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  1. For sale my backup system. Due to the theft of my other set these are now obsolete amd i have since changed to Sony also. Looking to sell everything together only. Everything is well used, yet in good working condition. Nikon D7200 body. Includes battery charger and one battery (still max health looking at camera menu). Nauticam NA-D7100 housing, with vacuum valve (and hand pump, not pictured), 2 extra ball mounts and carrying lanyard. Nikon 105mm micro with Nauticam focus gear(19122) Nikon 60mm macro with Nauticam focus gear (19121) Tokina 10-17 fisheye with Nauticam zoom gear (19127). Lens has some minor damage where the zoom gear attaches. The body has "collapsed" but does not affect functionality. This is a know quality issue with this lens. Nauticam macro port 60 (19701) used with 60mm macro (there might be a small water stain but does not appear in pictures) Nauticam 30 extension, used for 105mm with macro port 60. Nauticam 4.33" acrylic minidome for Tokina 10-17. This has a small curt in the dome, imo doesnt affect pictures, but not sure. Havent shot with this since pre-covid. Can be seen in second picture. Probably some spare o-rings ect included (havent checked amounts i have) Asking price is 3500€. Or you can offer what you think is fair. Payment is bank transfer to my account and i will send it via registered mail. No PayPal scammers please. Or cash on pickup/delivery. Location Finland. I can deliver to major European city with some notice. Also some US cities delivery possible with notice. Few quick work trips also to TW/HK/JP also coming lter this year. I can throw in ThinkTank Airport international V2 and pair of Inon z240 t4's (with Nauticam-inon optical cables) for some additional price also.
  2. I offer 2 used Secam Seaflash 60D. They are from June 2017 and are in technical and optical very good condition. The flashes have Nikon electronics and S6 plugs. They can also be used with optical cables or as slave flashes. The strobes also can be used with every other Camera in manual The flashes have 65WS and a pilot light. Extras: o-ring grease and spare o-rings 2 S6/S6 electronic flash cabele from Seacam selling for 1800 both or 950 if you take just one. Shipment steht buyers expense Based in Austria,
  3. Hey Guys, I have for sale the following system. It is about 18 months old. I would like to sell this as whole if possible. I'm based in Australia. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. I would also include a travel bag system for the whole setup for free. We all know the cost of this set-up. Looking at $6450.00 AUD plus shipping. I'm neg on price, just no crazy offers. The rear screen has a few scratches on it, nothing to inhibit seeing the shot. A few gravel rashes on the bottom of the housing and the WWL-C The glass on the dome port is in perfect condition with zero scratches or blemish's. The following is included in the sale: 1. Nauticam Z50 Housing, Pro version. Which includes the travel bag. 2.M16 Vacuum valve II system. 3.Hand strap. 4.N120 Extension port with lock for macro lens. 5.2 x Big blue arms 6.2 x Nauticam short arms 7. 2 x Nauticam 3-way ball clamps. 8.2 x Big blue clamps. 9.3 x Naticam ball clamps. 10.2 x YSDJ-2 Strobes + fiber optic cables. 11.2 x Enloope Battery packs and chargers. 12. Kraken focus light. 13. 1 x Nauticam quick release for macro lens. 14. M67 Bayonet mount sytem II. 15. Nikon Z50 camera. with 2 x genuine batteries. 16. Nikon MC macro lens 50 mm. 17.1 x 50-200MM topside lens. 18. 1 x Nauticam WWL-C wide angle lens. 19. 1 x Nikon 16x 50 lens
  4. I'm selling my Nikon D5 camera body. Purchased new in the UK in 2016, the camera has had 32,370 activations. It's been very well cared for and is in excellent condition. Boxed and complete with all the original accessories: Nikon charger, manual, cables, unused strap. It also comes with 2x 64GB memory cards. One card will hold approx 1.3k RAW files. Happy to ship anywhere - free of charge to UK or in EU. At the time Nikon's flagship camera, it is a real joy to use, solid and reliable. Looking for £2250/€2350.
  5. I'm selling a few of the lenses that I now seldom use - having gone from FX to DX. My Nikkor 16-35 is in top condition, not a mark on it and comes with the original box and lens hood. Looking for €350 or £325. Happy to ship anywhere. Will cover mail costs in the EU. I'll be in the UK mid-October and can also mail there to a UK buyer and I'll cover the cost.
  6. As part of my leaner camera cupboard look, I'm selling my Nikkor 28-300mm G lens. It's in great condition and comes with the original box and lens hood. Looking for £250 or €275. Price includes shipping in the EU. I will be in the UK mid-October and can ship to a UK buyer once I'm there.
  7. As part of my leaner camera cupboard look, I'm selling my Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 G lens. It's in peak condition and comes with the original box and lens hood. Looking for £325 or €350. Price includes shipping in the EU. I will be in the UK mid-October and can ship to a UK buyer once I'm there.
  8. Having decided to move on to a mirrorless system, I am selling my current Nikon D850 system as described below: Nikon D850 Camera This camera was purchased in June, 2019. The camera is in excellent condition and was fully serviced by Nikon USA in January, 2023. Current shutter count is 27162. I am including a front camera cap, a recently purchased Watson EN-ELC [reads new (0) in camera], and a Nikon MH25A charger. Nauticam NA-850 Housing The housing was purchased in September, 2019 and is equipped with a vacuum valve (and pump), M10 strobe mounting ball, and a 5 pin Nikonos Bulkhead in addition to the two standard optical connectors. Both handles and necessary hardware are also included. It has been used on 67 dives. Zen DP-230 Glass Port This glass port was purchased in December, 2017 and used on 108 dives. The port is in excellent condition with no scratches on the glass and only minor scuffs in the paint on one of the shade’s rims. A protective neoprene cover is included. I am asking $3750 for the system, including shipping within the US. Images follow:
  9. Hello all, I’m selling the following items: - Nikkor AF-S DX 10-24mm 1:3,5-4,5G ED with Nauticam zoom gear: $350 The lens is in excellent condition, it’s just missing the hood that usually comes with it. Works very well with for example a Zen 230mm dome. - Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 AT-X 107 DX Fisheye with Nauticam zoom gear, in excellent condition: $300 - Kenko Teleplus Pro 300 DGX 1.4 Teleconverter: $50 - Nauticam zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye + Kenko 1.4x TC: $100 - Micro-Nikkor AF-S FX 105mm 1:2,8G VR, like new: $350 - Zen DP-100-N120T 100mm dome port, good condition: $350 I’m based in Mexico but am happy to ship anywhere. Shipping and import duties would be on you. If you’re in Europe I can ship from Germany at some point this summer as I’ll be traveling there (don’t know the exact dates yet). Any questions just let me know! Hannes
  10. I have read the ground rules and will act on it. Hi ,For medical reasons I have to stop diving and therefore stop with my hobby underwaterphotography. Since I started in 2004 I have collected quit some equipment during those years. Seacam is a good quality brand and almost every piece is exchangeable except the camera housing. My complete gear is for sale and I will sell preferably direct to endusers . Prices are excluding shipping costs. If ypu have some interest , just reply on this topic. I have more pics taken of the subsequent pieces. Let me know if you need it. I have taken pictures of every peace and if you need additional information or photo's please let me know.Currently I have for sale:2 Seacam Seaflash 150D , (S6 connection) each with 2 battery, macro ring,charger and diffuser(1 with red filter) and neoprene covers. Price 1500 Euro eachIf you want more power for wide angle and 2 different (5200 K and 4300K) color temperature flashes in one! I also sell my2 Seacam Seaflash 250D (S6 Connection) with charger and macro ring which I Sell for 950 Euro's each. Great flashes which I used many times. They will come with a seacam travel hardcase 4 flash arm sets. 50/150/300 2 sets almost new. Price 150 Euro each for the used ones and 300 Euro each for the almost new ones1 Seacam flash housing where you can include an external flash(with focuslight) 50 Euro4 Strobe Cables (S6) 1 new. 50 Euro each2 strobe cable S6 to nikonos (new) 60 euro each1 Slave sensor (for use with slave flash photography) with strobe cable S6 to N5 100 Euro2 Retra Snoots for use with Seacam 150D (one is new) with maskers. Price used is 150Euro and price new is 250 EuroSeacam Wet one Diopter and Wet 2 diopter . Price per set 400 EuroNauticam SMC 1 diopter Price 300 EuroSubsee 10 Diopter Price 150 EuroPORTSSeacam Flatport 75 mm Inclusive optical coating and Flip adapter for Subsee or nauticam diopter with neoprene cap: Price 300 euroSeacam Flatport 90 mm with neoprene cap Price 200 EuroSeacam Flatport 90 mm inclusive Flip adapter for Subsee or nauticam diopter with neoprene cap: 250 EuroExtra Flip adapter for Subsee or nauticam diopter(reserve and new) 75 EuroSeacam Extension ring 3 Cm for Seacam flatport 150 Euro2 Seacam Extension ring 4 Cm for Seacam flatport 150 Euro each1 seacam Wide Port with coating with neoprene cap 500 Euro1 Seacam Wide Port with neoprene cap Euro 400 Euro1 Secam FishEye Port. This has unfortunately 1 scratch. You cannot see it on the picture but you need to know. with neoprene cap 700 Euro1 SuperDome Port with neoprene cap 1500 Euro1 Compact Macro port with Coating with Hard pvc cap ( Nearly new state) 1200 Euro1 Seacam ViewFInder (normal for on housing) 200 Euro1 Seacam Viewfinder 45 degree in protective neoprene bag 1000 Euro3 Seacam housings and Spare parts (D300 , D200 and Fuji) 1000 Euro.
  11. Hello all! I am looking to upgrade my system. I've been traveling around with my Sony a6300+Sea & Sea housing, which I love for its portability and versatility--but the optics just aren't cutting it for me anymore. And, I've finally settled in a spot for a few months so I'm throwing portability out the window. I'm currently working on Ningaloo Reef during whale shark/humpback season and I'm looking for a solid wide angle setup. I have the D800, which I've used in Aquatech housing (back in the states, though) w/the Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G and I loved how the photos turned out, but I found the autofocus to be a bit slow/tough to pick up on a moving subject. I've been looking into the D850, but I'm looking for thoughts and opinions from people who have used this camera. After being released so many years ago, do you think that the D850 has some lifespan to it? I'm afraid to invest in a soon-to-be outdated system, but I've heard that the D850 is regarded (by some) as best of its class when it comes to DSLRs. The world is shifting to mirrorless, but the technology seems to be advancing so quickly--I don't really have the funds to continually upgrade. I'm looking for something reliable and high quality that can (hopefully) last me a few years. Cheers!
  12. Nauticam housing for Nikon d90. Is in overall good condition and the moisture alarm works well. Needs a new main o-ring. The housing is currently located in Medellin, Colombia, but I can send to anywhere in the US or any other part of the world. I'm asking 400USD, but also happy to entertain any reasonable offer or possible exchange for other photography/UW photography items. Please let me know if you have any questions
  13. Sealux CD300 for Nikon D300 (Revision and pressuere test: 6.10.15 document available), included: - GD viewfinder - 2 Flash sockets - Flatport PN94 with caps - Dome Port 180U with a new neopreneprotection - ZR28 - 2 x Sealux Orings (one is new) Sealux Flash Housing CX-800 for Nikon SB800 - Sealux LED Pilot lamp (with a ligting duration of aproximately 2 hours) - Sealux Quick 2500 - Quick-charger (100-250 V) - Sealux Ball with M8-thread - 2 x Sealux Orings (one is new) - Sea&Sea Silicon - Flash sync cable Nothing has been flooded and everything is in great shape. Price for all parts 1699,00 € If you like you can buy the Nikon D300 and the Nikon DX 12-24mm f:4,0 too.
  14. 1. Flash NIKON SB-N10 = $349 2. Snoot 10Bar aluminium for Sea & Sea YS-D1/D2/D2J = $79 3. Magnetic light modifiers set = $59 Condition : used (not too much because mostly I use my Retra Pro or INON S-2000 or Backscatter mini Flash) You can buy items 1, 2 and 3 together or separately. The price is fixed and does not change Strobe NIKON SB-N10 is almost the same as models Sea and Sea YS-D1 or YS-D2 with some improvements. I modified this flash with 4 magnetic accessory holders. details >> https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1052079-REG/nikon_3773_sb_n10_underwater_speedlight.html SHIPPING, CONTACTS, PAYMENT Shipping from the Philippines (Dumaguete, Negros Oriental) Buyer pays for shipping : FedEx, DHL, LBC, PhilPost of your choice Phone call +639053487234; Whatsapp +79031313355 Payment by PayPal http://paypal.me/uwart or bank transfer … follow me on social media … https://www.instagram.com/uw.art/ https://www.facebook.com/savin.andrey https://www.behance.net/savinandrey https://ru.linkedin.com/in/savinandrey ALL MY STUFF FOR SALE >> https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0sG6XBubsaclO
  15. Nikon announced yesterday version 4.0 firmware for the Z9. One of the additional features is Auto Capture. I've just been playing around with this and it could well be a brilliant underwater tool for those shy critters. Garden Eels especially! Auto Capture allows you set the Z9 up in such a way that if a user-determined sized subject comes into a user-determined sized area from a user-defined direction, the camera will fire a user-defined number of frames; and continue to do so if that was user-defined! Yep, there's a lot of user-defined in there. The point is though that this feature is incredibly versatile: distance to subject, size, speed, and direction of subject, burst length, repeatability. So set up the user-defineds, plant the camera and swim away and let the Z9 do the rest. Pop to the surface, have a coffee, then go back and collect the camera...... From my initial efforts, all the user-defined should be changeable with the usual housing controls (not that I have a Z9 housing!). On the face of it, an amazing additional tool..... if you have a Z9. And the housing.
  16. I'd prefer to sell this as a complete package since, as you'll see, it's a lot of gear and I really don't want to make ten trips to UPS. I did price individual pieces but I'm discounting it significantly if you take it all.Camera equipment: Nikon D300 (body only) $100 Compact Flash cards $120 3 x 32GB Sandisk Extreme 2 x 16GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 2 x 8GB Sandisk Extreme III 3 x D300 batteries (included with camera) 3 x Nikon battery chargers (included with camera) (No lenses, sorry)Housing system Sea & Sea MDX D300 Housing $100 Sea & Sea Ports with lens covers: NX Standard Port (for 60mm) $100 DX Macro Port 87 (for 60mm or 106mm) $250 NX Compact Dome Port $200 NX Universal Dome Port $300 NX Extension ring 20 $50 NX Extension ring 40 $50 Spare O rings for ports and housing body Leak Sentinel V4 Vacuum Seal System (included with housing) Sea & Sea 45° 1.2 Viewfinder $500 Turtle focus rings for: Tokina 10-17 Fisheye (plus Zoom ring) (included with housing) Nikon 60mm Macro (included with housing) Nikon 105 Macro (included with housing) (NOT LENSES, THESE ARE FOCUS RINGS) Misc arms and clamps $100Strobes Sea and Sea YS 90 $50 Sea and Sea YS 110 $100 Spare O rings for strobesSea & Sea Single 5 pin Sync Cable $50Sea & Sea Double 5 pin Sync Cable $50Pelican iM2950 Case $130Items priced separately total $2250As a complete package $1750 OBOPick up in San Francisco Bay Area or shipping TBD
  17. https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/69172-nikon-z9-for-underwater-image-makers/&tab=comments#comment-437849 Since Adam only talked about the photographic features of the z9, it's worth mentioning that two days ago Nikon released a software update that all the specialized sites don't hesitate to call epochal. It's basically like having a Z9 II. There are a lot of specific features for video that Nikon seems to take very seriously and also several features regarding the photographic autofocus. For video The most incredible thing is the ability to record RAW 8K@60p directly on the internal CF Express card also has a new 4K mode above sampled by the 8k sensor. However I leave you to the article of PetaPixel that summarizes the news. https://petapixel.com/2022/04/13/nikon-z9-update-is-so-big-it-could-have-been-a-whole-new-camera/ P.S. On 20th of April Nikon will release an update for Z7 II and Z6 II with better autofocus performance.
  18. Greatly Prefer Local pickup or dropoff in Florida or the Tristate Area (NJ NY PA, etc) Nikon D500 rig that includes the following: - Aquatica AD500 Underwater Housing: retails $3100 new (NEVER FLOODED) - Mini dome: retails $734 new (I would prefer to keep this more my next rig) - Nikon D500: shutter count under 40,000; retails $1500 new - Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 AT-X 107 DX AF Fisheye Lens for Nikon F: retails $400 new - Aquatica Vaccum Pump/System - Extra Camera Battery and Charger - Extra O-rings for Mini Dome The housing was just serviced by Backscatter, and they replaced all the o-rings and added new sacrificial anodes. Read more about everything the housing offers at https://www.backscatter.com/Aquatica-AD500-Nikon-D500-Underwater-Housing This thing is a beast. I’m selling because I am working with two different systems and trying to migrate everything over to one. Looking to sell for $3500 but willing to sell pieces or negotiate.
  19. Greetings, I am selling my D850 Nauticam setup. Only owner. Selling the camera, lenses, and extra accessories and gear. Everything included is in either very good or excellent condition, with original boxing and packaging. Never flooded and well taken care of. The exterior of the housing and ports might have some scuffing from normal use, but functionally are intact. Nikon D850 Body Camera. 3x batteries (included with the camera body.) Charger (included with the camera body.) 2x XQD 128GB cards with readers (optional.) 1x SD 64GB card with reader (optional.) Nikon 105mm AF-S VR Macro, f/2.8G IF-ED Lens. Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4.0G ED VR Lens. Nikon 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D Lens. Nauticam N105VR-F Focus Gear: Nikon AF-S 105mm VR f/2.8G IF-ED Lens Nauticam N120 Macro Port 87 - For Nikon 105mm Lens. Nauticam N2870f3.5D-Z Zoom Gear: Nikon 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D Lens Nauticam N1635-Z Zoom Gear: Nikon 16-35 f.4 G ED VR Flash triggers. Not installed, but can install either of them as requested. Nauticam Manual Flash Trigger for Nikon DSLR Housings. UW Technics TTL Converter for Nikon (for HSS function.) Nauticam NA-D850 Housing with Vacuum Valve II System (pushbutton release) - Some flaking on white letters, but can send it for repainting if interested (buyer pays fee). Includes all accessories, bags, manual, pump, spare o-ring, silicone grease, Allen keys, etc. Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 90 with Lock. Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 35 with Lock. Nauticam N120 140mm Optical Glass Fisheye Dome Port. Minor 2mm purely cosmetic scratch (not visible in the images.) Nauticam 45° Viewfinder for DSLR & Full-Frame Mirrorless Underwater Housings. 2x Sea & Sea YS-D2J Underwater DS-TTL Strobe Include 100 and 120 diffusers, YS and ball mounts, spare o-rings, silicone grease, manuals. Minor cosmetic scratches. Sea & Sea Sync cord - DUAL Nauticam Bulkhead, Nikonos 5-pin w/ Nikon Hotshoe Connection Ideally, I would like to sell as a package/bulk but don’t hesitate to contact me if interested in individual items. I'm happy to provide specific information or additional details. Payment via PayPal, I will cover UPS Ground within the US. Please message me if interested. Thank you!
  20. In another thread I mentioned I managed to convert my Nauticam NA-Z7 housing to fit the newer Nikon Z6/Z7 II cameras. I've been asking about that Nauticam and few dealers, but seems no one has tried to do it and Nauticam decided to release a newer version (which is expected as housing producer). After measuring and experimenting with the position of the camera and the original slider I came up with a 3D printer top part of the camera holder/slider. (If someone needs the STI file for printing - let me know by PM). The original Z6/Z7 is 2mm thinner than the new Z6/Z7 II, but it seems that these extra 2mm on the newer camera are mostly in the back. So I designed a new 3D printed slider that compensates for the new thickness. I can confirm that all the buttons work perfect and as you can see on the pictures - they are aligned great to the housing push mechanisms. One thing to consider is the top right rotating button on the camera. On the housing it has a spring mechanism, but it has around 4mm of travel thus it's also fine and you do not need to remove 2mm from its rubber to compensate. Steps: You need to remove around ~1.3-1.4mm from the top limiter rubber pins of the housing that supports the camera near the flash connector (I've included pictures) 3D Print the new part for the Camera Holder/Slider (the blue one) - I used FDM print at 50% fill PLC material and it cost me 5€. You can use ABS material as well and/or 80-100% fill which should be stronger, but I doubt it's needed. *) I've also ordered SLS print now (20€) and will post update here if it's necessary better Move the metal pin from the old holder to the new 3D printer one (picture included) Remove the original top part of the camera holder/slider and install the 3D printed one. Enjoy and post feedback here! I have spare 2pcs from the initial versions of the new holder. They are not perfect, but can be used without a problem. If someone is interested - PM me. (you can see then in the last picture) Here you can see all the pictures and details of the result: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VrtpPggBuLzxIbv19X19sVbk_w00Hb-k?usp=sharing
  21. Commlite Electronic Autofocus Lens Mount Adapter for Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera PRICE = $69 Condition : used Last adapters firmware installed Autofocus on the Nikon 60 mm micro lens does not work - you can only shoot in manual mode - for video this is even preferable more details from official web site >> https://www.commlite.com/product/35.html video review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLnn2HeTbog The adapter was redesigned (I removed part of the hull - you can see it in the photo) to be able to use the focus gear from a Sony 90 mm macro on a Nikon 60 mm macro with adapter. Using the focus gear and the same Sony 90 macro port, this adapter will allow you to use the most flexible and incredibly sharp Nikon lens on a Sony camera. The flexibility lies in the fact that at the minimum focusing distance you can shoot close-ups of a medium-sized nudibranch, and at a distance of 1 meter you can shoot a small anemone with a family of anemone fish in its entirety SHIPPING from the Philippines, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental Buyer pays for shipping : FedEx, DHL, LBC, PhilPost of your choice CONTACT ME by Phone, Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram etc >> https://uwart.pro PAYMENTS: PayPal paypal.me/tosavin, Bank transfer to Metrobank Philippines, (also GCash, Maya, ShopeePay, GrabPay) … follow me on social media … https://www.instagram.com/uw.art/ https://www.facebook.com/savin.andrey https://www.behance.net/savinandrey https://ru.linkedin.com/in/savinandrey ALL MY STUFF FOR SALE (save on combined shipping) photos >>bit.ly/3J5lVm2 prices >> bit.ly/uwartforsale
  22. I am changing my set up from Subal to Seacam and have for sale a 6 month old housing, along with various ports. The housing and all ports are type 3, however I understand that you can change the housing to a type 4. The housing is fitted with N5 electrical bulkheads. It has the windows for fibre optic cables/ sync cords but the circuitry is the standard Subal circuitry (without a trigger for fibre optics). Items are available individually but let me know if you’re interested in a package deal and I’ll do you a good combined price. Subal ND850 housing USD$3500 Fisheye dome port DP-FE3 USD$750 FP120 for 105mm lens (non-VR) USD$125 FP90 for 60mm lens USD$125 60mm extension ring USD$100 + zoom gear USD$90 (goes with 60mm EXR behind DP-FE3 for the Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 lens) Available in Australia or buyer to pay shipping More photos can be provided on request
  23. Guys I'd welcome a bit of guidance please - I'm trying to help a friend with a Nikon Z7 in an Ikelite housing. He's using a Nikkor 16mm FE via the FTZ adaptor but reports focussing issues. Am I right in thinking there is no AF with the Nikkor 16mm FE on a Z body? If so, is that the case too for the Sigma 15mm FE? Is anyone aware of any current FF FE that will AF on a Z body? Many thanks!
  24. Remember that? When this 10,2MP camera got released in 2005 it blew the 6MP D100 away . I took some great shots with this camera Sea&Sea DX D200 Housing and Nikon D200 I'm accepting reasonable offers. Items location is Sabah, Malaysia, please consider the shipping costs. Pictures: https://mega.nz/#F!OoV0iAZC!uKQuGdiMKpsfx2DVk7KIhw
  25. Hello folks, after many happy dives together I’m parting ways with my trusty D500 setup. “El camarón” (“The Shrimp”) has won me several awards over the last couple of years, so I want to make sure it finds a good home. After all it’s still a very capable camera! I have a full setup to sell and will give preference to those that are interested in the whole thing, but I am open to selling parts of it also. Here’s what’s for sale: - Nikon D500 including a total of three batteries, charger, 32GB XQD memory card, 64GB SD card, XQD card reader, all in excellent condition: $1150 - Nauticam NA-D500 housing including M16 vacuum valve, vacuum pump, Nauticam flash trigger, UWTechnics HSS flash trigger, additional M5 ball mount, bracket for hand strap: $2900 The housing has gotten a fair bit of use but is 100% functional. It’s just showing cosmetic details, like the white paint coming off on some of the button labels and some (limescale?) deposits around the buttons, despite having been thoroughly rinsed after every use. If cosmetics are important to you you could send it to Nauticam to be refurbished and get a like-new-looking housing back for a couple of hundred bucks. The velcro hand strap tore, so I “fixed” it with zip ties You could easily get a velcro replacement for a couple of dollars, I just never did as my zip tie fix did the trick. The housing never flooded, leaked or otherwise malfunctioned. I also have a couple of spare bits and bobs in terms of replacement parts like springs and stuff, should you ever need to repair anything in the field. - Nikkor AF-S DX 10-24mm 1:3,5-4,5G ED with Nauticam zoom gear: $770 The lens is in excellent condition, it’s just missing the hood that usually comes with it (donated to Poseidon) Works very well with 230mm dome and Extension ring 50. - Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 AT-X 107 DX Fisheye with Kenko Teleplus Pro 300 DGX 1.4 Teleconverter and Nauticam zoom gear (for both with and without TC), All in excellent condition: $560 Without TC: needs either Zen 100mm dome without extension or 230mm dome with Extension ring 20 With TC: use with Zen 100mm dome and Extension ring 20 - Micro-Nikkor AF-S FX 60mm f/2.8G ED, like new, works with Macro port 60: $420 - Micro-Nikkor AF-S FX 105mm 1:2,8G VR, like new, works with Macro port 60 and Extension ring 20: $660 - Nauticam 45° Viewfinder: $770 The rubber cup around the viewfinder has started to disintegrate, otherwise it’s in very good shape. Like on the housing, the white paint on the labels is coming off. - Nauticam Macro port 60, excellent condition: $380 - Zen DP-100-N120T 100mm dome port, excellent condition: $650 - Zen DP-230-N120-1124D 230mm dome port: $1200 This dome has a couple of very small, fine scratches on the glass. They almost never show up in pictures though so have never bothered me much. I will try to get some close up pictures of them which will then be in the Dropbox folder linked below. There are also some mild hard water stains along the edge of the glass that do not show up in pictures. Comes with a GoPro mount on the top and some trim weights at the bottom. - Nauticam Extension ring 20 with lock, good condition: $260 - Nauticam Extension ring 50 with lock, excellent condition: $280 All of this adds up to $10,000 Package deal: $9600 I’m also happy to part ways with a Nikon AF-P DX Nikkor 70-300 mm F/4.5-6.3G ED VR, a basic telephoto for some casual bird photography for example for another $200, excellent condition. I’m based in Mexico but am happy to ship anywhere. Shipping and import duties would be on you. I could also potentially ship it from another country while traveling (for example from Florida in about two weeks), or you just come to La Paz, pick up an amazing camera system and go diving with some sea lions or swim with some marlins. I’ll even take a few pictures of you using it! I will put detailed pictures in the following Dropbox folder in a few days. I’m currently traveling so don’t have all parts with me right now. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rg5kwqvx3iqn1ap/AAD7BEoB8mFJzF8oPE3MqZb_a?dl=0 Any questions just let me know! Hannes
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