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Found 36 results

  1. Hi There, I have gotten around to uploading new galleries from my recent trip to Indonesia. The first part I have already posted under a differnet Topic Cenderawasih Whale Sharks. The following links are from Ambon, Bali and Raja Ampat. On my month long sojourn through Indonesia had me looking at Whale Sharks all the way down to Pigmy Seahorses and the like. I even managed to see a Mola Mola but unfortunately not close enough to get a decent photograph. Ambon http://mattiovaska.com/gallery/173019 Bali http://mattiovaska.com/gallery/173047 Raja Ampat ( the first half of this gallery is from the recent trip) http://mattiovaska.com/gallery119145 Enjoy Matti
  2. Dear UW photography experts, I would like to ask for your views on Wakatobi. I am considering joining an UW photography group for a trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort in Nov/Dec and I wanted to get a better understanding of what to expect. I am an experienced diver (600 dives in all kinds of environments, technical and cave trained) with several years of UW photography experience (~150 UW photography dives). 99% of my photography to date has been macro photography but I would like to start learning how to shoot wide-angle. I have been to well known macro locations such as Anilao, Puerto Galera, Cabilao, Lembeh, Bali, and Sipadan. I am looking for a place with excellent macro life and reasonable wide angle opportunities. My questions are: 1. How would you rate Wakatobi's diving relative to some of the places that I mentioned above and also relative to places like Komodo, Ambon, Raja Ampat? 2. Are the conditions in Wakatobi conducive for underwater photography? Are there lots of walls and currents? (I don't particularly like walls or currents for macro photography) 3. What do you think of Wakatobi Dive Resort? Thank you.
  3. Special trips to North & South Raja Ampat 10 night trips on Indo Siren Liveaboard Trip dates: 20 Feb-2 March 2014 and 9-19 April 2014 Experience the richest reefs in the World! Raja Ampat is probably the hottest diving location on the planet right now, amazing scientists and divers alike, with its sheer number of species, big and small. In Raja Ampat screens of glassfish hide Tasselled Wobbegongs and at night the ‘walking sharks’ come out to play. Pygmy Seahorse cling to spectacular sea fans and there are unforgettable Manta congregations and Mushroom Island landscapes. Many underwater photographers testify that no where on earth can compete with Raja Ampat and they return again and again to produce stunning cover shots! Our special trips in 2014 will visit the very best of Raja Ampat - taking in the highlights of both North and South regions all from the comfort of the SY Indo Siren liveaboard. For more details and to join visit: http://www.equatordi...iren_trips.html
  4. This trip has been full for many months, but I now have 2 spaces available due to a cancellation (a couple, one requires surgery and will not be able to dive this fall). See original post for the trip Dates are November 5-19, 2013. Now offering a rather large discount - contact me for details - it is not advertised on my Raja Ampat dive trip website. We board the ship at 9AM on Nov. 5. Disembark morning of Nov. 19. 14 days diving, normally 5 dives/day except 2-3 on first and last days. I bring my own team of cruise director and dive guides, all experienced in the area, who have worked with me for many years. Since the original post I've again added underwater photography instruction to the trip. Don Silcock, photo/video editor of XRay magazine & published in multiple dive magazines will be on the trip and available for one-on-one help with photography & editing. If enough divers are interested he will do a more formal class. You must get yourself to Indonesia. From there (Jakarta or Bali preferred) I can organize your travel to Sorong to meet the ship. These are the only 2 spaces available on my special 14 day charters for 2013 or 2014 which are always limited to only 12 guests. Call Texas 817-626-0636 or email to details in my sig file below please.
  5. Our best small group dive trips. Annually since 1999! TWO spaces still available (as of Jan. 24, 2013) The 14 day trips in 2011 & 2012 were very popular, so I've scheduled more for 2013. Due to a cancellation there are now 2 spaces free on the following trip: Nov 5-19, 2013 14 DIVING days &14 nights Route: Sorong - Sorong With 14 days, we are able to do several days of open deck diving (dive as much as you want and computer allows) while still having the flexibility that is only available on a round trip, to get around Raja Ampat for a huge variety of sites when conditions are best to dive them. Here are just a few images from previous trips (frame grabs from video). See my Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trips Facebook page for many more and photos from our 2012 trips. Check for the album of photos from my "Worst Dive" in a month in Raja Ampat, 2011 & 2012 (after a bit of time at home a dive with Mimic Octopus, pipehorse, nudibranchs, allied cowries or scads of fishes didn't seem so bad). Trip is Sorong - Sorong round trip, departure 9AM on first day (Oct. 19) - diving ASAP! Return to Sorong port late evening on night before departure. Visit the City Seahorse website for prices, dive trip inclusions, guest comments, sample Raja Ampat itinerary, maps, best diving season weather remarks and more. On the site you will find two types of trips. The City Seahorse Value Added Trips include many extras, as described below. On every CitySeahorse Value Added charter we will try for 4+ dives/day. Unlimited diving time. Staying at the good sites for photography, video and adventure and missing the bad or so-so sites. If you have favorite sites from a previous trip, please tell me and we will try to work them into the itinerary. CSVA charters are limited to 12 guests per trip. I add my own cruise director and dive guides so expect a guide to diver ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 depending on which tender you are on. By bringing my own experienced team, I can guarantee that the dive crew running your trip knows the area, the dive sites and where to look for the critters! Don't be surprised if your guide helps you position a strobe or notices that a strobe isn't firing, etc. They keep a pretty good eye on each diver. Our limited participation trips may cost just a bit more than some trips (and less than many) that carry full loads of divers - but we offer lots more dives, more time underwater and more personal attention. I try to keep prices in line even though I cover the cost of the experienced cruise director, extra experienced dive guides and their airfares & expenses! These Raja Ampat diving trips are also appropriate for experienced divers who are not photographers. Single cabins are available. Many of our guests are solo travelers. There is no extra charge for a single diver if willing to share a cabin. Women traveling solo are guaranteed a female cabin mate. Special offers are posted in my newsletters. See an example newsletter. Divers who subscribe to my newsletter get first notice of special offers on the Value Added trips as well as others in Indonesia. I will help you organize your travel to meet the ship. After 14 years traveling to and organizing groups to Raja Ampat, I can find the most reliable, safest route for your trip. Although divers on these trips come from all over the world, I organize them to meet along the journey, at least at their arrival point in Indonesia, and travel together to Sorong where the cruise begins. Please check the CitySeahorse.com dive trip website or contact me, Deb Fugitt, for the most current details.
  6. Raja Ampat vs Komodo I am underwater photographer and had great opportunity to visit Komodo, Wakatobi, and Great Barrier Reef in the past. Raja Ampat was always on my wish list of places to dive, but I always postponed this trip due its duration and expenses. Could you please share with me your experience of diving Raja Ampat from underwater photography point of view? Is marine life in Raja Ampat much different from Komodo? I am not interested in sharks, rather macro life and soft corals.
  7. If you go to RA I recommend doing night dives especially at Cendana dock and in the Misool area. This video is the summary of the 7 nights dives we did aboard the DN some specific critters we saw just at night: Flamboyant cuttlefish Velvetfish Mimic Octopus Eupalette Shark Pontohi Seahorse Satomi Seahorse Shot with Sony RX100 in Nauticam Housing, 2xSola 1200, Inon UCL165 Tips on using compact camera to shoot Underwater video on my blog
  8. Raja Ampat - a set on Flickr all pictures taken by my fiance buddy using settings of my wiz slate Equipment: Canon S95 in Recsea housing Strobe Single Sea & Sea YS-01 Focus Light Epoque FL-1000 Lenses: Inon UFL165AD, UWL105AD, 2xUCL165AD
  9. Have you ever been on a plane where they show a bunch of underwater scenic reef shots? I have come up with my own short video of similar short scenics set to some soothing music to calm the masses have a look! http://youtu.be/Yub1ub00f-s
  10. Hi all, The voting for the 2013 Wetpixel Raja Ampat Entrance Tag design ends on 15 September. If you haven't done so yet, can I make a plea that you head on over and vote for your favorites. The contest is very close and your votes may well make a difference to the outcome. The voting page is here: http://wetpixel.com/...id=391&page=all The winning design will be worn by all visiting divers to Raja Ampat in 2013. Many thanks. Adam
  11. We just finished our 11 night trip to Cendrawasih Bay & Raja Ampat on the Damai II liveaboard. Simply amazing trip! Whale sharks of course were the highlight but Raja was also excellent! There's a full trip report and LOTS of amazing photos on our website One of our favourite photos
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