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Found 952 results

  1. AMAZING SALE - UPDATED MARCH 19 2013 My underwater housing requirements are heading on a different direction and need to sell my gear. I have been the only owner of the equipment listed here. Camera has cables, manuals, strap and battery in original packaging. Housing has original packaging box. Nauticam Underwater Housing D300s -> $1,800.00 Nikon D300s (Original Box, cables, manuals, battery and package) -> $700.00 Total $ 2,500.00 All equipment is in perfect and mint condition. (Check pictures) Contact: joaquin.pineros@me.com
  2. In perfect condition, has maybe 50 dives on it. Never leaked. $2150 OBO Will also sell: 7D body, 60mm macro
  3. I’ve been working on this project for a while & now seem to be getting somewhere, the idea was to keep the already versatile NA-EM5 & 12-50 set up as small and light as possible. Made of two sheets of vacuum formed HIPS bonded together with an acrylic diffuser at the front, the inside is white to reflect as much light forward as possible using the standard Olympus flash. Here’s a couple of shots taken with this set up: I would be interested in any thoughts you have on this method of lighting. Cheer's, Gary.
  4. I sell my full kit due to my upgrade to 5D3. Selling from Singapore. [Nauticam 7D] 50 dives, very good condition, no leak, no trouble, no major scratch, with handles, with front cover, bought it in Singapore. The surface got slight whitey due to sea water mineral which can not be avoided. http://www.nauticamusa.com/nusa/category/canon-7d US Retail price: 3200 [Canon 7D] Used for 2 years, very good condition, kept always in dry box, no scratch, menu in English and Japanese, bought in Japan. http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/slr_cameras/eos_7d US Retail price: 1499 [ Tokina 10-17mm fisheye] Used for a year, very good condition, no scratch in lens, kept always in dry box, bought in Singapore. http://www.tokinalens.com/tokina/products/atx/atx107afdxfisheye/ US Retail price: 699 [Nauticam glass dome port for Tokina 10-17] 10 CM diameter, Used for a year, good condition with small scratch which has no impact on photos, can be used only with Tokina 10-17. Not sold in US, Japan retail price: 700 [Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17] Used for a year, can be used only with Tokina 10-17. US Retail price: 155 Total US retail price: 6,253 USD Selling Price: 4200 USD by paypal. Earliest shipping: 16th March from Singapore. Will use postal service. International free shipping with economy class. Please add 100 USD for EMS with tracking. Will pack items perfectly. Thanks! YUKI
  5. What do you with your fish-eye wet lens when it is not in use but you want it with you on a dive? Where do you store it etc? I am trying to figure out some way of being able to carry one underwater, should the need arise such as when I go to Malapascua in August I will want to shoot the Threshers and then finish off with some super macro etc! I have done this for years with a WA and macro lenses but never with a fish-eye! Many thanks Simon
  6. I have a complete underwater system for Canon 7D with Nauticam Housing. System and price include the following. New Sale Price NAUTICAM NA-7D 3,200 2,500 ZEN 9" FISHEY DOME PORT W/ COVER 1,899 1,300 ZEN DP-100 100MM FISHEY DOME PORT FOR TOKINA 10-17 999 600 NAUTICAM MACRO PORT NG-60 W/M67 360 250 NAUTICAM EXTENSION RING 60 W/LOCK 320 250 NAUTICAM SC 816-Z ZOOM GEAR FOR SIGMA 8-16 175 100 NAUTICAM TN1017-Z ZOOM GEAR FOR CANON TOKINA 10-17 155 100 WET 4X DIOPTER W/ ARM CLAMP HOLDER 220 150 NAUTICAM FIBER OPTIC CABLES (2) 200 125 CANON 7D BODY W/BATTERY, CHARGER, MANUAL, STRAP 1,200 700 TOKINA 10-17 3.5-4.5 DX ZOOM WIDE ANGLE LENS FOR CANON 669 400 SIGMA 8-16 4.5-5.6 HSM 649 400 Total 10,046 6,875 The system and camera are in excellent condition. Sale price includes purchase of entire system.
  7. Went down to Cabo for a few days and then out on the Solmar V to the Soccoros for a week in mid-January. It can always be a crap shoot, and the last trip I made (this is my third) was in January and was spectacular. This time we had wind a cool weather in Cabo for most of the 5 days. The islands really got beat up with hard rain and wind the week before we went. Fortunately it had improved as we left. Unfortunately the seas were choppy and the wind was still bad for the first couple of days. The viz was pretty bad, worst I've seen. Normally it's 80-100', but we had more like 20' horizontal and 40' vertical. We couldn't see our fins at Cabo Pearce. Frustratingly, there was pretty decent animal interactions, with lots of hammerheads and even a small (10-12') Tiger at Canyons, but pretty much impossible to shoot! Roca Partida had better viz, still not what I've seen there, but lumpy seas and strong currents. There was a small school of Galapagos sharks, but the group scared them away. Whales were in and a couple of lucky guys dropped in and go a few shots, of course they were gone went I went in... Finally, we got back to San Benedicto and El Boiler was ok, although very hazy, and pretty bad by the afternoon. But the mantas were playing, and over the course of 8 dives I managed to get some images I liked, by getting within a few feet. Several dives we had 2-3 even 4 circling us and enjoying our bubbles. Over the years, I've learned to just stay motionless and verical with my hand raised as if asking a question. They'll zoom by, stop, and circle right over me. They love the attention. Amazing for an animal thats 18-22' in width! Oh well, that's blue water diving for you. The next couple of week's trip reports had the viz back and conditions excellent. The crew on the Solmar V is fantastic, the old boat still works out quite well, great food, huge camera table and everyone had fun. We do have a charter in 2014 at the end of May concentrating on shooting bait balls and the huge schools of silky sharks that seem to congregate around Roca Partida that time of year. I'll have an announcement up soon. Here's a few shots. They were taken with a Nikon D800, Sigma 15mmFE, in a Nauticam NA-D800 housing and Zen 230mm dome port with 2x Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes. This system is very easy to use underwater as it is neutral and fairly compact for it's capabilities. Enjoy, Jack Manta by Optical Ocean, on Flickr Manta by Optical Ocean, on Flickr Manta by Optical Ocean, on Flickr Manta by Optical Ocean, on Flickr Jacks on Roca Partida by Optical Ocean, on Flickr Manta by Optical Ocean, on Flickr Jack+Manta by Optical Ocean, on Flickr This was shot by guide Erick Higuera on a 5DMKIII
  8. Hello, i am selling my underwater Nauticam housing for Nikon D800, i include a pair of handle brackets, and a pair of mounting adapter for inon ball, a ball mouting strobe and two fiber optic cables for inons z-240, for 3000€, the housing is like new, 10 dives, in Portugal i can send pictures of the housing
  9. I am selling the complete setup for my Sony NEX-5. The camera is in excellent condition and the housing system was used for one dive trip. The Housing an all parts are in excellent condition, well maintained, each part has an extra O-ring, plenty of O-ring gel. The following is a list of what is included. All Items (not including camera), purchased at Backscatter. -Sony Nex-5 Camera with 2 lens, 16mm wide angle, and 18-55mm zoom lens -Nauticam Housing -Nauticam Flat port for Sony E18-55 Lens, and Zoom Gear -Nauticam 4.33 Fisheye Lens port -Nauticam Aluminium Tray and Dual handles -2 Ultralight Aquavision Type Mount Narrow (includes bolts) -4 Ultralight New Style Clamps -Ultralight Single Ball arm for the Sea and Sea strobe end -2 Ultralight 5" double ball arm -Sea and Sea Fiber Optic Sync Cord L-Type -Sea and Sea YS-01 Strobe -Sola 600 Photo Light (works incredible as a night dive light or as taking photos with the red light) Excellent camera setup, and incredible photo capabilities. Take a look at attached photos. Buy with confidence, will be happy to send more photos if necessary. Paid $4,700 Asking $3,800. Free Shipping to Continental U.S.
  10. I went nuts and bought a 5D3, so i need to sell my beloved 7D and Nauticam rig to pay for a new housing. Everything is in perfect condition, no leaks ever, well maintained, etc. Canon 7 D body Nauticam NA-7D Canon 60 mm macro lens Tokina 10-17 lens Zoom gear for Tokina Value new = $6000 Will sell for $4800 or best offer. the Nauticam housing is the best housing available for the 7D [sorry, the ports are not for sale]
  11. I just ordered one, initially for topside use. Anyone had one underwater? What housing? How was it? I've just seen Eunjae's sample with the Nauticam.
  12. Can anyone tell me what diopters were used in the gallery for the RX100 shots here? I am about to upgrade to the RX100 as an interim to housing my D7000 next year or the year after and I would like to know what diopters were used.... THanks Simon
  13. Nauticam Sony NEX-5 housing with Nauticam Aluminum Tray with Dual handles $1200. Used on only one dive trip. Includes extra O-rings. excellent condition, properly maintained, free shipping within U.S.
  14. Greetings everyone, Looking to buy the Nauticam housing for E-M5 as well as ports and strobes/tray/arms. Preferably two YS-D1 and ULCS hardware. Contact me if you have the above - thank you. Cheers, Alex
  15. Looking for used 45 degree Nauticam viewfinder, must be in good shape. Please PM photo and price you're asking. Thanks
  16. I have a nikon NAd700 housing for sale,in great condition, need to sell to upgrade. email me for pics and price. NOT LOOKING TO PART OUT, but will consider separate offers for macro port for 105mm. The housing comes with a 9 inch dome port from Zen underwater and an extension ring to house the 14-24mm from nikon. The housing and port combos are epic and work well with their specific lens and this housing has been great to me, hate to see it go but on to better and bigger things . ryan.waller.613@gmail.com will do international shipping but not paying for it.
  17. My latest effort underwater. There's no banding in the original footage The Steam Ship was built and launched as ROSOLINO ORLANDO in 1919 by the "Società Esercizio Bacini of Riva Trigoso" for the "Industrie Navali Società Anonima" (INSA) of Genoa. In 1923 she was renamed VALSAVOIA. She was 5.733 tsl with a length x breadth of 117.60 x 15.70 m. The SS VALSAVOIA, was torpedoed and sunk by HMS SAFARI on February 2nd 1943, while traveling from Naples to Palermo,10 miles West of Capri island near Positano. The wreck lies under 85m/ 278ft of water in upward position. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Shot on a Panasonic GH2 + Lumix 7-14mm loaded with Lee Powell’s Flow Motion 2.02 settings; Nauticam Housing, 2x FIX Aquavolt3500 lights and 2x 50W HID Yellow Diving. Music: Dandi + Mattanza + Bologna from the soundtrack of "Romanzo Criminale" by Paolo Buonvino. Edited on Edius 6.07 + Canopus Imaginate 2 dor the animated chart [vimeohd]53775747[/vimeohd]
  18. Canon-Tokina 10-17mm + Kenko 1.4 TC zoom gear for Nauticam SLR housings. Excellent for WAM (wide angle macro) photography. Tokina 10-17 focuses right up to the face of the port (already sold ZEN port). Used a couple times and like new. Cost $175 new, will sell for $135 $6 shipping to anywhere in the US. Please reply and CC to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com Please see my other listed items for 20mm Nauticam locking extension and Kenko Teleplus Pro 300 teleconverter that works with this zoom gear.
  19. Nauticam NA-600D Canon T3i Housing---------$ 1,850 

Includes: Tray and rubberized handles, 2 each-1” ball mounts for 
tray handles, Lanyard and housing mount kit ,
w/ 2 additional-1” ball supports for additional focus lights or lens holders. Comes with 2 optical ports installed with
 2 optical line connector caps to go to any optical fired 
strobe. See my Inon Z-240 and S-2000 flashes also listed for sale with optical lines to fit this housing. 
It can also be outfitted for electrical sync if desired. Excellent-used on one dive trip and in mint condition and still under warranty. This is the smallest lightest and most ergonomic full featured SLR rig made. The T3i is an inexpensive yet full feature 18MP camera with full 30FPS 1080 HD video. You won't be disappointed Everything New Cost $ 2,650 See other ads for all associated equipment. Please reply and CC to : mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  20. Selling an excellent, like new 4" Glass dome for the nautical housing and the popular Tokina 10-17mm lens. Will work on Canon or Nikon housings. This is the state of the art in glass optics. You'll love this dome foir travel. I've recently bought a NEX7 system and may keep the macro side of the SLR until there's a better selection of macro lens for NEX. THis is a great wide angle system though. Add a 20mm extension and use the popular Kenko 1.4 Teleplus Pro TC for WAM. Used on just few dives and still under warranty. See my other listings for the Tokina 10-17 lens, the standard 10-17 nauticam zoom gear, and 10-17+ Kenko 1.4 zoom gear when used with a 20mm extension port for WAM. Cost new $899. Will sell for $765 Good as good as new. $15 shipping to any where in the US. No tax. I don't always get replies, so please CC to mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  21. Hello! I am looking to buy a new housing for my d700. As I live in Japan I'd prefer to buy Sea & Sea or Nauticam since it will be easier to source parts and service, but I am also open to other brands. Would greatly appreciate any leads as well. Thank you very much! Peter I can be PM'd at PeterTChoi at gmail dot com
  22. For sale, a like new Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens for the canon system. It's been well cared for and only used on a few dives. This is perhaps the most popular and highest performing wide angle fisheye lens on the market for underwater photography. It's focusing distance is so close you can use it for WAM- Wide Angle Macro especiually when combined with a 20mm port extension and the popular Kenko 1.4 TC. I'm sellin to lighten the load on my SLR system. Most of my work is in super-macro so I don't need the lens anymore. Check my other listings for the ZEN DP-100-NT (Nauticam) dome and different focus gears that go with this lens, inclding both the standard 10-17 gear and the one for the 10-17 + Kenko 1.4TC. Costs $ $689 new at B&H. Less then a year old ans still under warranty. The card has not been filled out. Buy in like new condition and save on tax too. Will sell for $495 plus $15 shipping to anywhere in the US. Please cc mcolleypublic@gmail.com with your replies since I don't always get them for some reason. Will provide references and eBay account info if interested.100% eBay feedback for several years.
  23. [vimeohd720]50739007[/vimeohd720] Underwater video sample shot on Sony RX100. RX100 in Nauticam housing, SubSee +5/10, FIT +16, Sola 1200 light x 2. Filmed in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Sep/2012. 1080/60i(30p) and 60p to 24p conformed. I received Nauticam NA-RX100V (Video) model which comes with HDMI bulkhead but I just shoot with internal lcd and also without tripod (all handheld).
  24. My entire Nauticam D7000 System is for sale for both macro and wide angle. Equipment for Sale: Nikon D7000 Body + 18-105 Kit Lens Nauticam NA D7000 Housing (original) Nauticam to Subal adapter Type 3 Subal Type 3 4in Mini-dome + extension for correctly aligning the 10-17 Subal Type 3 Flat Port (for Nikon 60mm) Subal port extender (for Nikon 105mm) Tokina 10-17mm Nikon 60mm Macro (G ED) Nikon 105mm Macro (non VR) Willing to part with it for $5,800. Located in the US (Miami), buyer pays shipping of his or her choice. Brand new, this is a nearly $8,000 system and is one of best set ups for Underwater Photography on the market today. I would like to sell this system complete to a loving home and am not interested in breaking the system up at the moment. Since our son was born, I am just not able to find the time to dive as much. The little diving I have done has meant travel (difficult to travel with a baby and full DSLR housing). I've actually used my former compact system more! The housing is in incredible condition. Despite being two years old, it has less than 20 dives and has just returned from Reef Photo & Video with a full service. All lenses are in like new condition with clean optics. Both the mini dome and flat port are in very good condition with clean optics. Photos below, however please PM me for more details & photos Additional items I am willing to sell individually are: Tokina 11-17mm $500 Nikon 70-300 $350 Nikon 50mm 1.8 $100 Kenko 1.4 Teleplus Pro 300 teleconverter $50 Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Flash $400 Subal Type 3 8in Dome Port - $300 (FD: it has two small scratches on the glass. They do not show up in photos unless directly pointed into the sun and are easily fixable in post) Please PM for further details
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