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Found 71 results

  1. Like new condition Sony RX 100 II Nauticam housing including the Epoque DCL-30 wide angle conversion lens. Also includes magnifying viewfinder for the LCD. Also have the nauticam flex tray with left handle. 850.00 USD for WA + Housing + Flextray + LCD Magnifier & Rails Flextray alone 75.00 WA Lens alone 200.00 LCD magnifier and rails alone 125.00 Housing alone 550.00 Buyer pays shipping
  2. Hi, I'm selling my Sony RX100 IV with Fantasea FRX100 IV Housing and a wide angle wet lens. Price for setup: $1600 CAD (a great deal for US buyers!) The Sony camera comes with 2 additional (non-Sony) batteries, 2 chargers Less than a year old, still under warranty (purchased date February 10, 2016) With memory card http://www.sony.com/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-rx100m4 Fantasea housing comes with spare O-ring kit, and wrist strap. http://www.fantasea.com/s.nl/it.A/id.679/.f Wide angle wet lens. Note - when using this lens you cannot use the optical zoom - wide only, but it is a wet lens so you can take it off underwater. http://www.fantasea.com/s.nl/it.A/id.662/.f *Selling as a package only
  3. Bought new, good condition. Taken on trips as backup, has been on 2 dives. New AU$298. AU$100 (plus shipping) to anywhere in the world. Location Australia Email Xanderrood@gmail.com for sale or hi res photos.
  4. SOLD! Hi guys, I have a great simple and inexpensive housing for the Sony Rx100 MkII. It's in great shape, but has been used on a couple of shallow dives. It's not an Ikelite, but is an Ikelite knockoff from China. It's held up extremely well and I originally got it for $200. Has the strap, the Lens Port Cover. O-Ring is in great shape. Selling for $100 and free shipping Priority.
  5. I DO NOT have the Sony RX-100 camera, only the housing which fits the first version of the RX-100. The housing is NA-RX100V (port on top that can accommodate a video cord) Wet mount external fish eye and ring (UWL-28 Compact Wide 52mm w/ adapter ring) Nauticam Flexitray (R and L handles) I also have a Nauticam NA-DP4 housing and SmallHD 4.3 Monitor. Bought in 2014 $1250 for NA-RX100V, $330 for fish eye w/ ring, Flexitray with R & L handles $170. Asking for $800 for all items listed here. Buyer pays shipping. Full disclosure though..... The NA-RX100V has been well cared for.... but, I ran into problems with the external video cord, that caused just enough salt water get in to ruin the camera. The video cord on the NA-DP4 housing has been replaced by Backscatter. If interested in Small HD monitor with housing (with above warning). Bought in 2014 NA-DP4 $1400, Small HD monitor ($700??), asking $500 for this since this has been problematic for me in the past. (The HDMI cords are REALLY sensitive). Buyer pays shipping. Also just a bit of a word on shooting video with this version of RX-100.... W/B can not be manually changed in video mode. I always had great results by changing the Kelvin temperature to 9000K and just shot at that. Does best at depths of 20 feet to 40 feet with this setting with only ambient light. I have decided to switch over to dedicated video though....so selling whole rig. If you want to see some of my videos shot with this, just let me know and I can send you a Dropbox link. Kristy Klinger
  6. Hi, long story short, gf got a different brand RX100 M3 housing and is not too happy with it (I blame her clumsy fingers ) ..so if you happen to have a Nauti one laying around and gathering dust, and want to get rid of it, just let me know. Ideally from Europe (tax/customs stuff) but US would do as well, as a few of my colleagues fly there often. Though don't be shy if its somewhere else, perhaps there is a way, especially if the price is right . Cheers, m
  7. Hi everyone! I'm in Cozumel, Mexico and having no luck setting up my RX100 IV (Fantasea housing) to get the strobes to fire. I've had no lighting for 4 dives now and would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Tutorials, step by step instructions, anything appreciated! I have a Sony RX100 IV in a Fantasea housing and 2 YS-D2 strobes. Questions: 1) What flash setting should I use in the RX100 to get the strobes to fire? (auto, fill, front sync, rear sync?) 2) If I set the strobe to TTL, do I need to set the other dial to a setting? 3) Is there a trick to connecting the fiber optic cables? I'm wondering if I'm not connecting them correctly and that is why the strobes won't fire Thanks in advance for your help! Amy
  8. I have a used Nauticam Sony RX100 II camera housing I am looking to sell. I am looking for $500 + s/h or best offer. It's currently in storage so the earliest I can ship is late next week (I will also provide pictures at that time).
  9. I have a brand new unused Nauticam NA-RX100IV housing for sale, complete with all original accessories (camera not included). I am sure if you are reading this you already know everything you need to know about this housing, but here's a picture (below). Retails for $995, I am willing to let it go for $795 including shipping to anywhere in the US. International shipping is also available, but I will need you to pay the difference. Payment via paypal is preferred, but willing to discuss other options.
  10. Selling Sony RX100IV in excellent like new condition with extra battery,carry case,new screen protector,original box and original accessories. Nauticam Housing was used on one dive trip. Absolutely flawless with no signs of use! Comes with Vacuum check installed, vacuum valve installed, bayonet mount, Nauticam Flexi tray, and LCD magnifier with diopter. All comes with original boxes, manuals and paperwork. All were purchased in September for about $2500. Asking $2000 with Free Cont. US shipping Will ship worldwide.
  11. Hello I just got into underwater videography. I own rx100 iv, gh4, a7s ii and could not decide which combo will give me the best wide angle results. (regarding underwater quality, cost, portability) -Sony's 16-35 is quite new so I could not get any review regarding lens quality, but the 28mm with WWL-1 adapter seems promising. What would be best lens for sony full frame camera? -The Panasonic 7-14 looks quite poor from the sample I have seen on the internet, especially below f8. Will bigger dome than 6" give better results? (However, anything bigger will step it into a7s territory in term of price and portability) -I have not done enough research on the rx100 wet lens yet but it looks like there are plenty to choose, even rectilinear adapter. Any recommendation is welcome. I primarily interested in 4k video and not still photography. --------From my research, here is what I think. Feel free to criticize------ Codec and Dynamic range on rx100 mark4 is almost on par with the big brother so rx100 was my top choice. However, image stabilization is not so great. a7s that lacks behind is portability and value for money really excels here. Thank you in advance for any input! Cheers
  12. I just realized that my nice & shiny NA-RX100IV housing has only a single o-ring at the door. This is of course some additional risk... Other than the vacuum valve, is there any means to check if its well sealed? Being a full aluminium housing, there is no way to check visually... Being one of the most expensive housings for the camera, "good for 100m", I expected two o-rings...
  13. Looking at the test results of the RX100 mk IV, (DXO, Dpreview) the tiny 1" sensor system seems really impressive, the iso-performance matches the m43 sensor while in video the sony is clearly superior. Is there any aspect where the GH4 worth ~2x the investment? Alright, I won't be able to shoot 10+min 4k with the RX, because it overheats. Also I won't be able to use a true fisheye, I have to live with the ~120° provided by the WWL-1. Anything apart from that?
  14. This is a slightly used RX100 housing in excellent condition. Only used on one trip. There are no scratches, scrapes, dents, or markings. No leaks. It is in almost like new condition. This housing can be used for either the RX100i or the RX100ii. Shipping in original packaging. $600 plus shipping. I accept Paypal. PM me or email churchill68_2000@yahoo.com Happy to send pictures on request. Cheers Jon
  15. For sale - $600. Only used on one trip for a couple of days. Excellent condition. For Sony RX100 Camera. Lightweight housing 100 m/330 ft depth rating Made from solid aluminum Easy to use, clearly labeled buttons Port is 67 mm threaded Supports connecting fiber optic cable Cold-shoe mount and an M10 screw for a ball mount Weight 0.77kg/1.7lbs
  16. I read Adam's preview on this camera today: http://wetpixel.com/articles/sony-unveils-the-rx100-iv-compact-camera Like the idea of the super slo-mo for critter behavior documentation and I'm trying to decide between this and the Panasonic LX100 Does anyone know if the control set remains the same as the RX100-III? Hoping of course that it will fit into an existing RX100-3 housing. Thoughts? http://www.imaging-resource.com/cameras/panasonic/lx100/vs/sony/rx100-iv/
  17. Hi guys, I'm after an UWL-04 with adaptor for my Natuticam RX100? If anyone has one for sale, do get in touch. Best, Gonzo
  18. For sale: RX100, Nauticam housing, Inon strobes setup For sale is this Sony RX100 setup with Nauticam housing, Inon S2000 strobes, Nauticam tray, arms and fibre optic cables. Includes everything listed and seen in photos. The setup has been used on 20 dives, no deeper than 30 metres. The housing and strobes have never been flooded and are in perfect working order. The whole setup is in great condition. I am selling this amazing kit after deciding to take my Canon 5d mkiii underwater! The setup truly does take incredible pictures! Feel free to send through any questions! Item What I paid 1x Sony RX100 AU $550 1x Nauticam RX100 housing AU $950 2x Inon S2000 strobes AU $1,078 1x Nauticam Wetmate wide angle wet lens AU $329 2x Sea and Sea to Inon fibre optic cables AU $200 4x standard Nauticam clamps AU $180 2x mounting ball adapter for Inon strobes AU $72 1x Nauticam Easitray ii with Left handle AU $117 1x Nauticam adjustable Right handle AU $45 2x strobe mounting ball for Easitray handles AU $60 2x Nauticam 125mm double ball arms AU $106 1x Panasonic BQ-CC18 Ni-MH charger AU $29 8x Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries AU $38 TOTAL AU $3,754 Full setup purchased in 2014 for AU $3,754. I am looking for AU $2,500 for the whole setup with postage at the buyers expense. Save yourself well over a thousand dollars and pick up a bargain! Also comes with all manuals, spare O-rings, Nauticam O-ring lubricant, Inon O ring strobe lubricant, nauticam flexitray extender and a set of allen keys. Photos shown are taken with an Iphone 5, I had to downsize the quality of the images as wetpixel will only allow 1MB of uploaded photo content. I am located in Melbourne Australia. Happy to post worldwide, just let me know where you are and I’ll get a postage quote for you! Cheers
  19. Hi, fellow aquamen (and aquawomen) Here is a question for people familiar with Sea&Sea RX100 housing. I am considering purchasing a RecSea housing for an RX100 (yes a Recsea) and I would love to hear what is that pad inside your SEA&SEA that makes it compatible to both RX100 and RX100M2... How do the dimensions of RX100 and RX100M2 differ? Only the hotshoe? Other than that they look identical to me... Its the first step on cramming a RX100M2 into a Recsea's RX100 housing
  20. Hi guys, I am looking for a complete RX100/Rx100ii setup. Ideally, an RX100ii with a housing (aluminium, please... Its for deep stuff) and a wide angle lens. My budget is flexible but, after some looking around I could easily pick up: new RX100ii with a set of cards, batts, extras for $650 off ebay/amazon. new housing (Acquapazza/Patima/Sea&Sea) for $700/$900 off divervision but I decided to see if any of you have a used set to offer... So please, reasonable offers only Thank you for your attention, Ciao!
  21. Hi guys, I'm after an UWL-04 fisheye lens for my nauticam rx100 setup. Any info welcome! Many thanks :-)
  22. I've long since upgraded to a DSLR, but never quite managed to sell my old housing. So let's try again. Camera has Japanese-only menu (can be cross-reference with English manual if you don't read Japanese) and a slight ding to the corner where the flash pops up, making the flash a little sticky (it still can be popped in and out, but it doesn't pop out automatically). I'm including an external charger and extra battery. Housing is in great working order, never had any leaks. $650 for the housing $100 for the camera & extra batteries Will consider best offer by the end of the week.
  23. Hi everyone, Looking for a Sony rx100 make 1 or 2, with a Nauticam housing and a dome port/wet lens? If anyone has anything of the sort please PM. Happy diving!
  24. Hi all, Thanks in advance to all the forum members who contribute, this place has been invaluable to me in terms of finding the right stuff. So I ended up buying an RX100ii and I've looked at the manual for the RX100ii (/M2) and i've done a lot of googling and have found pretty much nothing concrete on this subject. The question really is simple: What is the minimum spec SD card you need in order for all the features of the RX100ii to not be throttled by the SD card limitations? E.g. shooting max resolution video and doing burst raw images? The manual states class4 or more, but to me that sounds quite slow? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to be underwater having bought a cheap SD card to find that I can't do burst images at a speed which the camera is capable of. Happy to spend money on a good SD card, but I don't want to go full tilt overkill Thanks! SineTwo
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