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Found 189 results

  1. I've ordered a Seacam housing for my D800 which will arrive in a few days. Since I would like to do a lot of half-half shots I decided to get the Superdome together with the housing. I'm affraid that for snorkeling trips where I don't have the chance for great half-half shots the SD is just a bit too cumbersome. Therefore I plan to get a second smaller domeport especially for snorkeling trips. I would use this domeport mainly with my Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens and quite often without any flash. With Seacam I have the following options: 1. Wideport WP 2. Fisheyeport FP 3. Fisheye Makro Port Which port would you recommend and why? I would like to have sharp corners (at least stopped down at f/11) and be able to shoot close up portraits of small fish. Boris
  2. I'm having a clear out of bits and pieces that are lying around or haven't been used for a long time: Seacam FP Fieye MacroPort (my own, ex-demo and loaner but not so useful of FF, so it can go) - very clean condition indeed with no damage - £600 Seacam Aperture Gears for Nikon film cameras - I have two - offers Seacam Focus Gear for Nikon AF 60G - £50 Seacam Zoom Gear Nikon AF 12-24 - £30 Seacam Zoom Gear Nikon AF 18-35 - £25 Seacam Flash Arm adapter 25mm (or 1") Ball to Sea & Sea - £25 Seacam - 3 sets of handles - older metal type - used - may suit DIYer but some might need straightening - offers Prices include 20% vat - pm me for details - I'll charge shipping at cost.
  3. Great deal on a complete underwater camera/housing D-SLR package. In great condition, and selling as I'm looking to upgrade. Ready for the typical lenses used underwater, including 10mm fisheye, 12-24mm W/A zoom, 60mm macro, 105mm macro, etc. Also includes a 60mm macro extension ring. PACKAGE PRICE (camera/housing & ports): GB£ 1,900 Shipped from United Kingdom; buyer pays shipping costs/fees. See here for more detail & more pictures. Stan
  4. Phenomenal piece of engineering. Upset about having to sell. Been taken very good care of. No scratches on dome. Housing includes handle ball mounts (as pictured). Bought ~12 months ago in Australia. Listing on ebay for housing: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230966570009&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123 Listing on ebay for dome port: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230966633246&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123 Listing on ebay for extension ring: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230966642053&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123 Listing on ebay for Sigma 8-16mm zoom gear: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230966638096&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123
  5. Hi, I'm buying this items, preferably from Europe because I'm from Portugal and customs here are very strict. Contact to this email: andre.negocios [at] gmail (dot) com Thank you
  6. I also have the following domes for sale #5503..... Lens less than 3.0" (7.60cm) ... $200 #5503.50 Lens less than 4.0" (10.1cm) ... $200 #5503.51 Tokina 12-24mm ........................ $200 #5503.55 Lens less than 4.5" (11.4cm) ... $200 #5503.80 Lens less than 5.0" (12.7cm) ... $200 I would like to get $135 for each port. More information here : Standard SLR Housing Ports More information as to what lens works with what port can be found here : Nikon SLR Port Chart I also have a #5510.45 Dome Assembly ...... $400 ( Port Body Not Included )The injection molded acrylic 4" radius dome is specifically designed for underwater photography to provide superior optical performance. Its larger radius reduces edge distortion on pictures taken with certain super wide-angle lenses and makes shooting over-under shots easier. I would like $300 for this item. More information here : MODULAR PORT SYSTEM Contact me for pictures and feel free to make reasonable offers.
  7. Selling dome port for Ikelite systems: What's included: Ikelite #5510.45 dome port with shade and neoprene cover Ikelite #5510.10 Super wide port body Lightly used, a few small scratches on the arcylic dome, do not show up on photos, but could be readily removed with polish and biffer. Both for 250 US. Message for photos.
  8. Two underwater housings for sale, both Anthis Nexus, for the Nikon D300 and D70 cameras. Both housings using the standard Anthis Nexus M5 port size, and the package comes with two port configurations (wide-angle/macro). This mutual port compatibility makes this an ideal package for: Individual looking to have primary & backup photo kit. Buddy pair and/or couple looking to share D-SLR photography gear. Underwater photography teacher/instructor. Underwater photography club. etc. Ideally selling together, as ports are interchangeable between the two housings. PACKAGE PRICE (both cameras/housings & ports): GB£ 2,250 Shipped from United Kingdom; buyer pays shipping costs. See here for more detail & more pictures. Stan
  9. I sell my full kit due to my upgrade to 5D3. Selling from Singapore. [Nauticam 7D] 50 dives, very good condition, no leak, no trouble, no major scratch, with handles, with front cover, bought it in Singapore. The surface got slight whitey due to sea water mineral which can not be avoided. http://www.nauticamusa.com/nusa/category/canon-7d US Retail price: 3200 [Canon 7D] Used for 2 years, very good condition, kept always in dry box, no scratch, menu in English and Japanese, bought in Japan. http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/slr_cameras/eos_7d US Retail price: 1499 [ Tokina 10-17mm fisheye] Used for a year, very good condition, no scratch in lens, kept always in dry box, bought in Singapore. http://www.tokinalens.com/tokina/products/atx/atx107afdxfisheye/ US Retail price: 699 [Nauticam glass dome port for Tokina 10-17] 10 CM diameter, Used for a year, good condition with small scratch which has no impact on photos, can be used only with Tokina 10-17. Not sold in US, Japan retail price: 700 [Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17] Used for a year, can be used only with Tokina 10-17. US Retail price: 155 Total US retail price: 6,253 USD Selling Price: 4200 USD by paypal. Earliest shipping: 16th March from Singapore. Will use postal service. International free shipping with economy class. Please add 100 USD for EMS with tracking. Will pack items perfectly. Thanks! YUKI
  10. For sale is the 5508.05 port for the Nikon 105D Macro. This will not work with the VR (already tried:(). The front of the port has a some light scratches, but not anything that I would expect to show up in photos. If you receive the port and think that they are really unacceptable you can return it. But I would be very surprised. I am asking $120 shipped anywhere in the cont. US. Includes neoprene covers for both front and rear of port. Front cover has 'DCS' initials on it Thanks
  11. Looking for this port setup for my nikon. Interested in both pieces. Let me know. Fastest communication is dbodcl @ gmail.com
  12. Ikelite items for sale, all in excellent condition, some even new! - Extended port body #5510.24 - U$ 100 little used, looking like new! - Superwide port body # 5510.10 - U$ 80 little used. Perfect condition. Compatible with 2-lock housing. -( 2 ) Digital Sync Cord # 4103.51 - US 80 each NEW! - Miini c-lite #4074.1 - US15 little used, looking like new! - ( 2 ) arms set with clamps - U$110 each little used. Perfect condition. The prices doesn't include shipping.
  13. Hi all. If anyone has a wide-angle port available, please let me know! Preferably the Fathom / Ikelite 6480, but let me know if you have a 67mm wide-angle conversion lens. Cheers, Nick.
  14. I bought these earlier this year for a trip, but I don't dive regularly so it's time for the guys to find a new home. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking. Ikelite 5510.35 flat assembly - condition 8.5/10 - $125 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Ikelite 5510.75 focus extension - condition 9/10- $125 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Ikelite 5510.16 port body - condition 9.5/10 - $100 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Ikelite 5503 6" dome - condition 9/10 - $100 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Arm setup - Includes 3 iDas CL-138 clamps, 2 iDas 7" aluminum arms - $130 https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink
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