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Found 488 results

  1. Hello, I am selling my Nikon D700 (111 000 shutters, i had it with 80 000 and no problem) with aquatica housing and balls for strobe arms (not ball at the top of the housing and not the cord to the stab) , dome 8, macro port AF/MF (scratches on glass but nothing visible on pictures), extension 18453 (nikon 105, sigma 105 non OS) I want for all 3000 euros Others pictures by mail Have a good day
  2. Looking for package: Nikon D90 (with or without lenses) with Ikelite housing and strobes. Thanks. Karyn
  3. Aquatica housing with 8" fisheye dome port with Nikon D90 with Tokina 12-24mm lens. Very light use and housing is in near perfect condition (in saltwater less than 5 times, less than 20 total uses), no scratches on the housing or dome port. Camera body and lens are in very good condition as well. Accessories include dome cover, manual controls, close up diopter for lens, locking ring, and port extension. New value is ~$4400. Asking $1700
  4. Hello everyone! I'm selling the following equipment: - Hugyfot Housing for Nikon D90, with Hugycheck system (1450 euros) - 2 flashes Sea&Sea YS-110 (295 euros each) - 1 camera Nikon D90 - body only (300 euros). Total: 2340 euros+postage, on very good and well maintained equipment. you can reach me at: jcarv@netcabo.pt
  5. Complete Subal ND700 set for sale including: · Subal housing for Nikon D700 · Subal FE4 Fisheye Dome Port · Subal FP-90 Flat Port · Subal EXR-33/4 Extension Ring · Various covers for ports and dome (Strobes already sold separately) New price $5,598 USD (see receipt attached) => asking price only $2,999 USD (almost half price...) Unique opportunity to buy a complete set for a great discount in as new condition! Never flooded – no scratches. Most components have never even been in the water…. (except for housing and Fisheye Dome Port, used for <2 weeks). Happy to send more pictures upon request and elaborate over the phone or email. Based in Southern California (Newport Beach), happy to ship globally at cost of buyer. Moving back to the East Coast and will not be in the water for a long time. As such, looking to sell the unit before early January.
  6. For sale a Nikon D200 body with Sea&Sea housing plus ports and lenses. This kit has served me well for the past several years. But I’ve decided to go Canon with my next rig and now it must all go. The Nikon body is in decent shape. The flash needs help to pop up, and the battery door needs a small piece of tape inside to keep the battery in full contact. Also the rubber around the front dial has stretched some, so I trimmed it back to not interrupt the housing dial. There are scuffs, and wear on it, but it’s still very functional. But still a great camera to start with underwater. Housing body has a lot of scuff marks on it. But never flooded. The acrylic view windows have minor scuffs, but are not an impairment under water. Comes with port cover. 9” acrylic port has some minor scratches, and could probably be buffed out, but I can’t see them in any of my shots. Extension Ring comes with Port cover. Macro Port and base have minor scuffs, but no scratch on the lens. Base port comes with port cover. Single Sync cables are in great shape. Dual sync cable works fine. The locking collar on it has some cosmetic issues when it seized once, and needed some encouragement. Focus gear for the 105 is an Athena, and works great. Zoom gear for the 12-24, Sea & Sea, works great. All lenses come with caps, flare hoods and Nikon bags. Macro Lens: Nikon 60mm, Nikon 105VR Wide Angle Lens: Nikon 12-24 Tape residue around the zoom ring-but if you’re putting a zoom gear around, you’ll likely be adding some tape anyway. Top Side Zoom: Nikon 18-200 All are for sale individually, or as a whole kit. We can make a deal if you want to whole lot, or at least a bunch of it. Just add your own strobes and arms. I’ll add the manuals I still have to any of the items, but all can be found online. Please note, I cannot ship any items until Dec. 21, 2013. All Prices in US$ Nikon D200 Body, w/ 2 batteries, charger, strap, cap and eyecup...$250 Nikon Lens DX AF-S NIKKOR 12-24mm 1:4 G ED..........................$700 Nikon 105 Lens N AF-S Micro NIKKOR 105mm 1:2.8 G ED............$700 Nikon Micro NIKKOR 60mm 1:2.8 G ED..........................................$450 Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 G ED.......................$400 Sea & Sea Focus Gear for AF-S DX Zoom NIKKOR ED 12-24.......$110 Athena Manual Focus Gear for Nikon 105 FG/105VR-SS...............$250 Sea & Sea Dual Nikonos Sync Cable..............................................$100 Sea & Sea Single Nikonos Sync Cable, 2 for sale, each.................$65 Sea & Sea DX-D200 Housing.............................................................$700 Sea & Sea Acrylic 9” Dome port.....................................................$250 Sea & Sea port extension Ring 40 (used with 9” dome).................$225 Sea & Sea DX Macro Port 50........................................................ $220 Sea & Sea DX Macro Port Base.................................................... $200
  7. I am selling my Seatool D300 housing with a 6" dome port and zoom gear for the Tokina 10-17 and flat port for the Nikon 105VR. I also have a set of INON arms and single handle tray. The housing has been well looked after, never flooded and was serviced last year through Yuzo Kanda in Japan. Asking AUD $1995 negotiable. The rig is advertised on eBay and I would prefer to sell through them and Paypal. Will negotiate post to USA & Europe. If you are interested, please PM me and I'll send you the online link to eBay. Cheers - Karen
  8. D7000 in near new condition with only 1079 actuations. Was a backup body. Camera is in perfect working order (except for whatever reason) battery icon in LCD does not light up. Does NOT affect camera performance. For this monor flaw will sell for 425.00, not including shipping/ins/paypal fees. Includes original packaging, strap, caps, manual, cables, etc. Contact jcdovala@verizon.net
  9. Here’s an economical way to upgrade to DSLR underwater photography and video. It’s a complete system. All you need to do is add a strobe and go diving. The system was lightly used by my wife. It consists of a Nikon D3100 camera, Nikon 18-55mm lens, Ikelite housing with 6” dome port matched to the lens, tray with two handles, and a strobe cord with Ikelite connector at the camera end and an Inon connector at the strobe end. Manual, spare batteries, and charger are included. The housing alone costs $1400 new without the port. This entire system can be yours for $775. Please contact me off list.
  10. Hi I am selling my complete underwater photography setup. Sadly I don't get to use it as much as I wan't anymore partly because of the lack of time and partly because of a slipped disc in my back. The camera and housing is from mid 2010 and has done about 60 dives in tropical waters. Everything is in excellent condition and has never been flooded. I have taken very very good care of it with plenty of fresh water rinsing and the housing has just been serviced just to be sure. Lenses are in perfect order with no sctratches. All have UV filter on for protection. I am selling: - Nikon D300S Camera - Nikon SB-600 Flash unit with Stofen diffuser - Extra battery for the camera - Nikon AF-S VR 18-200mm 3.5-5.6GF IF-ED - Nikon AFD-S 12-24mm 4.0 DX IF-ED with Sea & Sea Zoom Gear - Nikon AF-S VR 105mm 2.8 Micro IF-ED - Nikon 50mm 1.8G - Tokina ATX NI 10-17mm 3.5-4.5 With Sea & Sea Zoom Gear - Sea & Sea MDX300S Housing fittet with 0.8 optical viewfinder - 2 Sea & Sea YS-110Alpha strobes - Sea & Sea TTL YS Converter - 2 Sea & Sea 5 pin sync cables - 2 Sea & Sea optical sync cables - 2 Complete Sea Arm 7 arm systems for flash units - Sea & Sea NX Dome Port with cover - Sea & Sea DX Macro Port Base - Sea & Sea DX Macro Port 50 - Sea & Sea SX Extension ring - Lens shades for lenses, extra O-rings, remote trigger for camera, 0.5 optical viewfinder, pouches for the nikon lenses and flash unit, several different UV and ND filter for the lenses, several memorycards and everything extra I can find . I haven't dared to sum up what I payed for it all. Price for the whole package now: 6000 US Dollar. Price for shipping with FedEX, UPS or similar covered by buyer. Setup is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please contact me if you have any questions or want more pictures. PM me here or at kennethbang75@gmail.com Sorry for my spelling. English is not my first language
  11. Tokina 100mm macro 2.8 canon mount - $300 Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye 2.8 - $400 I also have a old nikon d80 that got very minimal use with a vertical grip - $200
  12. I'm selling my classic Nikon 60mm macro only because I share lenses with my wife and this lens won't auto focus with her new D3200 (no internal focus motor) and she doesn't like to rely on manual focus. Consequently I've moved to the new 60mm G lens. The lens is in extremely clean condition. No fungus, only insignificant, normal amount of dust between elements. Barrel has almost no wear marks. Never been wet. Takes brilliant photos. asking $275 PM me here if you are interested. -Kip
  13. Hello Guys, I have an Aquatica housing for Nikon D90. Now I'm looking for a Dome for it. Let me know if you have one and are selling it. Thanks in advance Raphael
  14. Hello, I sell my almost new and less then one year old BS Kinetics carbon housing for a Nikon D7000. The housing is in perfect condition. I switch to a smaller system because we do many alpine trekking dives... I sell the whole housing kit which includes: BS Kinetics D7000 housing with grip arm, leakage warning, standard viewfinder and one nikonos bulkhead 9" Polycarbonat Dome for fisheye or wideangle lens Macro Dome for 105mm macro lens Actual online store price about 2900 Euro -> to sell the kit for 1500 Euro If you have question just write me. Here a link to some pictures here the link Here the link to the German manufacturer http://bskinetics.com/languages/en/photo_en/dahna_en.html Regards, Andi sunanddive.com
  15. Bought for use with my Nikon D7000, never could get the housing so these are not being used by me and I hate to see them just sitting in the box. 2 strobes that are in very good condition, bought used from a friend before I owned them. Comes with ultralight arms. $950
  16. This lens is practically brand new. Has taken less than 20 photos all in the backyard. Bought for underwater, but was never used for intended purpose. This has been sitting in the original box with both lens covers on. It is in pristine condition. $475
  17. Up for sale is a very nice condition D700 underwater setup. Ikelite Nikon D700 housing: $699 shipped. (never flooded, only been dove a handful of times) Ikelite DS160 Strobes: $650 each, $1,199 for the pair. (BRAND NEW, new used, just replaced NiMh batteries) INON Arms: $250 for the pair. (great arms, very easy to use, and that have 3 joints. Package price for the whole kit is $1,999 Additional photos available upon request. best contact is via email: cope07 at gmail.com Dome port has been sold. 10% discount for local pickup in oakland, ca
  18. Has anybody tried this lens underwater? I was set on getting the 16-35 f4, but the reviews that this lens is receiving are amazing...
  19. Selling my Nikon D200 set up... Reason for sale: Upgrading to D800 housing Whats included? Please see the photo attached for visual kit description... Nikon D200 camera body Nikon 12-24mm F4.0 lens Sea & Sea DX D200 Housing Flat dome port with extension ring attached YS90 strobe Sync cords Strobe arms Zoom gear Who would benefit from this kit? Anyone looking to jump from compact to get their first SLR underwater Newbie diver/photographer that doesnt want to spend the £5k+ you would spend on brand new gear Quality of photographs? Please see photos attached. The anemone fish photo has been cropped a bit but demonstrates close focus. Continuous focus mode great for tracking sharks. Happy to email you a whole bunch of photos I've taken with this kit. How "used" is this gear? The housing is in fantastic condition and has gone on three outings and has never flooded Aliwal Shoal 2006 Red Sea 2008 Bahamas 2012 Is there anything I should tell you? There is a slight white mark (about an inch long) from where I scraped housing on a rinse tank on my first trip (as we all do). The mark has not worsened or degraded since and certainly hasnt affected performance. The D200 camera body I used for my business (on land) at the time so it is rather tired although working absolutely fine. The rubber grips which are glues around the body are little loose and the lever to eject the memory card snapped off (you can access the memory card chamber easily by opening with finger nail) How much can you have it for? I'd like to sell everything in one go as a complete kit but would be willing to listen to offers for the gear without camera/lens. The D200/lens fetches £650 fairly easily on ebay. Complete kit £1850 + p&p Complete kit excluding camera £1300 If someone can put in a good offer before I go Red Sea next month I'd be happy to negotiate :-)
  20. Complete Underwater Scuba Diving Package! Nikon D80 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with Underwater Housing and accessories. Everything is in excellent working condition and ready for your dive. Recently bought a new camera with upgraded housing. This system has only been dove 4 times. The complete setup includes: *Nikon D80 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera w/18-135mm Lens *Ikelite Underwater Housing *Ikelite Strobes (2) *Dome Port and Ball Mount for focusing lights Get this complete package and save!!!!
  21. I have the following Nikon items for sale: Nikon D300 body with charger, 3 OEM batteries $425 Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8G AF-S VR (original, not the II) $1000 All items can be found here: https://jimpattersonphotography.com/product-category/used-gear/ All items can be purchased on my site through Paypal. USA and Canada buyers can buy directly on my site (I have secure checkout) with VISA or MC. Shipping is FREE to continental USA. Anywhere else, contact me PRIOR to purchasing for a shipping quote. Thanks!
  22. Selling my Ikelite/Nikon Setup, all items purchased new in May of this year. Used on approximately 35-40 dives. All items are in great condition, but please keep in mind they are USED, not new. I would like to add the Ikelite dome port does have some light scratches(could try to buff them out if you prefer) however they are not noticeable at all in the water with pictures or video. Package includes: Ikelite #6801.71 Nikon D7100 housing w/ cap- Retail Price $1500 Ikelite #5510.11 wide port body- Retail Price $125 Ikelite #5510.45 8inch dome port w/ dome port cover- Retail Price $400 Ikelite #9571.33 2x 1inch Ball mount w/ xtended stem(fits into handles) Retail Price $40 Nikon D7100 Camera Body-include 2 batteries, charger, and cap- Retail Price $1200 Tokina 10-17mm Lens -include front and rear caps-Retail Price $670 $3935 if you purchased new $3150 for the whole package, you pay shipping All the original instructions manuals, spare o-ring grease, zoom gears, and spare parts(for ikelite housing) are also included. Feel free to PM me with any questions or additional pictures you may like to see.
  23. Sea & Sea Nikon TTL converter (2nd generation) for housing. Great condition. Asking $200. Call (949-235-3483) or email (buddr@mac.com). Budd
  24. Barely used in amazing condition. Bought it for my nikon system but switched to canon shortly after. 650$
  25. Excellent condition little used Ikelite dual sync cord. Nikon bulkhead; for one Ikelite strobe and one Nikon Strobe. Ikelite part number 4115.36 This cord is no longer made by Ikelite. Reply by email to parkchapman(at)suddenlink.net
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