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Found 188 results

  1. I have the following items for sale - either separately or together as a package. All in good condition. Please contact me with any questions. 2 ikelite strobes - DS125 and DS 50: $500 OBO Ikelite housing w/adjustable arms, 35mm port and wideangle port for Nikon D70 (used 3 times): $600 OBO Includes: batteries double sync chord wide angle port aluminum case accessories (See photos) Also available upon request - Nikon D70 camera with 18-70 mm zoom lens: $450.00
  2. Looking for a single Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe to buy. Should be in mint condition, no corrosion and/or missing parts. Little wear acceptable. The less hours used the better. Can pay with PayPal. Please reply to bjkorner@gmail.com Living in Canada. Thanks
  3. I have the following items for sale, all in good condition. Please contact me with questions. Nikonos V camera/50 mm lens with bar/arms: $200.00, OBO Nikon 15mm wide angle lens: $500.00, OBO 2 SB105 strobes with sync cords, $400.00 OBO accessories
  4. I have an Olympus OM-D E-M5 in an Olympus housing with Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobes and optical synch cables. I've had issues with getting the TTL to work consistently. Sometimes it seems like its working and other times the exposure is completely off. The more I look into the problem, the more confused I get regarding how TTL works. It is my understanding that TTL works by sending out a pre-flash that the camera then analyzes to calculate the flash output for the on camera flash which then fires and that "flash" is transmitted via the optical synch cable causing the strobes to fire and also giving them information on how to fire to get a "correct" exposure. My questions are: Since the on camera flash is in the housing and not transmitted out of the housing other than via the optical synch cables, how does the camera calculate the TTL setting based on the pre-flash? Could this explain why the TTL exposures are so inconsistent? Or am I missing something very basic about how TTL works in this system? I don't have a problem shooting in manual but am frustrated in not being able to figure the issue out. Thanks for any information and suggestions you may have. Rodd
  5. Aloha - I have an extra Z240 strobe that has been sitting in my closet the past year that I'd like to sell. Only been on a couple trips, lightly used, few small normal scratches - tested and working perfectly. Ebay link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Inon-Z240-Strobe-Type-4-for-use-Underwater-Barely-Used-in-Great-Condition-/181734608047?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a503a0caf
  6. For sale: RX100, Nauticam housing, Inon strobes setup For sale is this Sony RX100 setup with Nauticam housing, Inon S2000 strobes, Nauticam tray, arms and fibre optic cables. Includes everything listed and seen in photos. The setup has been used on 20 dives, no deeper than 30 metres. The housing and strobes have never been flooded and are in perfect working order. The whole setup is in great condition. I am selling this amazing kit after deciding to take my Canon 5d mkiii underwater! The setup truly does take incredible pictures! Feel free to send through any questions! Item What I paid 1x Sony RX100 AU $550 1x Nauticam RX100 housing AU $950 2x Inon S2000 strobes AU $1,078 1x Nauticam Wetmate wide angle wet lens AU $329 2x Sea and Sea to Inon fibre optic cables AU $200 4x standard Nauticam clamps AU $180 2x mounting ball adapter for Inon strobes AU $72 1x Nauticam Easitray ii with Left handle AU $117 1x Nauticam adjustable Right handle AU $45 2x strobe mounting ball for Easitray handles AU $60 2x Nauticam 125mm double ball arms AU $106 1x Panasonic BQ-CC18 Ni-MH charger AU $29 8x Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries AU $38 TOTAL AU $3,754 Full setup purchased in 2014 for AU $3,754. I am looking for AU $2,500 for the whole setup with postage at the buyers expense. Save yourself well over a thousand dollars and pick up a bargain! Also comes with all manuals, spare O-rings, Nauticam O-ring lubricant, Inon O ring strobe lubricant, nauticam flexitray extender and a set of allen keys. Photos shown are taken with an Iphone 5, I had to downsize the quality of the images as wetpixel will only allow 1MB of uploaded photo content. I am located in Melbourne Australia. Happy to post worldwide, just let me know where you are and I’ll get a postage quote for you! Cheers
  7. Up for sale are 2 x DS161 strobes. These are the movie strobes w the LED light option which works amazingly well!! They proceed an insane amount of light and offer complete TTL control. These are arguably the best strobes on the market. Here is what is included: * DUAL (2) Ikelite DS161 Movie Substrobes with NiMH Battery Pack w/ Diffuser - 3945.02 * Deluxe Ball Joint Arms, Worldwide Voltage Smart Charger & Plugs * 2 Dual TTL Synch Cord * Single TTL Synch Cord Each of these lights cost me close to $1500 EACH for the complete package (arms, sync cables, charger, etc). Buy them for way less... $2000 obo. Call or txt 727.-38six.-675eight
  8. I'm finally getting around to upgrading my housing for the 70D my lovely wife got me for my birthday. I'm selling the Sea & Sea MDX-40D that I've enjoyed since 2009. It can house either a Canon 40D or 50D body. Payment options: money order cashier's check Paypal (if you cover 3% fee for credit card transactions, US buyers, shipping to confirmed address only) Non-US buyers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Shipping: FedEx or UPS Ground shipping to Continental US will be included, once the payment has cleared the bank. Housing: Sea & Sea MDX-40D - $1000 Condition: Good - some light scuffs/scratches on the bottom - bolts securing carry strap clips will be different than pictured (those are part of my ULCS arms). Add-ons: I'm willing to sell the following items as add-ons to the housing sale or individually after the housing sells: Camera Body: Canon 40D Body - $200 If you don't have a 40D or 50D handy, or would like a spare body, this is an option. Included accessories: Canon Branded Battery (BP-511A) Canon Charger Neck Strap (not that you need it underwater...hence why it's still wrapped in plastic) Body Cap 2x 4GB Sandisk Extreme CompactFlash Cards Port: NX Zoom Port - $275 I use this with both an EF 100mm/2.8 USM Macro and the EF-S 18-55mm/f3.5-5.6 II Zoom. (I know it's strange for one port to serve two configurations, but I don't shoot wide angle often and didn't invest in a separate dome setup at the time) Zoom Gear: Sea & Sea #31119 (for an EF-S 18-55mm/f3.5-5.6 II Zoom) - $60 My former EF-S 18-55mm recently met its demise at the hands of clumsiness and gravity, but they can be had very cheaply as it was a kit lens during its day. For the curious - I intend to keep my strobes and strobe arms. YS-110s won't fetch enough to justify an upgrade for me at this time.
  9. Seacam Seaflash for Canon housing (x2) Seacam seaflash, with model light and plug-in power unit ACS410A (one per flash). Two seaflash units available. Asking price: £350 each, £600 for both S6-S6 long cable – 10 metre length New price: £260 ; Asking price: £100 Seacam Extension PVLs (35mm and 20mm) Tiered in different dimensions, these enable an extension to the port. An individual adjustment of lenses of different lengths or characteristics is thus possible and your travel baggage reduced. Sizes for sale: • PVL 35mm port extension new price: £240; asking price: £150 • PVL 20mm port extension new price: £240; asking price: £150 Standardport P Short port (glassed one end, screws into Seacam housing at the other end) for standard optics of 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. Comes with neoprene protective lens cover. Depth of the standardport is 75mm total, 67mm approximately from the inside of the glass to section where the port screws into your Seacam housing. New price: £250; asking price: £150 Ultralight DB16 - 16 Inch Double Ball Arm This Ultralight double ball arm is a 16 inch double ball lattice arm for use with the Ultralight Control System arm setup. Machined from 6061 grade aluminium and then hard anodized these arms are made to withstand the harshest treatment. 6061 aluminium is known for its excellent moisture resistance and strength whilst still being light weight. New price: £35 ; asking price: £20 Ultralight AC-CSF Clamp New price: £35 ; asking price £20
  10. For Sale 2-Sea &Sea YS 250 strobes new with some spotting from pressure test with all boxes,diffusers,and original packaging as well as 1 spare battery and one spare o-ring set for each strobe I am selling them as a pair for $1550 plus shipping. I am only selling them because I lost my job and won't be diving for some time so the prices are set. I'm located in Los Angeles and can arrange pick up locally my email is deedeeflores01@aol.com Thanx DeeDee
  11. Hello everyone. I need help in answering a few questions about fiber optic and/or electrical connections for my housing bulkhead. I just upgraded cameras and I am now ordering my new housing. I use an Aquatica Housing. I am upgraded from the D90 to the D7100. I have 2 Ikelite strobes and I have been using dual nikonos bulkheads with electrical synch cords. I do not use TTL...prefer manual. I hope to change out my strobes in the future but for now my pocketbook is empty. Here is what I am looking to get answers on. I have a couple of options to consider with the bulkhead. I can go back with 2 electrical bulkheads or I have the option of what is called a hybrid - one electrical bulkhead and one optical. This hybrid is all new to me. Questions: Do you think it is worth it to get the hybrid setup? What do you think about the hybrid setup? Does anyone on here have it? Or should I just wait until the point in the future that I have strobes that have this capability and send the housing back and have the bulkheads changed out then? If I get the hybrid, then I would have to use one cord that is split - any comments on this setup? I am used to 2 separate synch cords. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks - DIverPam
  12. For sale – Subal N10 housing incl Nikon F100 body with port, flashes and accessories Subal N10 housing incl Nikon F100 body with port, flashes and accessories. Bargain if bought together, also sell separately. Have seen housing rebuilt for D70 or D200. All is used in working condition, never flooded but camerabody F100 battery chamber has crack and lack of rubber sealing but works fine. Subal N10 housing has 2 NikV connectors and floodalarm, small dent in power lever. Suited for ULSC arms, 180 Euro. Nikon F100 camerabody, 110 Euro. Subal DP SWB Pro, 230 Euro. Two units Nikonos SB104 uw-flash (arms for RS if wanted) with 2 batteries per unit, synccables NikV and chargers SH104, 190 Euro per unit. Will give away as package for 600 Euro. Pics on request. Buyer pays shipping worldwide. Email: gnukorv@gmail.com
  13. Selling my two IKELITE DS 160 strobes with matching Y-sync cord. Minor wear on body without affecting operation. Strobe connections are all clean and without signs of corrosions. Reason for sales; need lighter strobes for travels. Batteries are from 2010 and 2012 and have approx. 75%-80% charge. Will sell items as is for US 1050 plus shipping. Returns only if items are DOA. Individual sales negotiable. Pls. send email to; bjkvideoproductions(at)gmail.com
  14. I have two Ikelite DS-160 Strobes for sale (strobe, battery pack, arm, charger, extra battery pack). They're in excellent condition. $700 for each set. Dual Sync Cord $90. Reach out if you have other questions or would like to see other photos. Thanks!
  15. For Sale, Complete kit. Haven't dove in a few years and am not going to be using all this equipment anymore. Aquatica 30D Housing 30D Camera Body 2 DS125 Strobes with sync cords Dome Port Flat Port Arms and Clamps and other small accessories Looking for 1500.00 or make and offer plus shipping to US. Chris
  16. Hi I've recently bought a D70 in an Ikelite housing with Ikelite DS125 and DS50 strobes 2nd hand. Everything is great apart from one very annoying thing! : The problem: My strobes don't fire all the time. Sometimes I connect it all together and it works and other times (Most times) It doesn't work! When it doesn't work-the camera tries to pop the cameras built in flash and then when that wont open (because of the housing and hot shoe adapter) it wont allow the camera to focus!!! And there for it wont let me take a picture!!! Very frustrating. Sometimes if I turn it off and on again it works but only occasionally! Does any one have any suggestions? Thanks for any help in advance )
  17. For sale (2) Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobes. Well cared for .... in great condition. Some minor scuffs but in perfect working order. Includes diffusers, original packaging and manuals. For Sale - $275 each or $500 for the pair + shipping (USPS insured) via Paypal. US sale only please. These strobes are retailing new for $429 each Thanks for looking....PM me with questions.
  18. Hi Everyone: for macro photography I used my Nikon d800 with the 105mm lens, Nauticam NA-D800 housing with two S&S YDS1 strobes this August for the first time. The strobes were set to TTL, the flash mode was set to TTL, and the flash sync speed was set to 1/250 Auto FP . Many times the sync seems to be going wrong, with a shadow bar appearing in to lower part of the frame. To make it more annoying, it does not happen all the time, so you never know when your strobes are going to "fail" in this way. Anyone has had the same problem? is there any solution that does not imply going into "manual" flash mode? Thanks in advance for any help.
  19. hebrlee

    For Sale

    Used strobes and dual sync cable (2) Sea & Sea YS-90 DX Duo TTL strobes with diffusers. (1) Ikelite housing to dual Sea & Sea strobes sync cable. Units were serviced in early 2014 by Pacific Housing Repair in California and will come with service paper work. Picture of strobes and sync cable as mounted on my camera. Please inquire via IM Serious Buyers only Payment by PayPal Only Shipping to USA Only
  20. Both strobes are in good condition. Selling because I'm using one Type 3 and an S-2000 for a more compact travel system. These strobes have been well cared for and in excellent operating condition. I also have a few optical cables for sale on other posts or can be shipped with these strobes. I've included the price below. Willing to separate and sell a single strobe. Let me know which mount you want, as each has a different style. Z-240's-$550 each or both for $1000. Inon optical cables- $25 if purchased with flash. $40 separate (one has a Nauticam end on it, the other were used with S&S rubber buds) Shipping $12.35 USPS flat rate shipping to anywhere in the US. PM me and/or send email to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com Thanks, Marshall
  21. hi all. Im selling both of my ikelite 161 movie strobes. in like new condition with diffusers and 1 smart charger. They retail from $950-$1100 new. I will let them go for $1500 including the smart charger that usually costs $100
  22. Hope someone can help. I have a Nikon D7100 in an Ikelite case and currently use an Ikelite DS160 strobe. However, it is very heavy and I want to begin doing macro with 2 strobes. My flight case and baggage allowance will not support another DS160! Will my setup successfully support 2 x Inon Z-240 strobes, and if so, is this my best option? Grateful for any advice
  23. For sale, perfect condition. *** No ports or lens included *** 1. Ikelite ttL D-300 Housing 2. Two - Ikelite DS-125 Strobes 3. Ikelite Dual Sync Cord for above item 4. Nikon D-300 camera, (body only)( comes with all oem box parts and 4gb compact flash card) I have $4100.00 in this system. Asking $2500, make offer. I will split Shipping Cost with Buyer Upon request I will email pics of items and pictures taken with items.
  24. Selling a complete D700 kit in like new condition - used only 5 times. Includes: Housing 9" dome + extension ring 2 DS161 Strobes with dual cables and arms Attached Go-pro mount Full kit: $3200 D700 also for sale for an extra $1200
  25. Hi, I am selling my Sea & Sea DX-2G underwater camera system with two YS-110a strobes, housing, wide angle lens, and carrying case. Everything works perfectly and is in great condition. I am asking $1100 shipped. Below is the link to the camera specs. http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/compact/dx2g/ If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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