200 / 500 Med- 600 / 250 Low- 300 / 125 Run Time (Flood/Spot): High- 70 / 110 Min Med- 140 / 220 Min Low- 280 / 440 Min Charge Time: 150 Minutes Please respond to dtreid@gmail.com as I do not monitor the forums daily Stock image
  20. I have 2 Inon Z-240 (type 4) strobes for sale. They are in great condition, only used on about 30 dives. I was using them with my Canon 7D. Unfortunately I have to sell them as I am videographer and need to buy video lights and can not justify financially to have all these expensive lights. These strobes were always transported securely in my Pelican case. What is included 2 Inon Z-240 Strobes (with diffusers) (Like new) (Not Pictured)Spare O-rings, Inon Grease and and all the user manuals that come with the strobes new. None of which have been opened (except for a little grease) Asking 1,300 for both strobes, will ship anywhere in the US. Accept Paypal. Thanks! Alex
  21. I’ve been working on this project for a while & now seem to be getting somewhere, the idea was to keep the already versatile NA-EM5 & 12-50 set up as small and light as possible. Made of two sheets of vacuum formed HIPS bonded together with an acrylic diffuser at the front, the inside is white to reflect as much light forward as possible using the standard Olympus flash. Here’s a couple of shots taken with this set up: I would be interested in any thoughts you have on this method of lighting. Cheer's, Gary.
  22. Hi guys, I decided to buy Panasonic GH2 with Nauticam Housing and now I am in process to select the right light for me. First of all - 80% of use of GH2 is for video, I just love to shoot video and make some clips . I like to make wide angle shots and also macro. I came to videography from uw photography, so I also *love* to make some nice photos. I know, it is not possible to make both in 100%, but I just want to get as much as possible from my setup. So the question is: Which video light you would choose, to make great videos and good photos ? First of all, I know, I can not make perfect pictures using video light comparing to strobes (Z240/D2000/S2000). From all, what I read till now, the really great video lights are: - Light and Motion Sola 4000 - FishEye Fix Aquavolt 3500 (thanks to Davide for nice review) - also they got 5000 version - Keldan Luna 8 LA-V High CRI LED Video Light 2012 - quite expensive, very powerful - SeaLife SL980 (I am putting it here only because they state it is video AND photo light) The best would be to find the video light which got option for flash. Any recommendations ? Thanks
  23. SUMMARY: -If you have any questions, email me at Josephn5833@sbcglobal.net -Ikelite Housing $500, WA Lens $250, Dome Lens $250 -Price for entire package: $700 (Save $100) -Package is based in the United States in Austin, Texas. Shipping is offered. -Pictures of what’s for sale and sample pictures from video recordings with this camcorder (links provided below) Hi, I am a research student that had the opportunity to do research on the exclusive Lizard Island, Australia for a month. I spent a lot of money on this amazing video set-up, and it exceeded all of my expectations while documenting my research on the Great Barrier Reef. This system has worked flawlessly with absolutely no leaks or issues. At this time, I am not selling the actual Sr11 Sony Video Camcorder, but you can purchase one from eBay for $350-$500. This HD camcorder was $1,000 when it first came out. Below are the details on what is on sale. I also have a lot of photos of the housing as well as video snapshots I took with this video set up. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad, I wish you the best of luck in your underwater videography adventures! HOUSING AND LENSES FOR SALE: -Ikelite Housing with STANDARD port (Model# 6038.94) (Current Newegg Price: $1,300); FOR SALE: $500 -Inon UWL-100 Type 2 Wide Angle Conversion Lens(Current Reef Price: 395.95); FOR SALE: $250 -Inon Dome Unit II for UWL-100 and UWL-100 28 AD Lenses(Current Reef Price: 425.95); FOR SALE: $250 -Sony SR11 Full 1080 HD Camcorder is NOT FOR SALE at this time. But if you really want to buy it, I might sell. Just let me know. EXTRAS: -2X DIY Loc-Line for mounting lights on top of Handles -Red Filter for Standard Port -Red Filter for Inon Wide Angle Conversion Lens -Extra Housing O-Rings and O-Ring Lubricant -Silica Gel packets -PDF manuals + Video Technique articles (very helpful for beginners) PICTURES: -Ikelite Underwater Housing and Lenses (the Inon Wide Angle Lens is connected to the Dome Lens) (http://imgur.com/a/XVjDJ#0) -Snapshots from Video Recordings (The first picture of my filming with this video setup was taken with a Nikon DSLR camera) (http://imgur.com/a/YQ5V4#0) I have a lot of information on how to setup and maintain this underwater video system, so if you're interested in buying, I'll discuss my maintenance routine and shooting technique. This item is based in the United States in Austin, Texas. Shipping is no problem. I guarantee that if you’re looking to buy a new HD video set-up, this will be the best deal you can find. There are just so many extra accessories including lenses that make this great deal for beginners and experienced videographers. If you have any questions, email me at Josephn5833@sbcglobal.net
  24. Hi all, DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Fisheye nor I get these light for free nor I got some discount. It's a new product, I was one of the first to receive these lights and I wanted to share my opinion on them. I hope you will appreciate this mini review of my new lights Few weeks ago I finally received my brand new FIX Aquavolt3500 video lights from Fisheye Japan. They are self-contained led lights and as their name suggests they have a 3500 lumen output. The light beam covers 115° with an even flux without spots and they guarantee one hour of operating time at maximum power. For a complete data sheet just look at the manufacturer web site. http://www.fisheye-j...3500/index.html I’m not an unboxing lover but I think it is worth a photo showing the carefulness of the packaging. The light kit is composed of the light itself, a small charger with a peculiar base for the battery (I will be back on this shortly), a handle, a 3300mA Lithium battery with two caps, a spare o-ring kit and a tin can of silicone grease. My kit arrived with a Sea&Sea joint which I substituted with a ball joint for my Nauticam arms. I think that you can specify the joint type while ordering. The Aquavolt3500 is entirely built in aluminum alloy with a front mineral glass. The light body has a classic screw type opening with double o-ring. I shot a photo near a 1/2L Coca Cola bottle to give you an idea of their dimensions. Weigh in water is only 290gr. The back of the light has an LCD display which gives information on the power setting, residual battery life and its internal temperature: if the light reaches 68°C it shut down automatically. The user manual specifies that it cannot be used out of water. Near the display there is a knob with a central button. A finger pressure of a couple of seconds turns on the light at the maximum power. Following presses change the power at 80-50-30%. You turn off the light pressing the knob for three seconds. Power output can be regulated also rotating the knob with a 2% steps. This feature is aimed to macro photography. You can finely tune the exposure just rotating the knob. On the left of the knob there is an over-pressure valve and on top of the display something like a cap: user manual states that they can be remotely controlled. Maybe Fisheye has some special accessory for this feature. The custom Lithium battery is worth describing. Electrical contacts on both sides are circular shaped: you can insert the battery into the light or into the charger without paying attention at polarity or position. The battery charger has a custom base with 4 led indicating the ongoing charge (max 3 hours). Inserting the battery into the base without power supply you can check the remaining battery charge through the same 4 led. The battery itself has an extra electrical connection identical to the main charger allowing to be charged without using the base. Continue on next post...
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