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Found 67 results

  1. Hi all, Selling my Ikelite housing, 8 inch dome, ports. This housing has been well maintained and serviced by Ikelite. Excellent condition. Selling because I am changing the camera body. Last service was 2 years ago, so would be good to have it serviced again. Price for this housing is reduced to sell. $2000.00 (Australian dollars). Package includes: Ikelite housing, Canon 7D Body, 8 inch modular dome, flat port for Canon 100mm lens, super wide port body for fish eye lens, extended port for 10-22 wide angle lens and Ikelite zoom and clamp sets. All original instructions included. Value of everything brand new is around $5500.
  2. Hello, I am looking for Ikelite DLM Lens Ports for sale. The lens port that I am interested in are: DLM Superwide 6 inch Dome Port (Product Number: 5516.11) DLM 6 inch Dome Port with Zoom (Product Number: 5516.15) Pm me with any details or email me at alantsang2@gmail.com
  3. Hi, I am very new to underwater photography, but am trying to get my hubby an epic birthday present. We have a Nikon D7000 camera, but no other supplies to get into the water. Does anyone have any ports, housings, etc they are willing to sell? This stuff requires a degree in foreign language to figure out!
  4. I am selling the equipment featured below. I can sell as a package, or individual pieces. I am open to any reasonable offer(s)!
  5. - Housing for D810 with two nikonons plugs - 18405 8" dome port - 18480 port shade - 18458 Extension for dome port for for 16-35mm - 18728 zoom gear - 18428 flat port for 60mm - 18453 extension to 18428 flat port for 105mm Housing is new, only about 30 dives. Rest of stuff is in good condition, some minor wear and tear. Asking 4000 UK pound sterling or 5000 US dollars or 4700 Euro Can also sell Aquatica arms system if interested. Email me at carno.polo@gmail.com for pictures.
  6. I m looking for Seacam extension and dome ports. Kindly contact me if anyone want to sell their item.
  7. I am planning on buying a Sea&Sea housing for my 7D mkII. Currently, I have a Canon 20D (discontinued) with sea&sea ys-90DX TTL duo strobes (discontinued) that attach via 5 pin Nikonos style bulkhead that connects to the hot shoe inside of my Aquatica A20 housing (discontinued). I bought my new Canon and I am looking to buy a new housing. I have not been able to find much information about what functions not available with the camera in the housing. I am also looking for thoughts on staying with the 5-pin chords or going fiber optic. I bought my strobes used, and I do not have the fiber optic connections. They still work fine. I don't if I can get fiber optic cable II for them so they will work with the new Optical YS Converter that sea&sea has put out. I don't know much about what advancements have been made in the technology. The last time I used TTL was with my Nikons V. Is it worth the $400, and possible new strobes? I am also having trouble figuring out what port I need to use with my Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens. I flooded my 10-17 fish eye, which seams to be the standard, but I have been using my 11-16 that I bought for landscapes. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Hi, I have an Ikelite 60mm fixed post for Canon AFS 60mm F2.8. Will a +10 close up filter sit in the port or I have to use a wet lens magnification?
  9. I have moved up to a housed Canon 5D III system so I am selling my previous system. All parts of this housing package are compatible with Subal's Type 2/3 port system. Everything has been very well cared for and has never been flooded. I would prefer to sell the entire setup in one package. Asking $1650 for everything listed below. Canon 5D full frame camera body is also for sale upon request. Please feel free to PM with any questions. Michael Pollack www.untamedimages.com Subal CD5 Housing with GS 180 Viewfinder - No dings or scratches on housing. Optics on viewfinder in pristine condition, some fading on black finish. Subal DP-FE2 Glass Dome Port - Excellent condition. A couple of very slight surface scratches on glass that are very hard to detect. Zero impact on image quality. Subal EXR-60 Extension Ring - Near mint condition. Subal Zoom Gear for Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L - Near mint condition. Reef Photo Neoprene Dome Port Cover Subal Custom Focus Port for Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro w/ focus gear - Glass is perfect. Overall condition excellent. Subal FP-90 Flat Port - Glass is perfect. Overall excellent condition. Subal EXR-33 Extension Ring - Mint condition Subal EXR-20 Extension Ring - Mint condition ULCS BA-TG Base Adapters - Excellent condition ULCS BA-TP T-Groove Plate - Excellent condition Spare o-ring for port and housing included.
  10. I am looking to sell my Nauticam and EM1 set up. I would rather sell as a complete package. Most if not all has the boxes and all have been bought in the UK around a year ago or less. All the kit is in good working order, the housing shows usual signs of use but in good condition. I will provide pictures for any serious buyers. PM me with your email address for further details. Nauticam Housing NA-EM1, vacuum system and pump with leak alarm. Cold shoe ball mount clamp and sola 500 focus light. 2, 9"stix floatation arms, 2, (aprox) 7"arms and clamps. 2, fiber optic sea & sea strobe cables. 60mm macro flat port with both end caps. Flip diopter for 60mm port. Nauticam CMC wet lens. Nauticam dome port for Pany 7-14mm. Zen DP-170 for both Pany 7-14mm and Olympus 12-40 pro. Olympus OMD EM1with spare third party battery. Panasonic 7-14mm WA lens. Olympus 12-40mm pro lens. Olympus 60mm macro lens. Zoom gears for the 7-14 and 12-40. 1 sea & sea YS D1. I broke the other! There are other things like batteries for the strobes and brand new powerex charger with rapid/soft and conditioning modes to make sure the batteries are in tiptop condition.
  11. Hey there! Well that pretty much sums it up. I shoot the Olympus E-M1 in the Nauticam NA-EM1 housing and I'm trying to decide between these two wide angle options. I've always wanted a fisheye as I've usually shot the 9-18 mm Olympus up till now, but now I wonder if that new f/1.8 fisheye won't be too wide? I just don't have the experience using it but thinking back on my prior photography, I'm thinking wouldn't the 7-14 be a better all around option? My next trip will be a Bimini great hammerhead outing in January and I'm hoping to take one (though I certainly don't want to spend on both!) along with me. Clearly the dome port options will vary greatly (and be incompatible) between the fisheye and the rectilinear 7-14, but I'll likely stick with the glass Zen or Nauticam ones. More specifically, if I go with the fisheye, there seem to be both a smaller mini (Zen DP-100-N85) and larger dome port option (Zen DP-170-N85)....I wonder how they compare optically as I'm sure the smaller (? mini) dome would be perhaps more travel friendly. Any advice from folks shooting these 2 lenses would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much. Bogdan
  12. I have an Oly E-PL3 in the Oly housing, used it for a couple of years and all good, but now looking to upgrade to the NA-EM1 housing as I picked up a body at a good price earlier in the year. Lenses and ports I have for the E-PL3 are: Pana 45mm macro - Zen flat port Oly 9-18 in Zen WA 100 EP 14 - 42 kit lens (hardly ever used it tbh - in stock Oly port or the Zen WA. Pana 8mm - Zen DP100 EP I'm thinking that keeping the above lenses (other than the 14 - 42) is a sensible move, and acquiring ports for them to go on the NA-EM1, but is there anything else I should be considering in terms of lenses and ports? Following on from that - if anyone wants to make me offers of housing and/or ports, or enquiries about the E-PL3 system and ports, then fire away!
  13. I am moving away from big bulky DSLR Housings so have a lot of gear for sale. Much of the gear is almost unused. I am after around 70% of new prices for most of it, give or take, bit more for the unused pieces bit less for the marked ones. Make an offer but you know the ball park I am looking at. don't worry about PayPal fees or postage, let's just agree on a price. I have put up some photos but message me and I'll send through more. Here is the list (the prices are Backscatter new prices - not what I am after): 1 almost new Nauticam NA 5D Mk III Housing with one Electrical Bulkhead and Vacuum system electronics. This is unmarked and for all purposes looks new. ($3,700); 1 used Nauticam NA 5D Mk III Housing includes Vacuum system electronics. This is my regular housing, has marks on the body, looks used, but functions perfectly ($3,700); 1 almost new Nauticam 60mm Macro Port ($400); 1 almost new Nauticam 40mm Extension with lock ($300); 1 almost new Nauticam Focus Gear for Canon 100L 2.8 Macro ($225); 1 almost new Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 16 - 35 II lens ($195); 1 as new Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 8 - 15 Fisheye lens ($195); 1 almost new Xit 404 zoom gear works with both 8 - 15 and 16 - 35 II ($95); 2 almost new Nauticam Flas Triggers for Canon ($220); 1 excellent condition (no scratches on dome) Nauticam 8.5" Dome Port ($650); 1 excellent condition (no scratches on dome) Nauticam 8.5" White Balance Dome Port ($1200); 2 Nauticam to Sea and Sea optic cables (unopened in original packaging) ($100); 1 well used but working Sea and Sea to Nikonos Dual sync cable ($195); 1 well used but working Sea and Sea to Nikonos sync cable ($125). Enjoy looking.
  14. I have the following items for sale - either separately or together as a package. All in good condition. Please contact me with any questions. 2 ikelite strobes - DS125 and DS 50: $500 OBO Ikelite housing w/adjustable arms, 35mm port and wideangle port for Nikon D70 (used 3 times): $600 OBO Includes: batteries double sync chord wide angle port aluminum case accessories (See photos) Also available upon request - Nikon D70 camera with 18-70 mm zoom lens: $450.00
  15. FOR SALE: Anthis Nexus 40D Housing for Canon 40D or 50D DSLR Camera Owned from new and cared for impeccably. This professional underwater housing comes with the following: Nexus 40D housing (new price over $2600 – when purchased was over $3000) Canon 40D Camera (new price around $1500) Canon 18-55 EFS f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens (good general purpose lens) Canon 10-22 f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens (New price over $1000) Nexus Flat port to suit 18-55 Lens (New price over $500) Nexus Optical Dome port to suit 10-22 Wide angle lens (New price over $1000) Extra Body and port Orings and other spares. Extras include rubber port caps, Handle extensions both sides, clear filter kit for flash, Silicon grease and original packaging and manuals. Ports are full alloy, with glass optical quality lenses. Nexus Housings have a depth rating of 75m. The wide angle lens and port were purchased new in 2011. This is a fantastic optical glass port and is ultra compact compared to many of the enormous domes you see in water. I am not selling my strobes. As it is, the housing is compatible with any TTL Fibreoptic strobe connections. There are 2 fibreoptic ports on this housing. TTL and the fibreoptic connection is an amazing system that has no electric connections thereby minimising the risk of flooding. The nexus housing is also suitable for standard Nikonos sync ports. Inon make a fantastic 45deg viewfinder that attaches easily providing a FULL view of the frame even with a scuba mask on! I am not selling this. Nexus make a fantastic product. I am selling only to upgrade to a Nexus housing for my Canon 5D. I will be staying with Nexus housings. I would prefer to sell the housing as a complete kit, but will consider offers (eg without the camera or individual ports/lenses). The kit is ready to use now, but will be fully complete with the addition of a strobe. Will consider offers over $3500. A search on the internet found a previously sold housing without the ports, lenses and camera for $2500. You will never buy such a package that is ready to go for such a low price. I will happily offer ongoing advice on use, care and maintenance. Postage will be at cost price depending on location and can be with or without insurance. Buyer's preference.
  16. I have decided to keep a 1DSMk3 housing so have a Canon 5D housing, GPro viewfinder, WidePort, MacroPort and camera body up for sale. This housing started its working life as my demo Seacam housing but when I moved to a Mk2 it became my wife's (she will take over my 5D2 so I'm selling this 5D housing on her behalf). Its been well used and does shows signs of of this but has been kept in good working order (at some point it will require a service but the price reflects this). The G Pro viewfinder is almost as new because it came from the 1DS housing and really shows no signs of use. The WidePort has had the shades reduced in height (for fisheye use but probably irrelevantly) and has been used heavily - there are small marks to the coating and a few minor scratches - these are all small and do not affect the images taken with the port. The MacroPort is a P105, which whilst not ideal for a 5D, is a good starter port - it is used and again shows signs of use with some marks to the front glass - again extremely unlikely to affect the images. We are asking a firm £1250 for the lot which makes it a good full-frame starter housing which simply needs a flash and arm to complete - on this topic, I can fit two flash sockets s required - currently it uses a Nikonos socket plugged into the camera's PC flash socket which has proved to be a very reliable system indeed (I don't think that it has ever not worked) for manual flash triggering, but I can also fit a full TTL socket to the hotshoe (S6 or N5) aswell. The camera body which is included has spent the vast majority of its life in the housing and has probably shot well under 20k actuations but I have not checked this - I will try to do so - and has I think 2 batteries. I think I have a 'standard' 'O' ring set as included originally and grease and oil too. Pm me for any further info or photos.
  17. I sell my whole Seacam equipment because of finishing underwater photography. The following rig was used rarely and is in mint condition. For Sale: - SEACAM silver Nikon D3/ D3X (2x S6 connection jack, SCM switch and G-Pro Viewfinder) new price: 5180€ (6940USD); asking price: 3250€ (4350USD) - 2x SEACAM Seaflash 150Digital (SN: N0199, N0202) inclusive neoprene protections, M8 strobe-arm connection, 4x rechargeable batteries, diffusor) new price: one flash with 2 batteries: 2115€ (2834USD); asking price: one flash with 2 batteries: 1300€ (1740USD), asking price for both flashes with 4 batteries: 2600€ (3480USD) - SEACAM Superdome with optical artificial aging and neoprene protection new price: 1570€ (2100USD); asking price: 1100€ (1470USD) - S45 Viewfinder with supplies new price: 1380€ (1850USD); asking price: 1050€ (1410USD) - P120 Macroport with optical artificial aging and neoprene protection new price: 313€ (420USD); asking price: 225€ (300USD) - PVL 35 port extension new price: 165€ (222USD); asking price: 110€ (150USD) - PVL 20 port extension new price: 165€ (222USD); asking price: 110€ (150USD) - PVL 55 port extension new price: 185€ (248USD); asking price: 115€ (155USD) - PVL 45 port extension new price: 165€ (222USD); asking price: 110€ (150USD) If you are interested or have some questions concerning the offered rig please contact me. My email-adress is: posselt2503@gmx.de or write a pm. The offered rig is located in Hamburg, Germany. Bills available for the whole rig.
  18. I want to buy either nauticam rx100 housing with or without port sale goes for the m1 or m5 setup ,willing to pay up to $3000 aud for the right set up also id like any aquaitca housing for canon 7d or nikon 7000 or 7100
  19. For sale, one well loved Nikon D700 camera with Subal Housing, complete with dome port, macro port and extension ring and covers. Good condition. Sold as a package with D700 camera body, Subal Housing, viewfinder and all ports/extensions rings for £3750. Optional lenses, all in excellent conditions: Nikon 16mm f1-2.8 fisheye £500.00, Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5D ED £250.00, Nikon 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 VR £450.00, Nikon 105mm f2.8 AF-S VR £450.00, Kenko tele plus 12/20/36mm teleconverter extension tubes £100. Can be sold as a complete package for £5250.
  20. WTB Canon 7d Housing with extras. I would prefer Nauticam, Aquatica or similaire. I would also be interested in a large dome or mini dome. And possibly a wide angle or fisheye lens. Thanks
  21. HI everyone. I am selling my ikelite 7D housing and complete package to get your canon 7D shooting underwater. This equipment is about 2 years old and has around 30 dives on it. This equipment is in like new condition and and has been treated with the utmost respect. There are no dings, dents or scratches on the housing, the dome port, or the macro port. I use the 8" dome port and port body with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens but this port is compatible with many other lenses I use the glass modular flat port and port body with canon 100mm macro lens but as it states its modular which can be used with many other lenses when you change the port body. Im also selling an ikelite pro 2800 video light with flex arm and charger which is amazing. its crazy bright underwater. Im also selling ikelite strobe arms and strobe sync cord which simply connect to the housing tray arms that carry the strobes. i have floats for the arms that make the whole set up more buoyant in the water. if someone is interested in this equipment i will take the time to list all the product numbers and original purchase prices and the new discounted prices along with nice clear photos for you to look at. I have all paper work, accessories, o-rings and spare parts that are original to the housing. get in touch with me if your interested. regards paul.
  22. For Sale, Complete kit. Haven't dove in a few years and am not going to be using all this equipment anymore. Aquatica 30D Housing 30D Camera Body 2 DS125 Strobes with sync cords Dome Port Flat Port Arms and Clamps and other small accessories Looking for 1500.00 or make and offer plus shipping to US. Chris
  23. I’ve moved to a new system, and am selling my Nauticam housing for the Nikon D7000. This is the original version, NA-D7000. Nauticam housings actually handle better than the camera, and look like a fine Swiss watch inside. Included is a moisture detector, hardwire strobe port with Nikonos style connector, and two fiber optic ports. Everything is in excellent condition. Also included is a Subal 8 inch glass dome port with a Nauticam adapter, and a Subal flat port with a focus knob, also with a Nauticam adapter. Additionally I’m including two Nauticam extension rings: 50mm and 20mm. This system will accommodate the following lenses: Nikon10mm fisheye, Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, Nikon 12-24, Sigma 17-70, Nikon 60mm macro, and Nikon 105mm macro. Essentially all lenses needed for underwater photography from pygmy seahorses to whales. Also included are Nauticam zoom gears for the Tokina 10-17mm, Nikon 12-24, and Sigma 17-70mm lenses, and manuals for the housing and accessories. The dome port has a crack in the side of the shade that has been patched. The dome itself is pristine, with no scratches. Note: The camera is not included. The original retail price of the system described was $6300. I’m asking $3000. Please contact me off list if interested.
  24. I'm selling my Ikelite Housing for a Canon 400D DSLR camera. Bought these in early 2013 with the intention that I would get back into underwater photography. I'm finding I'm struggling to get time to dive at all, let along take pictures! Ikelite Housing for Canon 400D 3 inch dome port (5503) .. some marks but should polish out 3.5 inch flat port (5502) Dome Port Canon 17 - 85 (5503.90). housing was back to Ikelite in early 2013 for a full service. All gear is in good condition. I'm based in Ireland but will ship anywhere in the world at buyer's expense. Am looking for 400EUR for the lot.
  25. For sale, Nikon D700 camera with Subal Housing, complete with dome port, macro port and extension ring and covers. Good condition. Sold as a package with D700 camera body, Subal Housing, viewfinder and all ports/extensions rings for £3250. Optional lenses, all in excellent conditions: Nikon 16mm f1-2.8 fisheye £500.00, Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5D ED £250.00, Nikon 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 VR £450.00, Nikon 105mm f2.8 AF-S VR £450.00, Kenko tele plus 12/20/36mm teleconverter extension tubes £100. Can be sold as a complete package for £5000.
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